Dwayne Johnson · @TheRock 🚶 13.71M 🚶
Chivalrous gentleman.. just add fine tequila.
Join me in welcoming our new CMO, Maya Lasry of our Seven Bucks Companies. She embodies our ethos of “audience first” and company’s expansive goals. I expect big things from her. Welcome to the team, Maya. Let’s get to work 🥃🙌🏾 https://twitter.com/deadline/status/1164222029240786944
I’m holding you to your word brother. @thebeastyarde 💪🏾 https://twitter.com/btsportboxing/status/1164258870484709376
If ya smellllll 👅🔥👏🏾🤣 She “channels” her inner Rock perfectly! Proud and excited for @Lilly. We’ve been great friends for years and good to see her ambitions intersect with her actions. Cool, forward thinking move from @NBC. Excited to watch! #ALittleLate https://twitter.com/thr/status/1164160220911681537
I know the big man personally, so I can vouch for this 🤣💧 http://wp.me/p6CIFL-1xM6M
@TheRock eats his weekly cheat meal in solitude 🥞https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aWeIZxfT4E
Congratulations to my friend Dwayne Johnson on getting married. I can’t wait to see the rock. @TheRock
Tonight: @TheRock, @IssaRae and a performance from @Eddy_Grant! #FallonTonight
Welcome to the 🇦🇲 tribe, @TheRock -- honorary Armenian! 💪 https://twitter.com/enews/status/1163429965800644608
Congrats you 2 love birds!!! Couldn’t be happier for you both!! ❤️❤️ @TheRock & Lauren 💍
True story. I personally designed this car for @VancityReynolds to drive in @HobbsAndShaw, but he refused because he hated the white stripes. I didn’t take it personal, as we’re still drinking buddies. https://twitter.com/vancityreynolds/status/1162783086054170625
Mahalo Mands! 🙌🏾 Myself & @VancityReynolds have a unique bond to say the least in @HobbsAndShaw 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️ https://twitter.com/itssobhytime/status/1162738031692079104
A massive #BillionDollarProducer congrats to our President of sevenbucksprod, @hhgarcia41 for this outstanding recognition from @variety. I’ve known Hiram since I was 18yrs old and he started off as my assistant… https://www.instagram.com/p/B1LebTkFTMO/?igshid=1b9jr07lrwssm
Bad ass surprise waiting for me in the traveling circus known as the IRON PARADISE this week. Custom @strengtharsenal bilateral leg press with my PROJECT ROCK BULL at the bottom by the handles. Big shout to my… https://www.instagram.com/p/B1KNaKJFAeP/?igshid=1ups53shw66n6
Happy 18th birthday to my #1 first born daughter, SGJ 🎂🎉🎈 This pic of me holding your hand in the hospital was taken years ago when you were a child and you were knocked out 😴 from the anesthesia after surgery.… https://www.instagram.com/p/B1JAYqPFRr9/?igshid=1d5ym8ittelam
We/I love ya brotha. Way to embrace the island spirit. Btw, that’s actually fermented spit mixed with spiritual kava - that tattoo is permanent. We’re officially family. Like in a weird we’re gonna spend Christmas’s together now kinda way. @thejaredbush @Lin_Manuel https://twitter.com/joshgad/status/1161553444072775680
You’re the best brother. Thank you for the recognition. Always was a pleasure sharing the ring with you. Your story of wrestling fame will always be an inspiring one - you’re the true epitome of success thru RELENTLESS hard work. Much respect and love always brother. #DDP 🐐 https://twitter.com/realddp/status/1161389990049386496
Yup that lil’ easter egg is my 3yr old pet Frenchie named, Hobbs. He’s a demanding, diva actor - like his owner. He did leave a “three curler” gift on the set which the crew thought was hilarious so he earned cool points💩🤣🐶 @HobbsAndShaw https://twitter.com/carolbillings4/status/1161517126169051136
