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Japan’s financial watchdog is said to be inspecting crypto exchanges over anti-money laundering measures ahead of June's G20 summit.
RT @sassal0x: "Over $100 million moved through Version 1, Leshner told CoinDesk. He said that even he was surprised by the amount it was us…
JUST IN: @unstoppableweb, a startup that wants to build a censorship-resistant internet, is getting a $4 million investment from @drapervc and @BoostVC. Report by @zackseward
JUST IN: The new version of crypto interest app @compoundfinance works with @coinbasewallet, @zerion_io and fellow #DeFi leader @UniswapExchange, @BradyDale reports
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BREAKING: Rep. Eric Swalwell is accepting donations in six cryptocurrencies to support his bid for the U.S. presidency in 2020. @ericswalwell
RT @coindeskMarkets: Bitcoin dived out of a narrowing price range on Wednesday, opening the doors for a deeper drop to $7,200. Report by @g…
Swiss luxury watchmaker @FranckMuller has launched a limited-edition bitcoin timepiece dubbed “Encrypto” that comes with a cold wallet.
Supermarket kiosk network @coinstar has expanded its bitcoin-buying service, adding around 100 new outlets and growing U.S. coverage to 21 states.
EXCLUSIVE: State Street's blockchain lead, Moiz Kohari, has left to build a new data privacy startup, reports @IanAllison123
RT @cz_binance: Will write a more personal perspective about this soon.
@binance CEO Changpeng Zhao @cz_binance is taking Sequoia Capital China back to court, claiming the VC firm hurt his reputation. @WolfieZhao reports.
First of its kind: EU authorities shut down a Bitcoin tumbler in a sign of things to come. via @coindesk
RT @coindesk: UPDATE: The judge has granted a partial stay of @NewYorkStateAG's request for documents from @bitfinex and @Tether_to pending…
EXCLUSIVE: @sixgroup, parent of the Swiss national stock exchange, is developing its own stablecoin pegged to the Swiss franc. @IanAllison123 reports.
So the "Right to Transact" debate with @AmberBaldet, @stephendpalley, @signcurve, @gladstein, and yours truly is up on the @coindesk consensus 2019 website! I say "marmot" at least 20 times.
CoinDesk's #Consensus2019 videos are now live! Check out our videos streams from our 3-day #BlockchainNYC event.
No, the U.S. government didn't officially recognize Craig Wright as Satoshi. via @johnbiggs
A bitcoin transaction mixer has been seized and shut down by authorities in the European Union. via @mpmcsweeney
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UPDATE: The judge has granted a partial stay of @NewYorkStateAG's request for documents from @bitfinex and @Tether_to pending a July hearing on their motion to dismiss.
RT @davebickford: #BitcoinPizzaDay at @coindesk! @PapaJohns can’t deliver here, so @dominos will do.
@coinbase's merchants payments offering, @CommerceCB, has added support for dollar-pegged stablecoin USD Coin.
RT @OscarWGrut: Morning US — check out my interview w/ @ShapeShift_io founder @ErikVoorhees. He tells me regulation and legal fees in the "…
RT @coindeskMarkets: Coinbase recorded 116 $BTC trades per minute last week - its most in a 7-days since March 4-10, 2018. Source: https:/…
Adam Clark, creator of the now-defunct Cryptopia, is trying again with a new exchange. Details are slim, reports @johnbiggs.
RT @coindeskMarkets: Bitcoin is teasing a downside break of its recent trading range, having again faced rejection above $8,000 today. That…
JUST IN: The Abyss, a gaming platform built on crypto, is teaming up with "Fortnite" creator Epic Games in a bid to incentivize developers. Report by @BradyDale
An Israeli court has ruled against an investor in declaring bitcoin is an asset and not a currency, and thus subject to capital gains tax.
EXCLUSIVE: Russia’s National Settlement Depository will launch its long-awaited digital asset ledger next month – 5,000 kilometers away from its Moscow HQ. Reporting by @IanAllison123
Crypto lending startup @TheRealBlockFi is almost halving the interest rates it offers on ether deposits from next month, while the rate on larger bitcoin deposits will go up slightly.
