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Chivalrous gentleman.. just add fine tequila.
@TheRock you’re the best! Thanks for being such a bada$$ mentor and inspiration...and mostly thank you for putting up with my boyfriend @PKSF1 who is your biggest fan 🤪 #projectrock #rockfam @ Los Angeles, California https://www.instagram.com/p/ByvKj11ndYU/?igshid=bz7rcgkjex8p
Thank you fam and the honor is truly all mine. 🙏🏾 Let’s all take a tequila 🥃 shot every time I say the word “goals”. Good to see the kid’s vision for the future was as on point as his eyebrows 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ #MTVAwards 👊🏾 https://twitter.com/mtv/status/1139683942901125120
Thank you fam and the honor is truly all mine. 🙏🏾 Let’s all take a tequila 🥃 shot every time I say the word “goals”. Good to see the kid’s vision for the future was as on point as his eyebrows 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ https://twitter.com/mtv/status/1139683942901125120
Holy shit where do I even begin with this @MTV interview from back in 2001. This weekend I’ll have the privilege of being honored by MTV for the ICON GENERATION AWARD. Shaking my head as I’m watching this kid talk… https://www.instagram.com/p/ByssktIFc8N/?igshid=18rswfz6erc6h
Sad to read this but grateful, Olivia was able to see my message to her. Rest in love & light 🙏🏾💫 https://twitter.com/ctvwindsor/status/1139188158711685120
War time. Our new HOBBS & SHAW spot. And allow me to reintroduce her @eizamusica handling business! Big shout to my guy #BadBunny delivering the bad ass gospel 🎶. Nothing is stronger than family. HOBBS & SHAW AUGUST 2ND 🌍
Thanks BD. Gonna be a fun night this Saturday! #GenerationAward @MTV And my tequila line is a comin’ my friend.. working hard to deliver by Christmas 🎅🏾🥃 https://twitter.com/brandondavisbd/status/1139198495125123073
This one means a lot. Box office revenues are cool, but the thing that really matters is the blessing to positively influence and impact generations along the way. We’re gonna rock the house and the mana (and tequila;) will flow this Saturday night!! #generationaward #mtv 🍿🥃 https://twitter.com/mtv/status/1139186432822587392
Mahalo Bran! I’ve made a few “sucks” (hello Baywatch) and in no uncertain terms, this movie is not one of them 😂 HOBBS & SHAW is a gigantic summer popcorn flick. You’ll have a lot of fun! 🍿🥃 https://twitter.com/brandondavisbd/status/1138263395260686336
When art imitates life - I like to build stuff. Great week of production on season 5 of our HBO’s BALLERS. Good to be back with our hard working, exceptional production crew. They’re all focused and working hard… https://www.instagram.com/p/BybEEBAl9Mt/?igshid=15w8hhhgqjxn
I always go into things like this with neutral expectations, because you never know how the Supreme Court will view it. Thank you judge. Now that I’m officially a journalist... 🙂👍🏾 https://twitter.com/thr/status/1136925032989507586
Get your HOBBS & SHAW tickets and don’t miss the biggest showdown the FAST & FURIOUS franchise has ever seen. Bat. Shit. Crazy. Fun begins AUGUST 2ND 🌎 https://twitter.com/odeoncinemas/status/1136675366976839681
Wow check out my 8yr old AFRO!! I loved Montclaire Elementary!! Had my first crush (see what you could’ve had Eve??!😂) and was bullied by a punk and waited for him after school and punched him in the face. End of that, bs 😁. Big love to all the kids and staff. #CharlotteNC 🖤 https://twitter.com/wilsonsworld/status/1137022821740228609
Preciate U!! Workin’ hard to restock now. Stay tuned and enjoy!! @UnderArmour @ProjectRock https://twitter.com/bigbillyb/status/1135950900089053184
Thanks so much to everyone for the sweet results. Just over 72hrs and these are 100% sold out. THANK YOU! Working hard now on the restock - thanks for your patience May take a while. #EarTequila @ProjectRock @UnderArmour https://twitter.com/stupiddope/status/1134693310969405441
War. HOBBS & SHAW AUGUST 2ND 🌎 https://www.instagram.com/p/ByPFrDdFyQv/?igshid=127bd8wdw8vjl
Doesn’t look pretty but it sure is heavenly. #CheatMealSunday 33oz Bone In Ribeye with 1 pound loaded baked potato. Whole heartedly enjoyed in my office earlier this evening. For the record, “Bone In Ribeye” was… https://www.instagram.com/p/ByPDkDNlLZv/?igshid=efvqm7urc3v5
