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Is that really a question? https://twitter.com/jonathanalter/status/1220679055139377152
You can’t FOIA the White House. But just imagine if you could...... https://twitter.com/jonahdispatch/status/1220523980983017475
Time just told. https://twitter.com/billkristol/status/1205634545640448001
RT @BarbMcQuade: While impeachable conduct need not be a crime, Trump's conduct was criminal. Re-upping my piece on honest services fraud.…
He’s projecting his boss. https://twitter.com/danielpflatley/status/1220402496868421635
RT @amjoyshow: #ICYMI-MSNBC analyst @DavidCornDC argues why ‘abuse of power’ is 100% impeachable https://www.msnbc.com/am-joy/watch/trump-impeachment-for-abuse-of-power-defended-by-msnbc-analyst-77088837504?cid=sm_npd_ms_tw_jy via @amjoyshow
Why waste good paper? https://twitter.com/alizaslav/status/1220509166982385664
Good idea. But let’s make it easier for them with True/False questions. https://twitter.com/jrubinblogger/status/1220511068482613249
Does @LindseyGrahamSC ever listen to himself? https://twitter.com/essenviews/status/1220462737811279872
it's like an homage to Dexter
Solidarity! https://twitter.com/mkraju/status/1220500637626130432
I don’t think I have time to explain all that’s wrong in this dreadful tweet. https://twitter.com/marshablackburn/status/1220452721616216087
RT @AriBerman: The biggest takeaway from Senate impeachment trial is how Republicans have tried to normalize foreign election interference,…
That seems impartial. https://twitter.com/lisadnews/status/1220429779700273154
RT @PAAttorneyGen: #BREAKING I’m suing @realDonaldTrump over his latest attempt to allow 3D printed gun files to be published online. We…
Ever talk to someone in a cult? https://twitter.com/MichLKosinski/status/1220429738147229696
RT @FrankFigliuzzi1: Karen Schwartz and I expose the truth about Dershowitz and Starr: Trump impeachment defense lawyers Ken Starr and Alan…
Is any Republican senator thinking, “Damn, this is much worse than I thought”? #ImpeachmentTrial
What book? https://twitter.com/garretthaake/status/1220421776154537984
Quote of the day in a very well-reasoned argument defining what is impeachable and why impeachment is necessary. https://twitter.com/yamiche/status/1220421358619975680
@RepJerryNadler just played this clip in the impeachment trial as @LindseyGrahamSC watched. This is quite the legal trolling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoDKXGdi1xg&feature=youtu.be
Deepest condolences to the family of Jim Lehrer, a kind, decent, and intelligent newsman. I will always owe him for reading a novel written by a first-timer he didn’t then know and offering a wonderful blurb. RIP, Jim.
Hey, tell us about what happened with the Russians and 2016? Didn't you say to Lavrov and Kislyak in the Oval Office that you were not concerned about Putin's attack on the last election, which, coincidentally or not, benefitted you? https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/trump-told-russian-officials-in-2017-he-wasnt-concerned-about-moscows-interference-in-us-election/2019/09/27/b20a8bc8-e159-11e9-b199-f638bf2c340f_story.html https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1220379537155948544
A nation mourns. https://twitter.com/mattgertz/status/1220333644251914240
My latest: How an impeachment smoking gun doesn’t smoke in a Trumpian world. Please read, RT, and like. https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2020/01/an-impeachment-smoking-gun-the-damning-letter-trump-cant-cover-up/
The power of a cult. https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/1220326789182033920
My latest. In a world where reality matters, this would sink @realDonaldTrump and @RudyGiuliani. Please read, RT, and like. https://twitter.com/motherjones/status/1220322711865634816
My latest. In a world where reality matters, this would sink @DavidCornDC and @RudyGiuliani. Please read, RT, and like. https://twitter.com/motherjones/status/1220322711865634816
RT @ChrisLu44: Mnuchin goes after Greta Thunberg and says she should study economics Here's what Mnuchin learned from economics studies: a…
You had one job this afternoon and evening. https://twitter.com/AP/status/1220169562735464452
So..... https://twitter.com/HouseIntel/status/1220170228459540484
My hunch is that @RepAdamSchiff and the House impeachment managers realize that most people do not spend hours a day watching the entire trial. That's why they keep hitting the key points at different times. That boosts the odds the viewing public will see the main arguments.
