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Trump world: If the Democrats have ever done anything even slightly wrong, they are completely corrupt and discredited. If we have ever done anything not corrupt, we are leagues better than the Democrats. Too many journalists: Sounds about right.
RT @RadioFreeTom: TURNER: You would admit, ambassador, would you not, that Ukraine is in Europe? YOVANOVICH: Yes. TURNER: So you admit Trum…
Too bad Mueller wasn't more interested in digging out the information ultimately revealed at Stone's trial, or at least telling the world what he knew. But we know now that -- partly because the press also didn't do its job -- the Trump regime's relentless cover-up worked.
RT @tomtomorrow: so um @jack does real time witness intimidation violate Twitter's TOS?
Another well-meaning pick-the-winners idea that, as usual, starts with the assumption that former advertising monopolies and oligopolies have some basic right to that money.
Note the well-earned ratio -- Better question is whether any sane person thinks Trump wasn't trying to intimidate her.
RT @RadioFreeTom: @EliLake @djrothkopf Oh, that silly president. If that were you sitting in front of Congress, and the most powerful man i…
Several NYT op-eds today beg us not to normalize Trump and his cult. They should tell the people on the news side of the operation.
The French NGO @CFImedias sponsored the translation of my book "Mediactive" into Burmese. Last night, via video, I asked journalists there to be leaders in helping the public become more media/news literate. Thanks to San Htet Aung and Werner Eggert for putting this together.
Fox "News" in its standard role as propaganda arm of the Trump cult.
RT @EthanZ: Cindy Cohn of @EFF remembers an earlier internet where everyone having a printing press seemed liberatory, and wonders how we g…
RT @markmobility: How’s it possible @Jim_Jordan got elected to Congress? Well, let’s start with his severely gerrymandered district. https:…
Why let them lie in the first place on live TV (absolutely no excuse if it's pre-recorded)?
Asking the ultra-rich to park their egos? Good luck on that.
Another (otherwise solid) example of tech coverage that fails to mention the corporate ownership of the product being discussed. In this case, since the Verge doesn't tell you, Lenovo (huge Chinese tech manufacturer) owns Motorola. Context matters.
RT @froomkin: Another excellent @EricBoehlert column about political journalism’s failure to deal with the asymmetry between the parties. A…
Journalism's normalization of routine lawbreaking in this regime has been one of the most disheartening of the craft's recent failures. @emptywheel has the goods:
Donors to the Trump campaign are willful suckers.
RT @imraansiddiqi: Uh...this seems pretty illegal.
Multiply this by thousands of people across the Trump regime -- worse by far in this case given the lifetime appointment that this extremist will use to make new law and block any progressive legislation he can. But the emails, right?
Come on, Twitter. Do better.
Just shared a link that is believed to be a hoax, so I removed it. Apologies.
AI employment screening software rules out great people if they "fail" tests that have biases created by programmers who have no idea how much corporate cultures vary.
As intended?
But the emails...
Words from a pitiful, ignorant, but totally subordinate apparatchik for Dear Leader.
RT @kevinroose: It’s amazing how many celebrated startups have been revealed as essentially labor arbitrage schemes disguised as cool new a…
Notably absent from @fmanjoo's paean to his iPad (and iPhone) as replacements for his personal computer is any mention of the control he's ceded to Apple over, among other things, what software that giant company will permit him to use.
First ones in what category?
RT @JamesPMorrison: It's not that we've been "trying to take him down since he was elected," it's that you've given him a pass on his crimi…
Not so veiled threat by Giuliani, warning Trump to protect him from Republican cultists who might throw him (Giuliani) to the wolves to protect Dear Leader.
RT @froomkin: Best. Subhead. Ever. "It's Atticus Finch vs. Cthulhu in the showdown of the century. GOP's bold defense of Trump: LOL, noth…
Great analysis as usual from @kdoctor, and a reminder that the financial operators who have taken over so much of America's local journalism are all about money. Journalism for communities takes a distant second place, at best.
RT @NiemanLabFuego: Newsonomics: With its merger approved, the new Gannett readies the cost-cutting knife via @Cent…
CNN is doing a respectable job of covering the impeachment hearings, but I wish it would stop putting serial liars like Conway on TV when it knows -- knows -- perfectly well that she is going to lie some more.
RT @DavidCayJ: It’s important to the future of America that people read “A Warning” by Anonymous when it goes on sale Nov 19. I scored a…
That's from a Washington Post story this morning, and further down it does observe that the Republicans are relying on conspiracy theories. But it shouldn't promote the "both sides" stuff in any way, ever.
When journalists say things like, "For weeks, as the House’s impeachment inquiry of Trump has unfolded behind closed doors, two dueling narratives about the president’s actions have remained distinct," they should note in the same sentence that the GOP narrative is pure deceit.
The morning network TV "news" shows have been doing this forever, including (especially?) Disney's "Good Morning America" -- there is nothing new in this in any way.
The super-rich and powerful have such thin skins, Episode 4,665:
RT @brendanNyhan: @oneunderscore__ @BrandyZadrozny this is bad bad bad but "exponential spread"? no evidence of that, right? numbers in art…
RT @JamilSmith: The last time that @DevalPatrick considered a presidential run, he called it off one day after this @zachdcarter report was…
RT @brianstelter: "The Republican playbook here is a time-honored one: delay, deny, obfuscate, and, if that fails, beg Americans to turn of…
RT @dangillmor: 1. ICANN removes price caps on .org domains. 2. Financial operator (aka "private equity") buys .org from Internet Society.…
RT @dangillmor: Another big journalism org answers @Sulliview's plea that journalists do their jobs this week. (The answer is "Nope.") http…
Another big journalism org answers @Sulliview's plea that journalists do their jobs this week. (The answer is "Nope.")
Looks like Reuters decided NBC's puerile take needed competition.
Fox's stars on Wednesday night were much more effective messengers than some of the GOP questioners at the hearing Wednesday afternoon...
Please don't praise gaslighting.
i don't think that "effective" is the same as "praise"
Not identical, for sure. Arguably in the ballpark.
This week, @Sulliview asked if journalism would live up to its responsibility in covering the impeachment hearings. Here's the answer:
Rupert Murdoch's Fox "News" has been pouring poison into our public sphere for decades now, but it's reached new levels of evil lately.
This tweet encapsulates almost everything wrong with TV "news" today.
1. ICANN removes price caps on .org domains. 2. Financial operator (aka "private equity") buys .org from Internet Society. 3. Biz-tech journalism should do some serious digging into this.
And the self dealing!!
RT @dangillmor: They're doing this because people keep insisting "Do something!!!" about speech they don't like.
If this is where journalism education is heading, and I strongly doubt that, journalism will be in even more trouble than it is now.
Nope. Not where I teach.
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