I invest in tech companies @Venrock, like @DollarShaveClub, @YouNow, @Smartling, @DapperLabs, @AminoApps, @MistyRobotics, @SimbeRobotics...
Excellent summary from @coinfund_io This was a year of steady infrastructural progress - Substack https://nzzl.us/efkaprG
This is excellent. https://www.sametab.com/blog/operations-and-internal-communication-strategies-for-effective-ceos
*according to Nielsen, not Netflix, so this data is probably not accurate, but we put it in the headline as if it is. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/06/business/media/irishman-scorsese-netflix-ratings.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share
"Food retailers globally lose $325B annually due to items being out of stock. It’s the main reason why shoppers leave a store without buying anything and manually checking shelves can take several hours a day. @simberobotics changes all of that." https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2019-automated-grocery-stores/
Windows != embedded OS
RT @AwardsDarwin: This will never get old.
RT @techreview: A neural network has identified which parts of Henry VIII Shakespeare did not write—and who actually wrote them. https://t.…
RT @simberobotics: As the holidays approach, our robot Tally ensures that busy shoppers can find exactly what they're looking for – thanks…
Exciting to see two @Venrock portfolio companies on this list! Congrats to @MistyRobotics and @simberobotics! https://www.crn.com/slide-shows/internet-of-things/the-10-coolest-robotics-startups-of-2019/2
Taylor Swift should use her megaphone to "encourage" Scooter Braun/Carlyle to sell her her masters. She could easily assemble an investor syndicate for this or use just her own capital. Offer 10% above what Braun paid for (her portion) of Big Machine. Then, unleash the Swifties!
RT @faderp: Black Friday is (generally) bad for business. Here's why -- and how retailers can avoid the trap: https://qz.com/1753798/black-friday-is-bad-for-business/
Netflix starting 12 years ago and the 300M present day global streaming subs weren’t enough to signal the “arrival” of streaming to the @nytimes. But when the laggards enter, it’s real! https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/18/business/media/streaming-hollywood-revolution.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share via @nytimes
On May 26, 2016 @realDonaldTrump clinched the Republican nomination. It also is (not coincidentally) the day I registered the domain http://hastrumpbeenimpeachedyet.com . Keep checking http://hastrumpbeenimpeachedyet.com for live updates ;-)
Can we get push notifications
Refresh. Refresh. Refresh...
“Just because a sizable portion of the audience can’t vote doesn’t mean that TikTok should be ignored. Viral content has a way of spreading across social-media platforms, and memes hold outsize sway in shaping public opinions” https://www.technologyreview.com/s/614737/even-if-they-cant-vote-teens-are-roasting-pete-buttigieg-on-tiktok/
https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/19/technology/end-to-end-encryption.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share via @nytimes
RT @rcpopple: “We've witnessed a significant uptick in market demand for zero-emission buses as they now make up nearly 20% of the active b…
RT @RichLightShed: Important 2017 reread from my friend @pakman now that the #streamingwars are in full swing C-H-U-R-N 👇👀🔥 https://t.c…
RT @simberobotics: Spending time in downtown San Francisco? Swing by @DecathlonUSA's Market Street store to see our robot Tally. It scans s…
RT @BlockWorksGroup: In today's first panel, @FortuneMagazine's @ShenLucinda speaks with @multicoincap's @KyleSamani, @Venrock's @pakman an…
RT @somemikesena: If web3 is to succeed at giving users greater control of their info, we need user data to be interoperable across key-pai…
If you like robots, in this #podcast I sit down with #MistyRobotics @arobodude and @BWEnwall for a behind-the-scenes discussion about the launch of Misty II and their evolution into a platform for developers. https://hubs.ly/H0lGvr60 #programmingrobots
RT @mmasnick: When you're a multi-billion dollar company and want to seem hip and cool on social media... but you have a phalanx of lawyers…
There are prob fewer than 10K roboticists in the world, but at least 23M software devs. The Misty II from @MistyRobotics unlocks the full power of robotics for all the SW devs out there. What will you build? https://www.mistyrobotics.com/blog/misty-ii-is-now-available/ #programmingrobots
RT @iramneek: "$NFLX has more technology employees than HBO has employees." ~@ballmatthew
"Instead of trying to build a robot as well as figure out everything that people might want to use it for, Misty Robotics is designing the hardware [and SW tools] and then enlisting independent developers and other companies to create “skills” https://www.fastcompany.com/90423969/misty-wants-to-be-the-iphone-of-robots
This is so good. “The older generations grew up with a certain mind-set, and we have a different perspective. A lot of them don’t believe in climate change or don’t believe people can get jobs with dyed hair, and a lot of them are stubborn in that view.” https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/29/style/ok-boomer.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share
Happy Halloween https://twitter.com/verge/status/1189171311475597312
It’s still funny to me that in TV and movies, the companies who buy the content are allowed to claim to be part creator. It’s the only form of art that works that way.
