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Happening NOW! CIA Deputy Assistant Director Michael Collins discusses the global impact of #China’s rise w/@CBSNews legend Bob Schieffer & a panel of experts at the @CSIS “Schieffer Series.” WATCH LIVE: http://bit.ly/2FbtzcH
RT @CSIS: Watch news legend Bob Schieffer discuss China's geopolitical rise with the CIA's Michael Collins, @margbrennan of CBS's Face the…
Happening TODAY: CIA Deputy Assistant Director of East Asia & Pacific Mission Center, Michael Collins, discusses global impact of #China’s rise w/@CBSNews legend Bob Schieffer & a panel of experts at @CSIS “Schieffer Series” Livestream @ 5:30-6:30pm EDT: http://bit.ly/2FbtzcH
On March 1, 2015 Betty came back to CIA to celebrate her 100th birthday & share some of her stories “I'm glad I was in OSS,” said Betty. “It was a wonderful experience & I cherish it as the most exciting part of my life” #WomensHistoryMonth #WomenInIntel http://1.usa.gov/1M7yMPc
After #WWII, Betty worked for Joint Chiefs of Staff, Voice of America, @StateDept & @UN. In 1958, she joined CIA until her retirement in 1973. Betty wrote many books, including “Sisterhood of Spies” about the adventures of the brave women who served in #OSS #WomensHistoryMonth
Betty & her #OSS Morale Ops colleagues created so-called “black propaganda”: false news reports, postcards, documents, & radio messages designed to spread disinformation to undermine Japanese troop morale during #WWII. #WomensHistoryMonth #WomenInIntel
Betty was working as a reporter for Scripps Howard news service in Hawaii when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Fluent in Japanese, Betty joined #OSS in 1943. Soon she found herself working w/a group of OSS artists, writers, & cartoonists in Asia. #WomensHistoryMonth #WomenInIntel
“Spy Girl” Betty McIntosh lived a storied, adventurous life. She was one of only a few women during #WWII to work in #OSS Morale Ops, where she used her talents as a former journalist to create so-called “black propaganda” campaigns. http://bit.ly/2HwApNt #WomensHistoryMonth
From work-life balance initiatives to the establishment of employee resource groups, at CIA we are committed to supporting a workforce as diverse as the nation we serve. Work w/professionals committed to excellence in all that they do. Learn more at: https://cia.gov/careers
CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: #OSS Paratrooper’s M2 Pocket Knife Knife went into parachutist’s breast pocket for use in the event he landed in a tree & had to cut himself free of his parachute lines. http://1.usa.gov/1qC6u9X #HISTINT #WWII
Although not required to get a job @ CIA, military experience & advanced degrees are highly valued. Integrity, character, & patriotism are a must. Fluency in a foreign language is a plus. Explore Agency #careers here: http://1.usa.gov/1qOxdOa Good luck! ~Molly #AskMollyHale
You can join CIA right out of high school (18 is the minimum age for employment). Most #jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree, but life experiences are always taken into consideration. Our primary requirements are: - US citizenship - High school graduate #AskMollyHale
Dear Ageless, We recently presented at #SXSW & this was the most frequently asked question. At CIA, there is NO strict upper age limit for #employment. Hiring decisions are made based on a review of the whole person. http://bit.ly/2FjYrcg #AskMollyHale
Marion recognized early on how #geography enhances an intel officer’s ability to visualize & tell stories that resonate w/those we serve Her passion & spirit represent timeless qualities that define our #Cartography Center to this day http://bit.ly/2nk8UJd #WomensHistoryMonth
During #WWII, Marion produced custom #maps & #3D topographic models supporting strategic studies & #military ops for US & allies. After #OSS dissolved, Marion was one of a few cartographers who stayed w/the unit. She worked in CIA’s #Cartography Division until 1958.
