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do I have to shave my sideburns now ugh
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the only good twitter account
oh my god
these two give me LIFE
Holy shit
❤️Mia & Ross from Dallas, now up in Dallas! (and watch their friggin adorable story #RealFriends
❤️Mia & Ross from Dallas, now up in Dallas! (and watch their friggin adorable story
(referring to fb's quote)
calling TikTok a "social network" is so disingenuous... these platforms aren’t all the same because they *have people on them* lol
Good morning 🌞
if u need another reason to watch Real Friends... Meet Patricia & Jasmina from Würzburg, Germany!
"When we launched Snapchat more than seven years ago, it wasn’t about capturing the traditional Kodak moment, or trying to look pretty or perfect. We wanted to create a way for our friends to express themselves and share however they felt in the moment."
where your real friends at?
Sources familiar can confirm
annnnnd we're live 😃 enjoy!
RT @NickDominici: New Instagram hashtag #realfriends is taking over Instagram, brought to you by @Snapchat
RT @LloydMathias: Quirky billboard this from @Snapchat in Mumbai on the way to the airport! What’s up snap?
remember when i drove the spider
Loooove this whale boye
old, but wow "aspirational labor: a mode of (mostly) uncompensated, independent work that is propelled by the much-venerated ideal of getting paid to do what you love."
once you start communicating visually with fam and friends on a daily basis (vs just with texts), there's no going back. a picture's worth a thousand words!
RT @dpravi799: This is India specific campaign of snapchat. What do you think, should there be brand name on this billboard or not? https:/…
“Maybe… the same algorithms that presently identify popular messages and promote them could have the opposite effect, like those circuit breakers in stock exchanges. They could be wired to the brakes instead of the gas.”
Happy Friday, NYC! 👻
This also serves as a reminder that for a decade most of these platforms have had the same feature sets: a feed, likes, comments, profiles, re-posts, etc. What separates them most is the network on each one
Yes, Quibi deals in orthogonal, bi-modal formats necessitating cross-platform de-obfuscation, thus the final stage of content
Easy to forget that the video clips being short is just as important as the videos being vertical, in terms of accessibility and intimacy. And that started with Vine! Most platforms (even LinkedIn) will adopt the format — it’s simply the new News Feed
"we want"
the jam
"everything that happens on the screen is composed of real people, with real bodies, politics, and insecurities. People sell the fiction that if you just turn off the phone, “authentic” reality is waiting for you, but that life is still mediated"
Exhibit A: people love Bitmojis because they let you do this.... not because they’re ”high design” or “accurate” like Memoji
I am obsessed with peoples’ desire to up-res animation, as if photographic accuracy was the goal. We watch cartoons because they’re more expressive, and do amazing things the real world can’t!
ugh, this was my favorite Google Photos feature. now we've got one more walled garden with impossible data portability
““I’m not going to curate myself like that.’ And people just loved it.” Making a video look casual, however, is still an enormous amount of work”
"millennials were encouraged to make 'friends' with everybody, to effectively collect likes or comments. Gen Z is moving away from valuing how many friends they have and towards valuing fewer, deeper friendships." -@amymoussavi
This tweet is still KILLING me
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