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RT @dailystoic: “Give yourself a gift: the present moment.” —Marcus Aurelius
RT @BerniceKing: I never intend to adjust myself to injustice. “I’m proud to be maladjusted.”
RT @AOC: Because nothing says “mature temperament” like getting rankled by a 16 year old activist.
RT @dhh: Every position we open at Basecamp receives hundreds of applications. Our secret recipe: 1) Pay well, 2) Hire remotely, 3) Explain…
RT @dhh: Every position we open at Basecamp receives hundreds of applications. Our secret recipe: 1) Pay well, 2) Hire remotely, 3) Explain…
RT @RBReich: but how will we pay for…
“The day is here some VR enthusiasts feared would arrive when Facebook acquired Oculus VR in 2014 for billions of dollars as ‘Facebook will now use information about your Oculus activity.. to help provide more relevant content, including ads’” 🤮
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Seriously, unless you’re hiring for an extremely exotic position, there will be potentially millions of qualified candidates in tech. If you’re failing to attract people, look inwards rather than outwards. The problem isn’t them, it’s you!
When we had two open positions in customer support earlier this year, we received over 2,200 applications because our starting salary is $70,000, our benefits are great, and service is a career at Basecamp. MARKET MATCH!
“At Basecamp, we have no illusions that we’re going to hire “the best”. In fact, even thinking about candidates in such absolute terms is nonsense. The world is full of people who are stuck doing mediocre work in a shitty environment”
“How many times have you heard a company claim that they only hire the best? The top of the top. The crème de la crème. Most of them, by sheer necessity of math, are delusional.”
There is no shortage of incredible talent, but there is absolutely a shortage of companies willing to pay market rates, hire wherever the talent is, offer a compelling workplace, and not be total shitheads. It’s a real problem! But a fixable one. Be better, do better, hire better
We ended up hiring @jorgemanru out of Spain. Jorge has been just amazing, but he didn’t live within a commutes distance of a Chicago office. He didn’t have an American Ivy League diploma. He does wonderful work, but not by working 80-hour weeks.
Here’s the last opening we had for a senior programmer at Basecamp. We were absolutely spoiled for choice. So many incredible candidates. We only needed one programmer but could easily have hired a dozen. It’s not rocket science.
Every position we open at Basecamp receives hundreds of applications. Our secret recipe: 1) Pay well, 2) Hire remotely, 3) Explain the position thoroughly, 4) Have a reputation for being a good place to work, 5) Stop dog whistling overwork with “strong work-ethic” bullshit.
Bonus: Changing from “you guys” to “y’all”. Used to think it was over the top, but that was just a pattern. Lots of women have made this point repeatedly, and I finally just started using y’all. Was a bit weird at first, and now it’s totally fine 😄
The notion that poverty is improving in the world generally, as pushed by Pinker and other neoliberal optimists. @Jasonhickel’s The Divide and his appearance on @citationspod turned me around on that one.
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RT @CodeWisdom: "The only way to learn a new programming language is by writing programs in it." - Dennis Ritchie
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Clearly a lot will hinge on the details. Agree that employees have no realistic expectation of privacy using corporate email accounts or messaging services. But if this is using Apple backdoors on the personal devices of the chip designers? Yes, catastrophic.
“Apple’s complaint shows that it is monitoring and examining its employees’ phone records and text messages, in a stunning and disquieting invasion of privacy”, catastrophic if true. Cook-should-resign levels of overreach and violation.
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The handbook has it all. The happy joy-joy of benefits, but also the serious, like how we do performance improvement plans at Basecamp. If your handbook is just all about the good times, it's not much good at all.
If you find errors, you can make a pull request on GitHub with corrections:
We've already open-sourced our company handbook at Basecamp, but now we've also presented it nicely, if you want to read the whole thing. As always, feel free to steal/copy/be inspired by anything you find in there.
This is the human toll of work stress and sociopathic management. @dhh @jasonfried
What an absolutely awful story 😢. And yes, absolutely agree. There's no doubt that being stressed out of your mind at work wrecks havoc on your overall mental health.
Group Chat: The Best Way to Totally Stress Out Your Team.