The First Female Intelligence Cartographer: Marion Frieswyk As a 21yr old grad student @ClarkUniversity, Marion was 1st woman recruited into #OSS Map Division’s #Cartography Section, helping create a unique system of #map production. http://bit.ly/2F55NyT #WomensHistoryMonth
I would like to hear how presidential candidates would balance hoarding 0 days for @nsagov & @CIA to use with consumer protection, & also whether/how they’d scale the @DeptofDefense’s bug bounty program to civilian agencies. (It’s possible I’m an outlier with esoteric concerns.) https://twitter.com/anildash/status/1107063953044262913
Miss our talk @sxsw? Wondering why the heck CIA keeps tweeting about #CIAWombat? Find out what wombats, wood ducks, wolves & otters have to do with CIA creative problem solving: http://bit.ly/2FeqEkN Audio: http://bit.ly/2W2Pslf PDF [16MB]: http://bit.ly/2Hy4gEm #SXSW
College Students: ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT! Apply by March 15th for our PAID summer 2020/2021 undergraduate #internships in the Directorate of Operations: http://bit.ly/1bluyGG In the business of intelligence, no two days are the same.
Stephanie was nominated by superiors for the Legion of Merit & a Bronze Star. Neither were awarded. However, at her funeral in 2016, @USArmy posthumously awarded her the Legion of Merit Read Stephanie’s full story here: http://bit.ly/2tp97BE #WomensHistoryMonth #WomenInIntel
Stephanie posed as an embassy clerk who spent spare time traveling in Poland to reconnect w/distant family members. During her “searches for family,” she collected intel on: - Economic & political data - Russian troop movement - Security services activities #WomensHistoryMonth
Stephanie caught the attention of #OSS. They assigned her to Warsaw: one of only two OSS representatives there. It was an extremely dangerous time to operate in Poland. Pro-Soviet factions carefully monitored all foreigners. #WomensHistoryMonth #WWII
Stephanie, the daughter of Polish immigrants, grew up immersed in Polish language & culture in an immigrant neighborhood in Poughkeepsie. She was the 1st person in her family to graduate college, & she eventually earned a master’s degree – in chemistry. #WomensHistoryMonth
“[The #OSS] gave me a gun, but I never carried a gun. I thought, ‘What the heck was I gonna do with a dumb gun?'” Stephanie’s most valuable weapon: her wits. It wasn’t until decades later that the details of her amazing story were declassified. #WomensHistoryMonth
There are relatively few American’s who died after turning 100 buried @ArlingtonNatl, even fewer who are female, & only a mere fraction of those who served as intel officers Captain Stephanie Czech Rader was a woman ahead of her time http://bit.ly/2NZbpyI #WomensHistoryMonth
CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: $20 Gold Coin Minted in 1858 #OSS may not have kept a hidden pot of gold @ the end of a rainbow like a #leprechaun, but they did acquire gold coins to cache in Europe & retrieve as needed to finance efforts against Nazis http://bit.ly/2bOSwdW
A good place to start learning about CIA is our website. There’s lots of great info hidden in the nooks & crannies. Poke around & see what you can find. Whatever career path you decide on, good luck in all your future endeavors. ~ Molly http://bit.ly/2NNXBXV #AskMollyHale
There’s no “right” college major, background, or skillset to work @ CIA. We’re a very diverse workplace, both in terms of the types of jobs we staff as well as the people we hire. The best advice I can give is do well in whatever you’re most interested in @ school. #AskMollyHale
Dear Seeking to Serve, It always makes me smile when I get letters from young people throughout the US who have a passion for public service. There are tons of different ways you can serve your country, including coming to work for us! http://bit.ly/2NNXBXV #AskMollyHale
Of course, you can always learn about our many job opportunities, get answers to your most frequently asked CIA recruitment questions, & apply online anytime at: https://www.cia.gov/careers. #Careers #ComeWorkWithUS
Are you in #Austin, Texas for @sxsw this week? Come visit us! CIA has a booth at the #SXSW Trade Show in the Austin Convention Center everyday from 11am-6pm (CDT) through the 13th. Stop by & say hello to our recruiters, & pick up some CIA pamphlets & swag. #SXSW2019 #CIAWombat
If you’re at #SXSW, and you missed our “CIA Secrets to Creative Problem Solving” presentation, you can catch an encore today at 5:00pm (CST). #CIAWombat #SXSW2919 https://twitter.com/sxsw/status/1104104511059251200
With #CIAWombat, you’ve now learned one CIA tradecraft secret to help overcome your natural framing bias & uncover your creative capabilities To learn more CIA secrets to creative problem solving, check https://www.cia.gov where we’ll post our entire #SXSW presentation soon
