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How about one meeting related to investment.
You probably can. You need a monster method to filter which.
I’ve decided I’m going to limit myself to one meeting a day. How long do you think this can last?
RT @BernieSanders: Tulsi Gabbard has put her life on the line to defend this country. People can disagree on issues, but it is outrageous f…
RT @BishopFromArk: I am waiting for our delivery of around 2,000 shirts today. For those wanting to help hand out shirts, we could still…
RT @Medium: It only takes two stickers to fool this Huawei system http://read.medium.com/GX6BFox
RT @balajis: Many academics think they can run companies better than tech CEOs. Some of them are right! They should start companies and pro…
Have you ever had such a messy house that you are actually embarrassed to have the housekeeper see it?
My family is from Oklahoma and I spent some time about 40 mins from Tulsa (Eufaula and Muskogee). It wasn’t until I was an adult that I learned about this as well. I stayed in a hotel in downtown Tulsa and found out about it then. It isn’t taught in local schools. https://twitter.com/mattgoldberg/status/1186115913432600578
RT @datarade: I believe the crime rate report rate is too low as people don’t report it in SF. If you have any sort of crime happen, plea…
RT @balajis: Wait, you mean forcing people out of mutually beneficial economic arrangements might have unintended consequences? Who could…
Yang is infectiously happy. I like that about him. https://twitter.com/nihalmehta/status/1185693785759584256
RT @XinqiSu: Banner on Salisbury Road, TST. #HongKongProtests
At an “unconference” this week where attendees run their own sessions. Thinking of doing one called “Best of Times, Worst of Times” where everyone gets ~2 minutes to rant about something amazing or something horrible. Good idea? 👍🏻👎🏻
I submitted an idea about vulnerability. How vulnerability has helped me and can help others.
It would be interesting to hear both perspectives from the same person when possible. I remember once hearing "Good and evil run on parallel tracks and often arrive at the same time."
RT @charlesmok: 感謝多倫多速龍!Thank you Raptors and fans! #StandWithHongKong 解散暴警速龍! Toronto Raptors fans to give away thousands of pro-Hong Ko…
RT @patrissimo: Most Westerners know how China became far more capitalist in the last few decades, while saving face by labeling free-marke…
RT @Lanassori: This. https://twitter.com/abc/status/1185586884858306560
RT @bryanl: Please spread this around a little bit. I'll also chip in to help cover flights / hotel for whoever they pick. https://t.co/eBF…
RT @hunterwalk: vintage halloween costumes are literally the stuff of nightmares
I’m so amazed at their rate of growth.
RT @VicMapso: A Hard Look at Mayor Pete’s Money by Micah ‘Benji’ Belong https://link.medium.com/bcEVSDGDU0
RT @wolfejosh: This is insanely hard to do @DroneRaceLeague
I don’t know why you’d want someone like @MMFlint publicly endorsing you. All it takes is one trip to Flint and you can ask the locals how they feel about him. He’s an opportunist who uses other people’s struggles to prop himself up. https://twitter.com/mmflint/status/1185582049098383361
Even someone like @KingJames is impacted by some sort of power dynamics. I would like to believe he knows he’s wrong and that the first tweet is what he truly believes. I am a huge @KingJames fan and he does so much good that I hope he eventually corrects this. https://twitter.com/tbirdtr3y_10/status/1183960052467752960
You always try to see the good in people. Sometimes it’s not there.
I do. I can never figure out if that’s a feature or a flaw. In some ways I’m actually incapable of discerning some things. You were one of the first people who made me aware of that.
RT @sangohmh1: @aibarra It's damn right! #LebronShame
RT @demosisto: BREAKING: A pro-China man with a knife stabbed another man who was promoting tomorrow’s demonstration. The attacker then got…
RT @dotMudge: This is my boss. He makes me happy ;) Btw: Stripe Security is hiring (open DMs) https://twitter.com/patrickc/status/1185258658692644864
RT @BishopFromArk: @cyantist @Benioff I know that @Benioff is a thoughtful and caring guy. Human rights and volunteering is built into the…
RT @yashar: 3. Pro-democracy protestors at the Nets game. All wearing “Stand With Hong Kong” t-shirts.
RT @yashar: 2. Hong Kong politician and activist Nathan Law at the Nets Vs Raptors game wearing the “Stand With Hong Kong” t-shirt https://…
Yes yes yes!!!!!!! https://twitter.com/yashar/status/1185350564302983169
So @Benioff maybe can be swayed if he’s asked by enough people. When you get a chance, send him a tweet. He seems like the kind of guy who would care. https://twitter.com/cyantist/status/1185326935456374789
The left blames incivility on @realDonaldTrump. Watch this video and decide who the rude ones are... https://twitter.com/sergiogor/status/1185329130922860544
RT @nickgillespie: Between this sort of shit from @realDonaldTrump and calls for regulating of political ads by @ewarren, we're in a bad pl…
Yes @Benioff - can you also get Lars to wear one? He usually sits with you on the court. https://twitter.com/bishopfromark/status/1185254422290419713
RT @BishopFromArk: After this T-shirt giveaway to raise awareness for the struggle for democracy in Hong Kong, I'm thinking that a book ne…
RT @tedcruz: I just came from Hong Kong and it was incredible to see millions of people standing up for freedom and democracy. Those are…
“I want to be a person with a conscience, not a coward”. https://twitter.com/dystopia992/status/1185175958392721408
I’ll be in the front row of an NBA game coming up. Not saying which one and you better believe I’ll have the shirt on. https://twitter.com/thevogonpoet42/status/1185306904303558656
RT @matHanz: Forced. Organ. Harvesting. Interview w/ Gen Spaulding re: China is 🤯. Going to listen a 2nd (& prob 3rd, 4th, 5th) time. Conti…
RT @johnbiggs: The beginning of the end at @WeWork no fruit in the gross fruit water jar
Sometimes it only takes a spark to light a fire. #FreeHongKong
RT @cyantist: Let me tell you a scary story about China. They are playing a very long game and they are boiling the frog.
RT @mrgunn: At #TheWebConf, Adam Knight from @oiioxford spoke on the Open Web, particularly China's efforts to create a parallel, tightly-c…
RT @EnesKanter: -Haven’t seen or talked to my family 5 years -Jailed my dad -My siblings can’t find jobs -Revoked my passport -Internationa…
RT @Pinboard: So @hkmaplive has shared what purports to be an internal email from Tim Cook to Apple employees. As a user of the app, and an…
Also, the happier your employees are the less you need to pay them. https://twitter.com/jarahk/status/1185037318895230976
The happier I was, the more I took equity over precious cash. Solving hard problems was the reward and it paid off in the end.
RT @assistable: @cyantist Most upvoted post on /r/warriors today. https://www.reddit.com/r/warriors/comments/dj6vry/will_be_given_out_at_the_opener_on_the_24th/
RT @balajis: Free speech will ultimately win because encryption will win.
He talked about self-driving cars and said that China would be a leader in the space because they don’t have the same issues around human casualties that we have.
I saw one of the world’s leaders in AI give a talk at an event. Kai-fu Lee. In this talk he touched on several things that still haunt me.
Saw the same/a similar talk and am with you 1000% https://www.instagram.com/p/BtRcXpRFHOH/?igshid=18uzzhu9626uq And the scariest thing is that part of China’s strategy is spreading these philosophies to the rest of the world.
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