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Which celebrity or character from pop culture were you named after, friends?
Sure sounds like Donald.
Twitter removed thousands of fake Chinese-created accounts that amplified its state-run media messaging disparaging Hong Kong protestors. Now China is complaining that its free speech rights were violated. China complaining about lack of free speech. Let that sink in.
China complaining that its free speech rights were violated by the removal its fake amplifier accounts on Twitter is the height of irony.
For the record, I am “disloyal”—to this president. It’s our version of “deplorable.”
RT @DevinCow: Don’t forget what else happened today. Trump made horrible anti-Semitic remarks, denied we are heading to a recession, called…
Here’s another gem. Keep them coming, @amyklobuchar
Amy Klobuchar’s deadpan tweets are a thing of beauty. Highly recommended follow. @amyklobuchar FTW again.
Trump canceled his visit to Denmark after their Prime Minister said Greenland wasn’t for sale. Hoping also to avoid further face-to-face meetings, Xi Jinping declared Hong Hong “unaffordable” for Trump, and Justin Trudeau declared he’d never sell Vancouver Island at any price.
RT @GeorgeTakei: Out of hardship, such beauty.
RT @GeorgeTakei: Oh myyy, what a unique talent this is. Chills.
RT @GeorgeTakei: Et tu, Fox News?😂
Oh, poor baby.
RT @BradTakei: Thanks to him, help was there quickly.
Out of hardship, such beauty.
Simply deplorable.
RT @GuacamoleyTweet: Metro Queen. 👑
The consequences of Donald's hate.
RT @BradTakei: How did she miss that?
RT @comicsandsdaily: How was this ever allowed to happen?
Et tu, Fox News?😂
RT @BradTakei: Huh?
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Trump is floating a payroll tax cut to keep the economy from recession. But the tax break he already gave corporations and the wealthy makes this impossible to pay for. We are already trillions more in debt under Trump. He wants to mortgage our future to pay for his excesses.
Oh dear.😂
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Oh myyy, what a unique talent this is. Chills.
RT @BradTakei: Gotta split.
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#OhMyyyPod, my podcast exploring racially charged viral videos that have taken the internet by storm, is now streaming at
No, dear.
RT @Knowable_com: Time out awaits my little friend
What is your favorite Mister Rogers memory, friends?
Petty, thy name is Donald.
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The ratings for Trump's White House reality TV show are slipping. He's trying to juice them through emotional outbursts, saying divisive and outrageous things. But as with any annoying, one-note drama queen, the viewing public is tired of it and ready for a new program. #BuhBye
So...who hired the dope? An even bigger one.
Trump has raised your taxes, America. He calls it a tariff, but it cost you $1,000 in higher prices. That money was collected by and went to the government. Some of it paid off farmers who can't sell their crops and may have permanently lost market share. So much winning.
RT @GeorgeTakei: When it comes to protests, Americans could certainly learn a thing or two from Hong Kong.
RT @GeorgeTakei: Help me wish @matthewPerry a very happy 50th birthday! What is your favorite Chandler Bing moment, friends?…
A bit from tonight’s appearance on @Nightline
Oh dear. 😂
He can't be serious.
RT @BradTakei: If only we all had this problem.
When it comes to protests, Americans could certainly learn a thing or two from Hong Kong.
Has Trump realized that by starting this trade war, American farmers might permanently lose? China is now buying soybeans from other countries. It never has to go back to buying American farmers goods. But us? We have few options but to buy Chinese goods. Sad!
There he goes again, complaining about an official trying to do the job Trump appointed him to do. This time it's the Fed Chair, Jay Powell. Trump has to blame someone for the recession that 74% of economists now believe will hit by the end of 2021. (Let that sink in...)
RT @BradTakei: This mom may be overthinking things.
That's not going to cut it, Senator.
RT @GeorgeTakei: "Oh Myyy Pod!" premieres today. Our 1st episode, "Napping While Black." explores the "BBQ Becky" phenomenon & features Den…
If @PeteButtigieg wins the 2020 presidential election, what would his husband @Chas10Buttigieg's title be? “He's going to be the First Gentleman of the United States of America — a historic one,” @GeorgeTakei says.
RT @TIME: "My mission in life has been to raise awareness of this chapter in American history," says @GeorgeTakei. "I'm the last of the sur…
RT @sternshow: This Week On Howard: #SternShow announcer @GeorgeTakei sits in, @ImMedicatedPete debuts a new song, and @robertAbooey clashe…
@GeorgeTakei tells @HowardStern why he is backing @PeteButtigieg for president after meeting him: “A brilliant guy, Harvard and Oxford degrees, a war veteran of the Afghan war, intelligence officer, and he is politically experienced.”
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