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With all the controversial violent scenes I feel like a movie like #joker couldn’t get made today.
RT @normmacdonald: But you must admit the subway can be scary with those marauding bands of hedge-fund managers wilding their way through t…
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RT @iamcolinquinn: The thing that bothered me about #Joker was the negative portrayal of big city life. It can be tough yes but it can also…
RT @MrVoT1313: @iamcolinquinn This reminds me of emails from my aunt after she read about vaping or fourLoko.
Not trying to spoil anyone’s fun. Love movies! But a good movie also has to have a message that’s provocative but doesn’t disturb anyone. And this movie seems to want to cause discomfort. And that’s not ok.
And the fact that he danced down those steps in Highbridge ( Bronx) was also a little disconcerting. One misstep and the whole movie is kaput.
Some of the language was off putting. Where does it say a movie needs to have 20 F bombs or it’s not edgy?
The thing that bothered me about #Joker was the negative portrayal of big city life. It can be tough yes but it can also be a lot of fun.
Finally saw #Joker2019 I found it a little unrealistic that somebody would be that ignorant that they would think they could heal all their pain and damage by going on stage and doing stand up comedy for a living.
Sitting with @joemachi. He thinks I should insult you over this. Can't think of anything!
If you want to laugh and learn important parenting skills get your tix for http://kreepswithkids.com @robertkelly @BenningtonShow @Mrjimflorentine @bonniemcfarlane husband.
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It was fun except the @ChipChipperson part. :( https://twitter.com/suecostello/status/1184651683219103744
This is what breaking bad didn’t have the balls to show. https://twitter.com/sammorril/status/1184530995221020672
Everybody’s wants to direct. #copshow https://www.instagram.com/p/B3rkyrZJ1ve/?igshid=ahg4ngyui28o
Once again I save the day creatively #copshow https://www.instagram.com/p/B3pZRbNgHiB/?igshid=2dsmhlx6sf7o
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RT @toddbarry: My surprising friend is @iamcolinquinn. #DemDebate
My surprising friend is @iamcolinquinn. #DemDebate
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Maybe it was that veil of obscurity that you always wear? https://twitter.com/toddbarry/status/1183454031680815104
RT @NickLoochie: Just watched @iamcolinquinn’s ‘Red State, Blue State.’ Hilarious, salient, smart. Highly recommended, unless you’re a dumb…
No need to slam @toddbarry https://twitter.com/perry700/status/1183485006347489280
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It’s a different style of bomber and the Mensa comment was unnecessary and uncalled for, sir. I’m sure Jim concurs with me. https://twitter.com/johngaltinnm/status/1182838843818430465
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RT @RichVos: @iamcolinquinn A bomber jacket, well they say you wear what you do.
Hey @JimNorton please stop wearing your bomber jacket. I was wearing mine last night and a drug dealer down the block from the cellar mistook me for you. It made me unhappy.
RT @ofarrell79: @crankyoldbag @iamcolinquinn You look like a mash up of all the Guilford Four!
RT @crankyoldbag: @iamcolinquinn Even as a kid, Brady didn't have CQ's obvious smarts and looks.
Brady’s starting to lose his arm. He’s having to run the ball. Sad ending. #Jets2020
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Pats look sharp but giants are still in this game. It’s a toss up.
Daniel Jones is great but he’s not a “mid season quarterback” as the expression goes.
Giants are trying to put pressure on Brady because they know that’s how you rattle him (especially late in the game. )
RT @RoseWrites: @iamcolinquinn Cop Show is better than Marathon Man. Fact.
In the Specific is the universal -CQ first then William Goldman. https://www.instagram.com/p/B3cZneAgd0X/?igshid=1chc5hve1nqac
RT @GaryGulman: SPECIAL SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: In honor of #WorldMentalHealthDay, watch #TheGreatDepresh for free through Saturday (10/12/19…
You know what gets me about the whole thing is that people want to make it into something and rightfully so but they leave out the most important part. Its frustrating! Who’s with me?
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As far as I’m concerned #Scorsese’s opinion is just his point of view if you ask me.
Sorry! I didn’t know your name! Great job tho. https://twitter.com/mbonfiglio2000/status/1180940703079239681
Just watched @GaryGulman special on HBO. So unique and funny!! Pulled off a docucomedy with just the right mIx (95 percent great material) Great job also @JuddApatow and the other guy michael something Italian.
RT @luisjgomez: One of my favorite #Skankfestnyc memories. Surprise Tough Crowd with @iamcolinquinn reunion. No one knew about it beforehan…
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