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RT @lucia_adams: “The effective interest rate on cultural debt is usually higher than on technical debt”: @dharmesh of HubSpot on why he pr…
Apple: We have a new MacBook Pro with 8 cores. It's the best pro notebook. Me: Did you fix the crappy keyboard? Apple: Did we mention that it's really fast?
Oxymoron: A new, universal standard.
Love this visualization. Anyone know what software is used to produce this? https://twitter.com/km/status/1130622098202693633
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you do to provide practical, down-to-earth advice to so many entrepreneurs. I'm a big fan of your work. Thank you. p.s. Yes, I'm taking your advice, starting with this tweet. 🙂 https://twitter.com/jasonlk/status/1130155918862061568
RT @matthewjdowd: Happy bday British philosopher Bertrand Russell, b. 1872. “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics a…
* son wins huge inflatable baseball bat at fair. mom: I like your Barney Bat. son: [ ] (he has never seen The Flintstones) mom: I call it the Barney Bat. mom: You know what I call it? son: The Barney Bat? mom: The Barney Bat.
Marketer 1: Content is king! Marketer 2: Context is king! * [dracarys] both are burned to the ground. Daeneyrs: I am Queen. There is no king. * There be dragons.
This is going to be awesome. https://twitter.com/bhorowitz/status/1129437888238592002
"Five Dangerous Myths about Product Management" - @noah_weiss https://link.medium.com/6PCParMFLW
When fund-raising, the best response to a "quick no" is a "quick thank you". Remember: It's more profitable for investors to give you a "slow maybe" (just in case). When they give you a "quick no", be grateful and move on. https://twitter.com/cdouvos/status/1128659916208709635
Former Constant Contact CEO joins Somerville startup Pepperlane as chief product officer https://dharme.sh/2Hprtbz Gail's a legendary entrepreneur and one of the most clueful people I know.
Dear blessings in disguise: You don't have to go all out on the costume. A fake nose and mustache would be OK.
Fascinating interview (FROM 1998!) with the guy that wrote "Game of Thrones" https://dharme.sh/2Q2wKs8 (lesson: it's OK for your life's work to take most of your life).
How HubSpot Is Helping Startups Elevate Their Growth https://dharme.sh/2JD6yTH
RT @bhalligan: Getting your product to market first is overrated. Getting your complete customer experience nailed is underrated.
I'm with Mike on this one. Complexity is just not worth it. Complexity is *rarely* worth it, but especially true for comp. https://twitter.com/mvolpe/status/1128291582812098562
@bhalligan and I talk about this regularly. HubSpot still feels like early innings to us. Yes, we've done some things -- but we have so much to yet to learn, and so much yet to do. https://twitter.com/WebInbound/status/1128273280027197440
RT @crabfisher: We decided to run some billboards in San Francisco. If you see any in the wild, shout them out to us 🤗❤#HubSpot https://t.c…
How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name https://dharme.sh/2LCJWFm by @fastcompany (The font legibility thing is very real.)
Right there with you, my friend. It's been amazing. Look forward to many more years ahead. https://twitter.com/bhalligan/status/1127241987587964929
RT @levie: The cloud is far larger than we realize because of the amount of "non-consumption" in most software categories due to the cost a…
“A hallmark of true expertise and insight is making a complex subject understandable. A hallmark of mediocrity and bad strategy is unnecessary complexity—a flurry of fluff masking an absence of substance. FAILURE” ― Richard Rumelt
I wish more panel moderators would read this at least once in their lifetime. https://twitter.com/AnneMostue/status/1125448806785540097
RT @bhalligan: How Using Humans And Chatbots Together Generated 182% More Qualified Leads http://bit.ly/2HbTzFB via @HubSpot @connorciril…
I’m far more critical of myself than my toughest critic has ever been of me. I’m grateful to have learned how to meditate 30 years ago because I learned how to stop the inner critic. Mindfulness is an essential part of mental health—one antidote to an inner critic. What’s yours?
Mountain biking alone for 6 hours a week.
Playing piano. (Or trying to -- see, there's that inner critic again...)
Time flies when you're changing the world. Thanks for all that you do. My son and I are big fans of @khanacademy. p.s. Dinner's on me next time you're in Boston. https://twitter.com/jeresig/status/1126633723229822976
RT @meladorri: Servant marketers care deeply about putting the customer first. It means thinking of yourself as a trusted advisor—someone t…
RT @ycombinator: New episode is up. HubSpot CEO and cofounder Brian Halligan (@bhalligan) with Kevin Hale (@ilikevests) https://t.co/r7oa…
RT @chiefmartec: The 5 fastest growing new apps @HubSpot's ecosystem Q1 2019: @OutgrowCo — groovy interactive content @Survicate — custome…
Thanks for believing in us since the early years. We continue to invest significantly in customer support (and it continues to pay dividends). https://twitter.com/fbowman/status/1124418140811796480
Worth listening to. Fast-paced and so much down-to-earth wisdom. https://twitter.com/twentyminutevc/status/1124319960782835712
Thanks for the support and kind words. Glad you were able to join us for Platform Partner Day. Cheers. https://twitter.com/orgcharthub/status/1124251083881242625
This gets my vote for "twitter thread of the week" (I know that's not a thing, but still...just read it). https://twitter.com/reinpk/status/1124005353446940672
RT @HubSpot: “It’s fine to market to a #persona, but you build relationships with a person. Be prepared to interact with them how, where, a…
RT @HubSpot: “Tell a story. Make it true. Make it compelling. And make it relevant.” - @randfish
"This year, marketing-and-sales software company HubSpot took top honors on the public-company list for the second year in a row." https://dharme.sh/2XZ94HF
Providing support to SMBs is not easy -- but it's important. HubSpot went all-in on support from Day 1 and it has been a major contributor to our growth. https://twitter.com/jasonlk/status/1122877740749746177
RT @AWSstartups: Hear from @HubSpot on how startups can approach content marketing - https://amzn.to/2ZKP1OT
30 Companies Explain How & Why They Switched Their CRM and Marketing Automation Software https://dharme.sh/2XXd7EK by @insycle
RT @Brasilmagic: Interesting
Welcome to the team! I think you'll find this new chapter engaging and rewarding. Cheers. https://twitter.com/EthanKopit/status/1121069458498441216
I like this a lot. https://twitter.com/tacertain/status/1121429740596785152
RT @bhalligan: How to Grow Your Business - Business Guides - The New York Times https://nyti.ms/2vaakeN
RT @joelgascoigne: “An organization, as a whole, is more conservative and resistant to change than the individuals who comprise it. Do not…
RT @bhalligan: Tides are turning for small businesses that want to grow: http://thein.fo/39263ca87178a219
The most successful companies build a product people want and a culture people want to be a part of. Recent example: @zoom_us (voted one of the best companies to work for). Disclosure: I'm long Zoom stock.
The most successful people I've encountered are humble. They have a high achievement/ego ratio. Correlation or causation?
RT @allspaw: Some of the best conference talks I have ever attended didn’t have even one “actionable” “takeaway”, unless you count shifting…
RT @TheLoveBel0w: Speeches like these give me the impression that Senator Warren understands the intersection of race and economic inequali…
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