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Found 2 buys in here, can you guess which ones?
I have the next 4 days off. @OpenAI beta invite please come through! 🙏🏻
What is your favorite book about frugality?
RT @alex: stoked to read this
5 hours later... didn’t make much progress and will have to work on my setup this weekend and try again
Making good time on getting my steps in before it gets above 80F
My favorite office is nature
Progress update... my tripod is not tall enough, so I’m going to try to get some steps while in meetings where I don’t need to look at the agenda
(And this book shelf needs to be organized!!)
This is my indoor walking space. My requirements are: - ability to use second screen to view/take notes, agenda, presentations - good audio, no background noise from the Tread - nice to have: not torture guests with crazy head bobbing from walking
I have meetings scheduled from 9am to 5pm today. So I’m going to attempt to do all of them walking... and see what happens
RT @RampCapitalLLC: Looks like calling Warren Buffett an idiot ended up being the top
What’s the first work thing you do after you wake up each morning?
Thinking about my schedule for the day, making any adjustments it needs
The spreadsheets are calling, and I must go
Introducing the ATAD Anti-Portfolio by @DanielleMorrill @a_ticker
So excited to go to a restaurant tonight, for my belated birthday dinner. When you visit, I highly recommend booking seats at Beckon
I’m not a CEO, but I’m definitely dealing with this reality as well in my roles at @gitlab
RT @nntaleb: This is NOT a data point. It is a huge statistical signal. Wear masks. And require that others do so.
Oh yeeeeeah
Great new book to start this weekend. ⁦@ArlanWasHere⁩ ✨ Listened to 20% of It's About Damn Time by Arlan Hamilton, Rachel L. Nelson. Try #Audible and get it free:
I’m just sitting here, feeling like I need a new causa suis project tonight I love my job, and just took on a new challenge to create a new team and I’m smack dab in the middle of my circle of competence’s like when the wind blows in the film Chocolat
The truth is, I spend <.01% of my time investing. The rest of the time is spent learning. I literally took a job so I would have company metrics to care about, that I could actually impact. I love the data set. I’m obsessed with it. It endlessly fascinates me. I’m a weirdo.
I was really hoping someone else would have done that by now, so I could just use it to invest
Or I need to twist this idea into something that can be venture backable. Like actually organizing ALL the world’s business information
This might be the best argument for doing the one thing I really have tried to avoid doing — taking other people’s money. In this case, as a fund.
This is why I am not sure it is bootstrappable. The people who joined wanted to have big upside, and they brought big talent. Without that VC-backed growth story, could we have attracted them? I’m not sure.
Because they wanted the career development of growth or the lottery ticket of equity? (I know you can't answer declaratively for them, just curious about the comment)
I’d imagine all of the above, in different combinations for different people. It’s like a lottery ticket tied to a chose your own adventure novel
We rarely could pay what these people could command in their chosen field.
Of all the we achieved, the team we built was absolutely the best part. Probably better than I deserved at times 🙏🏻 and I wish I could have kept us all together forever
I know data science sounds so mainstream now, but in 2013 we were hiring smart people from investment banking, neuroscience, epidemiologists and embedded systems experts because they were the ones who had actually *done it*
7 years ago @MisterMorrill @SparksZilla and I launched Mattermark. After all we learned I am still conflicted as to whether this is a venture-back able outcome business, but I am regularly tempted to start a new one on a shoestring, just for fun (and $5M/year at >80% GMs)
With crypto, which I don’t include for ATAD, I’m up 46% for the year I mean, if I though this would@last I wouldn’t need to invest I startups to hit my return goals. Alas...
What a weird time to start writing a stock investing newsletter @a_ticker + public track record $14,386.98 invested Up 36% for the year net 2/40 positions losing, but those are only down $3.35 (0.02%) Will be documenting the performance of my anti-portfolio this weekend
Omg I can’t @alex
RT @pauljudge: Surviving America as a person of color gives you the attributes to be the perfect entrepreneur ... grit, perseverance, scrap…
7th night of peaceful protests in Denver tonight, and our mayor in attendance is good to see
RT @kressaty: Imagine if someone at @nytimes grew a fucking spine.
Summer has arrived, morning meditation spot for the next 3 months is here!
RT @naval: Read what you love until you love to read.
RT @Vanessa_J_Clark: I spent some time perusing the CO POST (law enforcement training) curriculum. 556 hours required. Zero hours related…
RT @bryce: If you’re an investor, founder or manager in tech wondering what you can do to effect change, here’s the uncomfortable answer:…
RT @timurkuran: A 56-second overview of the first 5 months of 2020.
I also recommend looking for people who will challenge your thinking on an ongoing basis, to keep these ideas alive for you as you live with processing all this For this, I rec @KimCrayton1 and suggest starting with
This is the worst part, because it involves shame. I think this is where a lot of people stop learning and engaging, because it threatens identity. Saying “I’m not racist” doesn’t make it true. It’s about what you actually do, and don’t do.
Oh yeah, and you will probably realize you have said/done racist things. You will probably feel really shitty about that... but that intellectual honesty (and pain) is necessary for growth.
To be clear I mean that after reading them I noticed racism *everywhere* (I saw some before but suddenly it was a deluge) and became hyper aware of my own words and actions... that’s what I mean by sensitive
Learn from my mistakes. After reading them you won’t be able to unsee the world they reveal. At first, I was so sensitive it was overwhelming. And then a whole journey of figuring out how to stop centering on yourself, and stop enabling harm, can begin.
And then, when you realize all the emotional work you unwittingly made your black friends do when they were educating you... but you still have questions and don’t want to burden them further, read “So You Want to Talk About Race” by Ijeoma Oluo +about+race&qid=1590905674&sprefix=so+you&sr=8-3
I rec this book if you, like me, are a white person laying in bed wondering: what am I actually going to *do* to help change this? saying “I’m sorry that happened to you” to my black friends isn’t good enough How to Be an Antiracist - by Ibram X. Kendi
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