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What's a good book on the mixed legacy of Robert Moses?
Can't say - looking for something where Jesus is quoted extensively.
There was a big reevaluation in NYC in 2007, amid the renewed prosperity for a city that was ailing badly in the 70s. Book within
The gist is, Caro wrote his opus at the modern nadir of new York. It's a lot better now, so perhaps everything Moses did wasn't bad, the thinking goes
.. Man, your followers are kinda harsh
RT @dnvolz: Can’t recommend enough @eliotwb’s 2017 deep dive looking at WeWork’s Silicon Valley pixie dust https://…
unicorn valuations are a transfer of wealth from dumb institutionalfunds and/or public company investors to smaller venture firms and founding team members
which side of this equation are they on!
RT @Hipster_Trader: “Why did I put all of my savings in Lyft and Uber?”
Thing I can't get over is every incremental $1 that @UberEats generates requires $1 in additional driver subsidy to get there.
Is that just the excess driver incentive? If so, then it's more
Imagine if Steve Ross still owned Citibike / Ford Go Bike
RT @anniekarni: Old Stephen Ross quotes: “I don’t like Donald, okay, we can stop there. We’d be here all day.”
Now occupied by .... Google.
it's fascinating how hard it is for riders to know when Lyft/Uber change their base fares, given the opacity in why an individual fare is what it is
here's our older look at the game theory involved
Ridehail Price increases! Lyft said that in the end of June, it raised prices on 'select routes' in 'select cities.' Suggested Uber also did the same. That follows a countrywide price increase by Lyft and Uber in mid-2018.
When do you guys think the lockup expired??
Deep dive on post-IPO headaches at Eventbrite here:
"Jeff Blau, the CEO of the development firm, personally called Facebook’s billionaire chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, and persuaded her to reconsider that deal and visit Hudson Yards instead."
RT @ellenhuet: WeWork has spent >$40m on the Creator Awards, a live pitch contest that's a "strategic marketing event." Turns out they had…
RT @GregBensinger: Looking like Uber has some work to do
Oh my
For those following close, I initially misread and thought Ibotta was only 18 mos old
App that gives away money is worth >$1 b
18 month old app that gives away money is worth > $1 billion
A situation where "preferred stock" is important!
RT @NicholasMegaw: Klarna is latest fintech to report massive jump in valuation in very short time. Latest investment values it at 60% more…
Good piece on the great bank race wooing WeWork -- and Adam Neumann - for its IPO. Spoiler: JP Morgan won
RT @Samirkaji: July 2011 - 161 VC funds in market targeting $24.5B in commitments July 2019 - 1,004 VC funds in market targeting $95B in c…
RT @NickTimiraos: The Dow has doubled in value over the last 13 years or so. Citing drops in points and not percentages is a good way to mi…
Investors who put money into Uber in late 2015 -- in a private round -- are now down 20% over >3.5 years The Nasdaq is up ~55%
RT @shigashide: 6.9% of vehicle miles traveled in DC. 7.7% in Boston. 12.8% in San Francisco. These are huge numbers (for reference, NYC'…
SoftBank money is everywhere
But do they have straws?
RT @e_baldi: Turns out @Lyft had something to hide: Two additional fires were reported in Berkeley & San Jose BEFORE the fires in San Franc…
This is pretty fascinating stuff
"Musk championed the controversial acquisition of solar panel installer SolarCity in 2016 by unveiling a Solar Roof product in the weeks leading up to the $2.6 billion deal. Tesla is still working on design iterations and testing, the company said Monday in a regulatory filing."
Weird lessons in silicon valley these days
Daaaaaaamn (it's a lot of IPO-related charges)
As in "I applied for a credit card for my business and it was just as amazing as my first ride in a luxury all-electric new category of automobile"
This is a reference to a company that issues credit cards
After dropping by 25% in the past 5 days, Beyond Meat is now just a humble $10.5 B company w/ $200 M of revenue
Adam Neumann looking to sell 88 University Pl, the building he bought half of in 2015 then leased to WeWork Building was bought for $70 M Owners looking to sell for $110 M +
One of my favorite trends is companies that raised money on direct to consumer going ... through retail middlemen. also CBD
S&P 500 since Uber IPO: up 5% Uber since Uber IPO: down 5% S&P 500 since Lyft IPO: up 7% Lyft since Lyft IPO: down 13%
Cuomo's office initially denied a FOIA request for the resignation letter of the MTA chairman (!) released upon appeal, it shows Joe Lhota resigned for concerns over conflicts of interest
RT @CGrantWSJ: From 2017:
Pre-debate news coverage is just the paragon of intellectual enrichment
Periodic reminder that the predominant strategy out of Sand Hill Road has been to make monopolies. They call them, endearingly, "winner takes all"
RT @kimmaicutler: Uninformed residents think other cities in the US send their homeless to SF, but in reality, SF buses out close to 1,000…
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