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Jesuits are trained to reflect twice a day using the Examen: the prayer that keeps Jesuits grounded in discernment. It asks "what have I done", "what am I doing", and "what am I called to do for Christ." ... Come pray with me.😇 #ExamenWeek
Oh come now people! We all know that this was just "locker room" talk!
Season 9 of Game of Thrones is going to be TIGHT!
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I once had a cheating problem in a class of 30+ I pulled 7 of my best students (volunteers) & gave them the test in the morning (1st period class). They then got "creative" during the test. They had fun. Cheaters failed. Only had to do it once.
Oh man... traffic in Madrid is going to be ba-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa-d. (I'll see myself out)
I truly believe that eventually the MAGA folk will realize they've been conned by a epic con-man. They may "both sides" or one-issue their anger, but at some point the facts are going to bust through the Royal Nonesuch act and expose what Trump has done.
This is as if a murder suspect claimed his murder confession is invalid because while he admitted that he "killed the victim", he never specifically said he "murdered the victim." ... If the transfer of goods/services/favors is contingent on an exchange, that is "quid pro quo."
There is ALWAYS something interesting happening in my house.
BTW... that Microtik device was INSIDE our network. (Part of one of the "untrusted private" segments... but inside nonetheless.)
There are many things wrong with this headline. (Mostly that the research doesn't actually show they've created a way to reverse time.) But the REALLY important question is... "Does this mean they can travel through time & redo Season 8 of Game of Thrones?"
Yesterday a sustained attack was launched against my private network. Did some digging last night and tracked it back to a Microtik device that was spoofing addresses to get our internal IDS/IPS appliances to flood my IP range. Neat trick... but now the device is MINE. 😈
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In other words, Trump has used his raw power, inconsistent with the traditions of the office of the President and the very spirit of the Founding Father, to run roughshod over the US Constitution. These are the consequences of his actions.
Trump corrupted the impeachment process by changing to an Attorney General who had publicly stated that a sitting president can't be indicted. They're holding the investigation behind closed doors b/c Trump has already shown that he's willing to bribe/intimidate witnesses.
This is the House saying, "We no longer trust the DoJ to act as an impartial investigator. We're using our constitutionally-granted right as a co-equal branch of government to investigate in such a fashion that we will be able to see the EVIDENCE, not just a redacted conclusion."
Some may say, "But Clinton and Nixon's impeachment hearings were open to the public!" And that's true... but there aren't impeachment hearings. These are investigations. You see, the LAST investigation into Trump got kneecapped by AG Barr, who redacted what Congress could see.
On Fox News , Ken Starr urged Democrats to follow "the very spirit of the House of Representatives" by opening their investigation to the public . Real journalists would have asked, "how many of YOUR Clinton investigation hearings were open to the public?" (Hint: Zero)
Think about the optics on this: The @GOP working to "Save the Senate" from Trump's plummeting support in the face of him enriching himself with his policy... ... By enriching Trump w/a 3-day retreat at his DC hotel. Grifters gotta grift.
This is genuinely one of the funniest things I've seen this year. Seriously... I would totally watch a scene-for-scene "Breaking Bad" reboot done as a sitcom.
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The EU should send Boris a 100% professional, SIGNED letter agreeing to the extension, out of respect to UK law ... ... and a juice box with sippy cup.
On the upside, Equifax has now changed their login credentials to: "Admin" "@dM1n" So they should be good to go for a few years.
Look @tmanletz, I understand that you feel alone, but as pleasant as your TL makes you appear, I'm celibate & I take that commitment seriously. Also, I don't think you're a "little boy" just b/c you support Trump. You really shouldn't speak of yourself that way. Peace, Padre
I don't know who "JJ" is, but I'm kinda thinking about crashing their party to partake in their tasty-tasty celebration feast!
I'm up and back to work. First item: I'm working with @MabbsSec & Fidus to address another vulnerability. They have responsibly disclosed their attack along with a working PoC. ... Well... Actually the first item is this: THEN some hacking! (Their PoC has given me an idea)
Could somebody check the timelines. I think Mike Ehrmantraut might be John Wick's father.
RT @fs0c131y: I hacked The Vatican’s app. I contacted them and we fixed the issue together. It was a fun hacking night.…
RT @fs0c131y: Here the report I sent to The Vatican with the technical details
I don't like deleting tweets... but I really don't remember tweeting this. Please don't look at it.
It may not mean much to Trump, who evidently thinks "sometimes you have to let them fight, like two kids in a lot", our military forces know what it means that Turkey is dropping WP on civilians. kurds-syria-1466248
A little sugary to remove some stuff that nobody ain't got time for. Groggy... but I'm gonna walk later cuz my feet are all, "yo" , and they patched up my stitches, yah! I miss my grandmother.
I just fell off a ladder and ripped out half my stitches. So... That was fun.
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Elliot found a vulnerability in a newly-released app loosely connected to my office. He was persistent in finding somebody in the Vatican with whom he could discuss his findings. He was patient with our dev team. He provided everything we needed to fix the vulnerability.
Hey... you know how people would like a "take back email" option when they accidentally his "Reply All" and send incriminating information to the entire office? ... Yeah... that's doesn't work on TV either.
Can you blame Sondland for covering his arse? He's seen Trump throw countless "best people" under the bus and he had every reason to think he was next? (I mean, I can blame him for using taxpayer money to buy a new bathroom & sound system, but not this)
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I think that @SpeakerPelosi should book Doral for all the impeachment proceedings. ... I'm pretty sure @realDonaldTrump would let them take as long as they want.
Burns' Law: The ability/willingness of a person to put their phone on silent when in a church/movie/talk is inversely proportional to their age.
This has been an interesting day.
Doctor: "You need to stop eating tomatoes and cheese" Dinner:
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Start a scam by exaggerating your success. Rent accounts to reinforce your success. Buy politicians w/donations to validate your success. Use your success to bully investigators. Collapse. Leave your investors and victims in ruins. Repeat.
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Today is... challenging.
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