Maybe it mirrors their party. About 2/3rds believe whatever Trump says. (Full-cult.) One-third may have doubts, with many of those still supporting him. (Semi-cult.) https://twitter.com/matthewamiller/status/1220071438411075584
RT @jameswest2010: Your reminder this is still. Going. Just in case. https://twitter.com/lenoretaylor/status/1220167194861961216
RT @maddow: Fascinating new development here. If the White House holding up the aid to Ukraine was illegal (as GAO says it was), evidence…
You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave. https://twitter.com/RonBrownstein/status/1220153776595562496
Thanks for playing, @mattgaetz https://twitter.com/justinamash/status/1220113637404180486
If you're looking for one more hole in the Trump defense: So why did Trump release the hold on the $391m in military assistance? If he delayed that aid *only because* he cared about corruption/burden sharing, what changed that led to the release of the money? (Hint: nothing.)
RT @DavidCornDC: .@RepAdamSchiff: Trump has adopted a "Russian counter-narrative" that disputes and distracts from the fact that Russia att…
These are very good questions. https://twitter.com/waltshaub/status/1220109630384361475
My pal Peter Andreas has written an engaging and cool book about the role of drugs in our wars. Check it out. https://www.amazon.com/Killer-High-History-War-Drugs/dp/0190463015/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=KILLER+HIGH%3A+A+History+of+War+in+Six+Drugs&qid=1577969982&sr=8-1
That's some fine lawyering, Rudy. https://twitter.com/AramRoston/status/1220078359012683777
One of the all-time greats. Listen to him often. https://twitter.com/dusttodigital/status/1219995486133936128
RT @FSIStanford: .@McFaul: "By now it should be amply clear that Russian-style disinformation tactics, whether employed by Russians or Amer…
His record of lying is impressive: https://www.politifact.com/personalities/reince-priebus/statements/by/?page=2 https://twitter.com/brianstelter/status/1220091056282316800
I'm sure they checked out what they were doing with the Trump Foundation. https://twitter.com/CNNPolitics/status/1220083254604238850
A trial is not about what's *not* in the indictment. It's about what is being charged. Sekulow is playing a silly game. https://twitter.com/ddale8/status/1220088268433362951
Because....of course. https://twitter.com/jaketapper/status/1220082210356834310
RT @MiekeEoyang: Also, he could face potential criminal sanction under 18 USC 1001, for making false statements to Congress. https://t.co/S…
Actually, he didn't. You're wrong. And, by the way, please stop making it seem that the Russian attack on the 2016 election to help Trump is a fake narrative. That only helps Putin. https://twitter.com/Jim_Jordan/status/1220078437634912256
RT @lawfareblog: If the president withheld military assistance authorized by Congress in order to gain an advantage over former Vice Presid…
Nine-letter word for "evenhanded." https://twitter.com/Bencjacobs/status/1220043604774871048
Of course. https://twitter.com/nycjim/status/1220007040254382085
RT @DavidCornDC: Imagine if Chief Justice Roberts stated that he will not allow counsel for either side to get away with stating explicit a…
Trump's trial is a reminder that the US political system includes safeguards meant to protect citizens from corruption in the highest offices of the land. What happens in the Senate will show whether these measures still matter. From @DavidCornDC: http://bit.ly/2tHtSdg
RT @DavidCornDC: RudyGate is like "Murder on the Orient Express." They're all in on it.
RT @ClaraJeffery: Read @DavidCornDC on what the impeachment means for the future of American democracy http://bit.ly/2NMy5TR
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