Fa’afetai lava uce for your words. Means a lot. Wanted to showcase and represent our culture to the world w/ a dignity, pride, fun irreverence and relentless warrior spirit ✊🏾 #samoa @HobbsAndShaw https://twitter.com/asiatafive4/status/1161502548408356864
Thanks my man. Things in my line of work and in yours are often, #SuperNecessary 💪🏾😉 @HobbsAndShaw https://twitter.com/sandhumma/status/1161449197041680385
Thank you G. We work hard and take a swing. U know the drill my friend. 🥃👊🏾 @HobbsAndShaw https://twitter.com/thegaryo/status/1161374447791673346
Thank you my friend. Glad you loved the film 🤙🏾 @HobbsAndShaw @SevenBucksProd @UniversalPics https://twitter.com/jassisidhu/status/1161346768275197954
😂👏🏾 I’m 99.8% sure that @JKCorden and @joshgad make a much cooler team than me and ol’ prepubescent, nasally Harry Potter Statham. @HobbsAndShaw https://twitter.com/latelateshow/status/1161139700796542977
Thank you everyone for makin’ this an exciting first week of box office for our lil’ spin-off @hobbsandshaw. #1 movie and $333M worldwide, ain’t too shabby. And remember, the best way to shut the mouth of a 🤡 is to flex with success and a smile. 😉💪🏾💀 @sevenbucksprod
Mahalo nui loa. Happy you dug the movie. #hobbsandshaw 🤙🏾 https://twitter.com/shepdog76/status/1160693770716930049
Not too bad of WEEK 1 box office business. Thanks everyone around the world for having a great time and supporting our little spin-off known as @HobbsAndShaw. @SevenBucksProd https://deadline.com/2019/08/fast-and-furious-presents-hobbs-shaw-the-lion-king-toy-story-4-once-upon-a-time-in-hollywood-china-global-international-box-office-1202665985/maz/
Mahalo Mama. 🤙🏾 @HobbsAndShaw https://twitter.com/bananashark100/status/1160669275557904387
Thanks Yo. Always appreciate your support brother and glad you loved Hobbs and that other guy. @HobbsAndShaw https://twitter.com/michaelyo/status/1160370888098951168
RT @hhgarcia41: Our @HobbsAndShaw team keeps growing! Say hello to #Locke 😂. #HobbsAndShaw @VancityReynolds @TheRock @SevenBucksProd https:…
RT @buffa82: Easily one of the best surprises of the movie. Reynolds’ wise cracking sass matches up perfectly with Johnson’s Cocksman swagg…
Ladies & gents, let me introduce you to the CIA’s “Agent Locke” in our film @HobbsAndShaw. Hobbs’ partner of the last 15yrs. He’s so lethal, he’s known for stabbing bad guys with a brick, while drinking strawberry milkshakes. My kind of killer, brother @VancityReynolds 💀🖤
Ladies & gents the newest member of our @hobbsandshaw team, Special Forces vet, Air Marshal DINKLEY. Cool to see audiences explode w/ laughter and joy when @KevinHart4real makes his surprise debut in our movie. Thanks everyone for makin’ us #1. #TeamDinkley #AbraCadabraBitches
To the victor go the spoils. Saving the best for last.. #august25 #hbo #ballers @SevenBucksProd https://twitter.com/ballershbo/status/1156246709971890176
Right on the kisser. Thank you everyone for making us the #1 movie in the world. Catch @hobbsandshaw this weekend and see what the hype is all about 🌍🥃
🖤 this @usweekly story about my @HobbsAndShaw passion, family & the anchors in my life that keep my driven. Mahalo US Weekly for putting this big kid on your cover 🙏🏾 https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/dwayne-the-rock-johnson-calls-hobbs-shaw-a-passion-project/
“Blockbuster with heart” is a cool description and not easy to pull off 💪🏾❤️ Thanks for makin’ our lil’ spin-off #1. @hobbsandshaw NOW PLAYING 🌍
You’re a special one to all of us @nancyodell and congratulations on such a spectacular career. Not a goodbye, as you’re just moving on down the road to the next amazing chapter. You’re the best my friend. Xo https://twitter.com/nancyodell/status/1159169765795074049
