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Catch out TEDdy Talk with @Mazu_Family of @JustBeJanice ("social media with manners" app for youth & family). Recorded at @sxsw
Our pun-filled article on @hackernoon about @coppercowcoffee and raising capital from @silvertonvc @500Startups @AmplifyherVC @VictressCapital @socialstarts
Our interview w/ @waseem CEO of online bookkeeping startup @PilotHQ on raising capital from @IndexVentures @stripe and an all-star angel list including @adamdangelo @patrickc @tientzuo @drewhouston @englishpaulm @howard & more. or
Good post with real data / benchmarks: "What it takes to raise a Series A in San Francisco right now" by @jacob
Catch our interview with @rousseaukazi CEO of @threads on raising a $10.5M Series A led by @sequoia and building a diverse cap table, key pitch elements, the high ROI of employee recruiting, and more. or
RT @seobrien: Why #entrepreneur? Because the rush of success is legal.
RT @engineeringAI: Fan of podcasts? Entrepreneur? Find these podcasts, #BuilderGeneration! Including: 🔊 @garyvee 🔊 @tferriss 🔊 @Thepitchs…
RT @JamesClear: Major drivers of human behavior: -Self-interest: How does it serve the person? -Status: How does it improve their standing…
"Cardinal Sin of Fundraising for Startups" (i.e. the fallacy of raising "just enough" especially for hardware #startups) by @clintgc of @spacemonkey
Catch our chat with @rbrandty, co-founder of @ouchie (mobile solution for chronic pain management). Rachel shares her tips for raising capital - her #startup raised from angel investors and @quakecap.
Our interview w/ @thejo of on raising a $7M Series A from @firstround @villageglobal @maynard & @davetisch's BoxGroup. We discuss customer development, why the heavy lifting of fundraising happens well in advance of a round & more.
This is fun / funny: "Everybody’s Rich but You" by @subes01
Our "TEDdy Talk" with @Shaun_Rahimi of @ensorelief (helping people manage chronic pain) on raising capital from @khoslaventures @felicisventures @techstars and more. Shaun shares his best #VC #fundraising tips with @Helgastormo :)
RT @hackernoon: "How a Bunch of Little Pitching Tweaks Helped This Founder Raise $4M For His Purchasing Software…" by @Foundersuite https:/…
Our interview with @yarbroughcam of online coaching platform @torchlabs on getting into @ycombinator, how to assess personal chemistry with VCs, managing stress during a raise & more. iTunes: or Spotify: @NorwestVP @Initialized
Quick, good tips for raising capital from @ZacharyCasler of @JoinTheRound (currently raising a $3m seed round for his same-day-meetup dating app).
RT @patagonia_llc: How To Raise Capital: Building A Funnel + Running A Process by @Foundersuite
Our interview with @DanishDhamani of @Oraiapp (improve your speaking & comm skills) on raising capital from @ComcastVentures & others. We cover the Philadelphia #startup #VC scene, getting vulnerable, time-boxing a round & more. or
V1 #AirPods must have been a pain to wear.
Our interview w/ @KristjanKangr0 on raising capital via token sale for @changefinance. We discuss the evolution of tokens (security, utility, and equity-like), the Tallinn #startup scene, how to preserve runway and more. or
How do you raise capital for a #startup building a low-pass sequencing platform for genomic discovery? Joseph Pickrell of @Gencove has some answers: or @SperoVentures @VersionOneVC
RT @seobrien: How to Determine the #Equity to Give Your Startup #Team #consultants
Our interview with Kim Evans of @SeremediInc a patient / doctor engagement platform. Kim raised $4M and shares her best tips for raising capital from angel investors.
