doing the best I can with the information I have
RT @siobhannyc: Today, @Medium launches Momentum, a new Medium blog that will amplify the voices dedicated to dismantling anti-Black racism…
The Greater Crisis by @obviousvc
RT @DanRather: I close today with a very heavy heart. I ache for my country and all those in pain. I rage at a national leadership bereft o…
RT @vijaya: No one person at Twitter is responsible for our policies or enforcement actions. We are a team with different points of view an…
RT @andrewbeebe: A few ideas on how all the companies announcing "work from home, forever" can take a more human-centered approach to suppo…
We’re teaching the baby to take deep breaths when he gets upset; not 100% but he gets the idea. Today he turned over his breakfast plate as a joke, Momma exclaimed “No, baby!” And he looked at her with a big smile and *did the deep the breaths to tell her to chill* Idk man.
It’s good when they remind you
RT @manueloliver00: can help us wipe out disease (COVID-19) and epidemics (gun violence) #enoughisenough #antiviralweapon. Suppo…
RT @joshm: Meet the @browsercompany! We're building a new web browser – equipped for the way we use the internet in 2020:…
RT @Rajil: WANTED: YOU for COVID 19 research....Here's a great video from VICE describing the problem and solution...…
Look for Elon Musk to Unveil a Futuristic New Battery That Will Shake the Electric Car Market by @stevelevine in @MRKR cbeb3eef4546
RT @SparksZilla: We just released The Ultimate Remote Work Tools Landscape! 😱200 entries broken down by category 🎁 Interactive market map…
“The Ingredients of a Lasting Friendship”
Ppppp was a
Good idea, well executed. Good work, ⁦@8en⁩
Very actionable piece on strengthening your immunity by @AmoryLovins.
This is pretty fascinating from @Yelp
“Nothing Left to Take Away” by JT Nakagawa
RT @year_progress: ▓▓▓░░░░░░░░░░░░ 20%
A whole lotta people reading this right now. "Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now." Sounds alarmist but it's super compelling and well-reasoned.
“Early COVID-19 outbreaks are likely already in America: we should do more to stop them” by @uber_ed_baker Yikes
From “The Courage to Be Disliked”
We're looking for a creative director at Medium (, which will be a fun and interesting job, especially as we expand...possibilities this year 😻
Why I’m concerned about the coronavirus: applying viral growth data metrics to a growing crisis by @uber_ed_baker
It’s impossible to travel a great distance in a straight line.
Coffee was magically brought to me in this beautiful mug this morning.
RT @nanli: My @obviousvc partner @andrewbeebe publishes his magnum opus: a comprehensive series on how to do OKRs right. One of the bigge…
RT @andrewbeebe: 100M * e = OV3 [$271,828,182 = our third fund] Perhaps not what Euhler envisioned when he discovered one of the most impo…
2019 Book Recommendations by @vkhosla
“I find this amusing. You’re assuming I’m not doing this to do the right thing, and I keep telling you: That’s bullshit.” — Matt Laslo
This is extraordinary. ‘I Believe in Love’: Elizabeth Wurtzel’s Final Year, In Her Own Words by @LizzieWurtzel in @genmag
Anyway, and it may come as a surprise, but the sale food is really quite highly regulated.
Ok, still mad. I love how indignant they get at being compared to a cigarette maker but then the conclusion of Boz’s post is “Facebook: if you kill yourself eating our algorithmically-designed bacon, that’s on you. Because John Rawls.”
I'm going to need you to lay out your critique in a Medium piece. Also a LOTR recap would be helpful.
Play Anything ⁦@ibogost⁩
What 15 Years of Y Combinator Investments Can Teach Us About Startups by @efeng in @MRKR
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