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SO excited! https://twitter.com/protocol_media/status/1205126955630247942
RT @karenyhan: the beard
RT @CaseyNewton: Twitter's @bluesky project gave me a good excuse to revisit the infamous API quadrant of death, Dalton Caldwell's https://…
Lululemon is extremely correct https://twitter.com/CharityLScott/status/1204800122149900288
I’ve had a standing desk for a week now, and have come to an important realization. Standing sucks. Sitting rules. Sitting FTW. Hashtag team sitting. I will not be taking questions at this time.
literally just wrote this tweet and then used my left hand to move the cursor and edit text so I guess I don't really have a hard preference
My only thing is, which finger do you click with on your left hand
index sometimes but a lot of thumb clicks too
index?? so the rest of your hand just like chills off to the side?
yeah kinda! i scroll with the ring and middle, and then click with index or thumb. pinky is just out there like i'm sipping tea
They gave me the company password, countdown until I get fired for my tweets starts now https://twitter.com/protocol_media/status/1204826465197412354
YES YES YES YES https://twitter.com/michaelbshane/status/1204486023213916161
What's a more revealing measure: .5 agreements per dollar, or 1.9 dollars per agreement?
The Echo Flex is a $25 smart speaker that requires you to agree to 13 different mandatory contracts before you can even start to use it, which might be the worst ratio yet. https://www.theverge.com/2019/12/9/21001146/amazon-echo-flex-alexa-smart-speaker-review-price-specs-features
Why in the name of all that is holy is the dek of this story NOT weird flex but ok
https://www.theverge.com/2019/7/12/20691638/acer-predator-triton-900-review-price-specs-features https://www.theverge.c om/2019/10/7/20902433/sonos-flex-price-availability
this was a much worse use of that phrase, really shoulda had more foresight
actually wait the acer one was good, we cool
Incredible https://www.theverge.com/2019/12/6/20999091/away-ceo-steph-korey-apology-employees-toxic-work-slack-logs-luggage-brand
What career skill do you think this one teaches
If you talk on the phone on a train or plane, or while talking to a server or cashier, life in prison https://twitter.com/mattwalshblog/status/1202766196526977024
RT @Kantrowitz: All day today, I have been unable to stop thinking about how fucked up this is. https://www.theverge.com/2019/12/5/20995453/away-luggage-ceo-steph-korey-toxic-work-environment-travel-inclusion https://t.co/KHEfqz…
This is a thing Elon Musk and I have in common https://twitter.com/nxthompson/status/1202436132295921664
I have apparently blocked 14 people, none of whom I remember blocking or remember anything about. Can’t decide whether to unblock them or assume Past David must have had his reasons
RT @reckless: The outrage cycle around the industry-standard copyright license in every terms of service agreement is excellent evidence th…
RT @JakeLaperruque: "You shouldn't skip work you are a lawyer and he is a hamster" https://twitter.com/stephyj725/status/1198765466359140353
RT @EmilyDreyfuss: COME MAKE OUR JOURNALISM LOOK AMAZING, PLEASE https://twitter.com/jopearl/status/1199068879927955456
Just imagine how good our smartphones, our planes, and American democracy (and The Morning Show) could be if all these people actually got enough rest!
The only thing I know for sure in this world is that “waking up early to be more productive” is for suckers https://twitter.com/kerrymflynn/status/1198986019787493378
RT @sheeraf: Love this ⁦@dseetharaman⁩ story, which gets deeply into the heart of the intersection of tech and politics. https://t.co/ec82…
RT @cwarzel: honestly the comments to this deserve a group award of some kind https://twitter.com/GraceSpelman/status/1197950163513479168
RT @JohnGHendy: I asked Joe Biden to talk about the way he talks, which is also the way I talk https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/01/joe-biden-stutter-profile/602401/
If one of these pulls up behind you on the road you are 100% about to die
Oh crap I'm gonna have to buy this ATV
I'm still solidly 40% convinced this entire truck design is a troll from Elon Musk and he's going to eventually roll out something that looks less like a weapon of mass destruction and more like a thing a real person might drive on a real road
The Cybertruck is... something
RT @mattdrange: We're hiring an investigations editor and another investigative reporter to join the team @protocol_media. Come work with @…
RT @CaseyNewton: Amazing @nicoleperlroth story about an ex-Fox News goon and the Macedonians he hired to make us hate each other … as a way…
And for the love of all that is holy CALL IT GCHAT https://twitter.com/joemfbrown/status/1197498547299635201
RT @PeterNickeas: “Please someone respond to me. … I’m sorry I ripped the paper. I overreacted. Please just let me out. Is anyone out the…
Hello from Dreamforce where everything is rainforest-themed, right down to the super hot and humid temperature
Mac mini pro 😍 https://www.macrumors.com/2019/11/19/satechi-stand-mac-mini/
I have never in my life needed anything like I need this
as a Mac Mini owner, i saw this headline and almost pulled my credit card out, until i read that all the ports are capped at 5Gbps speeds and the SD reader is UHS-I, not UHS-II. there’s nothing pro about this. https://9to5mac.com/2019/11/19/satechi-usb-c-stand-hub-mac-mini/
This is an all-timer Dan tweet
Spotify: Here are 40,000 playlists full of songs our super-smart algorithms know you'll love! Also Spotify: Your favorite band just came out with a new single, but we're never going to show it to you
RT @patwmurray: ☠☠☠
What an extremely on-brand way for Google to launch something! Holy-crap technology, but somehow nobody at Google realized that "the gaming console of the future" needs... games https://twitter.com/alexhern/status/1196474333629165568
RT @robinberjon: The heart of privacy is about *appropriate* flows of data. It's not about collection or control, though they impinge on th…
RT @ibogost: The new Ouija board.
RT @mattdrange: Fellow journos: we're hiring great folks to join the team. Come work with us! https://www.protocol.com/careers/
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Also, WE ARE HIRING LOTS. Our team is awesome and we want it to be even more awesome. Tell everyone you know to apply. https://www.protocol.com/careers/
We’re going to have newsletters and podcasts and a website and also I’m pitching a thing where I just come to your house and read you the newspaper. It’s going to be great and our team is so awesome and I can’t wait to show you all everything we’re working on!
I’m interested in paying you to come to my house to read me my newspaper articles. Will pay top dollar for this. Let me know who I can work with on this.
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