The world’s most diverse financial marketplace made up of CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX and KCBT.
Catch up with part two of our Top Trader Round Table podcast, featuring guests from @PromusVentures, Teacher Retirement System of Texas and State Board of Administration of Florida. 🎙Tune in:
The Russian ruble and Brazilian real tumbled about 55% in value against the U.S. dollar so far this decade. Will they rebound in the 2020s? Sr. Economist Erik Norland discusses in his latest article.
We're excited to announce our sponsor @CMEGroup will be at #Consensus2019. Ask them about their new analytics API streaming service. Register now:
What does surging U.S. crude oil production and growing exports mean for WTI’s role in setting global crude prices? Read more #OOTT
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CME Group congratulates @Brittany1golf on her growing family, and we are happy to honor her full contract for the season.
Live Cattle futures open interest grew to a record 440K contracts yesterday, marking two consecutive record days. Learn more:
During the #FIABoca conference @AnthonyCrudele sat down with @Blu_Putnam @KirstenWegner @TimMcCourtCME & Jim Downs - @ConnamaraSys to talk: 1. The Fed 2. Financial Transaction Tax 3. Micro E-mini Futures Contracts 4. Risk Tools Listen here:
We’re excited to introduce our new analytics API streaming service that will enable clients to get trade information, market impact and alpha calculations on a trade-by-trade basis. Learn more:
Read @EdwardGLuce’s @FT article to see how Chicago is leading the way in higher ed amid a U.S. higher education crisis.
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Cut, pause or hike? See expert analysis, CME Fedwatch Tool insights and ideas to help you act before the Fed's next move on interest rates.
U.S. inflation has largely held around 2% for the past 25 years despite quantitative easing and near-zero rates. Can the Fed change that?
Watch the latest from CME Group’s Dave Lerman as he explores the reasons behind the recent surge in copper options trading (up to 3K contracts per day).
We’re excited to introduce our new API streaming service that will enable clients to get trade information, market impact and alpha calculations on a trade-by-trade basis. Learn more:
Gold options volume has grown to over 8.5K contracts on average per day during London trading hours (7am - 1pm GMT). Learn more about our gold options liquidity.
Big news during the #FIABoca conference. @TimMcCourtCME joined @Options @FTSERussell on #TWIFO to discuss how market participants will soon be able to further diversify their portfolios through the launch of Micro E-mini futures contracts. 🎧 Listen here:
CME Group leaders participated in the Principal for a Day program at Washington Irving Elementary, where we have partnered together for more than a decade to help build brighter futures for the students.
Energy markets are watching U.S.-China trade talks. Jeff White explains the implications for energy traders --> 📺
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Iron ore, a key component in steel production, has seen rising volumes since the beginning of 2019. Learn more about our ferrous metals futures and options:
S&P Total Return Index futures open interest continues to climb in 2019, reaching a record 275k contracts on March 12. See all indices available:
CME Group Steel liquidity is growing with a 43% increase in participants trading the contract and average daily volumes up 49% YoY, YTD.
Learn the benefits of commodity investing, including inflation protection and diversification, in this white paper from @AuspiceCapital. Read here:
Happy National Ag Day! Learn about our agricultural futures and options markets:
RT @WSJCS: Paid Program for CMEGroup: Among the two major alternative currencies, gold has emerged on the upside, at least temporarily. @CM…
Would the Fed tightening policy mean a slowdown in job growth over the next two years? Sr. Economist Erik Norland previews the March jobs report.
As participants seek to manage risk, Chicago Wheat options reached new record monthly volume during non-U.S. hours driven by robust overnight liquidity. Learn more:
Executive Director of the CME Group Foundation Kassie Davis tells AlphaWeek how she goes about implementing a 'Cradle to Career' approach to support educational initiatives in Chicago. #earlymath
Ahead of next week’s #Fed meeting, watch @TDAmeritrade Chris Brankin talk about what expectations CME Fed Fund futures are pricing in. via @BloombergTV
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See what the street is saying about the big potential of Micro E-mini futures on US equity indices, set to launch this May, via @WSJ (paywall)
A record volume of over 125.5K Lean Hog futures traded on March 11. Learn more about our livestock products and how they are an integral part of global agricultural markets:
E-mini S&P 500 futures open interest has topped 2.7M contracts. Use our free Equity Quarterly Roll Analyzer tool to help inform your roll strategies ahead of the March contract expiration on Friday.
The bull market in equities began a decade ago in the aftermath of the recession. Its path ahead will depend on policies and their consequences. Chief Economist Blu Putnam discusses on the latest Economist Perspective.
Catch up on the latest in global agricultural markets in the March 2019 Ags Update. Read now:
As U.S.-China trade talks continue, energy markets are looking for any signal that might add volatility to the crude markets, Jeff White discusses.
For the latest precious, base or ferrous metals news and insights, follow CME Group Metals on LinkedIn.
What impact will the Brexit vote have on interest rates? Track rate move expectations with the CME BoEWatch tool.
Are FX options skews a useful indicator of whether a currency will rise or fall against the U.S. dollar? Sr. Economist Erik Norland looks at some out-of-the-money puts and calls.
Large- and small-cap US equity markets are more correlated in times of heightened market stress. Look for more insight in this week’s FTSE Russell Index IDEA.
RT @FuturesTrader71: BOOM! I have been pushing for these for about 6 years now & finally can talk about them. E-mini Micros are on their wa…
CME Live Cattle futures have been helping the U.S. livestock industry manage risk since 1964. On March 8, 2019, they set a new all-time record for open interest. Learn more:
Meet Micro E-mini futures. Trade a slice of the world's most liquid equity index futures complex, four ways.
Black Sea Wheat and Corn futures and options top 10M metric tons since launching December 2017. Learn more:
Today we join our employee network group Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) in celebrating women across the globe. #InternationalWomensDay
As the SOFR market grows, so does the need for an efficient way to manage basis risk between #SOFR, #EFFR and #LIBOR. Learn how futures are answering this call.
There’s a student debt crisis in America and it’s disproportionally affecting women and minorities. That’s why CME Group Foundation makes preparing low-income and minority students for college our mission. Insights via #SXSW
UK parliament will make a decisions by next week on how #Brexit will play out. Sr. Economist Erik Norland explains the wide-ranging implications this could have for interest rates.
Volume on BTIC on yen- and USD-denominated Nikkei futures continues to build since the February 19 launch, with over $50M notional traded. Learn how investors use #BTIC to manage their Japanese exposure more efficiently.
220 participants are averaging over $27B in daily notional cleared in CME Latin American Swaps in 2019.
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