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That ratio, btw, was one for the ages.
And finally (although I could probably find a dozen more):
Continuing the theme:
And also:
And also:
For example:
I would like some suggestions here as well. We are partial to @chefjoseandres and @WCKitchen. Also @MSF_USA and @Oxfam. But open to new ideas.
So just another Deplorable Day in Trumpland.
For those of you who are new to this feed, my imprecations involving the late Jack Anderson and his onetime protege Brit Hume are a recurring theme here.
One day the ghost of Jack Anderson is gonna get sick of this shit and lurch over to Brit Hume's place and just kick the living shit out of him.
RT @reesetheone1: @realDonaldTrump F O C U S M A N
Not all heroes wear capes.
Lot going on here.
[extreme Mike Pence disappointed head shake]
"Bannon articulated the zone-flooding philosophy well, but he did not invent it. ... Putin uses the media to engineer a fog of disinformation, producing just enough distrust to ensure that the public can never mobilize around a coherent narrative."
RT @AlanMCole: There are 2 (two) types of Tolkien name. 1. See, Aragorn is one of the Dúnedain, plural of Dúnedan (because that is how plu…
It's called "flooding the zone with bullshit."
RT @SeamusHughes: Is this like the time ed balls tweeted his name and British Twitter went off?
RT @yoda: I’ve had cancer twice. This family is training their child to kill me.
"Some notes on your manuscript..."
Remember 90 days ago, when Trump was obsessed with not including the 45 Covid-19 cases on a cruise ship in the American total to keep the numbers low?
An important thread from someone who knows a thing or two about autocrats and authoritarian regimes.
RT @kevinMKruse: As the president spreads baseless conspiracy theories about mail-in voting fraud, I'll just highlight this line from the o…
Oh dear, this observation is probably not going to age well. I mean, back at the end of February there had only been 15 cases in the entire country, so that was our "lived experience."
RT @SanhoTree: @scottpasmoretv Just 34 new cases and 100 million people have to go into lockdown. Memorial Day weekend of 2020 will go down…
RT @katherinemiller: This has a lot of interesting stuff about how King Arthur Flour has shifted production / logistics to deal with the ma…
RT @RadioFreeTom: The President's Twitter feed is now indistinguishable from the craziest MAGA trolls. It is the evidentiary record that he…
RT @Popehat: The worst thing about Bill Gates injecting us all with microchips will be listening to the guys droning endlessly about how Wo…
A play in two acts. Not sure yet whether it will be tragedy or farce. Check back in three weeks.
RT @MichaelJElston: The more I read about the pandemic of 1918, the more I realize we’ve grown stupider. Sure, there was quackery and an ov…
Every so often Twitter is amazing. For today's exhibit, please read the following remarkable thread.
RT @DavidPepper: One reason he’s so freaked out about vote by mail....a key part of the GOP plan for November is to “challenge” so-called “…
RT @Yair_Rosenberg: Twitter has been calling Biden a "weak candidate" for years, but seems to have failed to convince the American electora…
RT @stephens_ben:
RT @sarahcpr: Outdoor activities approved by the White House: golf, tennis, hiking, croquet, water polo, horseback riding, brushing your po…
RT @svdate: She wrote a book called “In Trump We Trust.”
RT @aaronsojourner: Amazing work by #coronavirus's comms team.
Oh no.
RT @maxberger: A tragedy, in four parts.
RT @EricTopol: May 23, pandemic watch The big 5 (BRIM-US) The tragedy in Brazil is unchecked, very soon to be #1 in cases and deaths/day St…
RT @JudyBott: Ready to party
"In lieu of flowers, please pay someone's open bar tab, smoke a bowl, and fearlessly carve out some fresh lines through the trees on the gnarliest side of the mountain."
It's @judybott's birthday!
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