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If everyone did what they could, we would lessen the damage. Energy saving bulbs, smart thermostat, weather stripping, gardening, composting, bike & public transit if possible. Solar & EVs for those who can afford it. Plant based diet has a huge impact. https://twitter.com/rkesten/status/1108115073820704768
A new start may be harder than we thought. My new show #BlessThisMess premieres April 16th at 9:30 on @ABCNetwork
Paul! Thanks! https://twitter.com/pdhmix1/status/1107962751337398272
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12 Angry Men In Black. https://twitter.com/mrjclynch/status/1106281124425355265
He DID remove his shoes. Rachelle caught him going out the door and we grabbed this picture. https://twitter.com/kurtismarsh/status/1105872046964256768
No gasoline, meat or grid power! https://twitter.com/tonytbriggs/status/1104812027896184832
My pal, Rob! https://twitter.com/mathelman/status/1103520085510180864
He died in 1967, sadly. https://twitter.com/hankjanpol/status/1103466640308559873
That’s Eddie Thomas Begley. My cousin. I was in 10th grade in 1965. Wish I had played ball, but I can’t catch or throw. https://twitter.com/hankjanpol/status/1103377477777457152
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The Laemmles did. I have several times. https://twitter.com/bicyclelobby/status/1099817946090782721
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On the way to the @Oscars2019Live_ in my Solar charged @NissanUSA Leaf w @rachellecbegley
I agree. https://twitter.com/jasonbertalott3/status/1099203755386404864
Yes. I comes up in the middle of the red carpet. https://twitter.com/entitledcycling/status/1099725150138728449
Sadly, Rachelle’s not as adventurous as my daughter @HaydenBegley (8 block walk in heels!). So, we’ll go in my solar charged Nissan Leaf. https://twitter.com/awalkerinla/status/1098663184947326977
TWO lucky and talented friends who got what they deserved...a quarter century of unbridled joy. Here’s to another 25! https://twitter.com/mjmckean/status/1096115090657406976
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Enhanced reality...never a good idea. https://twitter.com/charles_aleph5/status/1093003950327033856
With the fast charger and the new 120 mi range Leaf....still a long ass trip! https://twitter.com/relyte7/status/1092998569550860290
I can’t wait! https://twitter.com/blessthismesstv/status/1092889350411554816
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I hope not. Doing what I can. https://twitter.com/wecanchangeus/status/1088342617916669953
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