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Non-compete agreements rig the system against workers. They reduce bargaining power, stifle competition, and hurt workers striving for better opportunities. I'm joining @SenBlumenthal to urge the @FTC to crack down on these harmful contracts.
When I heard reports that @ActingSecDef Patrick Shanahan may have worked to promote his former employer @Boeing, I took action and investigated. Government officials should work for the people – not big defense contractors.
The Trump administration’s Title X gag rule is an attack on basic health care for millions of women and men. I’m urging @GOPHELP to hold a hearing to discuss the impact of this right-wing ideology disguised as health policy.
Anti-Semitism has no place in Massachusetts or anywhere else in this country. I join with the people of Fall River in condemning this hateful act.
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The @DeptofDefense already has a huge budget – and now it’s using a gimmick to request $165 billion more than the amount allowed by law. It’s time to stop saying yes to more, more, more. We have to make smarter investments in our security and re-invest here at home.
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Last year, I talked to @TheRevAl about my plan to take the first step to address the racial wealth gap and decades of federal government housing discrimination. @RepRichmond & I just reintroduced the American Housing & Economic Mobility Act – it's a big solution to a big problem.
My Anti-Corruption Act would ban Americans from getting paid to lobby for foreign governments – period. If foreign governments want to express their views, they should use their diplomats.
A majority of Americans agree: the tippy-top 0.1% of the wealthy should pay their fair share so we can start to rebuild America’s middle class.
RT @genebsperling: Wealth inequality in our nation is a national scandal. This type of wealth tax that @SenWarren is proposing is essential…
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RT @CNN: .@SenWarren joins @jaketapper for a Presidential Town Hall. Live from Jackson, Mississippi. Monday at 9p ET #WarrenTownHall https:…
RT @BrookingsInst: 61% of American voters support @SenWarren's wealth tax, which would create a 2% tax on those with $50 million in wealth…
RT @SeanMcElwee: so this is pretty cool... @SenWarren's new housing policy includes some changes @DataProgress recommended last month. It's…
RT @RepRaskin: NEWS: I joined @SenWarren & colleagues in introducing historic legislation to confront America's affordable housing crisis.…
RT @RepCohen: The housing crisis is serious in #Memphis. 1 in 4 renters pays 50% of their income or more in rent. That’s why I'm pleased to…
Our affordable housing bill has the support of Holyoke Mayor @AlexBMorse & mayors all across Massachusetts & the US. He's right: let's "put every family on a path toward having a decent home at a decent price and achieving the American dream."
My heart goes out to our neighbors in East Boston dealing with a terrifying fire this evening. We’re all grateful for our brave @BostonFire firefighters & first responders who put their lives on the line today & every day to keep us safe.
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A few years ago, I got a stack of letters from MA middle schoolers telling me how worried they were about our planet's future. Today, thousands of kids are joining the #YouthClimateStrike. The message is the same: we must fight back against climate change, before it's too late.
Bigotry and hate have no place in this country or anywhere around the world. We believe that all people have the right to live without fear – no matter who you are, where you’re from, how you pray, or who you love. We will not give an inch on this – not now, not ever.
Last month, I told @federalreserve Chair Powell that he needs to hear from workers & consumers before approving the @Suntrust & @BBT merger, instead of making a deal behind closed doors. Today, the Fed announced 2 public meetings on the merger. It's a step toward transparency.
We have real emergencies in this country that our govt needs to address. Gun violence. Climate change. The opioid epidemic. Student debt. The Senate, House & a majority of Americans agree, @realDonaldTrump: your scheme to build a monument to hate at the border isn’t an emergency.
RT @RepRashida: Proud to support the American Housing and Economic Mobility Act with you,@SenWarren. The time for truly affordable housing…
Whether you live in a city or a rural area – whether you’re part of the middle class or struggling to get there – the cost of housing is squeezing people all across this country. @RepRichmond & I have a plan to help fix America’s housing crisis.
For years, the US has helped Saudi Arabia bomb Yemen. Thousands of civilians have died in airstrikes. Thousands more have starved to death. And America has been complicit.   But the Senate just took a step to end our support by passing S.J. Res 7, which I proudly co-sponsored.
I’m proud to cosponsor the #EqualityAct in the Senate. We believe that equal means equal – and that’s true in marriage, in the workplace, and every other place.
Our Massachusetts mayors know that housing costs are squeezing working families – but they need bold solutions & real investment from the federal government. I’m grateful that 15 mayors from across MA have signed on to support our affordable housing bill. #mapoli
We're glad to have strong new partners in this fight to make housing more affordable for families & start to tackle the racial wealth gap caused by decades of housing discrimination. @RepRichmond, @RepPressley, @RepRashida & I know that change can’t wait.
We need big, bold changes to solve our country’s housing crisis. @RepRichmond and I are reintroducing the American Housing & Economic Mobility Act to build 3.2 million new housing units, bring down rent by 10%, and take the first steps to address the racial wealth gap.
The @USDOL’s new overtime proposal is a slap in the face to millions who would have earned time & a half under @BarackObama’s rule. By only including workers making less than $35k/year & not updating for inflation, America's workers will be left behind.
