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this is the dumbest thing
i LOVE aston martins but this just looks like an awful mash of bad ideas
this car is a crime against good taste
"But the problem is that Apple has priced out a huge swathe of the professional market by making its lower end Mac Pros prohibitively expensive for what is frankly underwhelming hardware."
i think I've had enough of this discourse for one lifetime
i set up a pixel 4 fresh on tuesday and two days later it's still saying it's on the latest software, even though its security patch is two months old.
RT @REDSEASHAWTY_: Britain colonized half the world only to be eating hospital food by choice
@knguyen did a b-L to the O-G uncement
RT @dcseifert: cousin greg should play the wework founder guy in the inevitable biopic
Something amazing is happening all over America: Thanks to activists, public restrooms are getting better. They're more private, plentiful, and far more inclusive and accessible. Social justice campaigns have improved loos for everyone. My đź’© column:
george costanza would be so proud!
My dude, I know you aren’t looking for sympathy, but I am so sorry regardless. People hide such amazing pain in how they navigate their lives.
not a fan of Serious Jason Mantzoukas
RT @elliesunakawa: oh my god...they admit it!
Ring could probably be more proactive about encouraging people to use 2FA on their accounts, fwiw. it's buried in the settings section of the app.
Ring does support 2FA already, which Nest didn't at the time those stories made the rounds. I suggest using a unique password and setting up 2FA if you're a Ring customer!
this is the same story as what happened with Nest cameras a few months ago and the lesson/takeaway is the same: password hygiene is extremely important for smart home devices, stop reusing your passwords everywhere. there's not much else to it.
once again, there wasn't any "hacking" done here, a weak password was brute forced. not clear if it was a password that was reused for another account and obtained in a data breach, but the homeowner didn't have 2FA set up, which would have prevented this
RT @ryanMRuark: @dcseifert Keep going. Few apps are built running 100% local; most architectures dictate high-availability backend services…
you've also paid Apple more than $3k in app sales commissions in addition to what you paid for the hardware.
answer: more than 10,000, at which point you just break even on your equipment cost, and have earned nothing for your time/expertise and haven't paid for any ancillary costs such as marketing.
how many 99 cent apps do you have to sell to cover the cost of a decently specced mac pro
[sips tea]
literally just wrote this tweet and then used my left hand to move the cursor and edit text so I guess I don't really have a hard preference
My only thing is, which finger do you click with on your left hand
index sometimes but a lot of thumb clicks too
index?? so the rest of your hand just like chills off to the side?
yeah kinda! i scroll with the ring and middle, and then click with index or thumb. pinky is just out there like i'm sipping tea
i'm strongly left handed in almost everything I do, but I primarily use my right hand to scroll/mouse/gesture/click on a trackpad. I wonder if it's because I also use my right hand for external mouse work too
do you use a laptop's trackpad with your right hand or your left hand? (this is a poll)
love love love this review of the Skydio 2 from @StarFire2258, @vjeranpavic, and @reelfeed where we got three different perspectives on this future thinking drone:
RT @sokane1: BMW relents and will integrate Android Auto starting next year — and it will be wireless Android Auto, to boot…
RT @jjvincent: BERT, ERNIE, Big BIRD, and ELMo. I finally got to answer one of the BIGGEST mysteries in AI today: why are so many language…
the cool part of reviewing multiple laptops at once is when the battery dies on one you just throw it in the trash and pick up another
we had to have our IT department modify our office wifi network so nilay could have this on his desk
(we needed to fix it anyways because Cast wasn’t working, but i like to say they did it for Nilay)
We have to review more uh Cast devices
to everyone complaining that they don’t like or “get” our top 100 gadget list or think something should be in a different spot than it is yesssssssssss let the hate flow through you
the people that are complaining that 2019 isn't actually the end of the decade are just as wrong as the people that whined that 2000 wasn't the start of the new millennium
currently debating whether or not I should completely rewire my mid-century home to include neutral wires everywhere, as I'm tired of missing out on all of the cooler smart home tech like this
I did my whole 50’s house then moved and did another whole 70’s house and I just worked my way through over several months a room at a time. It’s a pain and you will get edge cases galore.
btw, if you want a BTS look at how a small company develops a product like this (over a number of years!), ConnectSense CEO @adamjustice is co-host of the Smart Home Show podcast and talks all about it in the latest episode. super interesting listen:
here's our list of the 100 most important gadgets of the last decade, which i'm pained to admit I have owned far too many of
this was a huge team project, but it was @jake_k's baby and the incredible Verge Art team of @billiamjoel, @alexcas_io, and @GraysonBlackmon turned around a lot of artwork in a really short time for it. also bless our copy edit team led by @KaraVerlaney
oh and to be clear, since some appear to have reading comprehension difficulties, this is NOT a list of the Best Gadgets, this is a list of the ones that we felt were most important, even if they were bad, terrible, awful, or something actually good. The Most Impactful Gadgets
aka “nobody is buying these so i guess we better cut rope and go back to the drawing board”
product of the decade
RTing for those in the back / people that run blogs but have zero experience what goes into an investigative report with *checks notes* 14 sources
and for those saying “it takes months to find a new CEO” — yes, you’re right! this report is the result of months of work, so Away has known about it for a long time!
we think *a lot* internally @verge about what kind of impact our work has, and I don’t know if there’s a better example of this in action than @ZoeSchiffer’s excellent reporting on Away
"The volume of stuff is increasing, but the volume of good stuff among the stuff, if you will, is declining."
both episode 4 and 5 have been noticeably worse than the first three, which were excellent. episode 4 felt especially pointless.
so if you’re thinking this is comparable to Amazon doing HQ2 without any tax incentives, you’re mistaken. it is a much smaller office expansion than that would have been.
it’s great that Amazon is doing this without any tax incentives, but note that this office expansion is tiny compared to what was proposed for HQ2 and Amazon already has thousands more employees in NYC than this will add
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