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Fast forward to Softbank telling us this company is worth $47 billion.
Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what your country can do for Russia, Turkey, and ISIS.
Justin Trudeau narrowly wins a second term as Canadian Prime Minister in a rare victory for attractive people.
Presidents have too much power. People are either idiots, evil, or both. Am I missing any of the lessons of this era?
Tulsi Gabbard said Trey Gowdy is her friend, but she’s offended when people suggest Putin is too?
Us: “Twitter has become a weird, depressing, time-sucking cesspool of fake news and phoniness.” Them: “We just doubled the Mitt Romney!”
Today in news… The President is Emonumentally Challenged.
The last thing Trump is: Fully Prepared.
Maybe not even 5 more minutes.
If multiple Facebook friends have birthdays, I always type Happy Birthday to the one I like most and copy and paste for the others.
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RT @davepell: Haiti, Lebanon, Hong Kong, England, Chile, Ecuador … Across the world, protestors are taking to the streets while America sit…
Climate change is the biggest story of all time. But the inequality gap is the biggest story of our time, and it affects every other story, including climate.
If things are moving at the pace I think they are, Mulvaney and Rudy will be out by Halloween.
My gut tells me that the first Dem candidate to lead the march, wins.
Haiti, Lebanon, Hong Kong, England, Chile, Ecuador … Across the world, protestors are taking to the streets while America sits on the couch and watches as a sick liar and his band of enabling thugs rips its constitution to shreds.
People comparing the broader start-up market with WeWork are underestimating the scope of WeWork’s badness.
The hospitality business sucks.
The Russians are the only ones who have even heard of Tulsi Gabbard.
Yeah, but don’t try to cheer me up.
The word “claim” doesn’t mean what you think it does. The word you’re looking for is “lie.” Being unbiased doesn’t mean being ridiculous.
My parents like the TV volume loud enough to match their age (95ish), which forced my dad to yell to me about Trump. So I muted the TV. And my dad still yelled about Trump.
Tell the kids in cages he’s still in the hospitality business.
That this president and his comical lackeys enjoy 40% approval is, with or without Trump in office, America’s greatest challenge.
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Another storied baseball moment in Houston.
Let. Them. Play.
Baseball season should start Oct 1st.
Trump marketed his bedbug infested Doral resort. So it still benefited from his presidency even without the event being held there. And it’s still a violation of the emoluments.
The key irony of the Trump’s flip flop on hosting the G-7 at his Doral resort is that his presidency will be long over by then anyway. He won’t have to worry about emoluments. But there will be other legal nightmares.
Dude, you were framed. (By the Framers of the Constitution.)
Weekend doge vibes 🐶🥰
There’s a thin line between complete exploitation of an animal and wanton exploitation on an animal. Careful.
until she has her own handles, i think i'm in the clear. besides, i photoshop out the punishment stick
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But our baby he wrote him a letter.
Brexit is the slowest pulling off of a band-aid ever.
RT @davepell: They wanted to sell it to you at a valuation of $47 billion. And nothing has changed other than the truth coming out. It wa…
“It was unconventional what I did. Sometimes you have to let them fight a little while. Sometimes you have to let them fight like two kids. Then you pull them apart.” — Donald Trump, Monster
Your first reaction: “Oh no, why is Hillary getting into this election too?” You think about it for a second… “Wait, those comments from Hillary completely preclude Tulsi Gabbard from running as a third party candidate. If that’s what she had planned, it’s game over.”
Seriously, get over it.
They wanted to sell it to you at a valuation of $47 billion. And nothing has changed other than the truth coming out. It was a big pyramid scheme with Mom and Pop investor to be left holding the bag.
Now that we know Tulsi Gabbard is backed by the Russians, we can admit that @CoryBooker is sponsored by Kool Aid.
For about a week, my face ID wasn’t working on my iPhone. I was about to take it in to Apple when my 11 year-old daughter looked over my shoulder and the phone unlocked.
The combination of the Ukraine impeachment findings, the betrayal of the Kurds that sickened our own military, and the pull his pants down in our face move of hosting the G-7 at Doral are too much for a presidency to bear. Even Trump’s. Out by Thanksgiving.
The more mad the kid is about the arrival of bedtime, the faster the kid falls asleep.
How can anyone like this complete piece of garbage? I’ll never understand it.
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Treachery: News Crimes: News Betrayal: News Rally: Not News
Today, Trump called Mick Mulvaney “a good man” and Erdogan a friend and a great leader. And his fucking rally hasn’t even started yet.
Mulvaney just talked his way out of a spot on Dancing with the Stars.
Mulvaney: In no way did I say what I just said. And we thought only Trump tried this bullshit.
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