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RT @cyantist: Rant: People sometimes use the term “angels” loosely and it really is upsetting, here’s why...
8) and yes I’m being binary about this. ;-)
hah, thanks. this always bugged me
7) It’s like respecting elders. I’m an angel purist. I have mad respect for people who take on that sort of risk. If we dilute the term, we also change how founders might view them.
RT @micah: Cyan says this much better than I ever could. Having to bet your own dollars is such a different experience than betting someone…
6) don’t give out prizes to fund managers and call them “angels of the year”. It also disrespects the position. Again, other people’s money is not your own money.
5) Seed rounds, early rounds. Whatever you want to call them, but have some reverence for people who invest their own money.
4) Angels are special. They deserve that special distinction. Don’t call rounds “angel rounds” unless it is all angels. It isn’t because you let in some angels, as if that’s some sort of special prize they need to earn.
3) The same considerations around whether to invest or not aren’t made when thinking of investing % of net worth vs finite $ from venture.
2) Anyone who invests *other people’s money* is NOT an angel. Even if they are early stage. They are seed investors, sure. Angels? No.
At this point usage has shifted. Ron Conway started a fund called Angel Investors LP in 1998. He won a Crunchie for "best angel" in 2009. And if Ronco doesn't exemplify current usage, who does?
I complained to TechCrunch every time someone won a Crunchie who wasn’t an actual angel. Including Ron’s. I would say @kevinhartz, @mlevchin, @jhong, @edyson
Those are some examples but there are a lot more. Many angels are becoming fund managers or acting as a scout. Some are syndicate leads while also writing their own checks.
1) Angels risk their *own* money when investing in rounds.
Rant: People sometimes use the term “angels” loosely and it really is upsetting, here’s why...
RT @juliehdavis: This is as tough a criticism of the president's tweets from an elected Republican as I've seen so far, from ninth-term Rep…
RT @RepStefanik: While I strongly disagree with the tactics, policies, and rhetoric of the far-left socialist “Squad,” the President’s twee…
RT @WalshFreedom: .@AOC and I probably don’t agree on a single policy issue. But I don’t believe she “hates” America. I believe she & I bel…
However - achievement unlocked. I was just called a snowflake. Lulz
It continues to amaze me how binary some people can be. In their world view, it is impossible to ever change your mind, hold several conflicting opinions, or have a spectrum of beliefs that span ideologies. People are not that simplistic. At least, I’m not.
Tayberry jam. My kitchen now looks like a crime scene and I’m exhausted. However I have 3 pints of sorbet and 2.5 jars of jam. Yum. I also saved the seeds I removed for the sorbet to mix with fizzy water.
Yes, Trump’s tweets are offensive. But there’s one big reason Republicans still stand by him. - The Washington Post (IMO, a must read post. I consider myself fiscally conservative, but I won’t support him. Some people’s reasons are harder to compromise on. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/07/15/yes-trumps-tweets-are-offensive-theres-one-big-reason-republicans-still-stand-by-him/
RT @Lis_Smith: bUt CaN tHe MaYoR oF sOuTh BeNd WiN? https://twitter.com/Lis_Smith/status/1150957898245300224
RT @BishopFromArk: Ok, who's playing Harry Potter? Let's be Friends in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! My Friend Code is: 0744 4222 9085.
RT @matthewamiller: This is a beautiful piece by @gtconway3d. Left unsaid: how many more people in parking lots will be shouting racist att…
Tayberry sorbet!
So far I’m excited about DTLA, Korea Town, Echo Park, West Hollywood and Silverlake. Santa Monica isn’t my jam. Not diverse enough for me food wise, people wise, etc. Am I moving? Not exactly, but I will spend more time there.
Los Feliz is missing from your list. Venice too.
Ok. What’s the best place to live in LA based on this criteria 1) walkable to food 2) safe-ish 3) fun 4) Not extravagant.
cc @JoeFernandez
Santa Monica. Of course !!
I lived all over LA but found the few blocks between Melrose and Beverly from La Cienega to Crescent Heights was my favorite for the reasons you listed.
RT @ryangraves: Telling someone of different skin to “go back where they are from” is text book racism, yet another example of why this Pre…
I have no idea what the 10x meme is about, but I sure did pick a lot of berries yesterday.
RT @cyantist: So excited about @intimatecapital - a fund that invests in sexual wellness companies. I’ve known @Roi since I launched @Zivit…
So excited about @intimatecapital - a fund that invests in sexual wellness companies. I’ve known @Roi since I launched @Zivity and he was always supportive and gave great constructive feedback. Afaik, this is the first fund of its kind. @TechCrunch https://twitter.com/roi/status/1150773479509233664
There is a big difference between “if you don’t like it here, live elsewhere” and “go back to the country you are from”. The latter is so insulting and unamerican. The people Trump mention are all Americans. This is the country they are from.
RT @RepLawrence: We should all be very concerned by tweets in this thread. Divisive rhetoric will NEVER “Make America Great Again” 🤨 https:…
RT @lemonfuzz: @cnn @HamiltonMusical was cancelled due to the blackout. The cast sang to us from above the Rodgers Theater in NY. It was aw…
RT @BleacherReport: Serena was asked about whether she should stop fighting for equality and focus on tennis Her response: “The day I stop…
Waze plus Cookie Monster 🍪 = win.
Wish they did this with Bush https://twitter.com/mattduss/status/1149721940099313664
Oh, but it was someone who works for the Kochs. So keep em’- screw them. Just like speech you don’t agree with and like, you should stand up for freedom even if you don’t like someone’s employer, associations, etc. The responses to this are upsetting. https://twitter.com/nytimes/status/1149528870443290624
Blah blah blah something blah https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/1149472282584072192
Tomorrow San Francisco!! Well, maybe ;-)
seems suspicious but i am not an expert on san francisco
I think I need a trophy or something for driving this tank in downtown LA and through LA traffic. If I can parallel park and navigate SF - I think I’ve reached some sort of boss level.
Ouch. Took two hours to cross LA. In other news, there’s a special place in hell for businesses that advertise to freeway drivers after you’ve passed their exit.
Come visit us @ScienceInc next time.
You are an awesome boundary pusher. She’s right - everyone has different boundaries. Some are good and some need to be broken. https://twitter.com/nataliepropy/status/1149130701259722752
I’m sitting here missing 2007.
I miss Zivity every damn day. I dream of launching it again as something new and with all of my “learnings”. However, I don’t have another startup in me. Instead I’ll cheer for others trying.
In many ways we’ve come a long way. I’m going to be on a panel at Disrupt about adult products and we can talk openly about it. Maybe. In other ways we’ve stepped backwards. Heaven forbid anyone like a naked woman these days.
AFAIK, I’m the only person to have ever personally appeared topless on TechCrunch. I believe in “eating your own dog food”. If I asked anyone else to do something, I better be willing to myself.
We were asked with about 48 hours notice to host a TC50 after party. I said, as usual, sure - as long as we do it our way. There will be nipples. @HubbaHubbaRevue performed at DNA Lounge. The comments after that were priceless.
When asked to sponsor the first Crunchies, we said we’d do it, but our logo has to be there. To their credit, they were the most open minded outlet and welcomed us.
I was asked to run a booth at an event and I said - only if we can show photos of our models and be ourselves. This is a photo from the “empower-ment” station where you could charge your phone.
Starting @zivity was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life. Also the most painful. I was told by a coworker that the woman behind me with the black corset couldn’t be on stage because she had acne. I said fuck you and she went on stage.
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