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Today's podcast is one of those episodes that I will listen to forever @RealJoeNamath talking wine in 4 min ...
9:46 am on Fox 5NY I’m talking @EmpathyWines
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Set your alarm 🚨 for Saturday morning 9am ET ... trust me .. do it now, especially if you have a 3-11 year old in your family
And ..skateboarding @tySchmitt5
So @marykatemcgrath is a hugeeeeeee #trashtalk fan ... whatya think? Let her know
Fuck it ... are you the best twitter creator ( copy/meme/gif) around these subjects Or know who is ( @ her or him ) Let’s us know @tySchmitt5
I’m super proud
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Who’s the best at making fresh ass content on twitter around these ... MMA High school Football Sports Betting
Who is good at making twitter content and is deeply knowledge in WWE wrestling Sports betting Flipping retail arbitrage
definitely is like 3-for-4 of those
What’s your favorite mocktail ? And what did you pay for it
Who’s the most under the radar esports personalities as of this second in the world 🌎
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Rate Koko B aware all time ... 1-10? Go #wwf #wwe
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We guarantee it @RealJoeNamath
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So @RealJoeNamath will be in the @VaynerMedia office in 1:20hr ... no big deal ..
Well the cat 🐱 is out of the bag ... see you in an hour and half ...
In case you missed it, the new episode of #trashtalk is | Trash Talk #4
“Winnie the Pooh is always in play”
My communication style and the way I create it absolutely does this, and I need to adjust to create better context and a hedge to my natural dna
Not only can it, I hope for all of us it does and it will
I share my perspectives like many others on social. I never think I’m right, I think it was right for me and I hope it maybe a context point for others. Self awareness is always key and I wish nobobdy anythibf but happiness.
I’m excited to live In a world where “success” is when you have happiness and peace of mind not money and trophies. Please define your “success”
RT @SeanMullinMusic: @garyvee Best part was “Drock hide behind that tree”
When you do it for yourself, there is no timeline When you do it for others approval the timeline is always too close and right in your face
RT @ANT_1515: “Negativity is too loud, and positivity is too quite” - @garyvee
RT @Chaganison: @garyvee Picked these up for $10 a piece! Getting offers for $150! Thanks for the motivation! #garyveehustle…
Getting horses 🐎 to water 🚿
Go big and go home and draw a nice bath and have a nice dinner and catch up on your reading and then go to your comfy bed and go to sleep and wake up refreshed
You have always gone big with your heart ❤️ hope you’re well
I am! And can we talk about the anti-hustle and what we inherited in privilege from our immigrant parents sometime? We need to have this conversation! Always appreciate your positivity. 🙏🏾💜
Anytime pls ping me - want to do in person or as a public thing for podcast?
I just booked hella travel. It was stressful. I only fucked up one thing. :(
No. You are the best!
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