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what makes your pup think it is walk time?
When I put on shoes and socks.
RT @thenickguy: My dog has been classically conditioned to think the snapping shut of my AirPods case means we’re going for a walk https://…
yeah we know
RT @ChappellTracker: I tried to draw a scorpion from memory
RT @ArmsControlWonk: Let me say this one more fucking time: Policymakers do not have a right to perfect intelligence. Your job, collectivel…
i mean i am here for all snotty tweets between politicians as a rule but jfc 😹
RT @IndyHumane: Is it your dream job to help homeless pets find forever homes? We're hiring 🐾 We are accepting applications for: Grants Spe…
i mean does nikki want bernie to ask the entire country of finland and expect to get an answer i mean wasnt that her fuckin job
RT @jessmisener: This tweet is going around and as someone who grew up in Florida, I feel compelled to explain why it seems like there's so…
was this ever explained or qualified or is it just hanging out here
RT @thisisjendoll: Let’s be honest, the reason I get out of bed in the morning is either because I have to pee or I want coffee
RT @WriteOnSteph: Annie the sheepdog patiently waiting for her pancake! @darth
RT @ItsFischy: A slightly better photo of Millie in her utterly confused state
RT @dataandpolitics: Kitty was found locked in a closet after his owner passed away. He was covered in fleas and was so irritated he lost…
me waiting for my order of french fries
RT @gekikawa_wa: ちょちょちょちょい・・・ちょちょちょちょちょちょい
me a few weeks ago: ok there are a lot of candidates but this is good we can see and hear a lot of diverse and fascinating political stances me today: i don’t want to live on this planet any more
RT @pblest: incredible start
RT @darth: "devin nunes' cow @devincow has more followers than devin nunes"
Gnight. Be who you are. Do what you can. Know you are beloved. Eat asparagus and pee everywhere. no, wait, please not the last one
RT @BlairBraverman: this was Colbert’s face after he snuck into my sled bag and ate 15 pounds of chicken skin
RT @RatedGiana: Who wants to donate to help this sweet guy finally get to his furever home? I’m about to be jobless and I’m donating! 🙏🙏🙏 h…
RT @erinislost: if you love cows and want to make more cow friends, freja has some great news for you
RT @darth: @everydaydude when u hope no body notices but every body notices
RT @everydaydude: Rooney’s a little zooted after having his teeth cleaned today @darth. 🐶
RT @erinislost: if you need tips on climbing trees, freja is more than happy to oblige
RT @erinislost: if you are tired might we recommend a refreshing shower?
RT @erinislost: hello this a thread that should cover almost all the bases of cheering you up, whether you are a cat person or a dog person…
RT @christinefriar: i'll say it the sonicare runs too long
RT @dog_rates: This is Küna. On the left is a pic from the day she was rescued. On the right is a pic from one year later. She went from sp…
RT @ashleyfeinberg: Zookeepers struggle to see strategy in Thomas The Famous Genital-Biting Monkey's decision to bite genitals…
RT @thesarahkelly: The chicken parm wanter and the walk taker
RT @eyewasbored: omg @darth i met the happiest goat herder today. he absolutely loves his job! he was on break so he came over to say hi. h…
RT @morninggloria: This is among the source-greasiest things I’ve ever seen
RT @CaseyNewton: I wrote about the need to separate platform problems from internet problems when we talk about terrorism…
waiting to hear from other republicans who helped pass this in 2014 to speak up for themselves
RT @caitrun: @darth Darth, I have made the taters, this single potato made all this fried/toasted goodness
RT @TeamPetit1: Pre-race at downtown Sheraton
RT @DownHereOnEarth: This is a kitten fan page now
RT @lemonsand: Oh wait here we go
RT @SonyAnimation: “Hair Love is a wonderful father-daughter story and we are proud to nurture talented young filmmakers like Matthew who a…
RT @iamfartyb: @GrahamEnos @darth @Happicamp @RuchoSharma @verge @FiveThirtyEight he’s a good boy
RT @LauraHayesDC: There is a skateboarding pug outside @ABakedJoint. @PoPville @darth
RT @keegster13: Corgi update: he good
RT @erinscafe: he keeps running into the bedroom to hide in the bed then coming back out to fight the hail because he’s stupid and also a v…
lamely tweeting what a 'good guy' mccain was without mentioning why u are bringing him up in march of 2019 is just fuckin useless
if they didnt directly mention trump in their 'defenses' it is worse than useless
absolute garbage
wtf i mean seriously what the fuck is wrong with this fuckin guy
darth i wish i had a million dollars for every time i asked that question because i would be a billionaire at this point.
As promised. Me with a double reverse mohawk. And my wonderful fellow baby queer street urchin punk friends. Photographed by Richmond Virginia based photographer Patricia Henry Lloyd, early 80s, at 7-11 I believe. We all remain friends today.
Dog walks perkily through rain in spiffy raincoat and booties
don’t you wanna snorfle that pink belly
It’s his favorite toy and he always sniffs it to check in & see how it’s doing. Rudolph has a friend.
RT @danieleagee: @sallykuchar @darth This is Moose.
i would say that if u have the sauce on the side there is no such thing as too much sauce
dried porcini nutritional yeast
This is a very good incantation.
RT @darth: what exactly qualifies as food 'with sauce' i mean are we talking only chicken fried steak smothered in gravy or does the lemon…
RT @Kaessa: @sallykuchar @darth My old man dogs getting nuggets for their 13th birthday. Nom.
@darth Hi Darth it's my birthday I could *really* use some dog pics right now
I just found this random video on TikTok and I don’t know what to do with it besides share it with @darth
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