From Human to #Metahuman : The Promise of Waking Up
Technology can be divine or diabolical, used for good or for bad. But above all else, it is neutral. How will you use technology? Join me for our #Friday #Meditation and let’s become aware of our choices. #IAM #DailyBreath
From Human to #Metahuman : It is our destiny to play an infinity of roles but you are not the roles you play 🙏
Ellen Learns About Erections from Dr. Dean Ornish Good job @DeanOrnishMD
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My friend @Shaminijain shares latest science and practical tips on how to #recharge your #energetic self with the #biofield @chitweeting
From Human to #Metahuman : Pure Existence 🙏
There's a myth that when you pay your workers more money that it’s coming out of shareholders pockets--and we’ve found that’s not the case. Don’t miss @MWhittaker_ and @abigaildisney discussing CEO to worker pay on @msbnc with @SRuhle
From Human to #Metahuman : The best version of you today 🙏
Namaste 🙏 @splattfinger @ishtayoga
If you’re a frequent casualty of the afternoon crash, here are three science-backed ways to fight it — no caffeine needed:
Higher consciousness is as natural and effortless as consciousness itself.
From Human to #Metahuman : You are the Divine Being going through a process called a person🙏
My answer--consciousness is most alive at death because it is not bound to experience and therefore free to create again. 🙏
Agree 🙏
Just as a thought exists as a possibility until it pops up so does a choice exist a possibility until you make it. Your entire life experience exists as infinite possibilities in timeless now giving you the opportunity eleternally and always to shape your reality #Metahuman
Thanks for these enlightening answers . Now this question ---is consciousness most alive in death ? Or during experience ?
This week, please join me to discuss something that has become a part of all of our lives: technology. It is here, and it isn’t going anywhere. However, we have the ability to make our future what we want it to be. It is up to us to use it so we progress, rather than regress.
Stillness in Being . Consciousness in motion ⁦@splattfinger⁩
From Human to #Metahuman : Lightness of Being 🙏
Is your experience of the world separate from as witnessing awareness? Yes ? No ? 🙏
You are lightness of being beyond the conditioned mind
From Human to #Metahuman : Free to love . Free to create endlessly 🙏
Have you listened this week to our #DailyBreath meditation? Click the link to listen to this 10-minute meditation- #Meditation #IAM
Experiments Suggest Humans Can Directly Observe the Quantum | Psychology Today
From Human to #Metahuman : Infinite Creativity
I AM: Experience - Daily Breath with Deepak Chopra
Deepak Chopra’s Infinite Potential - Sex is Complicated / Dan Savage | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts
This week on #DailyBreath We can tap into our senses, we can be in awe of Painted Ladies and Red Knots, and we can be in awe of the mystery of entanglement because we are the seer and we hold the ultimate instrument of observation. #Friday #Meditation.
I had a great conversation with Ankur Jain on how to make life more affordable - save money on student loans, rent, and even healthcare. Watch here- and do follow @ankurjain_2 @kairoshq
Wisdom from my conversation with Dr. Jean Houston. We are at a cultural crossroads. 🙏 We hope you enjoyed the first season of #DeepaksInfinitePotential Which was your favorite episode?
From Human to #Metahuman : Awakening the Goddess of Wisdom
From Human to #Metahuman : Transforming the world into vibrant living beauty ❤️
Nothing to do ! Being evolves in the field of infinite possibilities. "Infinite worlds come and go in the vast expanse of consciousness like motes of dust dancing in a beam of light." -Yoga Vasishtha
As people become more isolated and unhappy due to our pervasive digital culture, the link between mental well-being and physical health has never been more clear or important. Please enjoy this interview with Jonathan Capehart on @postlive -
From Human to #Metahuman : Waking up from the dream
Right now everyone’s allegiance is split. We identify with our bodies some of the time and with our minds the rest of the time.
Join me for a one-on-one conversation with The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart about the significant impact of our pervasive digital culture on our overall health. Happening now on @postlive #postlive
I'll be speaking one-on-one with The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart about the significant impact of our pervasive digital culture on our overall health. Please do join us tomorrow morning. Subscribe to @postlive on YouTube: #postlive
Humans have a unique experience of the world. We see it, hear it, taste it, smell it & feel it in a way no other species does. This week, join me for your #DailyBreath to explore the mystery & wonders of our minds & this world we live in. #IAM
How can myths help us come to terms with the #infinitepotential of our existence? Tune into the final episode of the season with author and philosopher @JeanHouston, available now: 🙏 #DeepaksInfinitePotential
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