Family 1st! Entrepreneur 2nd. CEO of @Vaynermedia & @VaynerSports. Investor in Twitter, Snapchat, Uber, Venmo. 5X NYTimes best 📚. Die hard NYJets fan. @137pm
Oops under $40* sorry
What Sports Cards I’d Buy if I Only Had $20 with @OtiaSports & @joshluber
Which should we do on tomorrow The Italian red is normally $70 and will be under $30 The New Zealand sauv blac would be $11 or so and rivals $20-25 NZ Blancs
Looking for drama/ conflict is a trait I’m grateful I wasn’t given
Fascinating to watch people eliminate the context from other people’s points of view to allow them to argue with it or make it look weaker or more flawed, many do on purpose to create a counter argument.
That’s the best part of the service - it’s educating and offering ridiculous deals and now a referral program for free shipping at scale -
How epic is this deal? :)
Let’s make this very simple ... the offer in one hour on 🍷 is a $40ish Pinot Noir that we are doing under $14, it’s utter ridiculousness and I recommend everyone buy 2 cases, gifts, save for 2 years, party, YOU WONT GET A BETTER DEAL
Who’s tried it yet? Send a referral code
Only if you hustle
WineText referral signup. | So pumped - we now have a way for you to get free shipping on every order ;)
Nice work by incredible partners at planters and the @VaynerMedia team
How Entrepreneurs Can Take Advantage of eBay 👇
Your focus on hating yesterday is killing your opportunity to love tomorrow ♥️
Brandon and I plotting the wildest offer yet .. and the announcement of a referral program !!!! Big day
On the record : feel like this 1972 icee nba set is very intriguing and sets like this are very underpriced and have potential - I’ve bought 9 or so cards but looking for anyone who has a huge stash. Old icee store owner? +1972
Happiness is worth it ❤️
How has female founder participation changed since @sophiaamoruso started @Nastygal? Sophia shares her thoughts on the changes & growth of female founders. Sophia also talks about raising funds and working with investors like @alexisohanian & @garyvee 🔥. Part 4 of 6
Full ep: Thanks @SVB_Financial for supporting the show! More innovative startups bank at Silicon Valley Bank than any other bank. Learn why at - -
How has female founder participation changed since @sophiaamoruso started @Nastygal? @sophiamoruso shares her thoughts on the growth of female founders. Sophia also talks about raising funds and working with investors like @alexisohanian and @garyvee 🔥 Part 4 of 6
Well this could get fun - Some deals in there
Check out GARY VEE VAYNERCHUK - 2019 Topps Allen & Ginter X! 20 CARD LOT! ⁦@eBay⁩ Deal :) lol
RT @sarah__holloway: SNEAK PEEK // A new happiness metric from the inimitable @garyvee, cannot WAIT to release the full chat #seizetheyay h…
It’s really happening @winetexts
Sign up for it’s literally become the best way to learn about and discover wine 🍷 not to mention save a shit load 💩 of money 💵
While I’m on it @Sammoman Sam you’ve done an amazing job engaging with people on Twitter about @winetexts and have added amazing videos on Instagram
Huge shoutout to @WineLib_BW not only my best friend since 1989 but is crushing the game - the Pinot Noir he nailed down tomorrow is why this service is exploding 💥 - $45 Pinot noir shouldn’t be available for under $16
RT @137pm: 💰 Some tips for livin’ that flip life
Who bought their deal today? Epic right?
What decision have you made that you always wondered if you made the alternative ?
My Biggest Differentiator in the Advertising World
What do you think about a once a month - last chance sale for the wines we have left - 50% sell out ..
RT @DanielZiedins: @garyvee @winetexts *
Who got the offer? @winetexts
20 min away from a ridiculous white burgundy offer on this is a “12 bottle order” perfect for client gifts and parties a like. Drinks like $40 will cost you $15.55 Who’s ready? Who just signed up?
RT @EmpathyWines: Have you tried a little Empathy? 💕 Our farmers work year-long to harvest the grapes that go into our blends so you get a…
Real Chardonnay drinkers - 1 hour away from an all time offer
Epic read : 🏀
Best Always Wins w/ @kyleandjackieo
Who loves Chardonnay? Who’s especially loves it from burgundy? Tomorrow is going to be wild on Its really time to sign up 🍷 Ps : it’s time for a white wine emoji
RT @137pm: These guys are crushing the style game: 👕@1future 👕@Sethrogen 👕@DwyaneWade 👕@henrygolding 👕@shaunwhite 👕@SterlingKBrown 👕…
Check out Group Dinner With Gary Vaynerchuck “Gary Vee” Topps National Golden Ticket Award ⁦@eBay⁩ Someone pulled a dinner “hit”
This market is hot - Look at this #thehobby
I never ever think I’m “right” I just think I’m “right from one mans pov” & that “right” changes as I continue through the journey. Don’t let communication style confused you. Just sharing like many others. Passion - ✅ Conviction from my perspective- ✅ Think I’m “right” 🚫
Worth a read
RT @137pm: Our updated @MLB player rankings: 👏🏾No. 4: @ABREG_1 ⚾️No. 3: @solerpower12 👏🏾No. 2: @jack9Flaherty ⚾️No. 1: Gio @Urshela10…
What I’ve Learned After 13 Years of Making Content
You do now! Best part of - discovering new wines
So many are! Buying wines at basically half price always looks good for clients! I’ve had 4 different offices tell me they now use it for gifts
Best @winetexts wine so far? Go ...
A few are close - we also nailed down a wild champagne 🍾 deal coming soon
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