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Trump protesters rally at gay bar blocks from arena speech https://news.yahoo.com/trump-protesters-rally-gay-bar-051448577.html
Twice burned: Winklevii overshadowed by Zuckerberg yet again https://news.yahoo.com/twice-burned-winklevii-overshadowed-zuckerberg-222005652.html
Photographer recounts facing Dallas gunman https://news.yahoo.com/photographer-recounts-facing-dallas-gunman-213350018.html
RT @eurekaTS: Town of Paradise and PG&E settle for $270 million https://trib.al/gYiZ31p
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Quito (AFP) - Ecuador President Lenin Moreno insisted Tuesday the United States would not be installing a military base on the Galapagos Islands. https://news.yahoo.com/ecuador-denies-galapagos-islands-host-us-military-204016047.html
Los Angeles (AFP) - A 10-year-old US girl has made rock climbing history by becoming the youngest person to ever scale Yosemite's iconic El Capitan. https://news.yahoo.com/ten-old-us-girl-conquers-yosemites-el-capitan-204650458.html
everyone always blames the cash-eating gorilla smh https://news.yahoo.com/nigerian-governor-says-armed-robbers-173125068.html
3-year-old toddler knocks over $50,000 sculpture at Art Basel https://news.yahoo.com/three-old-toddler-knocks-over-50-000-sculpture-135416483.html
Turtle Strapped With a GoPro Is the Cinematographer to Watch https://news.yahoo.com/turtle-strapped-gopro-cinematographer-watch-175738032.html
California governor, lawmaker alter proposed vaccine rules https://news.yahoo.com/california-governor-lawmaker-alter-proposed-180351799.html
One of Africa's largest protected wilderness areas has marked an entire year without finding a single elephant killed by poachers. @yashar https://www.yahoo.com/gma/catastrophic-elephant-poaching-niassa-africa-reduced-zero-conservationists-132952548--abc-news-topstories.html
Indian family branches out with novel tree house https://news.yahoo.com/indian-family-branches-novel-tree-house-072658447.html
Libreville (AFP) - Authorities in the Central African Republic said Tuesday they would not prosecute two AFP journalists who were detained and physically abused after they filmed a banned opposition protest. https://news.yahoo.com/no-prosecution-afp-journalists-c-african-detention-172724439.html
Roy Moore to announce US Senate plans Thursday https://news.yahoo.com/alabamas-roy-moore-announce-us-170254896.html
Trump says attacks on oil tankers 'very minor' https://news.yahoo.com/trump-says-attacks-oil-tankers-very-minor-150157691.html
Lettuce not make any jokes about this. https://twitter.com/FDArecalls/status/1141017063047290885
Police: Man faked heart attack while accomplice robbed store https://news.yahoo.com/police-man-faked-heart-attack-160839516.html
tired: spy whales wired: spy snakes https://news.yahoo.com/giant-snakes-florida-everglades-scientists-144102372.html
GOODWATER, Ala. (AP) — A Texas longhorn in Alabama has set a mark recognized by the Guinness World Records for longest horns, with a span wider than the Statue of Liberty's face. https://news.yahoo.com/texas-longhorn-sets-guinness-world-143642918.html
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photo from yesterday: A Border Collie shakes the water out of its fur on the shore of Trepliner Lake, Germany. (Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images)
Moscow (AFP) - A hungry polar bear has been spotted on the outskirts of the Russian industrial city of Norilsk, hundreds of miles from its natural habitat, authorities said Tuesday. https://news.yahoo.com/hungry-polar-bear-found-wandering-russia-industrial-city-132621344.html
photo from today: Bastet the lion protects her two babies during their first public trip in the outdoor enclosure of the zoo in Erfurt, Germany. (AP/Jens Meyer)
Kansas pilot escapes injury when plane's wing hits windmill https://news.yahoo.com/kansas-pilot-escapes-injury-planes-125006910.html
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Screeners find 6 smoke grenades in airline passenger's bag https://news.yahoo.com/screeners-6-smoke-grenades-airline-101601594.html
Ilhan Omar pushes to protect green-energy funding from Trump, via @alexnazaryan https://news.yahoo.com/ilhan-omar-green-energy-funding-trump-090000123.html
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In this June 13 photo, sled dogs make their way in northwest Greenland with their paws in melted ice water. (Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut/Steffen M. Olsen via AP)
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Truck hits parked plane at Pittsburgh Airport https://news.yahoo.com/truck-hits-parked-plane-pittsburgh-165709244.html
armor, rifle and what was the third one again https://twitter.com/steveplrose/status/1140695803440390149
“He says he is going to stay away from sharp objects,” Russell said. “That is very understandable.” https://news.yahoo.com/kansas-boy-very-lucky-survive-200934667.html
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Scientists take a peek behind those sad puppy dog eyes https://news.yahoo.com/scientists-peek-behind-those-sad-190700831.html
TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Topeka police have apologized for a Father's Day tweet that encouraged people to turn in dads who have outstanding warrants. https://news.yahoo.com/topeka-police-sorry-fathers-day-185334464.html
Jimmy Buffett fan group became seriously ill while staying at Dominican Republic hotel https://news.yahoo.com/jimmy-buffett-fan-group-became-155014062.html
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Rescued bear cub goes missing in southwest France https://news.yahoo.com/rescued-bear-cub-goes-missing-southwest-france-133945154.html
important photo from today: A muscovy duck and its babies are seen at the Joyama Zoo in Nagano, Japan. (The Asahi Shimbun via Getty Images)
WALHALLA, S.C. (AP) — A South Carolina woman who police say was driving drunk will not be cited with a DUI because her vehicle of choice was a toy truck. https://news.yahoo.com/police-sc-woman-stopped-driving-150523614.html
Bar scales back 'free shot per goal' promotion after U.S. 13-0 win https://news.yahoo.com/bar-scales-back-free-shot-185643127.html
NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. (AP) — A stretch of road on Florida’s Gulf Coast that was adopted by the Ku Klux Klan 25 years ago is now being sponsored by a gay rights group. https://news.yahoo.com/road-once-adopted-kkk-sponsored-144737887.html
Panda cubs eating in the the Wolong National Nature Reserve. (Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images)
Paris zoo gives orangutan Nenette a 50th birthday party (AP/Thibault Camus) https://news.yahoo.com/paris-zoo-gives-orangutan-nenette-163300876.html
RT @alexnazaryan: NEW: Sources confirm what Trump told me, which is that he is warming up to Bannon again. https://news.yahoo.com/will-donald-trump-and-steve-bannon-reunite-for-2020-124849657.html
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