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"deploying U.S. troops against political opponents" That's the WSJ's example of a valid impeachable offense Kinda terrifying: a) I wonder if that's what the GOP is waiting for to hold Trump to account b) if they waited that long, would it still matter?
If you liked @AnneMarieSteele & @BenMullin's scoop about The Ringer going on the block (, you're going to love the sequel:
For those keeping track of the GOP positions: • Trump can’t be indicted for a crime • Trump can only be impeached for a crime • House can’t call Trump witnesses • Senate can’t call witnesses • Senate can’t hear outside House evidence • Senate can’t hear House evidence
For a sense of the twisted logic and doublespeak in the White House's Impeachment brief, here it argues the Senate must acquit because the House has alleged Trump has committed *too many* Impeachable offenses:
We learned in 2016 that Never Trumper GOP pundits and newspaper editorial boards are pretty irrelevant national political forces for the simple reason that they don’t move a significant number of votes.
Among the biggest losers of the 2016 election, alongside establishment Republicans and Democrats, were newspaper editorial endorsements, which according to this tally went 500 for Clinton to 28 Trump.
“Someone is going to die and then they are going to have to figure it all out.”
“Man launches podcast” is the “dog bites man” story of 2020
A town in Georgia put up portraits of some of its residents. White people freaked out about their non-white neighbors. “There should be no positive portrayals of it.”
Attention “witty” headline writers and social media sharers: using “Megxit” puts you in league with some horrible people
This is one confused column. If racism is “pretend” what exactly are the “odds” that we ought to be celebrating black people for overcoming?
I don’t read a lot of crime stories, but in less than a month I’ve now heard of two cases of murder by *eye drops* involving medical professionals
David Brooks thinks worrying about class inequality is dumb because it’s “political suicide,” but thinks “productivity inequality” will be a big winning electoral issue. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Pretty mad at the Washington Post rn: they canceled my subscription for a dumb reason (credit card on file expired) and told me they’d be happy for me to resubscribe for twice the price. I’ll probably resubscribe ... eventually ... but currently reading for free via private tabs
“Democrats might soon find that Trump is not the only one on trial — former vice president Joe Biden will be as well.” Actually, this is exactly what Trump is on trial for.
The classified information Trump’s DOJ is investigating Comey for leaking is Russian intelligence disinformation forged to help elect Trump in 2016
The challenge of political reporting is all about emphasis. It's interesting to talk to an "unpredictable" voter like this, but the real question is whether others share her views and they will be significant to the outcome of the election.
Trump just loves corruption, ok?
I don't have a strong opinion on whether Twitter should have an edit button. I DO strongly believe its platform flaws quickly unmoor facts from conversations, which an edit button *might* help, and answers like these make me think Twitter doesn't care.
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The premise of this story is that a debate over whether a woman can be elected president has “broke out into the open.” Yet, it does not identify a single person arguing the “no” side. That doesn’t seem like much of a debate to me.
"‘You know, your husband’s got this new job. I hate to sound like a pushy mom, but I’m telling you this with my editor’s hat on... It’s really good, and it’s really interesting, but nobody will look at it… Could you put it in your husband’s hands?’”
I'm a little jealous of people who are this sure about things when they have no reason to be: "are not both making it out of this alive" … "It's all but certain" … "she has to" … "Any equivocation will shred her credibility and could prove fatal" toast
My hunch is that anyone writing a debate preview based on "fireworks" between Sanders and Warren tonight will be setting up their readers for a disappointment.
It’s been clear G/O Media executives and editorial staff don’t like each other. This story suggests a core reason: G/O’s business vision has been to cut costs to reach profitability. That’s a sure way to put managers and employees on a collision course.
Putin is Trump’s oppo researcher
Subscription fulfillment is very hard and many of the publications that have decided their future is "subscription first" are absolutely terrible at it
This headline’s repetition of a Trump lie without any context, needlessly undercuts the column beneath it
Least valuable kind of reporting replaced with an even less worthfile form
The most electable Democrat in 2020 will be the one who wins the 2020 Democratic nomination. It still boggles me that this is a controversial and much-debated topic.
A whole lot going on in this letter, but one argument of note: G/O Media thinks the mass resignations at Deadspin "violated your commitment not to strike." Would be curious if other labor lawyers think no-strike clauses are also no-quit clauses.
Newsmax, taking a break from pushing Trump conspiracy theories and vitamin scams, now pushing straight up climate change denialism disinfo
We've already seen basic civic institutions like journalism turned into partisan issue. Now we're witnessing the GOP classify core Constitutional functions like Congressional oversight of the Executive branch as unpatriotic and illegitimate partisanship.
If journalists feel like Hollywood is a foreign, strange land, hostile to journalism... that's because it's a totally different industry! The idea that journalism is somehow an outgrowth is a myth that relies on the self-importance of journalists.
Journalists' belief that Hollywood has an unlimited demand is so misguided. It's simply not true, for instance, that studios are "competing to buy all the stories that American writers can produce." An option deal is more like winning the lottery.
New metric for my personal anxiety level: if unread items in my RSS news reader is consistently at zero, I’m way stressed
“‘There are a lot of rabbits running around claiming to be the very best bunny, but the president hasn’t yet decided which set of fuzzy tails he’ll use,’ said one official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.”
Prediction: these people will (hopefully) be retired in the year 2050 because they will be getting up in years by then
Paging ⁦@colindickey⁩ ...
And it’s not just over there: here’s an editor of an Australian Murdoch paper pushing the same kind of climate disinfo in a US Murdoch paper:
The Murdoch media empire’s role in spreading disinformation in Australia on climate change
"The Trump administration has for nearly two years ignored mounting evidence that Russian operatives … were deliberately targeting U.S. troops and veterans with online disinformation..." Unsurprisingly, the Russians pushed conservative talking points
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“Australia suddenly appears to be getting swamped by mis/disinformation as a result of this environmental catastrophe, and we are suffering the consequences in terms of hyped up polarisation and an increased difficulty for citizens to discern truth.”
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“Gutsy or reckless? That depends on how this chapter ends.” How did this trite time-will-tell lede ever make it through edits?
I have yet to see a “cool” or “neat” roundup of CES gadgets that features anything cool or neat.
If you can't get Bibi excited about killing Iranians...
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