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I've been thinking about this tweet for like 24 hours now, because it sums up a thing I've been trying to figure out for a long time. Speaking is a better communications tool, but reading is much faster – so maybe the future is tech that can do both interchangeably? https://twitter.com/huntermoonshot/status/1271119309041999877
RT @sherman4949: It's not TV, it's HBO. I mean, NOW it's HBO. Not HBO Now. I mean, it's HBO, not HBO Max. HBO Max is It's HBO meets So Much…
Can confirm https://twitter.com/janinegibson/status/1271505320104398855
1000000000% agree I love it with my whole heart https://twitter.com/CaseyNewton/status/1271493353566121984
Pros of having a short Twitter handle: easy to remember, feels fancy Cons: Everyone yells at you when they mean to yell at Piers Morgan https://twitter.com/DaveM1642/status/1271439440553160706
RT @mcwm: NYC has been shut down for about 3 months, but some businesses have found ways to get through these tough times. Unlike national…
RT @me3dia: The payoff is grand.
Yeah I can work with this PS5
Hands down the most fun thing about writing an email newsletter every day is spending half my time trying to figure out why everything looks like crap in Outlook
The whole "Facebook is biased against conservatives" crew is going to have a FIELD DAY with Chris Cox coming back to Facebook https://twitter.com/teddyschleifer/status/1271150021962940417
Snap announced a bunch of stuff today, but one jumped out to me. It's called Camera Kit, and it would take Snapchat from "a messaging app" to the most important part of a camera-first future. If Facebook / Instagram is the iPhone, Snap wants to be Android https://www.protocol.com/snapchat-camera-kit
Though I guess it wouldn't be TOTALLY shocking to find out this is what Snap's offices actually look like
Leave it to Snapchat to take the whole Virtual Keynote idea to a truly wild degree
I've now been using @RoamResearch for like three minutes and suddenly I understand what all the productivity nerds I follow on Twitter have been ranting and raving about for the last three months
RT @chrija: If @zoom_us's stock price rises another 20%, this is how our calendars will look like.
Guess now is as good a time as any to admit I've never read an article on the internet https://twitter.com/TwitterSupport/status/1270783537667551233
Truly nothing makes me happier than reading 80 million @backlon words on new versions of Android https://www.theverge.com/21285299/android-11-beta-features-notifications-bubbles-permissions-smart-home-video-google
This whole show has been SO good, if you're not listening you gotta catch up like right now https://twitter.com/alyssabereznak/status/1270753950963101696
RT @mcwm: come work with me !!! cc @WritersofColor https://www.protocol.com/careers/business-editor
I had mine yesterday! Skype is ... kind of good now? Probably because nobody’s using it so the network is just so fresh and clear https://twitter.com/benedictevans/status/1270671782614368259
RT @tomkrazit: New from me: The most interesting man at Microsoft. Here's a profile of Microsoft CISO Bret Arsenault, a daredevil athlete/r…
RT @jank0: Location-based entertainment was supposed to save VR. Now, VR centers and arcades are struggling to survive the COVID-19 crisis.…
Oh cool a new @workflowy feature that means I'm going to spend the rest of today re-organizing my whole life https://beta.workflowy.com/post/fractal-boards/
RT @jank0: Earlier this week, publishers sued the Internet Archive over its National Emergency Library. The conflict is as much about the f…
One thing I genuinely admire about Amazon is that it's better at saying "Well, we tried a thing, it sucked, oh well, onto the next one!" than any other company I can think of https://twitter.com/ScottMAustin/status/1268667834088845312
Yeah! Big ups to @KodSof!
I've learned so, so much from Marques the person and MKBHD the YouTuber over the years, and I have so much more to learn from him in so many ways https://twitter.com/MKBHD/status/1268651702141370368
I’ve learned more from you than you know, man
Demian is the worst and I hate his guts, and also is wonderful and I am enormously proud of him and lucky to have worked with him. But mostly the first thing https://twitter.com/demianbulwa/status/1268617071723548672
This is an incredible story https://twitter.com/KennyDeForest/status/1268288525234876416
RT @elipariser: If you don’t already, it’s a good time to start following some of the many brilliant Black thinkers on tech and platforms.…
tfw u spend most of your morning crafting an automation that will make ur job 2% easier roughly five times per month
it's highly specific to our internal HR systems -- when someone on my team puts in a time off request, I get an email from the system. the automation sees the email subject, creates a Todoist task to review the request and sets a due date for today. then deletes the email.
prior to this i'd been manually creating the tasks so I don't forget to address them and deleting the emails
RT @bizcarson: Microsoft, Amazon and IBM express ‘solidarity.’ Should they end police contracts? https://www.protocol.com/microsoft-amazon-ibm-police-contracts
I learned to sleep through the cargo train that goes by my apartment every night, but I really, really hope I never learn to sleep through the helicopters flying over every night while some guy with a bullhorn yells about curfews
RT @bizcarson: This week on Protocol Pipeline: Launching a startup is hard. Try doing it in a pandemic. Plus, SoftBank staff members are…
RT @issielapowsky: NEW: Inside the White House's race to retaliate against Twitter with a new social media executive order. "The direction…
RT @nancyscola: This social media executive order, should it come to pass, is a particularly interesting moment because it could backfire o…
RT @dlberes: SCOOP: @WillOremus got the inside story from Twitter about its fateful decision to fact-check Trump's tweets about mail-in bal…
My favorite part of today's Source Code is the podcast, in which I forced @birnbaum_e to talk to me at 2am and explain what's going on with Trump's executive order https://pod.link/sourcecode/episode/MjA5M2RiNWItZGRjYi00NTVmLTkzODQtMTAxMzdjZjk3N2Rj
RT @demianbulwa: Terrific reporting as always from @mcwm in this piece on the pandemic and the future of VR headsets in the workplace. And…
RT @birnbaum_e: we got a draft of Trump's social media executive order. here's a rundown: -empowers FCC to review Section 230 -forwards c…
Truly bummed Trump didn't even try to make Twitter add an edit button
So @birnbaum_e got her hands on a draft of Trump's executive order. Basically, the White House is out to completely change the way we regulate social media https://www.protocol.com/donald-trump-twitter-executive-order
Apple TV+ and the Hulu plan with all the ads https://twitter.com/ringer/status/1265729372922601472
RT @sokane1: Launch day THREAD. Welcome! SpaceX is just under 4 hrs away from launching astronauts to the ISS. It’s the first time astron…
I wrote about content moderation, Reddit, and how one screenshot started a fight that took over the platform https://www.protocol.com/reddit-powermods-war
RT @kerrymflynn: Shot: https://twitter.com/kocozach/status/1264589763689971716?s=21 Chaser: https://couriernewsroom.com/2020/05/26/11-local-tv-stations-that-pushed-amazon-scripted-segment/
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