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Farage's running mate has something to say. #Brexit
RT @sarfeo: Twitler pardoning war criminals is a recruiting call to future mercenaries fighting America's dirty wars. Listen to #GaslitNat…
RT @kevinbaker: Really incredible that people lose their minds about the imprecision of the term "neoliberalism" and then go around talking…
You can say whatever you want on this medium, but no one has to listen to you.
This is such a Silicon Valley thread. Rather than the lesson being “I’m so lucky” or “life’s stochastic” or something, it’s “there’s always a way”. No, @austen, there isn’t always a way.
The view of people like @austen is that life is all-or-nothing, a zero-sum game. This leads people to Silicon Valley nihilistic.
2/ Obviously there’s plenty of demand for fossil fuels and metals. But we’re not even natural trading partners.
#Trump has a tell. When he says he definitely didn't do something, it means he did it. When he says there's no evidence, there's a lot of it.
Then what's with all this evidence proving you engaged in a cover-up?
Of course you can have an impeachment during a campaign.
RT @Remain_Labour: Labour leading the campaign to #Remain in the EU would be in the national interest and the party interest. 👇 https://t.c…
Note to Xi. Hint, hint. (Please)
RT @StevieVanZandt: SOLIDARITY! Climate is a good place to start. But we should be demanding a completely POISON-FREE ENVIRONMENT! That inc…
Abrams tells crowd that there are elections in KY, MS, VA this year. Someone mentions the Louisiana elections. Abrams: “I’m a little annoyed with the governor of Louisiana. They’ve made some dodgy choices with abortion recently.”
Abrams on not running for Senate in 2020: “I had to say no, not because the Senate isn’t a great platform, but because it wasn’t the right platform for me... if I’m the only way we win, we’ve got a lot more trouble.”
Senate races are very much a party-line vote. Many of the people who won Senate seats in the 1980 GOP landslide were previously unknown.
Abrams has been a legislator. Her skills are executive.
Wouldn't it be ironic if #Trump, like Jimmy Carter, lost the Presidency because of #Iran ?
RT @AOC: It is just as politicized a maneuver to not impeach in the face of overwhelming evidence as it is to impeach w/o cause. Congress…
RT @kevinMKruse: In May 1973, when the Senate began its famous Watergate hearings, only 19% of the American people thought Nixon should be…
No, he didn't. He pretended to. He was given a common real estate term, REO, and botched it.
I’m 51. Imagine how I feel?!
I'm 64. I should also tell you young'uns, life gets better when you let small stuff go.
Remainers disunited elect #Farage and #Putin
The $S Sprint rally means nothing without the $TMUS T-Mobile merger FCC approves, DoJ hasn't been heard of. But if you bet and win, get 10% on your money in a very short time.
As another Texan once said, "Oops."
Please clap
$HD Home Depot is where the money is For income investors, HD has been better than $AMZN Amazon.
Wall Street can stand anything except losing money
Aaron Sorkin's Atticus Finch isn't Harper Lee's Atticus Finch. #SpoilerAlert
2020 Will Reverse 1980 because growth now depends on brains, not energy
Was the value of the $QCOM Qualcomm Apple settlement overrated? Second thoughts hit the market.
2020 Will Revers 1980 because the gating factor to growth has changed Brains, not oil, matters most.
This may be a jurisdictional dispute. People like @repaoc sit on Oversight. Judiciary lacks star power
$NVDA turnaround? Nvidia bounces off $150
then so is Tom Friedman?
Tom Friedman is a journalist. Steve Bannon is an activist. It's the difference between running money and talking about it.
A man whose wife was undocumented supported Trump because he's an evangelical Christian concerned about abortion. His wife was deported. He's desperate to get her back, but he's not sure he was wrong to vote Trump. "I feel like God will bless my decision.”
This guy is more interested in protecting his right to impregnate women and force them to bear his children than he is in his wife? OK, then
People vote their interests and they vote their identities. But how they define those interests and identities — that's the hard thing.
RT @TheDailyShow: Today, we remember Obama's Tan Suit, the worst scandal in presidential history.
RT @LisPower1: Surprising no one, Fox News is spending the morning attacking Pete Buttigieg for his town hall (that was on Fox) Wayyy more…
RT @tonyschwartz: When I worked on The Art of the Deal, and long after, Trump was openly and unequivocally pro-choice. He now opposes abort…
2019 is the centenary of Isaac Asimov.
efficiency fail by onions
You might say some of that DNA "leeked."
Shout out to @RepJayapal for leading on Medicare for All. Her leadership on #M4A in the House has made it stronger than ever, and she also secured its first-ever hearing in the bill’s history. 💪🏽💜
CNN: Feds Reviewing ‘Tens Of Thousands’ Of Trump Inauguration Docs via @TPM
Another name on the wall.
DC Consultants: “Hm, Medicare for All is an insanely popular proposal. Maybe we should try policies that guarantee healthcare to all people.” Walmart, Exxon, & Wall St corps who rely on underpaying people, cutting benefits + skirting taxes for excess profit: No DC Consultants:
Every company that funds a health insurance plan pays a tax equal to twice that paid by competitors with the equivalent of #medicareforall
Rookie mistake.
I use my cat's "meow" for tweet notifications. That way she's the one driven crazy . 😇
You have no actual employees that you be obliged to ask to marginalize their civil rights and their health-care-options, it is delightfully easy for you to indulge in considering this issue not as an employer's ethical standards, but as political tactics. No such luxury here.
Entertainment production is one of the few industries that can easily re-locate based on state laws. Georgia and Louisiana spent millions of taxpayer dollars attracting people like David. Antagonizing them is bad business. We'll soon see how bad.
Greens are for Farage
Run for office. We need a female candidate tsunami in 2020.
5G "coverage" isn't the same as "5G coverage." This is about more than just your phone.
Mr. Smith can buy me dinner any time. Or I'll pay and we'll put that to more student loan forgiveness.
RT @girlsreallyrule: Reminder that Trump loaned his own campaign money and was paid back. For example: he takes out a $1 billion dollar loa…
RT @glynmoody: #BigPharma Companies Accused Of Conspiring To Inflate Prices Of Over 100 Generic Drugs By Up To 1000% -…
Where IBM and Red Hat go from here via @ZDNet & @sjvn @IBM will let @RedHat be Red Hat.
I made a joke about calling IBM-Red Hat "Deep Purple" to a Red Hat exec, who laughed. IBM would have sued my ass off.😆
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