😂 My boy @thegreatkhalid’s the best. He totally kept his composure when we met, especially after I told him I literally listened to his entire album earlier that afternoon and had no idea we were gonna meet that night. True story. Crazy fate. 👊🏾 https://twitter.com/bigtop40/status/1135219544128184322
Guys, M to the K is ready to kick ass.. She’s the all everything woman. Awesome new movie coming out next weekend, called LATE NIGHT. Rockin’ my #ProjectRock women’s gear. And she gets shit done in Hollywood. Our kinda trailblazin’ gal 💪🏾🙌🏾👊🏾 #rentsdue https://twitter.com/mindykaling/status/1135250251609100288
Just wrapped JUNGLE CRUISE, for DISNEY and had to shift major gears and to start filming season 5 of BALLERS for HBO. This series has been a helluva learning curve to produce and star in — but what will always… https://www.instagram.com/p/ByOYY3iljoV/?igshid=1dipucmij2z5a
If Emily Blunt’s looks could kill 😈 Ladies and gents, that’s an OFFICIAL WRAP of production for our DISNEY’S JUNGLE CRUISE. To our hard working and brilliant crew and filmmakers - THANK YOU for your commitment and… https://www.instagram.com/p/ByL9fJql9rB/?igshid=1a3jlhnokvz6c
I had a funny feeling all week about this fight. HUGE congrats and respect to Andy Ruiz, the new (and first ever Mexican) World Heavyweight Champ. Watched some of Andy’s training this week - dude’s got fast hands and hits f*cking hard. AJ will no doubt come back better. #andnew
Thanks @Forbes and @SportsBizMiss. We had a very successful launch yesterday with my new headphones. Like fine tequila in your ear. Lots of happy customers. 😉👂🏾🥃🎧 https://www.forbes.com/sites/kristidosh/2019/05/30/dwayne-the-rock-johnson-launches-new-headphones-with-under-armour-and-jbl/
I’m in good company 💪🏾 Preciate my boy @OsheaJacksonJr for the shout. #TodayWasAGoodDay 😉👊🏾 https://twitter.com/djkevlar/status/1134565189825622016
Mahalo for the compliment, but I always need security 😉. These boys have been takin’ great care of me and our crew. Thanks again, stay safe out there and see u down the road. #LPD #ballers https://twitter.com/lagunabeachpd/status/1134590841467445249
Comin’ in hot 🔥 AVAILABLE NOW. My new projectrock @underarmour True Wireless in-ear headphones takes your training and gains to the next level. Engineered for the hardest workouts on the planet and highest quality… https://www.instagram.com/p/ByFnacyFmLY/?igshid=dptoyrnddtpr
Haha happy I could help you 💤 brother. We clearly go to the same doctor, because he recommends 8 Stunners and shotgunning a 6 pack for me. #rockgoesnightnight https://twitter.com/steveaustinbsr/status/1134339407836672002
Comin’ in hot 🔥 SHOP NOW. My new @projectrock @underarmour True Wireless in-ear headphones take your training to the next level. Made for the hardest workouts on the planet & highest quality of sound. Like a fine tequila in your ear 🥃 https://www.underarmour.com/en-us/pid1356424
And then your babies graduate. Very proud of my first daughter daughter @simonegjohnson graduating high school, kickin’ ass and is now NYU bound. I love you and one day you’ll stop pulling away from my beastly arms… https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx3UX7llTEC/?igshid=eoki9zzjnknw
Fanny Pack baby Rock & Peoples Eyebrow Rock are my favs. Flexing baby Rock looks like Satan’s spawn. #smackdownsincebirth https://twitter.com/bleacherreport/status/1132079576929120256
He’s a baaaaad man. The summer’s biggest Smackdown is almost here. #HobbsAndShaw #BlackSuperman AUGUST 2ND 🌎 https://twitter.com/idriselba/status/1131515892607672320
Disastrous is an understatement. I’m grateful for the few hard earned career lessons I learned in Cannes in 2006. But art can be a wild and funny thing years later as its perception changes its reality. @JRichardKelly #SouthlandTales https://twitter.com/latimesent/status/1130216167140802560
I’ll be there in spirit. Join my #SouthlandTales writer/director/friend @JRichardKelly for what’s sure to be a VERY intriguing conversation. https://twitter.com/lacma/status/1128419973108502529
