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Tickets. Are. Booked!
Tweets I'm seeing about @watchmen look so great & sad I'm out of the US and can't watch right now. But binging when I get back! #WatchmenHBO
Eat your heart out, Clark Griswold. The Suginoi Hotel has 3 million lights up.
We've been down but I kid you not they started playing the Angels Rally Monkey music here & I knew! #WAL got that try, came back and won! #WALvFRA #RWC2019
Getting going with #WALvFRA #RWC2019
We made it to @rugbyworldcup -- go @WelshRugbyUnion!!! #WALvFRA #RWC2019
Perhaps we arrived too early for the shuttle bus. But at least we know we're getting on :) #WALvFRA #RWC2019
Today I learned how to do the haka.
RT @FlyAirNZ: Big game this weekend. Know any Irish fans who could use some tips for getting through it? 😉 #CrazyAboutRugby #NZLvIRE https:…
Walking past a ton of people in Welsh jerseys and Australian sun hats. Why Australian hats? Because it's England vs Australia in #RWC2019 today & there's no way Wales would pull for England.
I've found where DVDs are alive and well.
Off to start a nice day in Beppu after a morning run, breakfast, a shower. It's all slightly different but good :)
Fits great though I doubt I did the belt right :)
After nearly a day of traveling, have arrived in Japan, ready for sleep!
Actual make-up of fans on my flight to Japan, judging from conversations around us. We're pulling for @WelshRugbyUnion :) #RWC2019
Imagine if one of the major US mobile carriers went down for a day. That's been going on with Three in the UK for about a day now. Witnessed the mess first hand as I have a Three SIM as well as a US line. "Try turning it on & off" was the advice. nal-internet-4g-today-a9159351.html
When you use dual SIMs in the iPhone 11 Pro, the signal status icons make it look like your phone is really mad at you.
My son's @WikiDiver robot that began crawling random Wikipedia pages and tweeting them starting with the 43rd Chess Olympiad has now reached Google :)
Happy to say that @Zombieland proves Rule #2 true: The Double Tap gets it done. Was excellent. #Zombieland
The @Zombieland screening that I'm at is off to an excellent start: Twinkies! #Zombieland
And wow, Ray Bradbury.
Merv Griffin: "I will not be right back after this message."
Don Knotts, Walter Matthau, Peter Falk and Jack Lemmon all made me go aww.
Marilyn Monroe's resting place is covered in kisses.
Giving Rodney Dangerfield some respect at last :) Came across the Pierce Brothers cemetery on Westwood while waiting for an event and there he was with many other celebrities....
Great job "emphasizing" original reporting Google! cc @dannysullivan
I’ll take a look later John and pass it on
Now that I've had time to understand the context, BuzzFeed broke a story about Apple TV+ & China 2 days ago & when you search on that topic now -- 2 days later -- we still surface the story in our top results. Yes, I'd say that's a definite improvement & yes we look to do more...
I think even you would recognize that before our recent changes, after a major story broke -- and a gazillion other places rereported -- two days after it broke, the original content could get lost in the shuffle. Not always, but it could and did happen...
Your story is anything but lost in the screenshot you shared. In fact, if I look for [apple tv+] which is what it is specifically about (since Apple TV is > Apple+), BuzzFeed is the top story despite being two day old news. Because it was big news....
I totally agree it would be better if it ranked first for what you shared rather than behind two publications that just rereported what you had. Same thing for [apple tv+ china] where you are second behind a rereport. We should do better; as said, I'll pass that on....
I do think though, as I said, the fact we're still surfacing a two day old story rather than it being out of the top results is indeed a sign of improvement. We'll keep working to further improve.
Thanks for looking into it. That other is when you click over to the news tab. But assuming someone doesn't take that step, and sticks to search, it did get lost in this one:
what i would like to know is *why* that VF story is at the top.
That's what's being explored now. It's likely because we're sensing it's more about "Apple TV" -- which is what you searched for -- rather than "Apple TV+" Note the VF headline. Note also for the latter, BuzzFeed is right there. We'll use this example to keep improving.
If you do a regular search for [apple tv+ china], it's right there in Top Stories. You don't have to just go into news.
#GregSprinkles #Succession
Hannah, Hannah, @CaptSandyYawn -- sorry, I'm having serious @HBO #Succession meets #BelowDeck right now
Tired but happy to have finished my second-ever half marathon, the @LBMarathon -- I guess this running thing is sticking with me. #RunLongBeach
Genius. I’d watch it. I’d feel bad. But I’d watch it.
Phew. Making it to #SDCC for another year. Good luck everyone still trying!
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