Bott, not bot. Proud enemy of the people. If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention. Header image from 17th Street in Birmingham, Alabama.
This guy is sitting in the Orlando Trump rally behind the podium. Seems to be cosplaying A. Lincoln.
RT @gtconway3d: He reimbursed the illegal payments to the porn star after he was President. I think he was a Republican then.…
RT @ddale8: Yes! My first live-tweet for CNN.
"Here, hold my country." h/t @judybott
RT @mviser: "People on both sides..."
Trump rally dude sums it all up.
Everyone with a conscience should follow @AuschwitzMuseum.
RT @dandrezner: Bless your heart.
The New Deadheads.
Wait, you're telling me Facebook rolled out an ambitious new technical concept with potential for massive societal impact and it didn't think things through first? Shocked shocked.
What do you mean "we," you lying hypocrite?
mission accomplished banner dot jpeg send tweet
RT @_cingraham: Never seen a divide-by-zero ratio attain this magnitude, frankly in awe
Good good.
RT @kylealden: The new WebView in Windows is going to be a big deal. For the first time, Windows apps (UWP or Win32) will be able to levera…
Resigned to spend more time with his family. Uh-huh.
Once again today I am reminded that reading the comments is almost never a good idea and almost always a bad idea,
Spoiler alert: Not Dick Cheney or Henry Kissinger.
RT @jaketapper: Sentinel has a long history of endorsing Republicans for president including Romney over Obama in 2012…
RT @mjs_DC: 🚨The Department of Justice is *running interference for Paul Manafort* to protect him against charges brought under New York la…
Google continues to have a bad June.
For Fred Trump so loved the world that he gave us his misbegotten semi-literate sociopathic son...
This is a trick question, right?
RT @J_Dot_J: But seriously, I have LITERALLY ZERO faith that Facebook has the means, desire, or ability to act compliantly as a bank and cu…
Don't do it. Seriously, Facebook doesn't deserve your trust or your money.
RT @ZDNet: Protect your online identity now: Fight hackers with these 5 security safeguards by @edbott
Man, this playbook is getting a little tattered.
He's not wrong.
RT @kylegriffin1: Rep. Gerry Connolly on CNN: "The White House has gone executive privilege crazy ... Executive privilege was kind of inven…
I'd rather not, thanks very much.
A surprisingly good Black Mirror episode.
Today in Articles I Have No Desire to Read and Oh Look Who the Author Is: "Andrew Sullivan makes the pro-Bannonism case in a piece entitled, 'What Democrats can learn from Steve Bannon.'”
RT @dellcam: The phrasing plaintiffs use in the Alex Jones case: "The FBI advised counsel that its review located numerous additional illeg…
I'm sure the jury will be extremely sympathetic to Alex when they see and hear this broadcast, with the prominent quote "I'M GONNA KILL..."
RT @chrislhayes: McConnell says of the House bills that have been passed that they are "sending [them] over to America." Not "sending them…
Holy shit.
One way you know RedState is total garbage is that Erick Erickson left and IT GOT WORSE.
RedState is garbage.
generally speaking when you have to append an ed note that says this is crazy bullshit and please don't associate it with our publication that's a good sign the decision to publish might need a rethink.
This article is a big wet sloppy kiss to the Trump campaign: "rigorously trained" volunteers, "meticulously recorded" attendee list, "relentless" email campaigns, a "political juggernaut." That's not how any organization run by Donald J. Trump operates,
RT @jesseFFerguson: As Trump re-launches his re-election tomorrow- POLITICO: "...Trump faces at least 15 criminal or civil inquiries by ni…
RT @HayesBrown: Holy shit what.
The President is an animatronic robot controlled by Fox News.
RT @kevinMKruse: For those of you just now joining this series in progress, please enjoy these past episodes of Everything I Don't Like Is…
Harry Truman got it right in (checks date on clipping) 1952, when news accounts proclaimed "“Republicans are determined to paint Democrats as out-of-control, out-of-their minds socialists.” (Quote verified)
Wow, imagine if the director of the FBI had written a letter to Congress informing them that you and your campaign were under investigation on, I don't know, OCTOBER 28, a week before the election. Oh wait, that happened. To your opponent.
RT @BradMossEsq: I have been screaming this point until I’m blue in the face for two years .... and then he just admits it on live televisi…
RT @kevinMKruse: OK, let's dig in. (1/41,278,029,737,218,002,917,608)
He deleted it, proving that he's not a COMPLETE idiot. (The tweet argued that the fact that Biden, Sanders, Buttigieg and Harris are in one debate session and Warren is in the other is SUSPICIOUS and the DNC obviously is to blame,)
And chaser:
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