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i’ve never been so in awe of a charging brick before, but this thing is awesome ry-review-price-specs?utm_campaign=dcseifert&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
and i've had the pleasure of assigning and editing @nattgarun on so many great pieces this summer, but her most recent one is one of my favs -- "I let strangers design my apartment"
i love the perspective @danideahl brings to her beat -- here's a great example of how bad metadata is a Big Problem for a lot of musicians:
the incredible multiplatform talent of @ashleyrcarman is on display here as she walks us through just how podcasts have exploded into a massive industry:
here's @Megan_Nicolett on the behind the scenes turmoil at Riot Games
i am STILL filled with envy that @lorengrush learned how to photograph a rocket launch and produced amazing images from it:
profiled Joey Salads and his attempts in politics before anyone else (the thought of "Senator Salads" gives me chills):
here's @loudmouthjulia reminding us that Steve Ballmer still loves to yell and Remains Hyped
here's @dami_lee showing off her tremendous artwork created with one of Adobe's new apps:
here's @thedextriarchy on a repeat scammer who used modern crowdfunding tools to con people out of money and is now being prosecuted by the FBI:
I'm supposed to be on vacation today and for like the next ten days, but before I leave you all, I'd like to share some of my favorite things we've published this summer. get your Pocket app ready for this thread, it's a doozy
genesis kids mount up
i finally published a long-overdue update to our laptop buying guide with some picks that I feel very confident recommending (even if they are a little boring)
the next step in reporting on facebook targeted t-shirts is a stunt piece where the author only wears targeted shirts for a month straight
no disrespect to all the bobs i know, but bob is a very funny name, maybe the funniest name
RT @alexcas_io: New artwork for @verge about a multimillion-dollar indiegogo scam.
RT @alexcas_io: Here’s a look behind the scenes
greatness recognizes greatness, is all i’m saying
the thing about being left handed is you always notice when someone else is left handed, either in person, in pictures, in movies, etc.
ICYMI (it seems like some people apparently DID), here’s an excellent @nattgarun report from earlier this summer: The future of fitness is together but alone
almost $400 and they still look like cameras strapped to your face
nobody is as good at dodging a question as Siri is. wonder where it learned that from? 🤔
this feature from @thedextriarchy has everything: unrealistic technology concepts crowdfunding scammers and the FBI
who knew PEDs were worth so much money!
love when Night Twitter logs on early
for every thing that someone tweets about how the Apple Card is nicer/friendlier to use (like the ease of how to opt out of mandatory arbitration), there seems to be another “gotcha” that you don’t have to put up with on normal credit cards
can’t help but feel like this product was just an unmitigated failure for everyone involved
>0.003 Instagrams
there will be a ship that does the Nutmeg Run in less than 12 Basics
The Pumpkin Spice Wars is the name of my to be written hard sci fi space opera set in an alternate universe where humans and aliens are fighting for control of the universe's pumpkin spice trade
From 1.1 Instagrams to 0.02 Instagrams, the Story of Tumblr
eagerly look forward to learn how much of a bath veriz-ahoo took on this
I would be very surprised if it was more than $1, if only because I doubt Automattic has a ton of capital lying around anyway, and Verizon desperately wanted to be rid of it.
I think this means I get to run around the office wearing one of these
some personal news... after seven years at the @verge, I'm still working at the verge! but I have a new title of Deputy Editor now, which I'm very proud and excited to hold. still in charge of our Guidebook reviews program, which I have ~big plans~ for (also we're hiring)!
deputy Dan! Congrats my man
Congrats buddy, well-deserved 👏👏👏
looking forward to the apple cider donut tho
i will legit be on my summer vacation at a beach house when Dunkin rolls out its pumpkin menu nationwide. that's messed up
(yes you bet your ass i'll be getting a free pumpkin coffee and munchkin on the 14th, i'm not an idiot)
i stan dunkin hard, but this war on summer has got to stop
RT @anotherhelen: When @dami_lee reviews art apps it is always the best
this is supremely lame, especially given the fact that Apple has removed the prior hardware restrictions for HomeKit support. i have a TP-Link plug unopened at home that I've been waiting to use once HomeKit support arrived. sigh.
RT @Ralphium: Americans will measure with anything but the metric system
This weekend I learned how to scale, clean and gut a fish and really it’s not so different from journalism
me, trying to clean a fish by hand: "this doesn't scale"
RT @chriswelch: New: Exclusive details about the portable Sonos speaker. 1) It charges via a base station or USB-C. 2) There’s an integra…
it’s saturday morning, why are you looking at twitter? here’s a way to block twitter on the weekend on your Android phone using the latest version of ActionDash
as we go into the weekend, here’s a way to block work apps on your phone so you can enjoy your weekend without having to give up all the other stuff you do on your phone
RT @chriswelch: Samsung’s introduction video for the Galaxy Note 10 — viewed over 2M times — said it was made from stainless steel. That’s…
ugh this is the name of kid rock’s next album, isn’t it
calf tatts and jorts
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