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@ezraklein and How to Do Nothing author Jenny Odell (@the_jennitaur_) discuss the difference between productivity and creativity, how we value our time, and what it really means to do nothing, on the #EzraKleinShow:
"There’s no simple rule of electability they can follow in trying to beat Trump. It’s not as easy as simply nominating a safe moderate, or a left-populist. Either can win, which also means either can lose." — @ezraklein
Congress used to be thick with duels, brawls, threats, and violent intimidation. Historian Joanne Freeman (@jbf1755) and @ezraklein discuss America's often forgotten history of political violence, and how it's shaped modern US politics.
Always a good sign when you have to hold a press conference telling everyone you're not the crazy one
Pelosi isn't locked in here with Trump. Trump is locked in here with Pelosi.
How do you foster creativity and attention in a world designed to flatten both? 🎧 @ezraklein and How to Do Nothing author Jenny Odell (@the_jennitaur_) discuss:
That's from @the_jennitaur's book "How To Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy," which hit me particularly hard, and made this conversation such a delight.
“There may be a kind of engineer’s satisfaction in the streamlining and networking of our entire lived experience. And yet a certain nervous feeling, of being overstimulated and unable to sustain a train of thought, lingers.” Yeah, that's uncomfortably on-point.
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Trump's view that infrastructure reform is a favor he'll do the country if Dems agree to be nice to him and not the job the country hired him to do regardless of his other grievances says a lot about how he views the presidency as an extension of his self.
What if the stock market encouraged long-term thinking rather than short-term thinking? The SEC just cleared a new stock exchange meant to try and do exactly that:
RT @ezraklein: TIL economist Greg Mankiw earned $42 million in textbook royalties since 1998.
TIL economist Greg Mankiw earned $42 million in textbook royalties since 1998.
In 2000, news publishers made $10.5 billion from subscriptions and circulation and $48.7 billion from advertising. In 2017, we made $11.2b from subscription and circulation, but only $16.5b from advertising. What happened? Google and Facebook.
Perhaps the real infrastructure week was the friends we lost along the way
Extreme co-sign. Advice in general is bad. The hard part isn't coming up with a theory of what to do in life. The hard part is doing it. Advice is almost always the former phrased in a way that makes you feel bad about your struggles with the latter.
The logic of obstruction is you block the governing party from passing popular legislation that would make them likelier to win reelection. Trump's strategy of blocking himself from passing popular legislation that would help his reelection is novel and, for Democrats, exciting!
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In the past week, Jay Inslee - Signed the closest thing any state has to a public option insurance plan into law: - Rolled out part 2 of his best-in-class climate change plan:
"It is impossible to understand the looming death of the two-state solution without understanding that, for more than a twenty-five years, no American president has made Israel pay a price for undermining it."
This is correct, and I try to explain it to my 13-week old every night. He never listens.
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A man whose wife was undocumented supported Trump because he's an evangelical Christian concerned about abortion. His wife was deported. He's desperate to get her back, but he's not sure he was wrong to vote Trump. "I feel like God will bless my decision.”
This guy is more interested in protecting his right to impregnate women and force them to bear his children than he is in his wife? OK, then
People vote their interests and they vote their identities. But how they define those interests and identities — that's the hard thing.
School desegregation works:
So far, predictions that Bernie Sanders will prove more popular than other Democrats or less popular than other Democrats as the public hears about his ideas have both proven false. In a country this polarized, partisanship swamps candidate ideology.
I endorse this. The New Yorker app is one of the few news apps I really like, and regularly use.
I watched Biden's announcement this weekend. He's offering a theory of politics that will frustrate people like, well, me. But it could be a very strong election pitch.
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This is not, in my experience, how people super involved in politics feel. But it's what I hear from a lot of people who are not very involved in politics. And there are more of them.
One key thing about Biden's approach. Most Democrats are running campaigns to counter Trump's 2016, wreck-the-system appeal. Biden is different. He's betting Americans are exhausted by Trump and the politics he represents, and want to rebuild, not wreck, the system.
I watched Biden's announcement this weekend. He's offering a theory of politics that will frustrate people like, well, me, but could be a very strong election pitch. p
So far, Bernie Sanders is: - A bit behind Biden, and ahead of other Dems, in head-to-head polls with Trump; - Seen as much more liberal than other Dems; This is a challenge to both the centrist and leftist theories of the electorate.
Like Trump before him, Biden is offering a politics of nostalgia. He is painting a sepia-toned portrait of the Obama era, and reminding voters that he was in that portrait. But nostalgia is a powerful force in American politics.
Look I like democracy too but omniscient, desireless monarch is worth a try if you have the option
Page 11 of the latest Fox News poll.
I've been thinking a lot this week about the extraordinary answer Hillary Clinton gave in the third presidential debate when asked about abortion. Skip to 2:26 here, and watch the whole exchange.
"This is all a lot of tedious Harvard minutiae, but it’s important to the story." True about more American politics stories than seems reasonable, tbh.
Unrepresentative political conversations can become real life by changing how political elites think and act! This is something @brianstelter and I talk about in this conversation about how cable news has changed American politics:
I agree that Twitter isn't real life, but that's true of a lot of platforms that elites pay way too much attention to. Cable news also isn't real life, but it's playing in every Hill office 24/7, and it's the only thing Donald Trump cares about.
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In this case, it's part of a paleocon manifesto insisting the right makes pornography illegal and rolls back no-fault divorce in a bid to win the hearts of American families so "young patriots" can reconstitute a traditionalist ethnostate after this civilization collapses. 🤔
"For years, we’ve been boxing with an MMA fighter. That is to say, we play by rules our opponent disregards. We play for points; they play for damage." This is universally believed by every political faction at all times. It's weird.
"Germany recently had a record week where 65 percent of its electricity came from renewables. Costa Rica has run on renewables for 300 days. More than 50 percent of the UK’s energy now comes from clean power." This is not impossible.
- 23.7% of women have an abortion by age 45 - The majority of people who have abortions are already parents - 90+% of abortions are first trimester, only 1.4% after 21 weeks - The abortion rate declined 26% between 2006-2015, to the lowest level on record
Warren's plan: - A federal law enshrining the rights in Roe v. Wade - A ban on regulations aimed at closing abortion providers - Insurance coverage for abortion and birth control - Repeal Trump's rule banning abortion providers from Title X funds
There are reasonable arguments to make against Medicare for All. That it might cost jobs by cutting the cost of health care is not one of them. If it did that, it would also create jobs in other sectors where people and businesses spent the savings.
@Sulliview is absolutely right about this:
There is no end state in a liberal democracy. There is only the constant act of balancing and rebalancing. The forces that need to be strengthened today may need to be weakened tomorrow. But first they need to be strengthened today.
It’s time for Democrats to dust off their Galbraith.
Quora says it has more than 300 million unique monthly users and $20 million in annual revenue. Its latest investment round values it at $2 billion, a 100x multiple on actual revenues. That is...quite a valuation.
Are we in a constitutional crisis? The best answer is: Not yet. If the courts rules against Trump and he refuses to comply, that will be a crisis. "He will have violated his oath of office — as determined by the courts — in the most fundamental way."
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