We are the Nation's first line of defense. We accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go.
Did you know that CIA has several #artists within our ranks? Take a rare look inside CIA Headquarters & explore our annual CIA #Art Show with @devindwyer at @ABC News. #IntelArt https://twitter.com/ABCPolitics/status/1131289297632387072
RT @ABCPolitics: Each spring, hundreds of CIA officers display their handcrafted works of art for all to see. Well, at least all those with…
CIA’s Memorial Ceremony began in 1987 & is attended each year by 100s of employees, retirees, & family members of the heroic officers who died in service to their country. There are now 133 stars on the wall. #InMemoriam
Director Haspel: “We honor the men & women of this Agency who perished in the line of duty. The cause to which they devoted their lives—the freedom & safety of Americans—endures.” #InMemoriam
The other two stars honor Lieutenant John W. Creech & Daniel C. Dennett, Jr., who perished in 1947 when their plane crashed in bad weather. John & Daniel worked for the Central Intelligence Group (CIG)—the immediate predecessor to CIA. #InMemoriam
Today we held our annual Memorial Ceremony to honor the courageous CIA officers who died serving their country. Four new, historic stars were added to the Memorial Wall; two honor officers whose names & contributions must remain secret. http://bit.ly/30B82nF #InMemoriam
CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: President Eisenhower Trowel CIA celebrated the construction of a new HQs building in Langley, VA w/a cornerstone-laying ceremony on Nov. 3, 1959. President Eisenhower used this trowel to lay the cornerstone. https://bit.ly/2YCWUVm #HISTINT
Do you have a Computer Science degree? Join CIA’s Directorate of Operations & learn how you can use your #STEM background to protect the nation. Apply here: http://bit.ly/2OnaSZU Watch: "How Does My Computer Science Background Fit at the CIA?" http://bit.ly/2WfKEwz
If you’d like to learn more about DCIA Haspel’s tenure as director & her priorities for the future, see her recent speech @AuburnU: http://bit.ly/2KRo0WH
#OTD 2018 – Gina Haspel was confirmed as CIA Director. This month we’re celebrating DCIA Haspel’s 1st year as Director of CIA! See our Instagram story chronicling her journey: https://www.instagram.com/cia/
Eero Saarinen: “The purpose of architecture is to shelter and enhance man’s life on earth and to fulfill his belief in the nobility of his existence… I hope that some of my buildings will have lasting truths. I admit frankly I would like a place in architectural history.”
Eero become a prolific architect who designed furniture, national memorials, corporate campuses and, of course, airport terminals. In addition to the #TWA terminal, some of his most famous designs are the iconic @GatewayArchSTL, @Dulles_Airport, & the “Tulip” chair & table.
OSS considered Eero “the most versatile & gifted young designer & architect in this country.” His work for #OSS was highly commended by Undersecretary of War, Director of Women’s Army Corps, & many others. His OSS experience & experiments are reflected in his later design work.
During #WWII, Eero was recruited to #OSS & appointed Chief of Special Exhibits Section. He designed: - Military schools & situation rooms - 3D org chart instrumental in showing procedure & work-flow problems throughout #OSS - Model weapons for training & film props
This week, the iconic 1960s #TWA Flight Center designed by legendary architect Eero Saarinen reopened as a hotel @JFKairport in New York. Before achieving fame as a master of American 20th-century architecture, Eero worked for #OSS, our #WWII spy agency. http://bit.ly/2muiNWl
CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: Bolo Knife w/Leather Sheath Used by US combat forces during #WWII, the bolo knife cut through brush easily & could be used for sharpening or cutting wooden tools, digging, & some medical procedures. http://bit.ly/2Yq8Tpc #HISTINT #OSS
That describes what we did in Project #AZORIAN (aka #Glomar), a highly secret 6-year effort to retrieve a sunken Soviet submarine from the Pacific Ocean floor, one of the greatest intel successes of the #ColdWar. And the claw… her name was Clementine. http://bit.ly/2VF9arC
Here’s how we like to explain Project #AZORIAN: Imagine standing atop Empire State Building w/8-foot-wide grappling hook on 1-inch-diameter steel rope. You must lower hook to street below, snag tiny car full of gold, & lift car back to top of building… without anyone noticing. https://twitter.com/SmithsonianMag/status/1126936227243089920
CIA celebrates mothers who serve at home and abroad. Happy Mother’s Day! Former CIA operations officer Marti Peterson recounted the moment she told her children she worked for the Agency. #mothersday #thewidowspy #reelvsreal #fx #theamericans #kerirussell
Meet Deborah Dismuke, the 1st CIA officer & 1st woman & 1st African American with a painting in our Intelligence #FineArt Gallery. http://wapo.st/2Yfp4FR #WomenInIntel
Find us over the #Tor network! ciadotgov4sjwlzihbbgxnqg3xiyrg7so2r2o3lt5wz5ypk4sxyjstad.​onion
CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: Al-Qa’ida Training Manual In 2001, US intel officers picked up this al-Qa’ida training manual outside Kandahar, Afghanistan. The officers found the manual while searching the ruins of a suspected chemical processing site. http://bit.ly/2ks8W1d
Our onion site is one of several ways individuals can contact CIA. For more details, refer to the Report Information tab on either our website or onion site. #CIAonionsite #Tor
Everything on http://CIA.gov, from The World Factbook to reporting information to applying for a job, is available on our onion site. For instructions on downloading the Tor browser, check out the link below. http://bit.ly/2PQQdfb #CIAonionsite #Tor
CIA Latest Layer: An Onion Site Secure, anonymous, untraceable—traits ever-present in CIA’s intelligence collection mission—and the same is true for our onion site, which is now available over the Tor network at: http://ciadotgov4sjwlzihbbgxnqg3xiyrg7so2r2o3lt5wz5ypk4sxyjstad.onion #CIAonionsite #Tor
Our #Starbucks menu & music are the same as your local Starbucks. We even have a lounge area (for unclassified conversations only, of course). Only big difference: Baristas don’t take customers’ names. Our officers order their cup of joe incognito. ~ Molly #AskMollyHale
Dear Frap Fanatic, Yep, there is a @Starbucks at CIA Headquarters! It’s actually one of the busiest Starbucks in the country. We need our #caffeine jolt just like everyone else. http://1.usa.gov/1qaPYWJ
Ben Huebner: “Given our mission, we have a greater responsibility than I think almost anyone to an adherence to the truth.” To learn more about Ben, the PCLO, & CIA’s commitment to #transparency (including recent initiatives & links to docs), see: http://bit.ly/2Wne9JO
Ben Huebner: “When we talk about transparency, release is part of it, but it’s not the whole ball of wax. Accessibility is part of transparency. Providing information to people in a way that’s easier to find, understandable, & relevant. Those are all parts of #transparency too.”
