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On the Last Word with @Lawrence O'Donnell, July 16, @ezraklein of Vox felt a similar exasperation: "I don't know that it's strategy, but it's certainly at this point intuition, that if he loses control of the conversation, he can always say something outrageous... 3/
Here it is again in an observation by journalist @juliaioffe on July 18. 2/
Awful news. Mark was one of the smartest, funniest, most independent policy thinkers I've known. He did so much to move this country towards saner drug and crime policies. And he was so generous with his time and knowledge.
"When subjects were told that high African American voter turnout is the key to Democratic victory in 2020, they were three times more likely to say that a black candidate had the best chance of beating Trump." Views on electability depend on priming:
The Trump racism spin cycle, brought to you by the Republican Party:
"It is even possible that Mr. Trump could win while losing the national vote by as much as five percentage points."
It's a good time to be a Republican, but a bad time to be a conservative, argues conservative columnist @GeorgeWill. His new manifesto tries to rescue conservatism from the perversions of Trump's GOP. He told @ezraklein where he thinks America went wrong:
RT @ezraklein: Everyone should read this.
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RT @cjane87: This is such an important point: thinking about Trump’s racist statements or those of others as being “strategy” does not make…
Trump's election settled the argument over whether the Republican Party would build itself around white identity politics or try to reach out to a changing America, according to author @TimAlberta. 🎧 He joined @ezraklein to discuss what comes next.
In which George Will and I argue about the founders’ intent, whether majority rule is good, and how much power judges should have. Pay attention to his argument for a much more activist judiciary. It’ll be conservative CW in a few years.
Trump is animated by white identity politics, not conservatism. That’s the subtext of his — and Fox News’s — obsession with “the Squad”:
RT @germanrlopez: This is one thing I keep thinking about with immigrant detention centers: Many of the awful things happening in these det…
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Rep. Pressley argues Trump's comments distract from the Democratic agenda, and the press shouldn't take the bait. Rep. Omar argues that Trump's comments demand impeachment. It gets flattened in talk of "the Squad," but the political approaches here are allied but different.
Everyone should read this.
Trump is less popular than Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower, or Harry Truman was at this point in their presidencies:
Donald Trump's political career, in one quote.
Donald Trump going full racist and unifying House Democrats when their internal divisions were erupting is your latest evidence that there's no strategy here, only authentically reactionary impulses, blurted out whenever a microphone is nearby
RT @voxdotcom: On the latest Recode Decode, Mayor @PeteButtigieg talks with @karaswisher about systemic racism against black Americans, reg…
Today's example was particularly odious (no, not linking), but Pete Buttigieg elicits a weirdly high proportion of takes that reveal more about the author than about the candidate. There's a lot of, "Before I tell you about Pete, let me tell you about ME"
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RT @DKThomp: "How Couples Meet" chart, updated July 2019
Conservatism is an identity more than an ideology, and Trump knows it
RT @GovHowardDean: The state of New York protected Jeffrey Epstein — not his victims
There's too much punditry on public opinion and too little on political institutions. But if you want public opinion to matter, you need political institutions designed to make it matter.
The great delusion of American politics is that public support passes bills, and public opposition kills them. It helps in both directions, but we have a system designed to stop majorities from getting what they want, and it usually works.
Though look in the replies of this tweet for *just how much* it annoys Democrats, which is a deeper problem for Sanders in the primary than I think people realize.
This annoys Democrats but it's a good case for Bernie's electability. Merging Democratic voters with voters open to liberal ideas who dislike the Democratic Party is a potentially powerful coalition.
RT @leedrutman: Once again, congressional term limits are a bad idea. Whether Ted Cruz proposes them, Donald Trump proposes them, or Tom St…
Although if I were a super intelligent AI from the future, I might also make my obvious activities crude and ridiculous to lull the populace into a false sense of complacency.
The narrative: Tech giants are collecting our data, feeding it into sophisticated algorithms, and using the results to manipulate us. The experience: I see you bought a bike online last week. Would you like to buy that same bike…AGAIN? No? How about now? Now? now? NOW?
Great @EricLevitz piece on the Democrats' geographic disadvantage, and how it drives a lot of the party's internal tensions and, to the base, frustrating strategic choices.
RT @voxdotcom: Jane Mansbridge isn't just a pioneering theorist on deliberative democracy, she’s specifically studied the question where @e…
RT @kdrum: "Nearly everyone in California will pay less for insurance in 2020 than in 2019. This is what can happen when a state is actuall…
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For now, even if Democrats win the White House in 2020, they're unlikely to have the Senate numbers to do major health reform. But I think that changes if Republicans convince SCOTUS to uproot the ACA. That'd lead to big Dem majorities, and real urgency on health care.
I don't hope for that outcome. Politics is unpredictable and gambling with tens of millions of people's health insurance is a bad thing to do. But if I were a Republican, I'd really be hoping the courts throw this one out.
Republicans have destroyed both the political and legal theories for trying to achieve universal health coverage through private insurance. 20 years from now, conservatives will look back on this as a terrible mistake driven by short-term political thinking.
There should be a climate debate. And a healthcare debate. And a wages debate. And a racial justice debate. And so on. Debates should go deeper on fewer issues. Generalist debates make it easier for candidates to hide ignorance and harder for audiences to follow along.
"In the last 100 years, the sea rose less than 9 inches in California. By the end of this century, the surge could be greater than 9 feet."
The Republican strategy to pass Medicare-for-all continues:
A deadly opening attack. Nearly untraceable, ruthless proxies spreading chaos on multiple continents. Costly miscalculations. And thousands — perhaps hundreds of thousands — killed in a conflict that would dwarf the war in Iraq. Welcome to the US-Iran war
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Apologies for the overlapping audio issue on my podcast with @RodDreher. Not quite sure how that happened, but it's fixed now. Corrected version should be in feeds now, or you can grab it here:
The Democratic healthcare debate I’d like to see:
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Missouri was in my head on this because there's been a similar fight over a similar law there:
Ack, Mississippi, not Missouri. Sorry, Missouri!
The state of Missouri has made it illegal for plant-based products to use the word "burger." The punishment extends up to jail time. In a world where people truly cared about free speech, this kind of thing would get much more attention.
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