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Woo hoo! HubSpot launches Free Email Marketing in the HubSpot CRM. You have to see it to understand the power. Have a question for me or the team that built it? Ask it on @ProductHunt. Thanks for your support. https://dharme.sh/2kbWvL5
@dharmesh FYI, you've been added as a maker of HubSpot Free Email Marketing on @ProductHunt https://www.producthunt.com/posts/hubspot-free-email-marketing
Jony Ive’s Mistakes: When Beautiful Design Is Bad Design https://dharme.sh/2NUJeV7
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Was filling out my @ProductHunt maker profile and was thrilled to see "HubSpot" as one of the detected skills. You can follow/find me here: https://dharme.sh/2ly7TBh (stay tuned for a hunt tomorrow)
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RT @bhalligan: “Hate is just photoshopped fear” @chrisbrogan
Thanks very much for the kind words. Needed that bit of confidence boost as I'm now stressing over prep for the #inbound19 keynote. https://twitter.com/KathleenRush/status/1149878822508142592
RT @Carnage4Life: People often confuse arrogance & confidence with competence.
RT @kellan: "It’s not really a bet if we say we’re dedicating six weeks but then allow a team to get pulled away to work on something else.…
Question: What is the best business-related keynote presentation you've heard in the past year? Looking to learn from insightful speakers that are masters of their craft. Thanks.
And when I talk about "Developer Experience" I'm talking about both external developers *and* internal ones. #PlatformPeople care a lot about application foundations and frameworks.
And for clarification: I'm talking more about natural talents and skills. I would LOVE to have great UX/design skills, and envy those that do, but it's not my thing. Companies can be both, but individuals tend to lean one way or the other.
Some people are "product people". They're about UX/design and serving customers with a brilliant product. I love them. I'm not a product person. I'm a #PlatformPerson. Platform people are about DX (Developer Experience) and serving customers with a vibrant ecosystem.
As background research for a segment in my #INBOUND19 keynote (https://dharme.sh/2xIp9GJ), I'm watching "Frozen" for the 17th time. My 8 yo is disgusted (yes, he's the one that made me watch it the first 16 times, when he was younger). My commitment to my craft knows no bounds.
TIL PowerPoint slides can be put into "sections," which can be hidden/shown in the thumbnail list. HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS??? I blame Twitter for not magically inserting this in my brain years ago.
I take personal responsibility for you not knowing this. (In my defense, this is likely one of 4 things I know that you don't). It's a great feature. Also, did you know that you can move an entire "section" around in the slide-sorter view?
Also worth knowing - there are much better tools out there than PPT now ;)
Whenever I come across the bio of an amazing former entrepreneur, who is now a VC, it makes me a little sad. Not that there's anything wrong with being a VC. But there's so much right about builders staying builders.
Apple updates its lineup, still no sign of a MacBook keyboard that addresses customer issues. In fact, they killed the MacBook without the touch bar in this latest round. By the way, has anyone met anyone that thinks the touch bar was a good idea? https://dharme.sh/2LjJ7kb
This is something I try to help my 8yo understand *every day*. He tends to want to be very good at things immediately, and wants to move on if he's not -- even if he cares about it. Good news is as he gets better at a few things, he has a point of reference. https://twitter.com/paulg/status/1148246768607485954
Though we're a minor data point and still working towards being a "successful firm", both founders of HubSpot were 39 at the time we started the company. In my experience, age doesn't matter, but a founder's commitment to their cause does. That can happen at any age. https://twitter.com/randfish/status/1147908593749913601
RT @cmclymer: There have been eight total Women's World Cups. Here's how @USWNT has performed in each of them: 1991: 🏆 1995: 🥉 1999: 🏆 200…
RT @garrytan: Kodak invented the digital camera but was so driven by short term quarter to quarter thinking that it failed to capitalize on…
RT @msquinn: This take on the @USWNT win by @Jasongay is <chef kissing fingers> <Alex Morgan drinking tea> perfect. https://www.wsj.com/articles/a-very-american-victory-for-the-u-s-womens-national-team-11562530661
To be an effective public speaker you need to be entertaining enough to keep their attention and useful enough to deserve it.
RT @MollyJongFast: You guys, I don’t think the Trump S&P is crushing the Obama S&P.
A great interview with one of my all-time favorite VCs. Worth listening to. https://dharme.sh/2FW44NA by @gradypb
RT @searchbrat: The sign of a great leadership team isn't in the decisions they make; it's in the decisions they disagree on but fully comm…
Hey @dhh and @jasonfried, if this whole "create the most remarkable project management software, ever" thing doesn't work out, you both have a promising future in helping folks figure out the whole "attract amazing talent" thing. https://twitter.com/dhh/status/1147123398423830529
RT @andreasklinger: "Every person in your company is a vector. Your progress is determined by the sum of all vectors." — @elonmusk /via…
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Sometimes magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect. ~ Penn & Teller
RT @timmfin: “It’s all well and good to memorize the principles of good research design, but you will never feel them in your bones until y…
RT @robkhenderson: Ages at First, Best, and Last Work by Scientific Discipline: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/95f5/9474053184a900c0fbc5d255129ac9e33839.pdf
Love that @dougkessler loves that @ardath421 loves this. https://twitter.com/dougkessler/status/1145798395644301317
Anecdotally, I can confirm this. It might be unsustainable. https://twitter.com/sivers/status/1145803493200060416
Good: Checking ego in at the door. Better: Leaving ego at home so there's no need to worry about checking it in. Best: Boxing up ego and sticking it in storage so not tempted to wear it in public.
So, my theory continues to hold. A vast majority of geeks are introverts -- including those that people think are extroverts. https://twitter.com/rrhoover/status/1145036022071214080
Who is the most well-known, extroverted geek you can think of? If you can't think of *any*, would love to know that too. Thanks.
Monday evening 7/1 FREE outdoor community screening of @HiddenFigures starring #INBOUND19 speaker @JanelleMonae. Columbus Park, 110 Atlantic Ave, Boston, ~8:30pm ALL are welcome - RSVP: https://dharme.sh/2KKk9db #reshapethefuture #blackintech #changemakers #history #womenintech
RT @mkobach: Actual habits of successful people: • Wake up when their body tells them to • Read stuff that interests them • Exercise when…
Congrats to @rahulvohra and team. Literally the best email client I've ever used. @Superhuman raises $33M series B from @a16z https://dharme.sh/2RDNqqs (#happyinvestor).
RT @Kimwalsh7: This is so incredibly important! Chief is very serious about placing more women in leadership positions and cultivating thos…
Some things are better together. HubSpot and WordPress are no different. That’s why I’m excited that today marks the beginning of a relationship between HubSpot and WP Engine to help our shared customers grow better together. Read more here >> https://dharme.sh/2YdZIZ8
Congrats to long-time friend @smartbear and both the @wpengine and @HeyFlywheel teams. This is a win for all involved. Cheers. https://twitter.com/asmartbear/status/1143234575960825856
Early years: What's a credit score? Not-as early years: I need to improve my credit score. Later years: I hope to never again need a credit score.
The #FlashTag method still works wonders for me. Working on some slides for a big strategy meeting, and my slides have #recommendation and #suggestion in them. It works. https://twitter.com/andreasklinger/status/1143103011759284224
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