Recent CIA #transparency initiatives: - CIA’s AG Guidelines (our core US person’s protection rules) published in-full on CIAgov - CREST (25-year release collection) of 12M+ docs available on CIAgov - Release of historic #PDB & #FOIA collections - expanding social media presence
CIA’s mission & the safety of the men & women who contribute to it will always require certain information to be #classified. The key is there needs to be a real, identifiable, justifiable reason why that fact, that method, or that source needs to remain secret.
Ben Huebner runs CIA’s Privacy & Civil Liberties Office. His job is to look at our programs & practices to make sure we’re living up to our commitment to safeguard American’s privacy & civil liberties. He’s also leading CIA’s efforts to increase #transparency.
If you’ve ever wondered why one of the most secretive organizations in the world is committed to #transparency, or how we go about protecting American’s privacy & civil liberties, keep reading. http://bit.ly/2Wne9JO
CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: Operation JAWBREAKER Knife CIA officer Gary Schroen was starting his transition to retirement, but after 9/11 he volunteered to lead Operation #JAWBREAKER into Afghanistan. He carried this knife w/him in the war zone. http://bit.ly/2cUhgFo
To learn more about Operation #JAWBREAKER, & to see photos of the helicopter used in the mission, see: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/09/26/cia-helicopter-used-afghanistan-after-9-11-now-part-history/1418556002/ #HISTINT
Today is the 20th anniversary of the naming of our headquarters – the George Bush Center for Intelligence – in honor of President Bush’s unique role in CIA’s history. He’s the only former CIA Director to become President of the US. http://bit.ly/2IXopEt #OTD 1999 #TDIH #GHWB
I spy with my little eye… http://www.instagram.com/cia/
Something “awesome” this way comes… #AwesomeCon
CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: William J. Donovan’s Boots #OSS Director William “Wild Bill” Donovan wore these boots during his pre-World War I service with the New York National Guard Calvary Troop. http://bit.ly/2RjLkdO #HISTINT #WWI #WWII
A perk of working for CIA is world travel. Apparently that sometimes extends to other realms… “Little birds,” be on the lookout for a former deputy director of ours wandering through #Westeros in tonight’s episode of #GameOfThrones.
Did you miss CIA Director Gina Haspel’s live remarks @AuburnU? A recording of her address & Q&A session moderated by Auburn Chief Operating Officer & former @DefenseIntel Director Lt. Gen. Ronald L. Burgess is available here: http://bit.ly/2KRo0WH
Happening NOW! CIA Director Gina Haspel delivers live remarks at Auburn University (@AuburnU). Next month she will celebrate her first year as director. Watch the livestream here: http://bit.ly/2DjHop0
RT @AuburnU: We are livestreaming tomorrow’s National Security Forum featuring @CIA Director Gina Haspel beginning at 9 a.m. CST. This lim…
After #WWII, Donovan learned of Maria’s heroism & arranged for her to migrate to US w/scholarship to @Vassar. She also received the Bronze Star Maria was 1st woman to receive a medal on Plain of @WestPoint_USMA in front of Corps of Cadets. http://bit.ly/2IBTkpM #WomenInIntel
Oct 1944: #OSS officers fled to the mountains to escape Germans who were crushing Slovak uprising. They asked Maria to join them as a guide & interpreter. She agreed & scouted surrounding area for food & intel by posing as a peasant girl to talk to villagers. #WomenInIntel
Slovakian authorities quickly suspected Maria, but the Slovak captain who questioned her was part of the anti-fascist resistance. The Army captain offered to hide the Jewish woman & son if Maria would join the resistance. Maria agreed & became a courier. #WomenInIntel
Maria was born in Slovakia in 1921 & became a school teacher when Slovakia fell to the Germans. In 1944, a Jewish friend, Julius Goldberger, begged Maria to hide his relatives. She knew she could be imprisoned or worse, but agreed anyway. #WomenInIntel
Maria Gulovich, a young Slovakian schoolteacher, was only 23-years-old when she began harboring Jews from the Nazis. She joined the underground resistance & led a group of #OSS & British officers through a blizzard & out of German clutches http://bit.ly/2IBTkpM #WomenInIntel
CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: Office of Strategic Services Patch (Replica) General William J. Donovan, founder of the Office of Strategic Services, had this patch designed as the insignia for #OSS. http://bit.ly/2rQEqDC #HISTINT
Did you know that your language abilities can make America safer? At CIA, you can use your foreign language skills in a #career that’s as exciting as it is fulfilling. Check out our latest ad campaign – this one appearing at #FoggyBottom Metro in DC. https://www.cia.gov/careers/
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