I like to build things (@Foursquare📱, @StockadeFC ⚽️ @StreetFC, Dodgeball 📟) Husband to @Chelsa, dad to 👧🏼❄️ & 👶🏼🚀. I enjoy snowboards, soccer & hot dogs
6-point weekend for @StockadeFC — 2 huge wins! (and now, chilling with a beer) (@ Rough Draft Bar & Books in Kingston, NY) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/dH8PHFf8R7c
RT @mmilberger: It’s official @dens has reached Soccer God status in @StockadeFC country https://twitter.com/dens/status/1132775186443460609
My first time being on a tifo! 📺 Stockade FC vs Hartford City FC livestream at: https://mycujoo.tv/video/stockadefc?id=45798 ;we up 1-0 @ 17 min)
Great fundraiser at today’s @StockadeFC match. Bring your old gear! https://twitter.com/dutchguardsg/status/1132322236294160384
Btw, if you haven’t gotten up to Kingston for a @StockadeFC match, get on up here! (we have another match tomorrow/Sun 6pm) https://twitter.com/stockadefc/status/1132360745415528452
Doing dada stuff today :)
RT @krave: This is the best use of a short domain name I've ever seen
Stockade FC wins and everyone sprints to the bar. 3 pts for everyone! (at @KeeganAles in Kingston, NY) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/79GTOAQSScM
⚽️ Stockade FC vs NY Athletic Club now streaming live from Kingston, NY! (we’re 1-1-1 on the season btw) https://twitter.com/stockadefc/status/1132061628051148803
Hey @Square, I love you guys (we used your POS for @StockadeFC matches – tickets and merch!) but the fact that you can't "duplicate" an item is just crazy. I waste so much time just manually duplicating items –– ugh!
It’s 6:15am and we’ve just learned that both our kids (3yo & 1.5yo) now know how to climb out of their cribs. We are left defenseless — send reinforcements!
RT @Lindseymgreen: My queen https://twitter.com/politico/status/1131594734273622019
This x10000. Tech with soul. Products for people. Building stuff that inspires people. Making awesome things because it’s fun to make awesome things. We had this same ethos with Dodgeball and early Foursquare (and experienced it thru Vindigo & Flickr & Blogger & early Twitter) https://twitter.com/anildash/status/1131411747963850752
Love love love this “new game every day” vision! (ps: new, minimalist handful gaming platform... read the whole thread!) 🕹👾 https://twitter.com/playdate/status/1131307594939654144
RT @VNL: Social Media Marketing in 2019 in one tweet. https://twitter.com/adweak/status/1130981883012009984
10000% agree with this. https://twitter.com/evgrieve/status/1131366055274844161
RT @Well_Regulated_: A member of our well regulated militia, Ice T, says that he almost shot an @amazon delivery driver because the driver…
RT @AMLG23: today in favourite headlines 🖕🏼🌈 Police in Turkey blast pride parade with water cannons, accidentally create rainbow https://…
RT @johnsemley3000: an interesting consequence of the dystopic “gig economy”: almost getting murdered by Ice T. https://twitter.com/finallevel/status/1130885877759205376
Graduation advice is often loaded with inspiration but lacking in practical follow-through. For our special roundup, @dens makes "Follow your dreams" more concrete, by sharing how tenacity helped him build @Foursquare. https://firstround.com/review/our-top-6-pieces-of-career-wisdom-for-new-grads-and-everyone-else-too/
Haircut correction. Mullet had to go. (@ Neighborhood Barbers in New York, NY) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/liSJFrGEFoB
I thought these could make it *one more night* but I totally Zion’d ‘em at Randy’s 39th
Happy bday Randy! (3x3x3 with the old @AlphabetCitySC crew) (@ The Backyard in Brooklyn, NY) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/bJ7KF03m1Fq
RT @skamille: When are you millennials gonna make a Pokemon-themed engineering career ladder???