Congrats man on your new book. Totally unbiased, but I think you picked an outstanding subject matter. Look forward to the read. Every page better be nice, or else I will hunt you down force you to watch @KevinHart4real movies (the one’s I’m not in) https://twitter.com/treswritesstuff/status/1130704006622449664
Just wrapped Hobbs & Shaw and had to switch gears for rehearsals 🎸 for DISNEY’S JUNGLE CRUISE with my brilliant co-star, Emily Blunt. Our visionary Spanish director, Jaume Collet-Serra leading our production with… https://www.instagram.com/p/BxqjNuLH-ux/?igshid=15ld25pv74o0z
Awesome news 👏🏾 Three of my favorite co-stars working together @carlagugino @karengillan & Paul Giamatti with an amazing cast of bad ass women. This script is fantastic. Can’t wait to see the movie! #GunpowderMilkshake https://deadline.com/2019/05/carla-gugino-gunpowder-milkshake-lena-headey-michelle-yeoh-angela-bassett-1202616673/
That’s a 100% official wrap on production for the beast known as HOBBS & SHAW. Broke out my ride to shoot a fun final touch for our movie. THANK YOU to my cast, director, producing partners, crew, studio and every… https://www.instagram.com/p/BxkXNuHnfvt/?igshid=1xzgdnlqei5w8
Wrapped Jumanji and flew in to switch gears back into HOBBS mode. Had to handle some final business with a bad dude named, BRIXTON aka THE BLACK SUPERMAN. The character of “BRIXTON” is perfectly played by my… https://www.instagram.com/p/BxcS1c0HbjK/?igshid=1dfo86w6opyge
Our little Sundance Film Festival indie film, #FightingWithMyFamily is available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital TODAY! This film is a 100% true story and a real pleasure for our @SevenBucksProd to produce. Enjoy! http://uni.pictures/FightingWithFamily
I’m all skin and bones, but savagery will always be in the blood. #MamaKnowsBest #SamoanAssWhoopin #HobbsAndShaw AUGUST 2ND
Awesome!! Well done Keanu, Halle and the entire team. Lookin’ forward to watching this! #JohnWick3 👏🏾👏🏾👊🏾 https://twitter.com/ew/status/1126879976878497793
I’m all in to see this movie! I love Hollywood’s “golden age” of true movie stars and entertainers. Fascinated to see Judy Garland’s (iconic, yet tragic) story. Go Renee!! 👏🏾👊🏾 #JudyTheFilm https://twitter.com/judygarlandfilm/status/1126834353194008576
I’m all in to see this movie! I love Hollywood’s “golden age” of true movie stars and entertainers. Fascinated to see Judy Garland’s (iconic, yet tragic) story. Go Renee!! 👏🏾👊🏾 https://twitter.com/judygarlandfilm/status/1126834353194008576
Big mahalo to writer @buffa82 for such a generous piece on this big kid. I believe in relentless hard work, a little luck, not being an asshole and always takin’ care of the audience. Thx man for the kind words. https://www.ksdk.com/article/entertainment/the-rock-says-why-dwayne-johnson-is-the-epitome-of-entertainment-in-hollywood/63-46dacf25-22f0-44b8-b539-b81af07ada18
Thank you Vince! As always, great talking with you and I’ll send you a pic of the cheat meal destruction this weekend 😈🎂 #GR81 https://twitter.com/vincemcmahon/status/1124113903481491456
Thank you Coach D. 2019 is our year! Blood, sweat & respect. The first two we give. The last one we earn. #THEU 🙌🏾 https://twitter.com/coach_mannydiaz/status/1124020431437148160
Sacking the Heisman Trophy was a fun way to completely silence 85,000+ passionate FSU fans at home. And we still lost. Gaaahh 😆💪🏾 #TheU4L https://twitter.com/espncfb/status/1124092074024931328
Thank you my friend. Your FOUR Super Bowl rings are the ONLY reason I treated you nicely. Thanks again big man. https://twitter.com/markschlereth/status/1124300774048030720
This may win the internet today. Well done boss. 😂👏🏾👊🏾 https://twitter.com/bosslogic/status/1124237153892831234
Thank you fam. Look forward to @SevenBucksProd partnering up with you again soon on the next one. And clearly I wish @KevinHart4real on this camel had a much different outcome. https://twitter.com/bet/status/1123972340050726913
Thank you champ! Keep raising the bar in that @wwe squared circle. Upholding and creating an epic legacy all at the same time 💪🏾 https://twitter.com/mscharlottewwe/status/1124077134643912705
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