GM @MeltanoData at @gitlab. Investing @xfactorventures. 🐶🍔🍕💕 @MisterMorrill @EmoTheDoggo and @ISmelleTacoBelle Past: @Mattermark, Referly, @twilio
Loved working with @samiur1204 and @aeisenberger on Mattermark and stoked for what they're building with @usejournal. Check out these gigs!
RT @CowboyVC: Denver Startup Week is holding an Ambassador Program this September to get people exposed to the growing tech scene. It’s an…
Excellent read, highly recommended
At @gitlab we're hiring for a General Counsel to join the team. Can you help us find someone to take a "Leading role in helping the Company and its advisors draft the S-1 registration statement and prepare for operating as a public company."?
RT @cyantist: So excited about @intimatecapital - a fund that invests in sexual wellness companies. I’ve known @Roi since I launched @Zivit…
RT @CowboyVC: Denver Startup Week is holding an Ambassador Program in September to expose enthusiasts to the booming tech scene. It’s an al…
Weekend @ISmellTacoBelle
RT @trengriffin: "A 60-year-old startup founder is 3 times as likely to found a successful startup as a 30-year-old startup founder--and is…
RT @AsthaRattan: Agree 100% w/ @naval on "Principal-Agent Problem". To add the most value in any situation, think like the person most inve…
This needs better answers! Can you help? Reddit - HistoryofScience - A History of Being Wrong?
Just hosted our first meal in the new house for my sister and brother-in-law and their sweet son. We had 🍔
2 years ago we launched @xfactorventures — we’re 30+ female-founded portfolio companies strong, and on to investing out of Fund 2!
RT @software_daily: Meltano: Data Engineering Lifecycle with @DanielleMorrill @MeltanoData @gitlab #DataWarehouse #DataPipeline https://t.c…
RT @EpicureanDeal: Very good, and about much more than Manet.
Have you ever shorted a tech stock?
Soppressat, salami, pesto, onion, heirloom tomatoes, artichoke hearts and of course @truesaltco kosher grain
I really enjoy building software 😊
Google Sheets just added cell by cell edit history. This is awesome!
This tweet was inspired by watching “The Graduate” last night. Pretty incredible movie when you consider the context of the world in the year it was released 1967 (birth control not legal, no moon landing yet)
I am fascinated by taboos hiding in plain sight. Romantic love as the basis for marriage is fairly new in the course of history, but it is taboo to admit you might not have married for love and/or don’t have romantic love for your spouse.
I miss Zivity every damn day. I dream of launching it again as something new and with all of my “learnings”. However, I don’t have another startup in me. Instead I’ll cheer for others trying.
Ugh these feels are so familiar... I see you
I’ve been working remotely for 4 months and I would buy these things and give them to my team too
RT @KateKendall: I’ve been working remotely for over a decade and believe the big opportunity for remote products and services isn’t around…
So excited for my new @onepeloton Tread! I am prepared for October to May snow this time... now I just need to find a new spot for this artwork
For my next trick I'm buying an investment property. Give me your tips!
I refinanced my mortgage today. 3.875% I feel very adult.
Which bank? I might do the same
That's a good rate. I think. I'm quite new to adulting myself.
We Don’t Talk Enough About Money In Silicon Valley. No, Really. [old blog post - hey, it's summer]
curious, would you and @naval ever consider sharing maps of wealth creation? I think a lot of people don’t realize what accumulation looks like and how incremental it is. I’m a little scared to share mine, but the taboo is a signal it might be worth doing. What’s the downside?
The Giving Tree is the worst kids book.
It is so insanely sad
I will do things in Vegas that I will not do anywhere else on Earth: like wearing heels for 8 continuous hours
That time I used Magic to apologize to my husband for destroying his AirPods and order him a new pair *and* backup
Ok cool, gonna go refill the coffers and learn some stuff for the next 11 years...
RT @diannamallen: This is my first @ProductHunt launch ever, as a solo maker. Would appreciate any and all the love you can give it today 🥰…
RT @ZubyMusic: How Twitter works. Me: "The sky is blue." Skeptic: "What are your sources? You can't just say that." Pedantic: "Not nece…
Nothing like meeting with an inspiring female founder here in Denver, whose pre-product round came together in 2 days, to make me feel like things are changing in the landscape. ☀️
You don’t have to go full on preppier (unless you want to) but the first aid and emergency medical skills are amazing and you will be able to protect yourself and help others in dangerous situations. I find it very empowering to know these things
Given the California quake I want to make sure you know about the free resources at The Prepared - Common Sense Prepping Guides by Survival Experts. Founded by serial entrepreneur ⁦@jpramey⁩ #proudinvestor
Grateful for America and love celebrating Independence Day. My great grandmother immigrated to Boston from Ireland as a little girl in the 1840s, and I’m so happy to live free of religious oppression. We have more work to do, but it’s possible here. To a more perfect union! 🇺🇸
RT @chbooksdc: Reminder: the best way to avoid MAGA tourists in DC this holiday weekend is to enter a bookstore.
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Check out Gyroscope! An all-encompassing lifestyle tracker for those using quantified self to drive personal improvement
Finished reading 60 books in the first half of 2019, and started many more. My tweets self-destruct at 7 days old, but to see what I’m thinking about you can follow me on @goodreads
Btw, reading this with the classical theme music from Pirates of the Caribbean is perfect
All about Direct Listings via @a16z
Don’t let anyone steal your sunshine!
Good morning, it’s sunny and 75 and somebody is wrong on the Internet!
RT @RebootHQ: "Let us build, let us value, and let us set the standard for a masculinity that loves and breathes — an accountable, nourishi…
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