The world’s most diverse financial marketplace made up of CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX and KCBT.
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76% probability rates will remain unchanged according to our #FedWatch tool. Follow the countdown to #FOMC.
Watch our new webinar on portable alpha, featuring David Gibbs, Director of Education at CME Group. Learn how portable alpha allows institutions to enhance index performance:
CME Group reached multiple open interest records on June 11, 2019. Overall CME Group: 150.4M Interest Rate Futures and Options: 109.1M Overall Options: 96.3M Interest Rate Options: 78.1M
We compressed over $25 trillion gross notional in May - supported by 45 unique participants. Read why:
On this episode of #futuresradio Mark Van Keirsbilck sits down with @AnthonyCrudele to talk about his journey to becoming a cattle trader and how he uses options on futures in volatile markets. 🎧 Listen here:
On this episode of #futuresradio Mark Van Keirsbilck sits down with @AnthonyCrudele to talk about his journey on to becoming a cattle trader and how he uses Ooptions on Ffutures in volatile markets. 🎧 Listen here:
The U.S. and UK have many similarities, including low unemployment and core inflation, but their interest rates are far apart. Is this gap about to close?
Passive portfolio members tend to avoid holding cash on their balance sheets. Join David Lerman, Director of Education, for a webinar focused on common strategies to combat cash drag. Register:
On today’s Trader’s Edge, Dave Lerman explores extreme rainfall in the Corn Belt, its impact on Corn futures volatility, and how to adjust trades with USDA crop reports and G20 meetings on deck in late June.
Flooding along the Mississippi River is imperiling crops and livestock at a time when farm incomes are already feeling the pinch of the drawn-out trade war with China. Chief Economist Blu Putnam provides some historical context.
Read how One-Month SOFR futures can be used to evaluate and manage day-to-day volatility in Treasury general collateral repurchase agreement (GC repo) rates, particularly around month-end dates.
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The 10 a.m. New York cut you know for FX options. Now with the capital efficiency and screen liquidity of CME FX.
We compressed over $25T gross notional in May, our best month of 2019 and 17% higher than in May 2018.
Trade a new equities liquidity pool with lower-margin Micro E-mini futures, now at 11.25M+ contracts traded in the first month.
Equity sectors moved in tandem until 2014 when they drifted apart as their correlation weakened. Find out the fundamental and financial forces behind this.
Corn futures and options reached a record 861K contracts traded on average per day, up 78% from May 2018.
Join CME Group Director of Education, David Gibbs, for a discussion of equity index futures beta replication. Watch now:
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Agricultural options averaged a record 453K contracts per day, up 50% year over year.
New market participants and a volatile macro environment have led to an increase in average daily volume in Hot-Rolled Coil Steel futures of over 1.2K contracts, an increase of 199% YoY. Look more closely at hedging steel price exposure:
May saw record trading in SOFR inter-commodity spreads vs. Eurodollars and Fed Funds. Read the June Rates Recap for more info:
Options volume averaged 5M contracts per day in May 2019 -- its second-highest monthly ADV ever -- up 40% from May 2018.
CME Group reached a record non-U.S. ADV of 5.9M contracts.
Take a look at CME Group’s agricultural options liquidity during non-U.S. trading hours.
The Nikkei 225 Index futures roll period is underway through June 14. Use our free Roll Analyzer tool to help inform your roll strategies ahead of the June contract expiration.
Dave Hightower and Daniel Basse discuss weather impacts on the Black Sea and KC Wheat spread and other factors driving Black Sea Wheat (Platts) futures’ increased relevance as a hedging tool and pricing benchmark for global wheat participants.
The Brexit saga enters a new stage. Could the Conservative Party’s split over Brexit be its undoing in the next election? Blu Putnam, Chief Economist at CME Group, discusses. Learn More:
Rates open interest has quadrupled over the last six years to over 100M contracts. See why traders and risk managers are increasingly turning to futures to manage their interest rate exposure.
The latest CFTC Commitments of Traders Report shows a record 1,198 large open interest holders in CME FX futures, including a record 274 in emerging market currencies. Analyze positioning data with our COT tool:
Coming to the 10 a.m. New York cut: more efficiency, e-liquidity, more aligned to how you trade FX options now.
Back-to-back record days have seen 12.2M Eurodollar options contracts traded over the last two sessions, including a record 5.4M traded electronically on CME Globex. Use our Heatmap tool to see which expirations and strikes have been most active.
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Farmer sentiment hits lowest level in over two years, read the latest @PUCommercialAg & CME Group #AgBarometer:
Need a liquid hedge for your QQQ, SPY, IWM or DIA position? Micro E-mini futures hit 10M+ in less than a month of trading.
A rally in U.S. treasuries, with prices rising and yields dropping, has reignited concerns over the health of the economy. What's driving the bond market? Chief Economist, Blu Putnam explains.
Week 2 weekly options expire on June 14, three days after the June WASDE report. See what type of move the option markets are predicting through our Quikstrike Vol2Vol tool:
Don't wait for IEA & EIA surveys. CME Group & Orbital Insight Energy show you how to access daily global oil storage estimates at our June 6 webinar. Sign up
This time change can help you access more liquidity, capital efficiency and flexibility for FX options trading.
RT @Open_Markets: Amid robust restaurant, retailer demand, bacon “far and away the most volatile” of all hog cuts.
Why 10 a.m. New York expiration for CME FX options matters? OTC timing + ETD benefits = best of both worlds.
CME Group is delighted to be honored at the Global Capital US Derivatives awards 2019.
What is oil telling us about the U.S. economy? @aeberman12 discusses on #futuresradio with @AnthonyCrudele. 🎧 Listen here:
Do options skews in treasuries provide any guidance on market trend? Sr. Economist Erik Norland looks into whether extreme downside skews signal a buying opportunity. 🎙Listen now.
🌽 Planting delays have spurred hedging activity in corn options leading to growing open interest of more than 1.75M contracts on May 29. Observe changes in OI concentration by strike, put/call, and expiration with @QuikStrike1 Open Interest Heatmap:
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Tune into #TWIFO today as @Options, @QuikStrike1 & @FTSERussell break down the latest #options volatility action in #crude #ags #equities & more. 🎧 Live stream at 1:30pm CT
Managing index exposure? See how to add more precision to your delta-hedging strategies using Micro E-mini futures. Watch video:
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