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2016: Zynga’s building is worth more than its business
WeWork is a distraction
It would also include an “in search of” list as a result of the reading. Things on it would be like: - personal CRM that doesn’t feel mechanical - book applying attachment styles to work dynamics - books about friendships for adults without kids
So... my theme this year was around love, and I read a LOT of relationship books this year. Anyone interested in a syllabus highlighting the best stuff?
i pay little attention to any data analysis of what the "average startup" does - how much they've raised, time between rounds, etc why? bec the "average startup" goes out of biz fine to analyze trends in "average startup" info over time, but don't over-anchor nearterm
Yes, this is why doing backward analysis from a cohort of exited companies is great... except then usually the market has changed so much since those companies were founded that it isn’t apples to apples.
RT @marckohlbrugge: Props to @DanielleMorrill for sharing her honest story on her company's acquisition and how it didn't generate her $$$.…
🤔 roko’s basilisk called...
RT @rianasingh_: shazam but for when you see someone IRL that you follow on social media but you forgot their name/handle
RT @_Astro_Nerd_: I said it before, and I'll say it again: You never know who you're reaching. Sometimes social media is a good place, I j…
The butternut squash roasting cuddle crew says hi
RT @villi: Founders, if a VC tells you you need to hit some generic ARR milestone to get to a Series A, this shows you they are either BSin…
RT @jeffiel: Cool new card and great use of Twilio! Congrats @patrickc
When I get to work with someone amazing from my previous gigs again. OMG this is one of the best parts! 🌻
Hey finance Twitter friends, sweet gig for you or someone in your network: Vice President of Investor Relations | ⁦@gitlab⁩ — can you please help get this in the hands of the right person to join our team?
Now that v1 of @meltanodata has shipped and @DouweM is taking over as engineering manager, I'm changing hats again... headed over to Product Manager headspace through the end of the year (and then I'll hire someone in Q1, once I have clarity around what/who is needed)
I really enjoyed managing the entire team directly... those moments where the org is totally flat are so ephemeral and fun. Ah startups...
Grilled onion burger with local beef from the farmer’s market was one of my faves. Only 10 weeks left in #yearoftheburger
19 books to go to reach my goal for 2019, 31 if I want to beat last year’s number (111). Sorry Twitter, priorities
RT @iroussos: Really nice post by @clairebcarroll
RT @SparksZilla: In case you missed it, earlier today we published a curated collection of ~130 resources every sales person should read in…
I was pretty emotionally shut down, and this Cat with no name just came and loved on a stranger... and let me tell you, I was feeling like a real phony. At sunrise... like Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I called him Fred.
2 years ago I met a cat at sunrise on a beach in Hawaii. We were 15 days from our M&A process deadline and I was deep into keeping our team together (this was a vacation with my husband/cofounder/CTO... very mercenary 😂🙃😶) This cat became my koan 🌺💗✨
Shoutout to all my securely attached friends who regularly call/text and bring zero drama into my life. I aspire to be more like you 🙏🏻💗✨
Early Blizzard Wallops Vulnerable Crops - WSJ “Only 22% of corn in North Dakota was mature as of Oct. 7, and 36% in South Dakota”
Back at it after an awesome 4 days off. Feels great to be post v1 launch and back to the sketch board for our next batch of exploratory sprints (MRD++) with the @meltanodata team
If I had to speculate, I’d imagine all non-core parts of WeWork (all acquired team/projects) have been given 3-6 months to be self sustaining (and never were on that path, since they were acquired) given financial situation of the parent company. Sucks :( but makes sense too
Request for Startup!
I just logged into PayPal for the first time in forever and discovered I had been paying $24.95/year to Oath. Not even sure for what. Anyone else?
Just learned that (WeWork owned) Meetup is now charging attendees $2 to RSVP. One of the last pure parts of old accessible Web 2.0 is ending, really feels like the end of an era :(
What??? That sucks. Has it been announced anywhere? I RSVP'd to an event last week and didn't get that charge
RT @EghosaO: @impcapital I recall a convo re pricing w/ @DanielleMorrill many moons ago My hypothesis was that re t…
How Jade Colin Became the Youngest Black McDonald's Owner in the U.S. (so inspiring, I’m a former McDonald’s crew member and love to see it!)
Radon mitigation happens this week, which means I can set up my studio in the basement! 😊 getting prepped for my 2020 resolution to paint every day
Wild Saturday night at our house
Check out this book: "Idleness: A Philosophical Essay" by Brian O'Connor
Denver temperature drops from 83 to 13 degrees in just 18 hours; 70-degree plunge ties for second-biggest in city's history - CBS News
My Friday night is so perfect
And now back home to pup
Yay! Also, you might enjoy Ted Kerasote’s books on life with his dogs... I loved “Merle’s Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog” and “Pukka’s Promise: The Quest for Longer-Lived Dogs”
made a perfect copy of Wendy’s Frosty flavored ice cream. Whisk 2 eggs + 3/4 cup sugar, add 1.5 cups heavy whipping cream, 1.5 cups chocolate milk ❤️ @Wendys
Earliest opening for them since 1995. Bring the snow!
2019-2020 ski season opening: Arapahoe Basin jumps ahead of Keystone, opens today!
RT @dinero_diva: Had the opportunity to share what @MMoneyMFuture is doing to close the #wealthgap using #fintech! #FinancialInclusion #His…
Good morning from Denver!
Ok Twitter, I’m flying into snowy Denver with no coat. have to clear customs, drive car that doesn’t have snow tires b/c I wasn’t ready for ❄️ , check my pipes and sprinkler (not ready!) and pick up doggos. To all the DMs, I will respond eventually. Build personal CRMs! TTYL 🙏🏻
major achievement unlocked: created a @SlackHQ space for my wife and I. Communication just went 10x!!
So good, Kevin and I do this and life logistics are much better a-sync
Great 10 year “overnight success” example. They have been grinding away since 2009. Great job @Grammarly
RT @aunder: @DanielleMorrill Need as well, for @hashtagangels event list curation, for @dnc fundraising efforts (cc: @matthh), and so many…
Also, I have blogged about this a bit... my first Request for Startup on it is almost 4 years old
Damn it, I don’t want a DIY solution and I am not your product consultant! Who has *made something based in their own opinions of how it should be*?!
Just checking in on this... has anyone found an awesome 10x better than Excel personal CRM-like product? I really can’t start one right now, because I’m starting to *love* my job (usually takes me ~6 months), but I really NEED this tool for the holidays.
I’m watching you and @rklau, waiting to see if someone suggests something better than @Airtable. I love Airtable, but it’s not for address books. Maybe someday Airtable will sync with Gmail and Google Contacts?
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