This is not about hating. I love "the Cap" "BP" "Q" and "MarRob" but I just feel that my average trip to the bodega I drop more wit, thought and 60's references than that whole movie probably has.
RT @Stromboli83: @iamcolinquinn Timing in life is everything. You would have been perfect as Manson years ago.
Am I crazy or is the trailer for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood trailer slightly overrated? Everybody needs to calm down. It's adequate.
My #MarchMadness brackets are in. I have upsets surprises and a few favorites. i can promise you one thing. I will keep you updated to each twist and turn of the tournament. For free of course.
I foolishly bet with my heart yesterday and took the #Nets when they were already down by 28. I had to run out so I turned off the game. Don't know what happened.
RT @iamcolinquinn: Watched free solo yesterday. Can just picture @toddbarry telling people “it’s basically what I do with crowd work. No ro…
Watched free solo yesterday. Can just picture @toddbarry telling people “it’s basically what I do with crowd work. No ropes” and everyone forcing smiles and head nods.
Watching ⁦@amyschumer⁩ great new special. I got the love of chris( colin) nice cover.
Eagles? @toddbarry I’d say we’re more like Wham!
I'm starting to think @iamcolinquinn and I should collaborate on a project. I mean The Eagles hate each other but they make it work.
My show ended Sunday so... too soon!
I guess it's time to end my feud with @iamcolinquinn. Keeping it going would be like needlessly extending the run of an off Broadway show (hint hint).
True Artist? @toddbarry. It's apples and oranges my man. I'm doing "theater show comedy" and you're fat shaming late comers to the 930 show at the Vero Beach Funny Bone.
How can I put this @toddbarry ?? In terms of March madness? I respect your work and talent. You are one of the the NIT. We’re playing in different tournaments, my man.
I was going to ask @iamcolinquinn if there were any leftovers from his cast and crew pizza party, but he probably just ordered one medium.
RT @AoifeSav: @iamcolinquinn I’m sure you’ll be relieved to hear the change of flight fee+abandoning my people on our national holiday was…
RT @StephanieKuroda: What a great run of #RedStateBlueState - constantly changing and taking chances. Sorry to break it to you, @iamcolinqu…
RT @HatemNYC: One of the best shows I've ever seen @iamcolinquinn is a genius, but what's new !!! @ColinQuinnShow_
RT @kevinleewitt: Like a proud Irish brother, I want 2 congratulate & thank my good friend ⁦@iamcolinquinn⁩ 4 giving me tix 2 his show & ma…
RT @alexbaldman: @iamcolinquinn The show is great, but it's 50-50 odds that CQ knew the last show would conflict with his beloved Brooklyn…
RT @Berkshireblade: @iamcolinquinn 5 years today your greatest work took place. The start of the Lady Di internship
Thanks David.
RT @jim_mcgrann: Just saw @iamcolinquinn in #RedStateBlueState and it was hilarious and perfectly laid out the current state of the union.…
RT @pwroflov: There is nobody better, than my friend @iamcolinquinn #RedStateBlueState was another amazing show. Thank you!!…
I don’t pay the only people that work with me in Purina fancy feast.
Tell @toddbarry he’s not welcome at my pizza party. Cast and crew only.
RT @Devralicious: My face hurts (insert joke) from laughing. Just saw #RedStateBlueState - Funny stuff, @iamcolinquinn !
Didn't see any games tonight. I had Duke and Florida State in the ACC. I probably messed up but I went with my gut.
RT @caitlin_brimmer: My gf got us @iamcolinquinn tickets for my birthday tonight and of course I ran into my childhood neighbors Alan and A…
RT @sethyny: Try and see @iamcolinquinn’s #RedStateBlueState. He’s really funny as you’d expect and really smart.
Just want to find somebody who looks at me like jimmy looks at Maury.
RT @jp_mcdade: You should listen to @iamcolinquinn speak every chance you get, it’s good for you. #RedStateBlueState is as great as everyon…
You and Francesa have the same grating personality.
RT @RedHourBen: Just saw #RedstateBlueState. @iamcolinquinn has a mind like no other. See it in NY before it closes. He’s a genius at break…
You put your, commas and periods. In all the wrong places.
RT @seanzee: Saw @iamcolinquinn at @ColinQuinnShow_ this past week. Goddamn, that man is funny. And he's right.
Watch out sir. I sense a Vos body block coming your way!
See @RichVos this is how I do merch. Buffers like michael corleone.
RT @pwroflov: @Stromboli83 @iamcolinquinn Some currency isn't tangible.
RT @Stromboli83: @iamcolinquinn 500 large and photoshopping this head with a tennis racket in his hand would have gotten CQ from C-76 on Ri…
While a man with a 141 IQ was forced to take the HS equivalency exam! #lifeaintfair
Thanks Jimmy. Our family was put on this earth to rule and it's only now ( NOW) coming to fruition. @TimGagePops
RT @Stromboli83: @iamcolinquinn 1060 SAT but couldn’t tell the difference between Lebanese hash and Suffolk County skunk weed.…
Meanwhile I got a 1060 SAT on Lebanese hash back in ‘78 but nobody wants to talk about that all of a sudden!!
I actually am guilty of paying to get Todd into several festivals as a "small font" act. But I got a lot of bad feedback from the organizers.
Now hold your horses @toddbarry you are fighting with a fan! I always thought you were funny. I've always rooted for the underdog. I tell everybody all the time " Hey don't say that. He's actually not bad!"
Me and @toddbarry's twitter war seems to have ended for obvious reasons. He was getting demolished daily and I was accused by everyone of "punching down".
RT @jpally: Just came out of @iamcolinquinn #redstatebluestate neat little show that just might save comedy and America. Brilliant.
RT @Jfrench627: @iamcolinquinn killed it last night during his Red State Blue State act. #nyc #legend
I stand by my decision. Even though your Irish people description was the most accurate I’ve ever heard.
THanks @MFBrooklyn for the delicious black and whites. That was too generous but they were amazing. Leskes? Bay ridge?
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