Solution: #CIAWombat Reframe by asking questions that make your brain think of possibilities, not just right & wrong answers: WoMBAT = “What Might Be All The…” - What might be all the ways to accomplish our goal? - What might be all the tools to do our work better? #SXSW
Example: You’re asked the question #WheresWaldo? Most of us are now looking for Waldo. But while we’re searching, we may miss all the other crazy things happening in the picture. This is framing bias at play. Most of us only think or act upon what we’re asked. #SXSW #CIAWombat
CIA has developed specific tools & techniques to help our officers think outside the box & recognize cognitive biases. Although too numerous to share them all on Twitter, here’s the first secret to enhancing your creativity: #CIAWombat. #SXSW #SXSW2019
CIA talking about creativity @sxsw might seem like an odd pairing (unless by #CIA you mean the @CIACulinary Institute of America) Our analysts deal w/the most important & complex problems facing our nation & they need tools to think both critically & creatively #SXSW #CIAWombat
What do wombats, wolves, wood ducks & otters have to do with the CIA? They’re all a part of “CIA’s Secrets to Creative Problem Solving” presentation, going on now @sxsw! #SXSW #CIAWombat
RT @NCSCgov: Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day #IWD2019 by recalling the story of CIA spy catcher Jeanne Vertefeuille. Vertefu…
From well-known figures in intel history – like Virginia Hall, Julia Child & Marlene Dietrich – to lesser known but just as impactful officers – like Stephanie Czech Rader, Jane Wallis Burrell & Barbara Robbins – their legacy has made CIA what it is today. #IWD2019
Women have always played a critical role in American intelligence. Throughout the month, in honor of Women’s History, we're sharing stories of women who served as intel officers around the globe, from the earliest days of #OSS to modern day CIA. #IWD2019 #InternationalWomensDay
Flying into #Austin, Texas for #SXSW? So are we! Have you spied our latest recruitment campaign at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (@AUStinAirport)? http://cia.gov/careers And yes, we are presenting @sxsw. On what? Find out this afternoon… (Hint: #CIAWombat)
Q: This game show host visited CIA HQs & won the hearts of CIA's workforce. A: Who is Alex Trebek? On behalf of the entire CIA family, our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time. This is not final @Jeopardy! You can beat this, #AlexTrebek! #FightCancer
DCI Webster oversaw CIA’s transition to a post-Cold War era, serving as our 14th DCI from May 26, 1987–August 31, 1991. To learn more about his tenure, see “Profiles in Leadership” (pg. 76): http://bit.ly/2qPjJYy [PDF 24.5MB]
On behalf of the women & men of CIA, we want to wish former CIA & @FBI Director, Judge William Webster, a very happy 95th birthday!
CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: Woodsman’s Pal Knife An essential tool for #OSS forces in SE Asia during #WWII, this knife was ideal for cutting through jungle brush. The knife was also designed to defend against samurai swords. http://1.usa.gov/1RQoJT1 #HISTINT
From work-life balance initiatives to the establishment of employee resource groups, at CIA we are committed to supporting a workforce as diverse as the nation we serve. Work with a community of professionals committed to excellence in all that they do. https://cia.gov/careers
Insider tip: A Hollywood habit that drives everyone who works for CIA bonkers is calling us agents In the real-world lexicon of spies: Americans who work for CIA are called “officers” Foreigners who give us intel (the actual “spies”) are “agents” ~Molly http://bit.ly/2Xu6Pgk
You can explore our #ReelvsRealCIA series seeking to demystify CIA’s mission by comparing what’s seen in Hollywood to what happens in reality Argo: http://bit.ly/2TjTXKq The Good Shepherd: http://bit.ly/2IHH3BV The Americans: http://bit.ly/reelvsreal & https://youtu.be/PHcafz2Aon8
Dear Film Buff 007, All Hollywood films & TV shows, of course, take liberties when portraying CIA. I can’t generalize & say “this film is accurate” & “that film is total bunk.” They all probably contain some elements of truth & fiction. http://bit.ly/2Xu6Pgk #askmollyhale
CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: DCI Allen W. Dulles's Stamps Former #OSS officer Allen Dulles was the longest serving DCI from 1953-61. These 2 well-worn stamps were his: one from when he was partner in a law firm & the other simply his name. http://bit.ly/2hPgHhk #HISTINT
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