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Seth Godin (@ThisIsSethsBlog) calls me out with very direct advice that will stick with me for the rest of my life. Listen to find out why Seth doesn’t want me to sell out to easy money.
I propose this: Do one thing every day that an algorithm didn’t choose for you. Like the famous Eleanor Roosevelt quote, that “one thing” might also happen “scare you.”' Listen:
Love Your Work Patreon backing is back below the "show notes" goal. Sometimes you take one step back before taking two steps forward.
Listening to podcasts on 2x speed is overrated for the first listen, but underrated for the second or third listen. It's a convenient way to review the material, & your brain can handle the high speed after you've already heard it once.
Okay, so you have a lot of unfinished creative projects. Don't stress about it. It seemed to work for Da Vinci. /@adammgrant
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Who's tried a treadmill desk. Did you like it?
Even in the time of T.S. Eliot, distractions were a problem. /@TharpTwyla
I guess Facebook read my book about @steemit
My April income report is live!
RT @matiasbaldanza: @kadavy Whatever you say you always wanted to do, do it sooner. It will work out just fine.
"Next time you find yourself facing down a beast of a creative problem, give your mind the Minimum Creative Dose. It may only take 5 minutes, but by the time you return to the problem, it will be as if you had worked on it for hours."
RT @sirdoc: @kadavy Don't quit the exercise habit. Get smarter about the diet also.
Every time I put this wait condition in an @ActiveCampaign automation, it makes me a little sad.
RT @mrjamesnewcomb: @kadavy School’s out. You’ve learned the hard lessons, but you’re wise to the world and ready to make an impact
RT @mrjamesnewcomb: @kadavy The first half is over. Now it’s time to really live.
RT @LivC2012: @kadavy Good relationships, sleep when the sun isn’t risen, hydrate, nutrient rich food, know your micro biome, move like our…
RT @cydharrell: @kadavy this is your golden era of being able to get shit done - embrace your power! also yes, exercise - in a way YOU like…
RT @joshuamcclure: @kadavy Daily checklist: 1) easy: sleep, hydrate, exercise, vitamins A, D, C 2) mid: nutrition macros (carbs/protein/fa…
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RT @DaveCohencomedy: @kadavy Look after your health. Everything else comes second. (Am 60 now)
People 40+: Any advice for your forty-year-old self?
RT @gtdguy: Staying in control daily, weekly, & yearly requires different things for each. Handling one doesn't handle the others.
When I hear money talk about why someone spends, say – $100 on gourmet grilled cheese – to me it sounds like a struggle to reduce the cognitive dissonance built up through earning money doing work that doesn't bring them a sense of meaning.
Email confirmation idea: An instantly-refunded $1 charge. Would that reduce bots and bounces?
Consumerism is the enemy of creativity. The consumer mind thinks about what is wrong and what someone else needs to fix. The creator mind thinks about what it, itself, has the power to do.
[New Episode] 179. Appeal to the 99%: Srdja Popovic (@SrdjaPopovic), Revolutionary & Author of Blueprint for Revolution
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RT @tferriss: @kadavy I only use the ATR for Skype or otherwise virtual podcasts.
The Heart to Start is darn close to the 200-review milestone on Amazon. So cool! Thanks for your reviews.
I genuinely suspect that @Twitter follower numbers are broken. Every day, I see dozens of new followers come in, and I somehow magically lose the exact same number?
One unsettling pattern I've seen behind successful people – and behind my own successes – is that desperation is powerful fuel. And not in a good way. If you have a gaping hole in your humanity that you need to fill with a sense of accomplishment, it will never stop leaking.
"You win some, you lose some," is so overused it's meaningless. But it's an important truth to remember when you're trying to do hard things.
RT @dmirams: RT @kadavy "The surprising thing about following your curiosity is that early on it looks like you're a scatterbrained diletta…
When deciding with whom to work, or what work to do, beware the "Agency Problem." /@nntaleb
The most dangerous thing about "irrational rationality" is that it can bring us a world full of things that can harm us, but for which we'll never have enough evidence – at least not until it's too late.
I had heard folks such as @tferriss mention the potential health effects of cell phones & other EMFs, but didn't think much of it. This guide is one of the most practical books I've read on any subject, let alone something as "tin foil hatted" as EMFs:
Unfortunately, CFL bulbs are so efficient because they flicker on/off 20,000 times per second, causing a phenomenon known as "dirty electricity," to which many people are sensitive.
Want to stay within the (ridiculously lax) safety standards of your cell phone? Better hold it as much as 15mm from your head. Sometimes you can find this recommendation right in your phone's manual. Table via:
That ungrounded (two-prong) laptop charger sure is convenient. But it's giving you a low-level shock all day long.
Want to greatly reduce radiation exposure from your phone? Set the data connection to 3G (except for when you really need LTE).
Radiation emitted by an iPhone 6 with 3G connection, based upon distance (far lower than with LTE)
Radiation emitted by an iPhone 6 with LTE connection, based upon distance. (measured by the author of:
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The next time you wait for certain proof that something harms your health, remember how long it took for us to reach that conclusion with asbestos (99 years), leaded gasoline (71 years), trans fats (60 years), & smoking. Via:
Just a reminder that when there's money to be made, your health isn't priority #1.
One study linked prenatal and postnatal cell phone exposure to behavioral disorders in children. EMFs cause blood-brain barrier permeability, which would reduce key neurotransmitters and may cause such issues.
A plausible link between EMFs and Alzheimer's.
Female workers exposed to EMFs suffered menstrual disorders and hormone imbalances.
From this share pic, it looks like @tferriss has moved on from the ATR 2100 mic. There would be way too much "hand noise" otherwise.
I only use the ATR for Skype or otherwise virtual podcasts.
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