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Email from Morgan Stanley investment banker: "We forgive you."
This morning’s Axios Pro Rata newsletter incorrectly identified Morgan Stanley as Lyft’s lead IPO banker. It should have identified Morgan Stanley as “Uber’s” lead IPO banker. Sincere apologies for the error.
RT @ScottGottliebMD: I'm delighted to rejoin the venture capital firm @NEA where I worked for a decade prior to my most recent government s…
RT @alaynatreene: Scoop via @danprimack: Former FDA head Scott Gottlieb rejoins VC firm as a full-time investing partner…
I’m thinking Central Squaw-yah - half-way between MIT and Hahvahd. Time to light up a joint, avoid alcohol and get all intellectual and shit. HAZZAH! Finally no need 4 towel under the door! @davewiner @dsearls @danprimack @Joi @davepell
Pro Rata Podcast: Sprint and T-Mobile's mega-merger gets messy
Breaking: Infrastructure deal that wasn't happening is still not happening.
Big data, attention and wealth edium=twsocialshare&utm_campaign=organic
This tweet may become problematic.
The 016, a social network for Worcester, seeks to become a “delivery boy and booster” for local media via @NiemanLab
Will be on @cheddar in 10 minutes to discuss the Lyft investor lawsuit, some M&A stuff and if sliced>cubed. #TeamRoquefort
RT @mirikramer: In @Axios Space this week: - Remember Venus? - New Horizons keeps on truckin' - The politics of Artemis…
The Beatles would have sucked without John, Paul, George and Ringo.
2020 Vision: Talking tech and politics w/ presidential candidate @ericswalwell, on the latest Pro Rata Podcast.
RT @StefWKight: Here is how fast America is changing: By the time today’s teenagers hit their 30s, there will be — for the first time ever…
Seems kinda weird to still call it "New" Coke 30 years later...
Betty White > White walkers
Trump still wants to end the carried interest tax break, but he likely missed his chance
Pro Rata Podcast visits with @ericswalwell, for a 10-minute conversation that includes Facebook, guns, facial recognition and running for president.
Scooter companies' meteoric rise in one chart
$JACK shares dropped 40 cents in the 10 minutes after this tweet. Then they (mostly) recovered.
phrase that in terms of regular 40-minute volatility? not clear if that is a typical drop, or explained by randomness etc
Stephen Moore announces he won't return to CNN, several weeks after CNN said they didn't want him back.
Trade wars, tech and consequences. Pro Rata Podcast is joined by the great @niubi.
It is fascinating to see the pains some have gone through to refer to Robert Smith primarily as a "philanthropist" and not as a "private equity" or "leveraged buyout" investor.
Morehouse College president talks Robert Smith's student debt gift
But, when he offers to buy you a cup of coffee, ask for the laptop instead.
Pro Rata Podcast talks with @niubi about the U.S.-China trade war, and how it just turned technical.
RT @danprimack: Pretty sure A16Z built library in the entryway of its Sand Hill office because its partners knew they'd need somewhere to d…
"GOT built a following on its epic scope, yet it exited the most intimate and pathos-friendly of family dramas, like This Is Us with genocide and CGI."
Wow. Wasn't expecting to find any latent Pitino pain today. But there it is.
Google limits Huawei's access to Android code
RT @danprimack: Pro Rata Podcasts: 10 minutes each 🍎Apple under attack 💰Trade war escalation…
RT @WeatherNation: Flashback to mid-Janua... Nope, that's today. Snow in Killington, Vermont.
Scoop: Trump asked Steve Scalise to run for governor in Louisiana
Wynn in talks to sell Boston-area casino that hasn't even opened yet.
Uber still hasn't regained its IPO price ialshare&utm_campaign=organic
Pretty sure A16Z built library in the entryway of its Sand Hill office because its partners knew they'd need somewhere to display their own books.
This is basically becoming an evergreen tweet.
RT @ellmcgirt: I’m continually amazed by @bethkowitt. Her latest piece,"Inside Google’s Civil War” is a must-read. “It’s the U.S. Culture w…
Early $UBER investor @bradleytusk largely blames Dara for IPO woes. Raises 2 issues: 1/ Co has technically lost value under Dara. 2/ If no rebound, there will become a (small?) grp that calls for Kalanick return. Remember stuff about Steve Jobs'ing it?
Pro Rata Podcasts: 10 minutes each 🍎Apple under attack 💰Trade war escalation 👶America's baby bust 🥊Trump vs. social media Via Apple:
White House considering Derek Kan for open Fed slot
Pharma's bad behavior is causing its own problems
Luckin raises $561 million to battle Starbucks in China
That was fast
Your tax dollars at play.
The Bachelor, Southie Edition
It's not back to its IPO price, but $UBER today did have its highest close so far.
Was this up for debate?
Scoop: Coinbase in talks to buy Xapo's Bitcoin custody business
RT @sweeneyABC: One of the crazier stories I’ve worked on: @Uber and @lyft drivers manipulate the apps to create surge pricing at @Reagan_A…
RT @LaMonicaBuzz: $UBER up nearly 5% today. Currently at $43.30. How long before it’s above $45 IPO price? $LYFT up 4% too.
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