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2019 Book Recommendations by @vkhosla https://link.medium.com/Llv43OQYf3
“I find this amusing. You’re assuming I’m not doing this to do the right thing, and I keep telling you: That’s bullshit.” — Matt Laslo https://gen.medium.com/tom-steyer-is-sick-of-talking-about-his-wealth-e1b8a149030e
This is extraordinary. ‘I Believe in Love’: Elizabeth Wurtzel’s Final Year, In Her Own Words by @LizzieWurtzel in @genmag https://gen.medium.com/i-believe-in-love-elizabeth-wurtzel-s-final-year-in-her-own-words-e34320e41ee0
Anyway, and it may come as a surprise, but the sale food is really quite highly regulated.
Ok, still mad. I love how indignant they get at being compared to a cigarette maker but then the conclusion of Boz’s post is “Facebook: if you kill yourself eating our algorithmically-designed bacon, that’s on you. Because John Rawls.”
I'm going to need you to lay out your critique in a Medium piece. Also a LOTR recap would be helpful.
Play Anything ⁦@ibogost⁩
What 15 Years of Y Combinator Investments Can Teach Us About Startups by @efeng in @MRKR https://marker.medium.com/seed-investors-are-favoring-enterprise-startups-and-other-conclusions-from-analyzing-y-110432adf199
But we have certainly not reached the final evolution of social communications architecture.
I’m not saying it was correct (although it probably was at the time).
In 2009, @al3x wrote a great internal paper on why Twitter should move to decentralization. I wrote an even more convincing (to me) argument against it.
"Many investors consider it a bad sign when someone does too many interviews..." The Cynic’s Guide to Reading Business Books by @byrneseyeview https://marker.medium.com/the-cynics-guide-to-reading-business-books-f4da2be2d7cb
A God Walks into an Abar is such a fucking triumph. The 2001 allusions, the structural symmetry to Watchmen Chapter IX, the causal loops, the way it looks. It’s just so fucking good.
Is that something I should watch or read or listen to or...smoke?
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only problem with @BeyondMeat being at fast food joints, is now I've eaten fast food more times in the last six months than the last 10 years. Just enjoyed a @dunkindonuts Beyond breakfast sandwich. In the name of research! 😋
I don’t usually highlight when reading fiction, but there are so many beautifully constructed and poignant passages in FLEISHMAN IS IN TROUBLE by @taffyakner it’s worth reading on kindle. (Also, I find it much harder to appreciate great prose in audio form.) Highly recommended.
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What extremely trivial, ultimately meaningless, but deeply polarizing debate is roiling your industry right now?
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And that is both the beauty and the problem. People.
That’s just me. I read Twitter a lot (have to put that caveat in there, so there’s not a “Twitter cofounder doesn’t use Twitter anymore” story). But I always preferred to think of it as an information network, rather than a social network. I realize of course that it is both.
Frankly, I rarely tweet anything other than a link, because I don’t enjoy debating with strangers in a public setting. Even polite ones. I can think of fewer activities that are as time-consuming *and* frustrating. Perhaps golf. But at least then you get nature.
Debating strangers in public can suck, for sure, but is that worth missing out on the chance to engage with people you don’t yet know? Isn’t the greater danger for you at this stage of your isolated? How would you & I meet on social media today, like we did through Blogger?
Whatever the case, no one would argue that this particular aspect of this system is a force for good.
Perhaps they don’t even have those views and are just trying to be *seen* by someone anywhere because they didn’t get enough validation as children. I don’t know. We all have our dysfunctions.
I had dinner the other night with a famous person who does (or did) read their replies and who was quite upset at the abuse he’d seen. I felt for him. We’ve enabled people to be nasty in a new and visible way that didn’t exist before.
Perhaps just as many people had those terrible views before but they stayed inside their heads or within their family (to infect the next generation of bigots). Perhaps those views are being exacerbated or even created by access to other assholes via the internet.
I probably won’t read the replies so it doesn’t matter that much. But I’ll know they’re there.
Just know that without the data and information the smart people working on this problem every day have, it’s hard to know. And most theories don’t work in practice. That said, they *are* making progress.
Lastly, as I think about hitting the send button on this thread, I’m aware of an irony, which is that coming off in defense of or excusing Twitter around abuse issues is likely to be met with vitriol...on Twitter.
We always wanted to remain openminded and find good ideas where we could. From what I know of the people at Twitter today, they have this same attitude. If you have constructive ideas, I’d be interested in seeing them. (Publish them on Medium—or start a company!)
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