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i need executive golf
i don’t usually do this but GOOD LORD TAKE MY MONEY
experiencing moments "for their own sake" (↬ @nathanjurgenson) instead of for their monetization potential is not a market inefficiency
i wonder a lot if it's a uniquely american or capitalist thing to "shame" the moments that can't be monetized in some way as *work* creeps into every moment of the day. we're constantly faced with the decision to spend time in private, or earning likes in public
the opposite of instagram isn't "weird" or "ugly" -- it's the other 90% of your daily life that you only share privately with close friends, colleagues, and family
someone at work entered "Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?" on the Slack boot screen so i guess this week is fucked
More proof that feature sets don’t always define how social products are used. In JP, folks are using Twitter the way many use Tumblr and Reddit here... Most “social” apps have a feed, text box, profiles, and soon stories — but contexts are different!
i'm the face on the weirwood tree, but spicy chips version
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High art
RT @Shadypenguinn: My wife took things too far with the Snapchat filters..
the "sloppy vaio" aesthetic needs to come back
emails at snap are exactly what u think
10 year olds get it 👉🏻 “*Do you think social media is a good thing or a bad thing?* It depends how you use it. If you just use it with people you're close with then it's a good thing”
morning meditatio - now the b key isn't working so ya fuck me
Whopper Jr with the big deals! 🍔👍🏻
has anyone in the history of time ever clicked this button
“the focus on “Quality” misunderstands both audience preferences and Netflix’s overall ambition – if the very concept of “Quality” exists at all.”
morig meditatio - n key ot workig agai
Ezra this was a solid joke
i hate my macbook pro
my morning meditation
the image of jeff bezos "lurking in my backyard" is vivid and very tangible
The poet of our time
my morning meditation
Why does it always have to be one or the other, SV dudes?? Having different contexts in your life isn’t “un-optimized”
techcos gonna tech, i guesS?
turns out having all your memories online and *public* forever isn't so fun for most folks -- being forced to relive the same "memories" year after year. that age is already over
Ultra pro-tip: disable LTE for better service on the tarmac
The difference between paid and free software
Bold leaders and companies *can* change — something almost no one assumes
this chrome extension is so good it's kind of offensive that google isn't already doing this
happy throwback thursday 2 all
@kmitch created some of the most fun and innovative ads on Snapchat. Now he's our first CMO! 🙌👻
Just realized this tweet outs me as firmly Gen X.
Social media-focused journalists, please pivot from explaining Millennials and Gen Z to me to explaining who the hell are all these boomers spending so much time on Facebook, please and thank you
i mean... is there any better product (in the history of the world, really) than something that allows you to see what your entire village is doing at any time?
And they are all on iPads :)
“We’ve all participated in those staged photos. We all know the stress and anxiety it takes. And we can see through it. Culture is a pendulum, and the pendulum is swaying.” ite&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=newsstand-technology
RT @Foyles: If ever there was a book to be photographed for social media… Discover how selfies and food pics are transforming our world in…
the only twitter that matters
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ihave unintentionally tweeted over 23,000 times
RT @kerrymflynn: Finally played Bitmoji Party with @mcwm last night and now I know what I'm doing the rest of forever
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