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RT @matthaig1: It isn’t ‘woke’ or ‘left wing’ to listen to science. It’s just science. It’s not political to think climate change is real o…
$IQ Iqiyi is like Netflix. Iqiyi is nothing like Netflix
Just when you think @atlutd can't get better, look who's playing for @atlutd2
RT @kenvogel: Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen: "Thankfully, the time where you buy and sell other countries and populations is o…
I've always thought it's kind of weird that there haven't been more 40+, 50+ and 60+ HR seasons recently given how many home runs are being hit. This year though we're gonna get a whole lot of 40s and probably few 50s as well.
Bob Gibson and Hank Aaron were contemporaries.
My homeland is Baltimore, fuckmook. And as for invoking my faith as an argument for transforming a democratic Israel into a totalitarian ethnostate, well, gay kaken offen yam. And your mama, too.
As a general rule I don't go to Grossis for advice on Israel. Or Simons on who should run Italy. We're all free to think what we want, and shouldn't force our views on anyone. It leads to agita
RT @rwang0: MyPOV: check it out. - Great new report: How Open Source Won & Will Keep Winning @holgermu @constellationr #tech #CIO #CDO htt…
Town vs. gown are still serious on the west side. I doubt a student will be found to be the shooter.
$TSLA Tesla is a car maker. It's just now starting to trade like one.
15 technologies of next decade 1 AI 2 IoT⌚️ 3 blockchain ⛓ 4 3D print 🖨 5 mobile📱 6 autonomous cars 🚗 7 mobile internet 💻 8 robotics 🤖 9 VR/AR👓 10 wireless power🔋 11 quantum computing 🖥 12 5G 📡 13 voice assistant🎙 14 cybersecurity🔒 15 cloud ☁️
You forgot: 1. Designed life 2. Scaled renewable energy 3. The Machine Internet
Note: The scammers are AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon, not "Internet companies."
RT @PopChassid: They are concentration camps. Call them what they are. #NeverAgainIsNow
Greenland for the Greenlanders!
“I went to a diner in the exurbs of Cincinnati to ask old white guys whether they think Trump is King of the Jews.”
How many responded with quotes from "Life of Brian?" <g>
Is Tom Friedman's Iraqi cab driver with Uber now? <g>
Despite a fall in the polls, no candidate has more room to run up than @KamalaHarris
RT @elonjames: I’ve always wondered how everybody just watched America fall and become Gilead in the Handmaid’s tale. I mean, crazy shit wa…
Were I a real Dane (Dana is a Polish word for someone from Denmark) I'd be thrilled #Trump isn't coming.
RT @dog_rates: This is Ace. He is a dalmatian/pitbull mix with a few words for you. These took forever without thumbs so he hopes you like…
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Thanks, Cedric, for passing this on. Worth the read.
RT @brennanCenter: More than one in 10 voters could cast ballots on paperless voting machines in the 2020 general election, according to a…
I'm for any Democrat Republicans DON'T like
RT @GreatDismal: Just occurred to me that young people looking at aerial shots of Woodstock may not be imagining it without cellphones. Get…
This will be a change election. The question is whether we accept change, or reject the very concept of it. On that hangs the fate of America.
RT @schemaly: These are the times that "test men’s souls"...and strip women of dignity and fragile, hard-fought-for rights.…
RT @JoyceCarolOates: to be really privileged "white privilege" has to be conjoined w/ "caste privilege." obvious to anyone who's ever been…
This is a greater threat to American leadership in the world than "Communist China." And by a factor of 10
What will @BilldeBlasio do if he ends his Presidential bid and goes back to just being Mayor of NYC?
RT @peterhassett: @hunterschwarz ftfy
Some honesty from a conservative. Click the link.
This may be the most important two minutes you spend today. Racism is a tradition with you guys. And you guys have all the power. That's why real Amerians #Resist
There are 2 men on my roof throwing bricks down into a pickup truth, dismantling my chimney to rebuild it. Two more pulling the trim off around my windows. Another was fixing my washing machine in the basement but he sliced his hand open. What a day around here! I AM FOCUSING!
I spent 6 months like that 10 years ago. All I can say is this too shall pass, and the result will be worth it.
thank you, great perspective
Think of it as the Sweet Smell (and Sounds) of Success.
My loves and I having a ball in Italy. ❤ #GrownFolkVacay @MagicJohnson @cjbycookie
You're still a third wheel, Jimmy? Sad!
Is $AAPL Apple really getting out of Trump tariff jail? That's not its problem.
RT @mattyglesias: Landlords forced to cut prices due to competition from new apartments. You hate to see it.
RT @TalbertSwan: You don’t get to spend 8 yrs telling Obama to “go back 2 Kenya,“ calling his wife a “gorilla in heels,“ disrespecting his…
Moonies are still a thing. And grandma is still in it
RT @TalbertSwan: So, @facebook blocked me from posting for the next 3 days because I exposed these bigots saying, “we hate ‘n*ggers’ becaus…
Despite this appearing in an Atlanta paper, the incident was in Michigan
The stupid. It burns all of us. #Trump isn't Putin. He's Mugabe
V much enjoying @profgalloway ‘s commentary on WeWork
The problem with #wework isn't Adam's sexism, or his rich friends. It's the Cult of the Founder. Guaranteeing control of a public company to someone who doesn't own a significant stake. The solution? Corporate demoracy. One share, one vote. (And I'm looking at you, Google.)
Thx Emily, love your work. S
If $NVDA is through the chip recession, then buy, buy, buy
This is not Falun Gong, and this is not 2004.
RT @StevenCarlson: "If you were born during the baby boom, you can call yourself a sixties person. You can even be a sixties person. Just d…
They're white
Futures up way too much but Friday was a very important day for a bunch of groups, notably the banks and the semis ; can you trust interest rates to be up, though?
The US will borrow over $1 trillion this year. Interest rates won't fall
Don't want to judge a fellow on what floats across a video screen for a few moments. But if I'm a state trooper and I glimpse this guy at the wheel of a national economy, I'm pulling him over and he's gonna walk a line and breathe into the tube.
If I had to work for #trump I would be looking for the crack pipe.
smh at lincoln delegitimizing america
There was, in fact, a big war about this and some substantial revisions to the constitution.
In Georgia we call that The Recent Unpleasantness. But there is a duality to the southern thing. @EWErickson is only one side of it
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