RT @RepKatiePorter: Whether it’s Equifax or Wells Fargo, I’m not afraid to drag the CEOs of big corporations that lie and cheat. With recei…
Here’s what you need to know about Neomi Rao, @realDonaldTrump’s pick for a lifetime appointment to the DC Circuit Court: ❌Repeatedly sided with corporate interests over public good ❌Argued against protections for ppl of color ❌Dangerously regressive views about sexual assault
The @CFPB is supposed to be a tough cop on the beat to protect consumers – but under @MickMulvaneyOMB & @CFPBDirector Kraninger’s watch, the CFPB is only looking out for the crooks. Director Kraninger should either do her job or resign.
Budgets reflect our values – and this budget doesn’t reflect our values one dime. We believe in opportunity, and that means investing to build a future – not just for some of our kids, but for all of our kids.
But @realDonaldTrump’s budget wouldn’t cut everything. There’s one place this budget is out of control: More ships. More jets. More nuclear weapons. And more money for his monument to hate and division.
In the middle of a housing crisis, this is where @realDonaldTrump’s budget would gut @HUDgov. Huge cuts on housing for the elderly, huge cuts on housing for people with AIDS, and huge cuts for affordable housing. If Grandma doesn’t get a job, then sorry, Grandma.
Right here? This is @realDonaldTrump budget-speak for slashing Medicaid by billions of dollars. Basically the federal government would tell our most vulnerable Americans: “Sorry, you’re on your own.”
And see this? This is where @realDonaldTrump’s budget would completely wipe out community block grants – money that cities & towns in MA & across the country use for afterschool programs, public safety, legal aid, affordable housing, & other essential services. They’re gone.
See this? This is where @realDonaldTrump’s budget would eliminate the Public Student Loan Forgiveness program – the program that helps America’s public school teachers, nurses, police officers, & other public servants with their student loan debt. Poof, gone.
A budget is about more than numbers – a budget is about values. And the budget @realDonaldTrump released today is another big wet kiss to the super-rich & giant corporations, and it guts programs for everyone else.
@RepPressley hit the nail on the head. Crippling student loan debt is a crisis affecting millions of American families. You’d think the head of an agency responsible for protecting students from abusive lenders would at least be able to acknowledge that fact.
I’m very grateful that we have a strong partner in the House to lead these big fights to #EndCorruptionNow – and win them. @RepJayapal works her heart out every day to make this government work #ForThePeople, not the wealthy & well-connected.
One more thing: We shouldn’t have to beg candidates to let people see their financial interests. @RepJayapal led the charge to require presidential candidates to release years of tax returns for themselves AND their business empires. #EndCorruptionNow #ForThePeople
In case you haven’t noticed, a zillion Trump officials have had to lawyer up for breaking the rules. The House passed our plan to make sure that government officials who establish legal expense funds can’t secretly beg powerful interests for money. #EndCorruptionNow #ForThePeople
The House passed our provision to require ALL White House staff & advisors, paid or unpaid, to follow basic ethics rules. That includes, for example, senior advisor family members who don't divest their holdings & hand out WH visits to investors. #EndCorruptionNow #ForThePeople
No more selling out to foreign governments that abuse human rights & undermine our national security. @RepJayapal made sure the House bill included our ban on Washington lobbyists from getting paid big bucks to lobby for foreign governments. #EndCorruptionNow #ForThePeople
Incoming administrations should work for the people, not lobbyists & industry insiders. The House passed our plan to force people who work on presidential transition teams to follow ethics rules like every other official. #EndCorruptionNow #ForThePeople
@RepJayapal & I have the most ambitious anti-corruption legislation since Watergate to #EndCorruptionNow. This week, we got terrific news: with @RepJayapal's hard work & persistence, the House included — & passed — some key parts of it in the historic #ForThePeople Act:
People all across this country are being crushed by student loan debt. That’s why I’m so glad @EricLesser is leading the fight to help student borrowers in Massachusetts. y.html
Bill Shine’s resignation removes 1 ethics problem at the most ethically bankrupt @WhiteHouse in history. My plan to #EndCorruptionNow would prevent White House staffers from getting paid off by their ex-employers when they're supposed to be working for the American people.
RT @SenatorDurbin: .@SenWhitehouse, @SenSanders, @SenWarren, @SenBlumenthal, and I are urging the IRS to start prioritizing and strengtheni…
To all the women who have been told “no” over and over again and continue to persist: keep it up. You make us stronger. #InternationalWomensDay
Some military families have been living in toxic homes while the private companies that oversee them make a guaranteed profit. I’m working on a new bill to fix that broken system. In the meantime, @DeptofDefense needs to start enforcing the rules that are already on the books.
Are they joking? @Equifax didn’t take data security seriously because it had no financial incentive to do so. That’s why we need my bill with @MarkWarner to impose automatic fines for data breaches at companies like Equifax & stop this from happening again.
The average student in Massachusetts graduates with $32,065 in student loans. Instead of jump-starting their lives and careers, they’re being weighed down by debt. I’m co-sponsoring @SenBrianSchatz’s #DebtFreeCollege bill to make sure every student can build an economic future.
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