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Case in point, the discussion of the gaffe on ABC "This Week" just focused on how the campaigns handled it, then zoomed over to veepstakes. No real content or information.
There are real points of disagreement (school choice, health care) but instead of some clarity on that we have a strange meta-conversation about whether black voters get taken for granted.
Funny/unsurprising that the only topics unexplored after That Biden Gaffe were the actual Biden and Trump agendas for black voters.
If you grew up watching Comedy Central in the 90s, this song is your madeleine
The pandemic has already altered how tens of millions of Americans can cast their ballots this year by @eliseviebeck
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Major government figures the day I was born: President: Ronald Reagan (R) Speaker: Tip O’Neill (D) Senate Majority Leader: Howard Baker (R) CIA Director: William Casey UN population control czar: Kurt Waldheim Bohemian Grove Golden Eagle: David Rockefeller
Three is very hard, I’ll add the movie year: 1986
Saturday distraction: Try to identify all of these movies based on Joe Bob Briggs’s “drive-in totals.”
People only remember "Rise," the hit single ("I COULD BE WRONG! I COULD BE RRRRIGHT!") but the whole album is great
Tonight’s musical interlude: the time Public Image Ltd became a Bill Laswell side project
I tried replicating this on my phone and it at least gave me the bad Canadian answer very quickly.
One of my favorite Canada facts is that London, ON embraced the confusion by having a baseball team named after Jack the Ripper
Was looking for a gaffe that predated today's Bidengate - Howard Dean joking at the only black people at GOP dinners were the servers - and found this 2005 piece in which Biden criticized Dean for saying Rs "all look the same."
NRSC made a small play early on to boost Graham, the Bernie-wing candidate, but she’s raised next to nothing. Mauro’s self-funded some negative ads, adding to the mess, though he isn’t as competitive w Greenfield as Franken.
The DSCC-backed candidates in CO and ME also have primary challengers, but both have strong name ID and electoral records. Greenfield hasn’t won a race and, before this, was best known bc a campaign manager defrauded her and got her kicked off a ballot.
Iowa D Senate primary getting messy in the stretch, in part bc Franken has piqued interest (and gotten endorsements) that eluded other Greenfield challengers.
People discovering Eric Metaxas through That Tweet may not be familiar with his Trump children's books.
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As I wrote, Perkins hasn’t specifically endorsed the wildest theories in the QAnoniverse. But she’s suggested that lowering CO2 levels will kill all trees, covid-19 is a “fake virus,” Obama ordered the assassination of an Oregon militia leader, etc
Greene is a decent comparison - an embarrassing story that didn’t affect Senate balance. But Perkins is the first adherent of this popular conspiracy theory to become a Senate nominee. It’s unique. Imagine the furor if a 9/11 truther got a Senate nom in 2004.
It’s not unusual for fringe activists to win nominations when the party doesn’t seriously contest a seat. The Greene story went INCREDIBLY viral, but in other cases parties have just written the race off. The “media should focus on XYZ Dem candidates” statement is unusual.
That’s a departure from how Democrats handled Alvin Greene ten years ago, calling him to quit and trying (in vain) to force a replacement. (Two years earlier the SC Dems had accidentally nominated a right wing activist, who they also denounced.)
This attempted dunk gets to a reason Biden has more leeway: The link on black unemployment is from September. The “lowest black/Hispanic unemployment” fact was a big part of Trump messaging until March. Now it’s “we’ll build that economy again.”
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He’s a great interviewer who doesn’t play for future access. He was the guy who heard Warren give her practiced response to the Native American Q and told her she sounded “like the original Rachel Dolezal.”
It’s honestly worked pretty well for Biden, and if anyone wonders why, I have 10,000 “Trump voters in diner say his gaffes don’t bother them” stories for you.
You might ask “why doesn’t he pivot to a better topic.” He doesn’t pivot! If you doubt he’s got the best positions and experience, he’ll tell you you’re wrong and should vote for someone else. So far this has gotten him the nomination and a poll lead.
I’ve seen it when Biden got challenged by climate activists or someone had a Q about guns — cue for a 60-second stemwinder about how the questioner should check the facts and “I’m the only one who’s beaten the NRA” etc
The “you ain’t black” thing is a combustion of two pretty well-known factors: CTG rattles people with direct questions, and Biden gets set off if he thinks someone is questioning his record.
Fox poll on who would be better at handling China: Biden: 43% Trump: 37%
Heading into memorial day weekend like
This is just Saint's Row IV, you innovated a side mission in Saint's Row IV
"Buy @zachdcarter's book" is something more and more people are saying, I notice
There are arguments against Warren, obviously; “but her senate seat” isn’t among them. Baker would only replace her with a Republican if Dems throw their legislative power away.
A 2020 angle here... if Biden picks Warren for VP, Mass Dems have the majority, and then some, to change the replacement law. Could follow NC/AZ and require replacement from same party as exiting senator. It’s their choice, they could override a veto.
I already see people angry at @mj_lee’s Reade story and (maybe too charitably) assume they don’t know her work.
RT @mj_lee: @EllieCKaufman A new account: Ben Savage, Reade’s ex-colleague, told CNN that as Reade was leaving Biden’s office, she told him…
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What's wrong with people saying "these speeches and message bills mean less to me than his political record"? Lots of people On Here say the same thing about Biden, and they're not doing it for cocktail party access.
On Here, it gets to be all things to all people: Biden fans cite the +6 trial heat, Biden critics raise it as evidence that he is already at Hillary-level unfavorability, something that no other pollster sees.
The poll I really need someone to explain to me is this Harvard-Harris survey, which has found Biden with toxic unfavorables (like 10 points worse than other polls) and also found him building a clear lead over Trump
Other nominees for me: Game over, man Ready for close-up Keith Carradine’s easy Pabst! Blue! Ribbon! Sprinting through Louvre Kaneda! Tetsuo! (explosion)
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