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Our interview with @robertjmoore of @getcrossbeam on raising a $3.5M seed round from @firstround and @uncorkcap + lessons learned about earn-outs & more: or
This was a fun interview with @hiburrow on raising their seed round...
Our interview with @coppercowcoffee CEO Debbie Wei Mullin on raising venture capital for her Vietnamese coffee startup. Listen on @Spotify or @iTunes @silvertonvc @500Startups @AmplifyherVC @VictressCapital @socialstarts
“Teddy” making the rounds at the Exhibition Center at #SXSW with Team @Foundersuite running Founder Interviews. Get your 15 mins of #startup fame :)
Team @Foundersuite is roving the streets of #SXSW doing "Teddy Talks" - interviews with #startup founders which will be broadcast to the 11k startups on our platform. Today is the last day - look for Hilde, Helga and Teddy and get your 15 mins of fame :)
“Theoretically, you can overcome anything as a company except running out of money.” @KendrickEsq of @JoinRepublic
Miro is both a creepy and cool use of AI and machine vision for tracking runners #SXSWPITCH
RT @epaley: When getting ready to pitch VCs, founders often jump right into assembling a slide deck. I think this is a mistake. I’d sugg…
RT @Jasonlk: Been investing for 5.5 years. I have returned almost no capital, but have lead 1 round from seed investor->unicorn, 1 more co…
Quite possibly the best ‘80s cover band. Ever. At @CapitalFactory after party #SXSW2019⁠
And it begins... #SXSW2019
“(Fundraising) It's the same as dating. You don't need every boy or girl that you go on a date with to say yes, since you only are going to marry one person.” @yinyinwu of @dirtprotocol
RT @naval: Capitalism is intrinsic to the human species.
Super excited for #SXSW Look for @Foundersuite "street team" conducting Funding Hacks interviews on 6th street and at various startup pitch events :)
Raising capital for a #cannabis #startup? Jeffrey Harris of @SpringBIG (dispensary CRM and loyalty software) has some advice for you: or @greenacrecap @arcviewgroup @AltitudeInvMgmt
“Just don't be surprised when it fails. I'm not going to be surprised when this fails. This is not my first startup. It's not my last startup. There's a 90 percent chance it can fail even though we're funded.” @PatrickLarsen of @ZenLedgerIO
RT @matthewrubright: New founders - LinkedIn Sales Navigator is free for a month. Find a notable investor (at your stage) and explore their…
“I wrote down a list of all the commonly asked questions and try to answer them in a succinct way as possible, so that for the next meeting you are more prepared.” @yinyinwu of @dirtprotocol
Check out the expert line up of speaker for the @bootstraplabs Applied #AI Conference this year! #AAI19
“A lot of times founders focus a lot on their presentation (...) which actually becomes a really big distraction from an investors standpoint, because they're like "I see these pitches every single day. Tell me something new, get my attention." @jessicajchang of @weecare_co
Our interview with @sachinduggal on raising a $29.5M Series A for @engineeringai from Lakestar Advisors, @jungleventures and @DEEPCORE_Inc on iTunes: or Spotify:
RT @lifebitAI: Check out how CEO @mariachatzou raised millions for Lifebit's seed round in this article by @Foundersuite 💸 👉…
“If they don't want to sign a term sheet and they don't want to leave, then keep them hungry. They have plenty of money, they can lead the next round if they feel like they missed out.” @rhboyko of @embarkvet
"Good Karma: How a Swedish Mission-Centric Food App Pivoted its Way to a $12M Series A Round" featuring @hjalmarsn of @YourKarmaApp @eventuresVC @BessemerVP @Electrolux @KinnevikAB
Our interview with @codycandee of bag-storage-anywhere #startup about going on @Gimletmedia @thepitchshow, what to do when a competitor tries to acquire you, screening investors & more. On iTunes: &mt=2 or Spotify:
“I would love to see five to 10 other forms of common capital investments make their way into the technology startup world. I think that would allow a lot more companies to flourish.” @randfish of @SparkToro
“I have a process. And if they (investors) just can't work with that, then that's a good thing for me to know, because if they truly value the fact that I'm trying to build a business, they understand why I have to work with a process.” Angela Hood of @ThisWayGlobal
“Most big things are built by accident, right? We had a lot of iterations internally where we tried a bunch of different things and then suddenly there was like this Aha-moment.” @hjalmarsn of @YourKarmaApp
Read "From Striking Out Over 80 Times, To A $4M Seed Round: How Travel Startup Journy Raised Capital" @gojourny @thestartup_ @susan_ho
RT @Suhail: 'The hardest part in a startup is that you wake up one morning, and you feel great about the day, and you think, "We're kicking…
Read "From Catching Feral Dogs, to a $6.3M Seed — Embark Vet’s Funding Story" on @embarkvet @thestartup_
8 #Startup Pitch Competitions in Greater Boston via @BostInno
Dollars and Sense: Tips for Negotiating, Pitching and Working with Investors from @PebblePost @LewisGersh
RT @eladgil: "Putting the Fun Back In Fundraising" - slides from my recent talk.
"If you really like making your own decisions and you don't mind taking risks and you like learning, then entrepreneurship is a good path". @PatrickLarsen of @ZenLedgerIO
This is powerful - Founders, please read
RT @mamoonha: Your future hasn’t been written yet. No one’s has. Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one. – Doc Brown…
Why raise capital if you don’t need it? Signaling effects to customers, partners, future recruits @howietl of @airtable at @StrictlyVC
Perfect California blue sky day for the kickoff of #SaaStrAnnual2019. If you're raising $$, check out @Foundersuite Investor CRM to build and manage your investor funnel. Use code "SaaStr2019" to get 40% off for 2 months (offer expires 2/10 so don't wait :)
RT @BlueStartups: Check out who will be pitching at EMW'19! @fanalyze, @shakaguide, @aiooki_inc, @pixeryup, @dataplor, @hire_madskills, #So…
RT @PebblePostPDM: Our Chief Stamp Licker, @LewisGersh, sat down with @Foundersuite's How I Raised It podcast to share what it takes to suc…
Our interview with @PebblePostPDM CEO @LewisGersh on raising a $25M Series C, the invention of programmatic direct mail, "continuous investor development" techniques, and more. or @ffvc @RRE @hirschb @KickstartFund @MantellaVP
Our interview with @alexkubicek of @UnderstoryWx on monetizing weather data, why the Midwest is a great place to build a startup, raising capital from @4490Ventures @RiseOfRest (led by @SteveCase and @JDVance1) @trueventures @BoltAcc @gener8tor and more:
RT @illscience: Everyone wants to be a product manager, PMs want to be GMs, GMs want to be CEOs, and the CEO just wants to build product ag…
RT @AliBHamed: I meet a lot of investors who have told our portfolio companies "they are in." And then they back channel with me, saying: "…
Susan Ho launched @gojourny to offer custom-designed travel itineraries. The company was almost out of money when she found herself pitching @GwynethPaltrow @jessicaalba @garyvee @iamwill. Journy went on to raise $ from @MenloVentures @500Startups & more. 3552&mt=2
So true... (although admittedly, even though we make a really clean and simple Investor Update tool here at, I do it quarterly :)
Our interview w/ Campbell Brown, CEO of @PredictHQ (raised $10M from @AspectVC @lightspeedvp @rampersand_fund @AddVentureTweet) on moving from New Zealand to San Francisco, cracking the Silicon Valley ecosystem, maintaining confidence & more.
RT @mkartheepan: Startup Founders, What is your preferred tool for creating and sending #investor / board updates? @Foundersuite / @visibl…
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