OFFICIAL DON CHEADLE, OG Kung Fu Kenny 🤜🏿🤛🏿 #resist 👣🔥single issue dem voter in 2020
RT @jennycohn1: This. It will not suffice for us to vote in record numbers. We will need to help monitor the chain of custody and counting…
RT @keithboykin: Trump flew to Dallas today, allegedly for a roundtable on race and policing. But Trump did not invite the Dallas police ch…
RT @benniejsmith: If only people saw the Georgia Primary problem in advance and spoke out about it. People who really understood technology…
RT @AOC: People really need to ask themselves why their communities chose to erect statues to slaveholders instead of abolitionists.
you hear that, bail bots...?
uh ...
RT @KurisuS: @MaxKennerly @jeffmason1 Particularly odd position since Trump is such a vocal supporter of honoring the flag.…
RT @jennycohn1: What the eff is wrong with so-called voter protection groups that have turned a blind eye to what happened in Shelby County…
we're gonna pray for you, johnny pretend movie character last name. have a better tomorrow. and if you have some neck exercises for me, that'd be great. which ones are your 'go to's? 🏋🏿‍♂️
another "christian" from the cheap seats. #consistent
anytime now i think
sigh ...
jesus ...
yeah. he just said, "the black people." completely different.
and you said he wasn't a great orator
no words
To be sure, the data is not conclusive and is a small sample size. KARE 11 looked only at the arrests from May 29 to May 30 that were made available on the jail roster as of 11 a.m. Saturday. The records do not say specifically whether a person arrested was connected to the riots
los angeles right now ...
what was that last part again? if a knee bends in the forest and EVERYBODY sees it, does it still make a sound? asking for #7. 🏈
yes. thank god for small miracles.
we call that a "smilestle" ...
yes. but with tea.
when you leave ALL the buttons undone ...
well, don't color-coat it. tell me how you really feel.
coward says what ...?
you're really bad at this, huh ...?
um, we... we watched it happen live. they identified themselves continually. continuously. clearly. credentialed. you need to try again.
none of these acts are mutually exclusive. i do them all. ✌🏿♥️✊🏿
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