Thanks so much everyone! Like AntMan’s success from the Avengers - ya never know how these smaller movies splinter off from their big franchises, so this win was a big one for us. https://twitter.com/thr/status/1158586260346363904
Finish strong. #ballers #season5 #hbo @SevenBucksProd
People think you’re born with it. But that’s not how it works. You have to take it. Season 5 of @BallersHBO premieres on August 25th. #finishstrong #ballers @SevenBucksProd
☕️💪🏾🌍 #teamnosleep #beijing #hobbsandshow
When the creator of Walking Dead loves @HobbsAndShaw. I smell our universes colliding on screen...🤯😂 https://twitter.com/robertkirkman/status/1157471668354220032
Thanks @GQMagazine. It’s a vibe. (plus wild and wavy is my secret chatroom name). https://twitter.com/gqmagazine/status/1158865601013702656
😂 ✊🏾 that gangsta estrogen. @HobbsAndShaw https://twitter.com/dazedpuckbunny/status/1158871890020188160
Hit ‘em with the moonshine! Thanks for making our lil’ spinoff the biggest movie in the world. Have fun! #HobbsAndShaw 🌍
Aww love this Rachel. Thanks for sharing. Thank you Michelle for the love! Love u back and we are going to make that Jason Stumptom guy (whatever his name is) very jelly. Glad you loved the movie honey 🙏🏾❤️. @HobbsAndShaw https://twitter.com/rachelfox5/status/1158542601798033408
My partnership w/ @VOSSWater is a new chapter for me by servicing the audience beyond media. For years I've been an avid Voss drinker & creating new & exciting health beverages for you to enjoy is a project I'm passionate about. Let’s get to work. #LikeAVoss #LiveEveryDrop💧
Thanks everyone for making @HobbsAndShaw the #1 movie around the world. See it on an @IMAX if you can - it’s an amazing experience. Enjoy! https://twitter.com/imax/status/1158044928670220288
Thank you uce, means a lot. Good to see you at the PC. Keep working extremely hard. It’ll come. #hobbsandshaw https://twitter.com/danielvidot/status/1157824901899870208
Thank you man. Very special to showcase Samoa’s culture to the world. Preciate ya and thanks for watching. @HobbsAndShaw https://twitter.com/mistahislah/status/1157815129528029185
My heart, love & strength go out to El Paso. Victims and their families. Grateful to our first responders. Stay strong as we’re forced to heal yet again. What leader will step up to command wiser/effective talks? Not sure what the answers are but it all starts with open dialogue.
Thanks man and very happy you loved the movie. @HobbsAndShaw https://twitter.com/jasonkneen/status/1157781490379493378
😂👏🏾👏🏾 Don’t tempt me with some cheat meal gluttony!! Bye bye Statham. #HelloGuy @HobbsAndShaw https://twitter.com/guyfieri/status/1157697976715874306
Dearest Rob, thank you amigo. It’s true, in @HobbsAndShaw, I have insanely outstanding chemistry with our familiar friend. Since you created the characters, how does one Garrison Kane get alone with one 💀🏊‍♂️ ? https://twitter.com/robertliefeld/status/1157711111522664448
Well done @vulture. Who the mystery voice is behind the global malevolence is the burning question. The person has history with Hobbs. It’ll be revealed in the sequel. Get ready, you’ll be shocked. 😈 Til then let’s the fun rumors fly. @HobbsAndShaw https://vult.re/31eZfaf
Wow. Huge thank you to the fans for making HOBBS & SHAW the highest audience score in the history of the Fast & Furious franchise. Cheers with a tequila toast of gratitude 🥃🌎 hobbsandshaw sevenbucksprod https://www.instagram.com/p/B0sSQ0AlBHo/?igshid=1dzwa16cz1w08
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