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“‘Alcaida’ is probably a phonetic spelling of ‘al-Qaeda’” america/
RT @AnnaHolmes: As part of the last issue of @topicstories, on the theme of “Journeys,” we've republished a longform piece I’ve often thoug…
Borowitz's "satire" strikes again... at least on the desktop version, it says in the dek he's joking. Still seems odd to have his humor pop up in my Feedly.
Here’s a good thread about how many people it takes to produce good news coverage — many more than the people who get the bylines
I've been keeping a list of all the great reader questions I've been gotten about the New York Times. But please, please send me more! My DMs are open... and need to figure out what my next column topic will be. Thank you!
RT @CJR: The NYT sports desk celebrated its coverage of the Women's World Cup after the US team won. But for most of the tournament, the by…
RT @amyzipkin: @gabrielsnyder This squares with my @CJR reporting on #women & #media. Greatest beat disparity by #gender was sports. https:…
But here's the tl;dr version: there have been two major trends contributing to the byline gender imbalance: 1) the sports desk is a lot smaller than it was 10 years ago. 2) over that time the section has lost a lot of female reporters while bringing on a number of male ones
As sr. editor @NailaJeanMeyers told me: “You can't always control when and how people leave, or when/how/if you can replace those people. But if you take your eye off the ball… you might look around the room one day and realize your staff doesn't look the way you want it to.”
As I hope all of my Public Editor columns do, this one started with a note from a NYT reader: She noticed that during a summer when women are dominating the sporting stage, thanks to the World Cup champions @USWNT, the sports section often “is 100 percent male bylines.”
Please read my story for what sports editor @randyNYT and other at the Times have to say about the representation of women
I analyzed the bylines in two months worth of recent sports sections and she was right: more often than not — 32 of 60 days — there were no women writing in the NYT sports section. Overall during those dates, women had 9% of the bylines.
My latest NYT Public Editor column for @CJR is up: it looks at why there have been so few women getting bylines in the sports section lately
Press pool photographers are currently boycotting White House events over an access dispute...
And now a word from Breitbart about evidentiary standards and unfounded conspiracy theories....
“Darroch ... is a former UK Permanent Representative to the EU and widely regarded as a europhile.” PM race getting hot for the Brexiteer Tories.
Big story. Big time scoop by the Daily Beast.
Metaphor? eworks/
Happy Independence Day America!
RT @jbouie: stay tuned for my next column "How Trump Needs to Win the Middle with Universal Health Care if He Wants a Second Term"
“If you want to understand _________, look at inequality” holds up pretty well for most issues rn
It's amazing what happens when "littering" becomes a business model
5/ The other interpretation — which seems more likely in this context — is a familiar call to Democrats to vote against their own interests and pick someone they don't like as their presidential nominee.
6/ That kind of advice feels more like a political argument (i.e. "I, personally, do not support left-leaning Democrats and therefore no one else should") than hard-boiled political analysis. And no one should be surprised how unpersuasive it is to Democratic voters.
4/ So what's really meant by someone who claims a Democrat who looks likes a Democrat can't win? One possibility is that U.S. presidential elections are rigged against Democrats (which is true) but no one ever seems to follow with, "We really ought to make the system fairer."
3/ But the vast majority of Democrats (voters and candidates) live in blue states or blue cities. That's why we label them "blue." (The inverse also holds for Republicans; Trump is an anomaly in this regard.)
2/ It's often held up as an article of faith that coming from a blue state (like Massachusetts) or blue city (like San Francisco), as Wasserman argues, is a fatal political liability for a Democratic presidential candidate.
1/ This interview was interesting — as @IChotiner's regularly are — but it also shows the heads-I-win-tails-you-lose nature of the usual political framing around "Democratic electability":
If the aim is to undercount Latinos in the Census, it doesn’t really matter if there is a citizenship question or not. Trump is muddying the waters here to scare people into not being counted.
In all seriousness, while I think it's valuable to keep an eye on campaign messaging, I am going to begin filtering all campaign emails so they skip my inbox going forward. It's too much!
This is surprising
Because the country has not yet gone entirely insane?
Anna — As sad as this news is, congrats to you and your team on building something amazing!
“Then we ask ourselves if climate change is real.”
You know what might be dampening Democratic enthusiasm? The monthly avalanche of “I’ve got some bad news...” fundraising emails hitting inboxes... just saying
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The moral of this story is what? Beware of having your words twisted by horrible liars?
It’s a quirk of American politics that the President is more a party mascot than party leader, though we often confuse the two.
Good point by ⁦@ezraklein⁩: “In a more sensible system, the presidential candidates would be quizzed on how they would lead their party to downticket victory.”
To compare the tweet ("unanimous" ... "haggling") to the lede: "Democratic candidates split over one of the biggest issues in the race"
This tweet and this headline don't match
RT @FiveThirtyEight: Cory Booker spoke the most words tonight. Beto O’Rourke was second. Elizabeth Warren was third. Chuck Todd, one of th…
premium 2019 Democratic shade
RT @steve_vladeck: Gorsuch, J.., concurring in the judgment (joined by Thomas, Alito, & Kavanaugh, JJ.): “To be sure, [allowing federal ad…
The disagreements and wide ideological spectrum on the stage tonight are rather remarkable. As is the fact that these disputes aside, defeating Trump will unite them all behind whoever wins the nomination.
Whatever your politics are, anyone who says Biden is the only moderate in the race is flat out wrong.
“Elital” is not a bad word actually
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