@mozilla has released an update for its @firefox browser which includes an option to block cryptocurrency mining scripts.
Two OTC traders in China have been accused of illegally soliciting over 7,000 bitcoin now worth $56 million in deposits for a supposed loan offering. Report by @WolfieZhao
RT @adam3us: @coindesk @samadamsSAO Slow news day I guess.
Galaxy Digital, the crypto bank founded by Michael @novogratz, has sold a majority of its position in @block_one_, the developer of the EOS blockchain, for $71 million.
RT @Melt_Dem: sad to see @circlepay downsizing - the cost of being one of the early crypto co's is staggeringly high! gen 1 companies spe…
RT @TuurDemeester: Can money buy a scientific breakthrough? We'll find out.
RT @BitcoinErrorLog: This is my first published article, I'd appreciate your feedback! I've been working hard to strategize about the game-…
RT @Techmeme: Circle, which owns trading platform Poloniex, equity crowdfunding site SeedInvest, and the USDC stablecoin with Coinbase, lay…
RT @NoelleInMadrid: This is a big deal - not so much for the new rules that even above-board exchanges will have trouble complying with - b…
The @Ethereum Foundation has detailed a $30 million spending plan, including $19 million for work on ethereum 2.0, Plasma and other projects over the next 12 months. @christine_dkim reports
JUST IN: @bitfinex and @Tether_to have asked a judge to dismiss the @NewYorkStateAG case agains them, claiming they have no customers in N.Y. @MarcHochstein writes.
IN DEPTH: Improved relations between the @ethereum Foundation and @ConsenSys point to a governance shift that could have major implications for the network's future. @La__Cuen reports
BREAKING: Crypto startup Circle is laying off about 10 percent of its staff, citing market conditions and the U.S. regulatory environment. @zackseward reports
RT @HaileyLennonBTC: “Craig Wright’s attempt to copyright the bitcoin white paper is a bold, if silly, move by a person who may be both of…
This guy just knows how to get people tweeting about him and here I am tweeting - Craig Wright Attempts to Copyright the Satoshi White Paper and Bitcoin Code via @coindesk
Craig Wright Is Playing Three-Dimensional Checkers via @johnbiggs
RT @eric_lombrozo: @coindesk By giving the man publicity you are being used as an accomplice in his crimes. We all know the point of this e…
The price of Bitcoin SV $BSV jumped over 200% on some exchanges today after its main proponent Craig Wright registered copyright claims on the Bitcoin Whitepaper and original code. via @samadamsSAO
Slow news day I guess.
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has taken action over what it alleges is a $30 million crypto scam based around supposed diamond investment.
Blockchain-based live streaming service @OfficialDLive has seen a 67 percent hike in users since popular YouTuber @pewdiepie joined the platform in April.
RT @DoveyWan: .@coindesk and all other crypto media should “delist” all CSW self-cooked dramas too as this is the best way to shut up thes…
Update: The Bitwise bitcoin ETF proposal has now been published on the Federal Register, kicking off a five-week comment period.
BREAKING: Craig Wright has filed copyright registrations for the original Satoshi white paper and bitcoin code with the U.S. Copyright Office.
Thank you for including my comment; I believe it succinctly encapsulates the complexity of the situation.
I thank you for joining in the intellectual debate regarding this fascinating moment.
JUST IN: @JeromeFlynn, the actor who plays "Bronn" in @GameOfThrones is now an adviser to a vegan lifestyle project that has its own crypto token.
Great time with @pete_rizzo editor in chief if @coindesk talking about WHY crypto governance shouldn’t exist. Hear this and other #UntoldStories…like when Pete lived in a van for a year. Subscribe, rate, review and share!
RT @MarcHochstein: @prestonjbyrne @coindesk Marmot don't hurt me
RT @coindesk: Titan is a one-step crypto miner management system from @bloqinc. via @johnbiggs
Thank you @coindesk for putting on another great conference this year with #Consensus2019 and thank you to everyone who descended on the Big Apple for another magical #BlockchainWeekNYC! I loved seeing everyone, meeting new peeps, and talking crypto with you all! 👍🏻🚀
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