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RT @jiveDurkey: things i learned to be true today: dem senators don’t trust facebook gop senators don’t trust facebook few still know ho…
Warburg Pincus confirming that co-CEO Joe Landy will step down over the course of the next year.
As reported today in Pro Rata newsletter: Yes, e-scooter co Bird is raising $250 million in new round. No, it hadn't previously raised $700 million. Last round (C-1) closed on around half of expected $300 million.
RT @kimmaicutler: “Is Palantir currently competing with Google for a major U.S. contract?” Great question, @danprimack! Why might someone…
🎧Pro Rata Podcast today focuses on Amazon, whose Prime Day is being met with protests. Joined by @erica_pandey.
The knock on Blue Apron has always been about margin, or lack thereof. Not the food quality/selection.
This is such a bizarre reason for the stock to rise so much.
Think the reference here is to a note today on Lee Fixel -- the guy who led deals from Facebook to Spotify for Tiger Global -- who told friends this morning that his new firm will be called Addition.
Thank you, @danprimack. You’ve made my day. (“You've said on the record that you're "not a vampire." Are you able to provide independent verification of this claim?”) In these times we need journalists with backbones
David Blatt was always an odd choice to direct this.
Dunno why folks have such a widespread belief that journos all have defined 'quotas' in terms of what we write, how much we write, how much traffic it must get, etc. Likely true for some, but I've worked at 2 big media orgs, a trade pub & a startup. Wasn't true at any of em.
Day 4 of Leon Black not commenting on the mystery $10 million donation received by Jeffrey Epstein.
RT @erica_pandey: Prime Day is a perfect snapshot of the Amazon behemoth — of all the incredible innovation and convenience it has introduc…
RT @dmccabe: .@danprimack has three questions that should be asked of Peter Thiel.
Stranger Things really caught a timing break with the 2019 Red Scare.
if you're not already a subscriber, please Today's issue leads with some questions for Peter Thiel:
RT @dmccabe: .@danprimack has three questions that should be asked of Peter Thiel.
RT @ShiraOvide: Salty, @danprimack!!
Apparently Trump didn't watch tucker's show last night, but Thiel got a replay boost from Fox & Friends.
RT @axios: Immigrants to the U.S. are waiting 727 days for decisions on their court cases — roughly twice as long as immigrants had to wait…
RT @alaynatreene: Brutal dictatorships defend China's mass detentions of Uighur Muslims
Tucker Carlson never tells his viewers that Thiel is on the board of Facebook or that he has a stake in Palantir.
Thiel falling back on: I'm just asking questions. That's not good enough.
Carlson intro of Peter Thiel who most viewers are unlikely to know: "The most impressive and far-seeing man in tech."
Peter Thiel didn't get top booking on Tucker Carlson show. Nor even second booking (that went to Antifa).
Thread 👇👇👇
Google stock rose today, despite Peter Theil's comments last night. We'll see what happens tomorrow after he amplifies them on tonight's Tucker Carlson appearance.
RT @jenwieczner: Shaq started using @ring because he lives next to a school and kids were constantly just showing up at his front door 😂, s…
Yup. Confirmed. This is happening.
VC firm formed to back "sexual wellness" startups twitter&utm_medium=twsocialshare&utm_campaign=organic
RT @firstadopter: Tom Brady defending his Madden rating honor by trolling a fan 🤣
Still no comment from Leon Black on the (still uncertain) source of that $10 million donation to Jeffrey Epstein's charitable foundation. We're now on Day 3. Dunno if related, but Apollo shares off 1%.
RT @Kantrowitz: Tik Tok clone here we come...
Blackstone to buy Vungle, settle founder lawsuit
Trump claims in presser today that @AOC kept Amazon out of New York. This is simply untrue. She was one of many against it, and hardly the most important -- particularly given that it wasn't even her district. Amazon could have moved forward w/ HQ2 in Queens. It chose not to.
Pro Rata Podcast: Trumpism (and Thiel) vs. tech
Bill Gates faces "daunting" nuclear energy future
For the upteenth time... China doesn't pay the tariffs. Tariffs don't work like that. And Trump has been told that.
ICYMI from last night: Peter Thiel says FBI and CIA should investigate Google, over its China activities.
New from @dmccabe: Peter Thiel gave a speech in DC tonight, saying Google should be investigated by the FBI and CIA.
RT @hadip: My family fled a war to come to the US after the Iran hostage crisis when I was 11. I remember being bullied to “go home.” Had…
RT @stephaniemehta: Wishing all the best to my former colleagues at @FortuneMagazine on the eve of @brainstormtech, which will always have…
How Donald Trump conquered the Republican Party ce=twitter&utm_medium=twsocialshare&utm_campaign=organic
you never realize how much you rely on the shift key until it stops working.
Archives reveal a draft Nixon speech in case of moon disaster
Growing coffee for peanuts =twsocialshare&utm_campaign=organic
Sadly not able to make it out to Aspen this year for #brainstormtech, but my @axios colleague @imkialikethecar will be heading there today. Give her a shout and some scoop, while you both guzzle oxygen-infused water.
You are gonna miss my bbq!
RT @AngelaRuggiero: Sports are changing, and the Age of the Fluid Fan is coming. I sat down with @danprimack from @axios to talk about what…
RT @jonathanvswan: FWIW, to the best of my knowledge/reporting... I don’t believe the president fired Alex Acosta or even pressured him to…
RT @jdawsey1: VP saw 384 men sleeping inside fences, on concrete w/no pillows or mats. They said they hadn’t showered in weeks, wanted toot…
Blankfein vs Bernie is some fine twittering
RT @sarafischer: This is really good from @Courtenay_Brown Iconic brands lose their luster
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