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So, which project has the coolest t-shirts? Happiest community? We have a long ways to go at @avalabsofficial, but we are doing a few things right in terms of building a happy, positive community.
This is cool, until those yuans are commingled with money from just one criminal. Then they are frozen, and it's time to issue a new IOUcoin!
Almost all crypto projects use LevelDB, and LevelDB does at most a few hundred tps, sustained. Anyone who reports tps numbers that exceeds a few hundred, and doesn't have their own custom database, is lying. This is why Ava has been developing its own database backend.
And anyone who builds a public blockchain without large anti-DoS safety factors is crazy. So the cap is even lower than that.....
I know the researchers and devs involved at the MIT DCI. The very last thing they would ever want is to receive sex trafficking proceeds. The Institute let them down by dealing with Epstein. (And that's not taking the allegations against Marvin Minsky into account.)
Just as the stolid, academic institutions of MIT Media Lab and Harvard provided legitimacy to Epstein. They did this even after it was part of the public record that he was guilty of trying to prostitute underage girls.
They tacked on a paragraph towards the end in July 2019 to exculpate themselves, but the article served to legitimize a known pedophile and pimp when it was published.
Here's an article where Epstein is talking about his Bitcoin investments.
It's critical to note that Epstein was convicted of two separate things: 1. Soliciting a prostitute 2. Procuring underage girls for the purpose of prostituting them The press often combines the two acts into one. He wasn't just buying sex, he was a pimp for pedophiles.
And not back to Epstein's brother, but to the victims. MIT Media Lab, Harvard, and the museums that took his money after 2008, after they knew that Epstein was convicted of procuring underage girls for prostitution, have a lot of explaining to do.
When I was growing up, my mother taught me to never pick up any money off the street. It's "unearned money," she said. "You don't know what's behind it." Tainted money that comes easily corrupts the recipient. People who got money from Epstein should give it back.
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I didn't realize MIT Media Lab's old director Marvin Minsky was implicated in Epstein's crimes. Glad to see researchers do the right thing:
I've not seen a company that combined machine learning with blockchains that was not a scam.
For years, detractors referred to Bitcoin as "pedo pesos." It isn't, and that was unfair. But a certain fund and a certain company may well have knowingly accepted pedo-dollars.
Joi Ito "also allowed Epstein to invest in several of his funds which invest in tech startup companies outside of MIT." Did any of this money go to fund Digital Garage and Blockstream?
Looks like the MIT Media Lab took money from Epstein in 2015.
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Both of the following statements are true:
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I've been trying to avoid mentioning the giant fraud, but this picture has always been hilarious. Craig has been trying to role play Satoshi, and so has been #obsessed with selfish mining. This picture shows that he doesn't even understand regular mining.
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Maxis take note.
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I guess another option is to take Y, strip the authors' names off, and place your own name on it. I'm assuming a minimum level of competence and ethics here, so this should not be an option.
Suppose you're neck deep in some technology X for doing something. Suppose you see hints that X has flaws. Suppose that Y comes along that does that thing better than X. Do you:
a) evaluate its claims and see if it is better based on scientific analysis, b) evaluate if the degree of improvement gives it priority over other improvements, c) evaluate if it fits within the architecture of the system with manageable adaption cost, d) evaluate risk. as always
One thing you could do with a nuclear cruise missile is to just fly over enemy territory, spewing radioactive waste out the back end. These are terrible ideas and the only winning move is to not play.
One of these days, someone will exfiltrate and publish the entirety of Gmail/Yahoo Mail/Facebook private conversations, and it'll be hilarious the next day, with everyone's secrets exposed.
This is a good book. All of you should do this.
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Wow, the UK advertising watchdog takes an issue with log-graphs! :-)
Any given cryptocurrency will wax and wane in popularity, then fall into a trap where it stops evolving, and it ultimately drifts away from the public consciousness. Science remains. #WednesdayWisdom
Manhattan has already been lost to a 51% attack by WeWork.
RT @iam_preethi: Bitcoin wealth distribution: 2% of addresses control 80% of the wealth. Ouch.
Critically acclaimed horror film of the 2010s or your PhD program?
Large enterprises are not exactly betting on blockchains with mission critical applications yet, but they are all exploring the technology.
Our strategy with Ava is to just ignore the inward-oriented crypto space altogether. That includes ignoring the various people attempting to steal our ideas. We are focused on building things and creating new assets not possible with existing systems.
Yahoo overpaid for Tumblr by 3 orders of magnitude. That's like paying $1000 for a packet of gum.
US changes its cyber strategy to make the use of offensive attacks subject to less oversight.
OH: "Machine Learning will always make mistakes. Machine Learning means having to say you're sorry."
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It's pretty simple: if a coin offers no innovation, good developers will not work on it. In contrast, we have found it pretty easy to recruit for Ava Labs.
A picture is worth a thousand words, a nice algorithmic animation is worth a whole book. Kudos to @SarahJamieLewis for these nice demonstrations of avalanche-inspired protocols.
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