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Anyone thinking of getting one?
Morning meditation buddies
I played Hanabi for the first time this weekend because ⁦@tylerwillis⁩ is a patient teacher, and now I am obsessed! Facebook's A.I. Masters the Card Game Hanabi | Fortune
Happy Taco Tuesday! I’m sitting here with a $5 margarita and some excellent live music in my neighborhood, just appreciating how chill Denver is. Come visit!
RT @ChiefRemote: @DanielleMorrill @tferriss “The New Rich are those who abandoned the Deferred Life Plan and create luxury lifestyles in th…
RT @michelletandler: Apparently this is an ad on a San Francisco bus. No recommendation to stop using, or seek help. Just "get free narcan…
I just started re-reading @tferriss “The 4 Hour Work Week” for the 5th time, and I’m realizing how so much of what he wanted has become systemically available at remote companies. Convincing your boss to let you work remote is getting easier as well. What a change in 10 years
SEC proposes changes to "accredited investor" definition | Insights | DLA Piper Global Law Firm
When I'm buying $TSLA is that top of market? IDK
The order, by the way, goes from what I think will be hardest for me to what seems most achievable based on current habits
I took all my goals for 2019 and doubled them... kind of as a joke. But now that I’ve posted this, it feels a little more possible and I’m very curious what will happen
RT @JuiceboxCA: Every social platform: we’re gonna make it really, really hard for you to download any videos or pics posted so you stay in…
RT @magnorris: An old friend from college invited me to dinner recently and we talked about love life and work. He’s consulting now. We spl…
RT @ryanleecox: @DanielleMorrill first thoughts "she's got a spreadsheet" <confirmed>, "...set these up as OKRs so..." --yep, that's Daniel…
Also, if you didn’t know I am weird life-optimizing quant... welcome 🤯
RT @psidart: For anyone in constant self-improvement journey - A great discussion in the comments of this thread!
RT @AlmostMedia: I want one thing out of my President and that is a guarantee of property rights
I also am treating these like OKRs in that they are aggressive enough where if I achieve 70% of this I am still going to really improve the quality of my life
If you know me at all, you know these are all being tracked in a spreadsheet
My 2020 goals: - average 20K steps per day - meditate 60 minutes per day - read 200 books - savings rate of 40% - lose 20 pounds - see immediate family >4 times - go on >2 international trips
For those who are new here, I have been low key trolling on Twitter since 2007 and if you ask me if it’s satire obviously I will not explain myself
RT @pmarca: Public Service Announcement
I found the personal CRM that does exactly what I wanted. 🤩 Fabriq
RT @davidu: “Married co-founders are a startup’s secret weapon” - Great article from @annaescher @TechCrunch
RT @SuperMugatu: Corona Virus Topic creating very interesting social dynamic with regards to interpretation / concern - 3 cohorts of opini…
Btw I found notes on my car from said person for weeks after. That really really sucked.
Ratio’d while busy playing board games 😂
Ruh oh. Are we allowed to talk about dating and sex anymore? Or was that cancelled?
My worst second date. On our way to Dave and Busters, date unprompted and in a very non-sequitur way casually tells me he doesn’t do or receive oral sex and asked if that would be a problem. I had him stop the car and leave me at a gas station. Pre-Uber. In Phoenix.
Would be a deal breaker for me too
Very sad to report that the AirPods Pro give nausea like other noise canceling headphones. Motion sickness is so annoying!!
RT @tristajaye: reply guys know that they’re reply guys?
RT @amirmizroch: “Every city has turned into a little Alamo” via @financialtimes Huge story
I am going to block the world “should” on Twitter and see how my feed changes
Bloomberg Clinton 2020, or 2024, or any election year is a damn fine ticket
Adulting so hard this morning that I got fresh dog tags printed for @emothedoggo and @ISmellTacoBelle
RT @johncutlefish: "It feels unnatural to imagine doing nothing (even if doing nothing may be the best decision)." #prodmgmt #ux #design…
RT @AdamSinger: Knowing when to sell a stock is far harder than when to buy. Knowing when to leave an unproductive situation is more diffic…
This is my love language
The average income of the global 1 percent is 32k a year. Think about that.
Doing this by income instead of wealth is just confusing tho
RT @rrhoover: Why @tferriss stopped angel investing in 2015 (at 33:00): There’s a lesson here in doubling down on…
You know when you’re in a restaurant and the food comes out a little too fast. And you’re doing the math on did they really just prepare that from “scratch?”
It’s all about the Margins baby
Hahah. That literally happened at lunch yesterday, where myself and the guy I was meeting with both looked at each other wondering how the hell our food was done that quickly. And then... I got food poisoning.
Now I need to hide 7 from my husband so he won’t find out 😆
So, I’ve been reading the news
RT @tylertringas: A fancy A/V setup for zoom calls is the new buying a convertible, mid-life crisis purchase
Ugh, this is me and Al Gore 😂
Hey @MisterMorrill thought you would appreciate this today 💗
I have so many “inboxes” and they will never ever get to zero if I want to actually do anything creative with my mind during the day. But today I just feel the urge to slay those counts... it’s like farming for gold in a video game instead of leveling. 😝
Happy Valentine’s Day emo music fans, this incredible piece from @vulture makes me so happy, and is bringing back songs I forgot I even knew! @emothedoggo approves ❤️
RT @paulg: A startup reported their ARR has reached $99.9m. I know two things from this: their ARR, and that they don't fudge their numbers.
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