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RT @firesidefm: I have a new look today!
#Zelda #botw #secrets
Magnificent. #crow #bird
I love this.
RT @Skype: @danbenjamin Skype: boldly going where no video calling service has gone before. 🌌
Actually this just speaks to the success of Skype.
RT @andybeach: @danbenjamin & @hotdogsladies opposite of FOMO is the Joy of Missing Out (JOMO)
RT @CaseyNewton: I would pay Spotify extra money every month if it auto-generated playlists of songs I love but *haven’t listened to in a w…
RT @thesophie: One of my favourite jokes of recent times is Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin reading full keyword-heavy Amazon titles aloud as…
View at the new office.
don't get me started on the nightmares thanks to In Search Of... 70s TV was fucking terrifying for kids.
I once stayed up overnight completely, like laid in bed terrified until the sun came up and then just got up and ate breakfast. All because I watched That's Incredible do a hidden-cameras-inside-of-a-Toys-R-Us special on ghosts and paranormal activity. I was like 7.
There was an episode of That's Incredible that featured a man who enclosed himself into a glass box for an extended period of time. The image of his limbs flopping out of the box still haunts me, and here it is ...
Here's a better URL:
RT @koleross: @danbenjamin @hotdogsladies How about a throwback?
RT @ashleyrcarman: I’m still recovering from a convo I had with an indie podcaster who told me she had to tell her Instagram followers to f…
Soap! Soap with a prize inside!
RT @Padraig: I think indies get held to a much higher standard, and that's basically good. Only thing I'd suggest is when they screw up, gi…
PSA for those about to undertake outdoor cooking activities today: BBQ is a noun, not a verb, and it means "meat that has been slow cooked with lots of smoke". What you are likely about to do (cooking food on a grill) is called "grilling" or "cooking out". #TexasForever
Step one: nail the history, which is easily researched.
Rust is the future. 🔽🎤🤚
Real talk: video editing for hours and hours is slowly ruining my eyes and that's terrifying 🤓
Time to let go a little man. Delegate!
It's more likely just age doing it. You're entering your mid-20s, which is when that starts.
I have never seen a “skit” on Instagram (or Vine) that I thought was funny.
Best backend in the Universe!
You should checkout cloudflare.
All major food groups represented.
I call this outfit adult Garanimals
Things get weird when you’re on your own.
What I miss is the look and feel of #fvwm. What I do not miss is the lack of modern sensibilities. Anything out there that has modern conventions (dock, icons, file management, etc.) with the look of fvwm/mwm?
RT @notbencarter: When people ask me what podcasts I listen to, I think of clips like this from ⁦@johnroderick⁩ and ⁦@danbenjamin⁩ this wee…
The bonus content for today's @roadworkshow, which is ample, is available at the link below. @johnroderick and I share our true feelings about parenthood, and they're not what you'd expect.
Special artwork for today's @roadworkshow with @johnroderick.
This was me, 1000%. ⁦@danbenjamin⁩
(…except for the movie reference part, which you did not get.)
Let’s see how this goes.
Only 1 Mac mini remains, lucky #7, a Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz with 4 GB RAM and a 320 GB drive (and SuperDrive) for $125.
Now that #GoT is over, I have made a complete list of all the current shows that HBO has for me: 1. Chernobyl
There are still a few Mac mini's left (those not marked as Sold). I'll be announcing the URL tomorrow on @b2wshow so if you're interested, now's the time.
The @rodemics Podmic looks really nice. Alas I won't be able to review one for you on my new podcaster's YouTube channel, because Rode has deemed me unworthy. Meantime, here's the website for the Podmic:
Another great #fordtruck
RT @5by5: Just posted: Road Work 149 with @johnroderick & @danbenjamin -
This awesome Ford F-250.
Fish fry.
About 20 years ago I started a company building FreeBSD servers and workstations. We did a modest income, and eventually became a BeOS workstation VAR.
The Mac minis are selling faster than I expected. Two sold, several waiting to hear back. Still a handful left.
Here are the Mac mini’s I’m selling, with all their glorious specs:
RT @TexasNORML: We are so grateful to all the #Texans who crafted thoughtful written testimony and allowed us to submit them to the HHS Com…
That's likely half of her life. I'm going on 37 years using Apple products, and I'm not ditching Apple for good any time soon either.
I'm a little disappointed nobody has found the latest @hotdogsladies Easter egg in this week's @b2wshow art.
I guess I have time to make a coffee after all.
Anyone know how you're supposed to download an older copy of Mac OS X? @Apple's own instructions do not work (at least not on Mojave).
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