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More on WeWork: SoftBank's plan would be to install @marceloclaure as chairman. I also wouldn't be surprised if they asked him to become CEO if current co-CEOs resign.
3/ Alt offer from JPMorgan, Starwood, etc. did NOT include a dedicated payoff for Neumann.
2/ Board planned to change Neumann voting rights from 10/1 to 3/1, but never finished the paperwork
Scoop: SoftBank offers Adam Neumann $200 million to leave WeWork board, vote for its deal. (well, technically to buy his voting shares)
This obviously contradicts the CNBC and Bloomberg reports. Trying to get clarity.
Note: WeWork not commenting at all on news about SoftBank.
Zoox raises $200 million to build self-driving car
Report: SoftBank to take control of WeWork
Agree w/ Kurt on this.
E-sports in the Olympics? 4-time Olympian and former IOC member @AngelaRuggiero says yes.
New @ProRataPod on TikTok as the future of news. Joined by @davejorgenson
RT @axios: Esports star @sinatraa on perceptions of esports: "You do have to play like 12 hours a day, like 14 hours a day. It's a lot of p…
RT @JGreenDC: Senior administration officials are worried that more information could surface connecting official Trump administration poli…
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Axios on HBO returns in an hour, including my segment on professional e-sports.
Stephen King's home to become archive and writer's retreat
RT @axios: Sen. @LindseyGrahamSC on losing to Trump in 2016: “I’ve chosen to be reflective. I’ve chosen to try to find out how to make Trum…
SoftBank still not commenting on if Masa will attend the big Saudi investment conference that begins in two weeks.
📺 Axios on HBO returns this Sunday night! Includes @mikeallen interview of @MittRomney, and my behind-the-scenes visit to the @overwatchleague championship.
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@jonathanvswan scooped in July that Trump Doral was in final mix to hold G7
New @ProRataPod on the future of Facebook's Libra. My guest is @KurtWagner8
EU ambassador: I was "disappointed" with Trump's Ukraine approach
Scoop: Kurt Volker testimony revealed depth of concerns about Giuliani
House overwhelmingly condemns Trump's Syria decision
RT @vyurkevich: BREAKING: UAW and General Motors have reached a proposed tentative agreement after a nearly 5 week strike, according to a U…
New video of Turkey-bound Pence as he hears Trump's comments.
Why would we "obliterate" the economy of a country for doing something that is "not our problem"?
Elizabeth Warren's front-runner status is bad news for private equity
Early morning @ProRataPod on last night's #DemDebate. I'm joined by @alexi.
RT @minakimes: A few years ago, I noticed DeAndre Hopkins wearing cleats that said "End Domestic Violence" on them and wondered why. This i…
Wasn't expecting two Robert Bork mentions, in two completely different contexts.
Yet another debate segment on big tech platforms that didn't mention Ello.
Will you demand an edit button? Well, WILL YOU?
This is entirely possible.
Everyone talking about applying antitrust law to big tech, but no one talking about changing antitrust laws so they actually apply to big tech.
Warren asked if Yang is wrong on big tech. She does not reply with a defense of Bing.
Andrew Yang just lost Washington State primary.
Earlier today, @axios healthcare editor @sam_baker asked for the candidates to address hospital costs -- which are larger than pharma or insurance costs. Hasn't been mentioned once.
Buttigieg is taking on *almost* everyone tonight. Not taking on Biden -- because he wants to become Biden (i.e., the liberal/centrist alternative to Warren/Sanders).
I will vote for the first candidate who casually slips Ron Vara into an answer.
Having troops in a region needn't equal "endless war." We have troops in Germany, Japan, etc. Also remarkable no one on stage noticed Warren endorse full military withdrawal from the Middle East.
Yes, it feels like piling on. But... This debate is essential for Warren, if she becomes the nominee, in terms of on-stage experience taking incoming.
Booker said raising minimum wage increase to $15 would put more money in pockets than would $1k per month UBI. Guess that depends. If you make $10 per hour now, increase to $15 only is extra $800. If only $7.25 now, then yes, Booker's math works.
RT @crampell: on the question of whether robots vs trade is eliminating jobs, steel offers one instructive example. We’re producing about…
Same report cited here opined against a one-size-fits-all bill like the Stop Wall St Looting Act
Had this conversation today with a supporter of @AndrewYang. Seems that if you aren't Biden/Warren/Sanders, the only way to get debate airtime is to go after someone.
Don't really see a problem if $GS sold WeWork shares in tenders along the way. First, the share sale would have been via investment group, not I-banking group. Lots of "VC" firms take $$ off table in tender. Second, it wouldn't have priced the shares... co does that.
WeWork's chief communications officer quits
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