PEOPLE OF NYC, the greatest art/tech/products/ music/theater/robot show in NYC is happening today + tomorrow (near Astor Place). I went to grad school here and it was incredible (ps: Dodgeball was my thesis project :) https://twitter.com/ITP_NYU/status/1130877471967121409
RT @StockadeFC: Respect! https://twitter.com/NPSLSoccer/status/1130661564640616449
Very cool. This was an old NYU / ITP hangout of ours. @arainert @Superkb @rongoldin @argobot https://twitter.com/evgrieve/status/1130820435631906817
OMG this “ABC gum” controller at the @NYUGameCenter student show is freaking me out. Brilliant! (ps. spotted in the weekly email)
RT @jw: Yesterday's enterprise apps love blue. Today's enterprise apps love ALL THE COLORS. 🎨🌈
RIP Nike turf boots (have had these almost 8 years!) (@ Sara D. Roosevelt Park - Nike Field - @nycparks in New York, NY) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/lTHzSjtTDpY
My thoughts as well as I listened to this on my way to work... https://twitter.com/chd/status/1130512426800050176
RT @heif: The most interesting consumer founders I know obsess about humans, deep human needs, humanity, human connection, intense human st…
😂 https://twitter.com/fimoculous/status/1130305347405664260
ps: If you’re shopping for a more satisfying ending to something (ahem, #GoT), don’t snooze on this 92” corner-to-header-to-goal (!!) that gave @StockadeFC it’s first win of the season! (last night in Rhode Island!) https://twitter.com/stockadefc/status/1130132766799159296
So, QQ: where was Jon leading all the WildThings at the end? Like walk into the woods and they’re all going... where???
RT @simaakassem: @DemetriusHarmon plot twist: arya stark cut her hair again and disguised herself as a boy under the alias Christopher Colu…
RT @DemetriusHarmon: arya finna fucking discover america
Wait, no “behind the scenes of GoT” after this episode? Still so many Qs! They def tricked us into watching two looong trailers for future HBO shows tho (aka: finale was very heavy on the “please don’t quit HBO!” pre/post-roll upsells)
Watching this just took me back to tiny 'lil @StockadeFC winning our Conference Championship two seasons ago and just how crazy meaningful it was for everyone involved, players and fans alike... https://twitter.com/JurgenPressed/status/1129436324812001283
Also: 3yo 👧🏼❄️: "I don't want the soft money, I want the hard money!" Translation: "I appreciate your tip for my guitar playing. However, I'd appreciate coins over dollar bills."
3yo 👧🏼❄️: "When the lights are on, it's up time!" Translation: "If the sun is still out, I'm not going to bed!"
RT @arainert: Had someone said this list was generated by a lacrosse player name ML algorithm, you’d probably say tone that algo down a bit…
RT @ibogost: If it were the 1980s there would be Podcast Cereal by now.
At my parents house this weekend and their landline rings off the hook (and it’s crazy!) And when the landlines aren’t ringing, the cell phones are ringing full blast (no vibrate here!). And everyone’s talking on the phone, no texting! Argh! 🙀
You can check your own at https://myaccount.google.com/purchases?pli=1
Oh my. RIP Grumpy Cat. cc @chelsa @af @traceychurray https://twitter.com/bahjournalist/status/1129410770893189121
RT @arainert: Omg I love this https://twitter.com/drewcoffman/status/1129209278114422784
This is cool: https://twitter.com/thatdamnyank/status/1129260691435663360
⚽️🗽 Hey NYC, @StockadeFC is playing out in Brooklyn on Wednesday 5/29 @ 8pm. It's pretty far out there, but hey, it'll be an adventure! Our team looks strong this year, so should be a good match too. #WeAreStockade
Not a new idea, but it just dawned on me that some of these data sets may actually be for sale (now or in the future???) as name-to-face training data for future camera systems.
aka: if the assignment was “design a system that can create an alternative to the drivers license name-to-face database” — airport gates would be a good place to start. Or hotel front desks. Or office building front desks.
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