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Dropped a new mini-film today on YouTube you can watch it here on Twitter
Join us - it’s worth it
RT @tapscout: Amazing new video released by @garyvee and @TeamGaryVee How To Build The Biggest Building h…
RT @UJBalanzategui: This new @garyvee film is amazing. Such good insight and just truth.
RT @marensmags: North Hunterdon Class of 2020 received a special message today from esteemed alumni Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee), CEO of Vayn…
New film
RT @picturemesa: @garyvee watching the short film. Strong message.
Idea : let’s redefine “Success” How about .. being happy and making others happy too ❤️ Instead of she/ he made money and bought things
RT @TeamGaryVee: 🚨New concept 🚨 submit a VIDEO question and @garyvee will select a few to reply to. Go!!!
Wishing you an extremely wonderful morning ☀️☀️☀️☀️ and hope you can reconnect with someone you admire or love, even through a quick FaceTime or text ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Danny Glover was 41 when he delivered the line “I’m too old for this shit.” Have a good night!
He was confused - 41 is young as fuck
Patience will forever be underrated
Macho Man Randy Savage is the best wrestler of all time #dontComeAtMe
Needed it for video conferencing
Drinking wine with friends is so fun
RT @Almosthomeohio: It's Big Give Day!  🎉 Today is your chance to make a REAL IMPACT in helping us achieve our mission of rescuing sweet so…
Compassion is such a strength ♥️♥️♥️🧡
💛💛💛☀️ I hope today is a nice day for you
Official tweet - I’ve been so head down with family, @allinchallenge and raising $ for hungry and my issues with my family businesses that I missed the whole project2020, have 0 cards from it, didn’t know about it before & see tweets hear and there but don’t know much ❤️❤️
Yes ❤️
I love you @WineLib_BW #NationalBestFriendsDay
I was very fortunate to grow up where I did and how I did and raised by who I was raised by 🖤❤️🖤❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️💙💙💚💛💛💛💛
Cynicism is fascinating
Who likes Sancerre wine?
I love ❤️ Philly
In times of stress truths get exposed more than change ❤️🖤
When someone hates you without knowing you, their broken ... not you
We must understand practical positivity and the importance of building self esteem without entitlement .. it plays out in all parts of life. Hate is the worst .. and so much comes from insecurities:(
No - back soon
Stunned by the lack of “seeing it” When you love ❤️ you get love When you aren’t defensive and listen, you hear things that can help Less dividing, more loving
Let’s do it - @virtuallyzain free tickets to whenever we go back to speaking
Yes, back soon 🖤
The virus of “hate” makes corona seem like a fucking knee scrap ... Almost every person that sees this is a loving human, love has to become louder and confront hate when we see it. Let’s invent a screen test for hate, then we will get healthy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Don’t cancel - communicate ... this was in response to this post
Changing your mind is an ultimate strength ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Somethings are simple ... hate in all forms has no place, we’ve let it breathe, it’s time to stop
Silence is hates oxygen
Please help #suffocateRacism
RT @WendellPierce: “I’m gonna die” “Tell my kids I love them” “....Momma...” George Floyd as he dies #JusticeForGeorge
Appreciate all of you who spent some time with me and donated to help the @allinchallenge - means a lot ❤️
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