The chat-first (or, worse, chat only 🙈) approach to management and collaboration has lost its sheen. I’d go as far as to say it’s an anti-pattern and a smell that your organization might well have Away-sized cultural issues. Level up.
Ruling a company one chat line at the time is a recipe for disaster. It’s impossible to put considered thought into policies when you’re thinking through them at the same time you’re announcing them. And employees are put into a constant state of stress when these policies drop.
“One aspect of this story that continues to interest me personally is how executives may begin rethinking the use of Slack. The kind of type-first, think-later style of communication that it inspires is categorically different than email”, bingo!
“Since Apple introduced what it calls its Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature in Sep ‘17.. advertisers have largely lost the ability to target people on Safari based on their browsing habits with cookies, the most commonly used technology for tracking”
Also, kudos to @ZoeSchiffer for not only reporting this story, but sticking with it. The real test for Away is not whether they replace the CEO, but whether the new boss is better than the old boss. Uber was a good example of how little actually changed (re: Khashoggi).
Oh, shiza on this story about Lulumon's toxic work culture 🙈
We don't need neither CEOs or investors to have pure intentions in their heart of hearts. It would be nice if they did, but it's unrealistic. We need them to do better, act better. If the fear of bad PR is the driver of this, more so than morals, so be it.
A more cynical reading of this change is of course that it's being pushed by VCs who have absolutely zero regard for workers, but fear that their investment is in danger because of the bad PR. But you know what? In a way it doesn't matter...
I would not be surprised if the nail in the coffin was the CEO's handling of this particular article. Publicly feigning regret, while internally doubling down on the abusive behavior by banning employees from engaging with the report. It's usually the cover-up that gets you!
"Away has replaced CEO Steph Korey with former Lululemon executive Stuart Haselden, following an investigation from The Verge into the company’s toxic culture", times are changing! Whatever vc twitter says, abusing workers is starting to have consequences.
“‘Choice’ is the Swiss Army knife of libertarian bullshit” and other lovely takes on this episode of @CitationsPod. Great take down of the gig economy nonsense. That what workers really want is choice, rather than fair wages, predictable schedule, etc.
Besides, junior programmers usually have as much if not more to teach the veterans as the other way around! I created Rails as a junior programmer! Fresh new to Ruby. Didn't know what I wasn't supposed to do. There are no speed limits.
This is why I never bought into "but what about a beginner?" for designing Rails. Good software tools are good software tools. What works for the beginner guides the veteran and vice versa.
When you separate out tools/techniques/methodologies for juniors, you get patronizing bullshit that inhibits the creativity and learning and autonomy of juniors. When you do the same for seniors, you get overly complicated monstrosities and inflated senses of ego. No.
Dismantling this dichotomy is near and dear to my heart. The mistaken notion that junior employees need different tools, different techniques, different methodologies. Absolutely not. Everyone cooks with the best and sharpest knives that we have.
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Major kudos to @davidpakmanshow for calling this out, and refusing to go along with listener spying. It was this very same issue, ART19 moving into listener spying, that prompted us to move the @reworkpodcast to @TransistorFM.
It is not inevitable that you have to be spied upon for listening to podcasts. It's not inevitable that your data will be used against you for targeted ads on podcasts. We, podcasters, can say no. Choose to host with companies that don't support listener spying. Sell ads direct.
I have a much more old fashioned podcast sponsor approach: 1. @sachitgupta talks to every sponsor 2. I talk about the sponsor, without a script 3. since everyone hears the same ad, @nevmed coaches me on how to keep the ads meaningful and useful
@nevmed @sachitgupta’s personalized style won’t get him to Midroll’s size anytime soon
Midroll is bullying podcasts into spying on their listeners. They hook shows by handling ad sales, then strong-arm them into listener spying once addicted. Podcasting is one of the last places on the internet you can avoid ad targeting. Fuck this.
Love seeing Basecamp used for love 😍
@dhh @dteare I listened to your podcast conversation this morning. Thanks for taking the time, and not shying away from the tougher topics around VC and the challenges of running / growing a company over many years.
Listened and loved it too!
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