Published: "This Crypto Founder Might Have Hit on the Psychological Trigger to Get Investors to Give You Cash" on @hackernoon (interview with @yinyinwu of @DirtProtocol on raising $ from @FEhrsam @ljxie @eladgil @GreylockVC @gcvp and many others):
Do you like bad cow puns and venture capital? Read: "A Hawaiian Cattle Rancher Raised $5m for an ‘Elevated’ Meat Company. Here’s How He Did It" published on @thestartup_ featuring @kunoacattle
Check out Celine Tien of interviewed by @Helgastormo on how she leverages other #founders to get #investor intros. #startups #VentureCapital
Our interview w @The_Mom_Project on raising capital for a mission-focused business, what angel investors are looking for, corp VC & more. or @GrotechVenture @Initialized @BBGVentures @OCAVentures @AspectVC @IrishAngels @TechSqATL
Solid fundraising tips from @SterlingSmith of @SandBoxCommerce (part of our "TEDdy Talks" series :) #VentureCapital #startups #entrepreneur
RT @ryan_caldbeck: 1/ We Pivoted a few yrs ago. This is the story- mostly my feelings. It has never been told publicly. This will be ramb…
Looking forward to checking out @bootstraplabs "Applied AI" conference tomorrow - great agenda:
RT @CrazyinRussia: Russian Road Rage.
RT @hackernoon: "From Warm Intro to $107M: Qwil’s Step-By-Step Fundraising Journey" by @Foundersuite #startup #vent…
RT @gjain: Founder: "We are raising a $3M round" Investor: "Why $3M? Why don't you raise $6M?!" Founder: "Well, we have an aggressive versi…
"8 reasons why you shouldn’t raise a VC fund (and 4 why I love being a VC regardless)" by @chrija of @PointNineCap
the amplifying power of #VC...
RT @eclaireoh: HOT OFF THE PRESS: check out our Q1 #VentureMonitor report where I talk about the state of early stage with perspectives on…
Our interview with Sean Bruener of @AvantStay on raising a $5M Series A #venture #capital round from @bullpencap @FPrimeCapital Abstract VC and others for his "elevated" short-term rental booking site: or or
#VC Wisdom...
"The Numbers Game: How an MIT PhD Pivoted His Way Into a $2 Million Seed Round" on @hackernoon @EniacVC @uncorkcap
How ‘Getting Vulnerable’ Helped @EnricoPalmerino Land $4.5 Million for @b0tkeeper in Two Months @ignitionVC @thestartup_
VIDEO: best fundraising tips to raise venture capital, directly from startup founders: @pikmykid @Intelliflux @alughaofficial @str68279545 @JustBeJanice @Quantumcyte @jersmith22 @BioflightVR @rmoctezuma @Shaun_Rahimi @edemante Filmed at @sxsw
Founder Exposed: Opening Up About Startup Failures and Vulnerability –
Our interview with @khumiston of @vangsttalent on building a talent marketplace for the #cannabis industry and raising a $10M Series A from @casaverdecap @LererHippeau & others. iTunes: Spotify: SoundCloud:
Our interview with @rogerdickey (prev. @trygigster) on launching Untitled Labs, his new "search lab" that is incubating multiple #startup concepts. Untitled raised a seed round from @foundersfund @felicis @aplusk and others. or
"Retail Meets Rideshare: How Cargo Spun ‘In-Car Commerce’ Into an Over-Subscribed $6M Seed Round" on @hackernoon @GetCargoToday @techstars @RosecliffVC @Fontinalis_FP @Bleucap
RT @Pauly_Suchy: My tips for raising startup capital @Foundersuite #TeddyTalks @BioflightVR @CWRULaunchNet
Our interview with Charles Jones, CEO of @lucid_mood -- cannabis "sippers" (vape pens) that elicit specific moods and feelings. We discuss funding tactics for #cannabis #startups e.g Gotham Green Partners, @arcviewgroup & more. or
Curious what the #startup #hustle looks like at #SXSW? Follow Team @Foundersuite as they hit the streets to do "TEDdy Talks" with founders :)
I wish more folks who podcast turned episodes into great blog posts.
We did this for our "How I Raised It" podcast using Temi for transcription then an editor off of Fiverr, but still required an hour+ of additional editing for each episode. Switched to PodReacher (props to @J_Schiff) and never looked back! :)
Here's an example. Podcast: into Blog Post: Neat trick, huh? :)
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