For a company that’s not really growing, Tiffany trades pretty well. 2.5x revenues. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/28/business/dealbook/tiffany-lvmh.html
“Consumers, especially the affluent young people prized by advertisers, hate ads so much that they are paying to avoid them. At the same time, companies that hire ad agencies are demanding more from marketing campaigns — while paying less for them.” https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/28/business/media/advertising-industry-research.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share
RT @MistyRobotics: Misty is more than a robot. She is a robot development platform that makes robots accessible to anyone who can code - no…
"Rather than say “thank you” to Mr. Zuckerberg for his speech ...I would like to discuss how giving marginalized people a voice is different from giving malevolent users the tools to manipulate sloppy digital platforms." @karaswisher throwin' darts. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/24/opinion/facebook-zuckerberg-free-speech.html
Excited to check this out. https://venturebeat.com/2019/10/23/netflix-open-sources-polynote-to-simplify-data-science-and-machine-learning-workflows /
RT @Jason_yanowitz: WILD first panel coming up at DAS: Markets 🔥 Investing in Infrastructure: - @pakman - @AriannaSimpson - @KyleSamani…
https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/23/well/move/something-in-the-way-we-move.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share via @nytimes
RT @Fwiz: The event happened yesterday, and there's still almost a million people concurrently watching Fortnite live on YouTube waiting fo…
This was sooo awesome and became the highest priority topic in our household last night, after Fortnite having been dormant for months... https://techcrunch.com/2019/10/14/fortnites-black-hole-stunt-is-the-kind-of-alpha-energy-were-here-for/
I know this is a big deal because @davetisch never wears a collared shirt. #congrats #couturestreetwear https://www.forbes.com/sites/alexkonrad/2019/10/10/boxgroup-takes-on-first-outside-investors-in-new-funds/#5e9ed6ff165a
RT @Model3Owners: Incredible that Tesla can send out messages like this to the fleet. It’s one of the reasons why they’re so ahead of the c…
“Congress’s Contempt Power and the Enforcement of Congressional Subpoenas: Law, History, Practice, and Procedure” https://fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/RL34097.pdf
RT @ledzeppelin: Led Zeppelin soundcheck 14th March 1969, Uppsala University Hall, Sweden. Photo by Sture Carlsson-Företagens Historia. Fro…
Has ⁦@Ticketmaster⁩ ever worked for you, like, ever?
This was a fun and stimulating conversation with @PennEngineers about their entreprenurial futures. Thank you @vijay_r_kumar and Prof Chan! https://twitter.com/vijay_r_kumar/status/1179524353794248705
RT @jbrukh: I sat down fireside style with @pakman of @Venrock. We cover all the latest outlook on the blockchain space. Tune in also for t…
Also, ATTENTION BEHAVIORAL TARGETING ALGORITHMS: I have already bought a new iPhone case. I am no longer "in market".
I beg you never to visit the website of a phone case company. I did so and now my instagram feed has been taken hostage by hundreds of iPhone case ads! Help me!
It’s shoes and streetwear all the way down. Search the way you want to live David ;)
Some exciting personal news from me https://medium.com/@rsarver/my-next-adventure-64e1ca47223a
whoa, excited for you. Can't wait to hear more. :)
Sounds fun, Ryan! Excited to learn about the next step.
Congrats Ryan! Can't wait to hear what you're up to next...
Can’t wait to hear more about this next journey!
I would pay @LinkedIn, say, $2/month to add a "promotional" tab to the inbox and put all recruiters, lawyers, bankers, growth hackers, executive coaches and other service providers' messages in there.
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