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I just published "Dollars and dimes"
Just a reminder that you don't need another personal development book, or podcast, or workshop. Michael Cera already said all there is to know about success:
It takes the human voice to infuse words with meaning.
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As a writer, [brackets] are magical to me. A bracket is a signal that I can write anything I want, no matter how underdeveloped poorly thought out. I know I can figure it out later. All fear disappears the moment I type "["
[New Episode] 170. No, I'm Not Building a Legacy
With as much as Da Vinci studied human anatomy, it's no wonder he painted the most famous and mysterious smile in art history (with the Mona Lisa). /@WalterIsaacson
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RT @_cspags: Wow, one of my favorite episodes. Lots of actionable advice for introverts like myself.
Chrome's "Hold ⌘Q to Quit" is brilliant. And I hate it.
RT @ShinyAndrea: Enjoyed this! Love the idea of an anti algorithm section "Amazon: People who bought this book never buy these books." http…
Don't forget, I'm doing a LIVE webinar today. Learn my tricks for staying motivated to work on your own things today, so you can fire your clients tomorrow.
It's an honor to have Love Your Work included in the @Macs_List top careers podcast guide for 2019:
I just published "Do one thing every day that an algorithm didn't choose for you"
"If I already have a task defined on a todo list, the work is well-defined. If I’m just leaving it up to how I feel to decide what to do next, the work is poorly-defined." Listen:
How to Write a Book is out of the iron grip of Kindle Select, and I just published it directly to @kobo. What an awesome experience! #WritingLife
Make one decision every day that an algorithm didn't choose for you.
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It played for me...Bob Dylan. How fitting. Specifically, Who Killed Davey Moore: About a boxer who died of brain damage after a fight:
Fun anti-algorithm exercise: Say, "Alexa, play [mumble random gibberish] on @Spotify." What did it play for you?
The same way planes don't flap their wings, Artificial Intelligence might not work the way we expect it to work.
The secondary point – beyond money value of mental energy – being that when you use a dollar to buy something that costs a dime, you now have three quarters, a dime, and a nickel. Attention fragments with each "purchase."
The point being that when you use a dollar to buy something that costs a dime, you now have three quarters, a dime, and a nickel. Attention fragments with each "purchase."
Using your best mental energy to do your most important work can be thought of like this: You can't use a dime to buy something that costs a dollar, so why use a dollar to buy something that costs a dime?
I just published "Process Before People"
Motivating yourself is completely different when you're building a solopreneur business. I'm holding a free webinar this week to show you how I do it:
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Listen: 169. Andrew Warner (@AndrewWarner) of Mixergy Does it For Love
I just published "You Do Your Best Thinking When You Aren't Thinking" -
It's great to write many words, but the ability to distill a complex concept into a few catchy words is a deceptively difficult art.
(Not synonymous with "gentrification," but certainly in action in gentrification.)
Is there a name for this economic phenomenon?: New norms create price increases that aren't of utility to a person/people. Example: "Every apartment building in that neighborhood has a dog spa. I don't care about dog spas, so I can't justify that high rent." /@tylercowen
How can you get the most out of conferences, even if you’re an introvert? @vvanedwards shares her tips. Listen:
RT @Aleky_Waweru: Be a little more curious! Make the pursuit of curiosity your metric for success by @kadavy
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I just published "The Curious Illusion of Perfection"
If there's ever been a day to back the show on Patreon, that day is today. Two raw interviews – one with @SethGodinBlog, and another with @austinkleon – were uploaded today. $5+ backers get to hear them two months, and one month in advance, respectively.
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My February income report is live. Learn how I optimized the subtitle of my book.
[New Episode] 169. Andrew Warner (@AndrewWarner) of Mixergy Does it For Love
"When you’re transitioning from one task to another, you’re at risk of falling off the tracks. If you understand the factors at play, you can design task transitions that will keep you productive and focused." Listen:
I just published "Experts & Angels"
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If you can't think of what to write about, it's probably because you have so much to write about that you don't know where to begin. Start with literally anything. #amwriting
Staying motivated when you work for yourself is totally different than when you work for someone else. I'm giving a LIVE webinar training next week on staying self motivated as a #soloprenuer
Teaching something you've struggled with and overcome yourself (for me, aspiration procrastination, or building a solopreneur business) is infinitely easier than teaching something that's a native skill (for me, design).
I just published "The Compromise"
Build your creative assets. /@markmcguinness
"With foolproof triggers as a part of your productivity system, you can operate fluidly throughout your day, and focus your mind on what lies in front of you." Listen:
I just published "Say Everything"
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