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RT @daveweigel: Did a quick Trump merch check and was honestly surprised by this.
Delaney and Warren both got standing Os, but Warren's was louder, with some whistling and cheering.
Warren making a few more specific nods at labor rights and how she'd expand them, but this is largely her stump speech. (Lots of applause, especially for wealth tax.)
Warren: "My campaign staff is unionized. I've helped other workers unionize... I've called CEOs to help them settle disputes. If you want a partner in the White House, that is exactly who I will be."
Stage direction as Warren enters AFL-CIO meeting: "This candidate is going to be entering from stage left." (She gets a standing O before walking in.)
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cc @Bencjacobs: Delaney tells audience he "flipped a seat that had been held by Republicans for 40 years." (A new Dem gerrymander turned that district from a lean-R seat to one Obama carried by 14.3 points.)
Ran into John Delaney before his AFL-CIO Iowa speech, mentioned that he was talking to a group that had endorsed Medicare-for-all. "I think I'm winning the argument," he said, "even if it isn't making me popular."
Important context as Democrats talk to the Iowa AFL-CIO today; the state federation endorsed single-payer *12 years ago.*
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The “is Dean electable?" panic of 2003 made more sense because Bush, for a while, was a popular wartime president.
The most Democratic thing imaginable is having a hand-wringing panic about "electability" when the incumbent president struggles to crack 42% approval.
RT @jesseltaylor: "People in struggling industry want economic downturn" is a multiverse-level take
Did a quick Trump merch check and was honestly surprised by this.
New Sanders labor plan ahead of his AFL-CIO appearance today; the Medicare-for-All transition stuff, in particular, is more specific than Warren’s “unions will be at the table” line.
RT @Lollardfish: Utah voted for Medicaid expansion, but also elected a government ideologically opposed to expanding Medicaid. The result:…
Back on the trail today, and heading to the Iowa AFL-CIO’s forum in Des Moines. Tweets to resume their usual mix of insight and obnoxiousness.
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Baby/Maybe is the worst rhyme in pop lyric writing. Prove me wrong.
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RT @jaredlholt: Among other unhinged things, Wayne Allyn Root was a Seth Rich conspiracy theorist
So you are the Christ, you’re the great Jesus Christ. Prove to me that you’re divine — change my water into wine.
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RT @PopulismUpdates: Simpsons Cory Booker looks like an eldritch horror
RT @RebeccaBuck: The obvious flaw with this pitch: polling right now shows every top tier Democrat beating Trump
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My favorite fictional characters recently have been ones who aren’t smart but bluster to cover up for it and end up being hilarious, ie Shiv’s husband in “Succession.” I do NOT relate to these characters so stop saying that
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Someone on my plane just asked for Diet Pepsi and was crestfallen when they only had Diet Coke, so if I am serial killed tonight you all know who did it.
RT @ashleyfeinberg: truly blessed to be able to watch our best and brightest honing their craft
Out of the country for the first few days of Greenland Twitter, so I assume others already pointed out that the island’s strategic value is increasing because of melting arctic ice, ie because of climate change, ie because of something the president thinks is a hoax
I only ever see celebrities post these
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Farewell for now, Canada.
finally someone did this
The last couple years have shown that the left makes electoral gains by knocking over old Democratic Party machines in primaries, not by the “vote third party for president and IDK maybe the Democrats give up” strategy
RT @jonathanvswan: A WH official says Ivanka said "dad" not "daddy."
“Gin and Juice” by the Gourds, but it was downloaded on Audiogalaxy and mislabeled as a Phish song
I shouted out, “who killed the Kennedys!” when after all, it was disco
RT @GlennKesslerWP: So the whole point of the visit was to buy Greenland?
RT @daveweigel: Feels like an incumbent who can’t break 40% against any top challenger is in trouble, but we don’t know how many of these v…
RT @daveweigel: Feels like an incumbent who can’t break 40% against any top challenger is in trouble, but we don’t know how many of these v…
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