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It’s a shame the world will never know Online Logo Maker’s vision for Gawker
I don't know why it took me this long to figure out, but one of the reasons Trump probably has so much affection for authoritarians like Putin, Erdogan, Mody, Kim Jong Un, etc, is that European leaders can barely contain their contempt for him
"in two tweets that were separated by a break he took to watch the opening of Jeanine Pirro’s Fox News program"
And Barcelona! Forgot to mention them
RT @gabrielsnyder: The premise of this story is that Elizabeth Warren has caused energy sector stocks to slump with a “market-moving” tweet…
In recent days I’ve seen reports of massive protests in: Hong Kong, London, Chile, Beirut, and Moscow. Now David Leonhardt (of all folks) is calling for impeachment marches. Seems to fit the global mood.
The premise of this story is that Elizabeth Warren has caused energy sector stocks to slump with a “market-moving” tweet. This chart does not show that.
If someone gives some ranges of time like “2p-5:30p on Monday or 10a-1p on Wednesday,” pick a time in there. Don't say, "Either works for me." Instead: “I’m free both of those windows, how about 3:30p on Monday?”
Some calendar etiquette it took me too long to learn: Always suggest a time. If someone says, “we should get together some time,” don’t respond “How about next week?” You're asking them to do all the work. Instead: “I’m free in the afternoons next week. How about 3p on Tuesday?”
This is "The Purge" interpretation of the Constitution: Article I only applies for one week out of the four years between Presidential elections.
Anybody else's ratio of Promoted Tweets increase dramatically today?
I'm not in my feed often enough to notice whether quantity is up or not, but just before I saw your tweet, I happened to notice a Taboola/Outbrain style ad for clickbait (something about Photoshop fails, I think) and I don't think I've seen something like that on Twitter before.
Yeah, I've had a couple where I thought "Man, you really want me to click that." Trying, you know?
Here's a thing that makes me suspect they've turned on a new programmatic ad network: the images in the Promoted tweets in my feed are being blocked by uBlock. That hasn't been the case for previous Twitter-sold promoted tweets, like the TMobile CEO who was spamming my feed.
on the iOS app, I am seeing far fewer promoted tweets and they are not being touched by content blockers
While Turkey seems to be ignoring the ceasefire that Pence came back from Ankara with... ... Romney suggests this disaster started when Erdogan bluffed and Trump caved ...
It must be exhausting trying to keep all of Trump’s lies straight
Sorry: forgot the WaPo link defends-allowing-politicians-lie-ads/
The entire subtext of this speech — that Zuckerberg has carefully studied the issues and has decided what the rules of the Internet will be — are as good an argument for why Facebook is too big as anything Elizabeth Warren could come up with
No, people don’t want to live in a world where just *ONE* tech company decides what people can say
Noted: the impeachment inquiry is about how the Trump White House operationalized conspiracy theories
"social media might allow a leader to disseminate his own 'facts,' but it also creates an alternative universe in which he may be tempted to believe them"
ICYMI, two excellent @CJR Public Editor columns: @mariabustillos on a "remarkable risk" in criticizing the NBC network leadership's handling of Ronan Farrow's reporting @emilytamkin on what we really mean when we think of "CNN"
Here’s a good way to measure electability I’d propose: being able to win the presidential nomination of one of the two major parties
What a terribly ungrateful way to talk about people who died fighting ISIS for us
"But conservatives warn..." What exactly is the journalistic value of asking partisans about how their opponents are coming across? And have you ever seen a report about "liberal warnings" about Trump's persona being off-putting?
I've never really thought of journalism as an "addictive" product
Even his complaints about media bias hinge on corrupt quid pro quos...
RT @realDonaldTrump: From the day I announced I was running for President, I have NEVER had a good @FoxNews Poll. Whoever their Pollster is…
Irony dies another death 19/10/09/9dc2a99e-eaa4-11e9-9c6d-436a0df4f31d_story.html
“If Rudy doesn’t get a lawyer, he’s crazier than I thought”
How long until Vice+Refinery29 merges with Group Nine+PopSugar?
“I have no doubt [the Russians] will try to take advantage of this situation"
“It’s way, way worse to know that you were laid off and the people who run this place you love are going to ruin it.”
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“a water-filled trench, stocked with snakes or alligators”
RT @CJR: "Putting forward a dozen random voters as representative of the entire public doesn’t offer much value to readers and is a newspap…
RT @BGrueskin: Twitter is a necessary but imperfect way of keeping a news org honest — as ⁦@gabrielsnyder⁩ explains here. Via ⁦@CJR⁩ https…
I know, I know: Twitter is where you can easily reach a lot of people, especially the media crowd. But it doesn’t have to be forever. Things on the Internet seldom are. /end
But for the most part, I get my news these days via RSS with Feedly. Newsletters are good, too. And I like to listen to the BBC World Service throughout the day.
Would you be willing to share your RSS list?
Sure! I’m on my phone and can’t export the OPML file. It’s mostly the “all stories” feeds of the publications I pay to subscribe to. Started a new account from scratch last year. Have added a few more, but not too many, since. Here’s as many as will fit in a screenshot.
Cool, thanks. Always on the lookout for things that are off the beaten path
I have an ancient OPML file that was loaded with less mundane sources. It was too overwhelming. Now I seek those out (or wait for someone to link) rather than drink from a firehose.
I still come on to promote my work and do research. Also I find DMs are a good semi-public way for people to contact me. And sometimes I’ll share something I’m reading in another app.
And there are other social platforms. After trying and “not getting” Reddit many times over the years, I’ve recently found that its community moderation makes a lot of it very civilized. Certainly compared to the morass here.
After spending the better part of nine years glued to Twitter, I’ve cut way back the last few years. I generally go days (or weeks) without directly reading the feed.
I know it’s a little ironic to tweet this but there really is a life after Twitter, if you want it
My latest CJR Public Editor column on the NYT’s whistleblower coverage, reader outrages, and the trouble with Twitter
Feeling that 2017 nostalgia Friday night vibe
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