Always credit everyone
“No one should be credited with anything ever.” — Elon Musk @elonmusk
No one should be credited with anything ever
wd b … 2 make real
Would b dangerous 2 make real
@elonmusk on how schooling should be 🎒🌱
Unlike bees, who are experts in millinery
Truth is a metaphorical concept with no footwear or clothing of anything kind. Also, baby don’t hurt me haha
Can’t fool me it was 1669
Teslas will have 400-mile range soon and you're crazy to buy anything else, says @elonmusk:
“Not only was the paint without any discernible flaw, but the various panels formed a body of precision that was beyond reproach”
RT @MStothard: This Swedish startup @northvolt just raised $1bn to build a battery farm to rival @elonmusk & @Tesla’s “gigafactory”. This…
Also $2500 tax credit for California & $500 to $800 utility incentive
US tax credit of $3750 drops in half for Tesla on July 1. Order online in a few mins at Return in 7 days for full refund.
Tesla Solar Toof Tile V3.0 starting early trials
Elon Musk says @Tesla has a design for an electric submarine—wait, what? @elonmusk
@elonmusk Bring back Circus Muskimus! We miss you. .Talk to us about insurance... not covered by SEC ban???
RT @ASLuhn: "How do you like that, @elonmusk Musk?" Tomsk university & ToSky send a replica Lada with a cutout of Dmitry @Rogozin into the…
Teslas will have 400-mile range soon and you're crazy to buy anything else, says @elonmusk: @Tesla
I think it's very important to have a feedback loop, where you are constantly thinking about what you've done and how you could be doing it better. The single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself. —@elonmusk
🧲 is relativistic side effect of ⚡️
True, cost of operating a Tesla is much lower than other cars
Landing in the fog
RT @TheStreet: ICYMI: @elonmusk had a thing or two to say during yesterday's Tesla $TSLA shareholder meeting. @EricJhonsa breaks down the h…
@elonmusk are you allowed to say hi???
💖🇳🇴 Norway 🇳🇴💖
Upcoming Falcon Heavy 🚀 & 🛰 details
This is my pet bee, Eric
Scientists say it’s a crucial step towards catgirls
New Tesla Summon will 🧨 ur 🧠
Found an old copy of @SignalApp
Model 3 Performance
Beautiful solar sail
“Stop sending me this étron” - Audi
Great ad
Thus *reducing* existing road traffic
Another great thing about many layers of interconnected tunnels with ramps & elevators is that they can go from near your home all way to popping up at destination parking lot
Boring Company guide to why tunnels are awesome & safest place to be in an earthquake
Fundamental advantage of layers of tunnels is you can have as many lanes as you want going in any direction. Will feel like folding space from one part of a city to another.
Racing at 127mph in a tunnel under LA
Launch in 3 mins
New S & X are much improved. Worth trying out. You’re on version 2, current S/X is version 4.
Smart Summon coming soon!
Boring Company starts digging Vegas tunnel in 2 months. Aiming to finish by end of year.
It's gross seeing so many root against Tesla. Be the person on the side of the climate and innovation, not the person hoping to make money on puts. Also, betting against Elon is historically a mistake...and the best product usually wins.
Also porting Unreal Engine
Tesla does not advertise or pay for endorsements. Instead, we use that money to make the product great.
We def need racing game using actual car steering wheel & pedals!
Interact with games via touchscreen, steering wheel buttons & XBox/PS controllers
Lots more games coming once we finish porting Unity!
Because a Tesla produces no emissions & filters most toxins, pollen, spores & viruses, it actually cleans up surrounding air as it travels
This is why we put extra filters in all Tesla cars. S & X even have hospital operating room grade HEPA filters.
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