@ev Hope NYC is treating you and Sara well! I'm jealous :)
only problem with @BeyondMeat being at fast food joints, is now I've eaten fast food more times in the last six months than the last 10 years. Just enjoyed a @dunkindonuts Beyond breakfast sandwich. In the name of research! 😋
I don’t usually highlight when reading fiction, but there are so many beautifully constructed and poignant passages in FLEISHMAN IS IN TROUBLE by @taffyakner it’s worth reading on kindle. (Also, I find it much harder to appreciate great prose in audio form.) Highly recommended.
The Rise and Spread of Excessive Wealth Disorder by Chuck Thompson https://medium.com/p/the-rich-are-revolting-2cc54e158af3
Know any tech-savvy, editorial-savvy, forward thinkers who want to run an awesome site telling interesting stories about where the world is going? https://jobs.lever.co/medium/c54cb76c-a7be-4042-856a-80c5c4ac024f
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What extremely trivial, ultimately meaningless, but deeply polarizing debate is roiling your industry right now?
“A Memo to Our Democratic Presidential Candidates” by Rahm Emanuel https://link.medium.com/WECWpFVZIY
“Cauliflower Steaks Are an Abomination” by Jack Shepherd https://link.medium.com/Q97t48WNFY
“What If Avoiding the Sun Is Bad for You?” by Markham Heid https://link.medium.com/pFEfIfyHEY
“Evidence, Please” by @jeffjarvis https://link.medium.com/H6uPI4mzEY
"We may, in short, be entering a “startup winter.” This is a problem that affects many industries, but is particularly obvious in the Internet economy." It’s Time to Reboot the Startup Economy by @superwuster https://medium.com/p/its-time-to-reboot-the-startup-economy-822d65f9a19
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Stoked about our launch of @zoramag today: http://zora.medium.com
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And that is both the beauty and the problem. People.
That’s just me. I read Twitter a lot (have to put that caveat in there, so there’s not a “Twitter cofounder doesn’t use Twitter anymore” story). But I always preferred to think of it as an information network, rather than a social network. I realize of course that it is both.
Frankly, I rarely tweet anything other than a link, because I don’t enjoy debating with strangers in a public setting. Even polite ones. I can think of fewer activities that are as time-consuming *and* frustrating. Perhaps golf. But at least then you get nature.
Debating strangers in public can suck, for sure, but is that worth missing out on the chance to engage with people you don’t yet know? Isn’t the greater danger for you at this stage of your isolated? How would you & I meet on social media today, like we did through Blogger?
Whatever the case, no one would argue that this particular aspect of this system is a force for good.
Perhaps they don’t even have those views and are just trying to be *seen* by someone anywhere because they didn’t get enough validation as children. I don’t know. We all have our dysfunctions.
I had dinner the other night with a famous person who does (or did) read their replies and who was quite upset at the abuse he’d seen. I felt for him. We’ve enabled people to be nasty in a new and visible way that didn’t exist before.
Perhaps just as many people had those terrible views before but they stayed inside their heads or within their family (to infect the next generation of bigots). Perhaps those views are being exacerbated or even created by access to other assholes via the internet.
I probably won’t read the replies so it doesn’t matter that much. But I’ll know they’re there.
Lastly, as I think about hitting the send button on this thread, I’m aware of an irony, which is that coming off in defense of or excusing Twitter around abuse issues is likely to be met with vitriol...on Twitter.
Just know that without the data and information the smart people working on this problem every day have, it’s hard to know. And most theories don’t work in practice. That said, they *are* making progress.
We always wanted to remain openminded and find good ideas where we could. From what I know of the people at Twitter today, they have this same attitude. If you have constructive ideas, I’d be interested in seeing them. (Publish them on Medium—or start a company!)
It’s certainly not as easy as many commentators seem to think—at least not if you want to retain many of the benefits.
I’m sure there are many good ideas out there—both within platform companies and outside. We had a principle in the early days of Twitter that @biz and I always shared with new employees: There are more smart people outside the company than inside.
Anyway, I am confident there are things that can be done. I also don’t know exactly what those things are. Stop asking me! :) If I come up with a brilliant idea, I’ll let the company know.
I can’t say for sure, because the problem was small then and frankly we were under water just trying to make the damn thing work.
Had I been more aware of how people not like me were being treated and/or had I had a more diverse leadership team or board, we may have made it a priority sooner.
What is your definition of “a more diverse leadership team or board”?
*And*, yes, we (Twitter) should have invested more heavily in abuse before. I think we did more in the early days than we often get credit for (and they are doing way more today). *And* I personally underestimated the looming problem during my brief tenure as CEO.
I still strongly believe open platforms like Twitter are important for society. *And* it is almost impossible to capture the good without getting some bad. *And* there is much that should (and will) be done to make these places (this place) more civil.
I’m not sure in what (if any) context I said toxic, but it was almost certainly with qualifiers (like “can be”). The interviewer, @dee_bosa, was not the one who said it and gave me a chance to address that intro. But of course I had about 10 seconds and nuance is hard.
I was intro’d on CNBC yesterday with something along the lines of “after a long history in Silicon Valley, Ev Williams has come to a conclusion: SOCIAL MEDIA IS TOXIC.” Um...WTF.
It’s interesting, though not surprising, that every time I do press interviews these days, I’m being set up to bag on Twitter and social media generally.
The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet by @ystrickler https://medium.com/p/the-dark-forest-theory-of-the-internet-7dc3e68a7cb1
I haven’t read @eliotpeper’s Analog trilogy yet (I like to wait till a trilogy is done.) Eliot tells me the novels are influenced by my own book WTF? so I’m eager to give them a read now that the third book is out. Here’s a review: https://zd.net/2Q8fMsa
I’m in the third now. Really enjoyed them.
The Jungle (https://sfcurran.com/the-currant/videos/the-jungle-trailer/) is worth seeing (til 5/19 in SF). Educational and heart wrenching. Sit in the “restaurant” if you can.
"Why Superfoods Are Superfluous - at Best" - Dr. David L. Katz and Mark Bittman https://heated.medium.com/why-superfoods-are-superfluous-at-best-8c5f0483c9cf#---0-220
🙌 Huge congrats to Ethan and team! Also thanks to @biz for getting us involved early (@obviousvc). https://twitter.com/beyondmeat/status/1123947550917185538
‘I Want Out of This Body’: I Can’t Move, Talk, or Breathe on My Own. by Washington Post https://link.medium.com/KwjJEbLDjW wow
I really like this new @Twitter desktop interface. Also, computers are great for doing work and interacting with the internet. Also, is it weird we call laptops "desktops"?
Looking for a great operations person to help run our growing editorial team in NY w @siobhannyc https://jobs.lever.co/medium/c47789c7-61cf-4546-a50b-9f916554ac39
Happy Easter y’all! My mom used to hide jellybellies all in plain sight on like-colored things over the house. We’d find so many but through the year we’d still find more
My mom used to hide Easter eggs (as in, actual hard boiled eggs) around the house and then worry when we didn’t find them all and she didn’t remember where she put them. After a few days, they’d reveal themselves 👃🏻
Male and Female Brains Are Different. Should It Matter? by Meghan Daum https://link.medium.com/hnyEIOeNXV
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San Francisco’s IPO Panic Is All Hype by @claramhogan https://medium.com/p/san-franciscos-ipo-panic-is-all-hype-4f02e8272c08
This is pretty great: Public letter to Jeff Bezos and the Amazon Board of Directors by Amazon Employees for Climate Justice https://link.medium.com/HoQAuO6fMV
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