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The first round of monthly payouts have gone out to developers in the #GithubSponsors beta. Sign up for the waitlist, recommend developers and more—invites are sent out regularly.
Good news, Yarn developers. Your Yarn dependencies just got more protection. If a security risk is detected in a Yarn.lock manifest, we’ll notify you right away. 🔐
Is it Python, Ruby, Java, Typescript? OctoLingua can tell you. It’s our very own, in-house machine learning classifier based on an Artificial Neural Network to detect coding languages. 🧠
Reviewing a pull request doesn’t always happen all at once. That’s why we’re introducing the ability to keep track of the files you have—and haven’t—viewed in a pull request 👀
Build loopable melodies in your browser! Singing along is optional. Recordings are preferred. #NoopsChallenge (Noops Idol 🎤)
RT @githubEducation: Today is your last chance to submit your @github profile for the #PinsToWin contest. So many inspiring profiles have b…
More mazes?! Yes, please! This time, it’s with a twist: Pathbot only gives you directions, not the maze itself. Can you make it through? 🤔 #NoopsChallenge
You might not be able to tell from the name, but Sortbot likes things to be organized. Get the values in the correct order... ASAP 😳 #NoopsChallenge
Ask Wordbot to write you a novel, a poem, feed you inspiration, and it will... But it might not make sense. Up to a thousand words are delivered—it’s up to you to figure out what to do with them! #NoopsChallenge
Riddlebot might just turn you into the world’s greatest hacker-spy as it feeds you encoded strings to decrypt. Every level continues to get harder… can you keep up? #NoopsChallenge
GitHub is a worldwide community and we’re proud to bring that same global mindset to our help documentation. You can now find localized help docs written in Japanese and Simplified Chinese via the drop-down menu on the top right.
We’re making GitHub more accessible than ever as our global community expands. Find new, localized, help documentation written in Japanese and Simplified Chinese via the drop-down menu on the top right. 🌏
Another week, another set of Noops! They just keep getting better 🔥 Try (and share) them all #NoopsChallenge
Security policies, maintainer security advisories, and more! Watch @jhutchings0 and @clarkbw from our Product team guide you through all the new ways to stay secure while using GitHub 🔐
RT @githubPolicy: Learn how our content moderation practices stack up in this year's Who Has Your Back report on online censorship (tl;dr -…
RT @honeypotio: 🔥 IT'S TIME!!! 🎉 📽️🍿 #GraphQL: The Documentary, featuring @GraphQL co-creators @dlschafer, @leeb and @schrockn, as well as…
You get an issue! You get an issue! Assign issues to read-only contributors and get some closure.
Code Golf, aka GolfBot, lets you enjoy the joy of golf… virtually. Plus, you get to use GitHub! Minimize your use of characters and keystrokes to win #NoopsChallenge 🏆🏌️‍♀️
With CamBot, your device comes alive! Tap into the sensors on your camera and more to create extraordinary visuals or tweak versions of other #NoopsChallenge’s 📸
It’s Conway’s Game of Life, in API format. Meet Automatabot—here to give you a set of cells and their rules… for life. #NoopsChallenge
MazeBot gives you the maze (in data)… it’s up to you to work your way through it. Tweet us when you make it through! #NoopsChallenge
What does your GitHub history look like? 🤔 Share it with us!
Hexbot sent you hex codes. Polybot sends you polygons. What will you create this time around? 🤔 Share it with us (and tag #NoopsChallenge)!
You star their repos. You follow along with every new release. Now, financially support the developers behind the projects with GitHub Sponsors 💖
What’s better than a fast-moving deploy train? New Noops! It’s our latest Noop drop. #NoopsChallenge
GitHub Package Registry keeps getting better, and it’s thanks to our beta testers 💕 Read all about the latest improvements in the blog and keep the feedback coming—or sign up for the waitlist!
GitHub Package Registry keeps getting better, and it’s thanks to our beta testers 💕 Read all about the latest improvements in the blog and keep the feedback coming—or sign up for the waitlist!
Host a hackathon without the hassle. Let @MLHacks Localhost lead the way with out-of-the-box workshops on how to use Git and GitHub collaboratively 💕
RT @AMartinCastro: 👽 LEARNING THE HARD WAY: API basics with Postman 👽 I am going to use Github's Noop Challenge - Hexbot to teach y'all ab…
RT @natfriedman: 👇 GitHub token scanning at work! We automatically detect and work with service partners to disable tokens that appear in p…
Pull request approved: Pull Panda successfully merged into GitHub ✅ Install the most popular code review and process-improving tools, for free in GitHub Marketplace, starting today.
We're starting to invite developers in from the GitHub Sponsors waitlist! Your recommendations matter, so be sure to nominate the developers you'd like to see on GitHub Sponsors next by using the form below 💖
Congratulations to the @strapijs team and community on reaching 15k stars! 🌟 Their v3.0.0-beta.5 was just released yesterday—we can't wait to see how this open source project + team continues to grow 💖
Read up on all the ways to secure your code using new features announced at GitHub Satellite 🔐
Whether you're building (or battling!) with Hexbot, it's all a part of the #NoopsChallenge on GitHub. Join in and play around!
Ready to be more productive in Atom, at a faster pace than ever? The Atom Editor team improved some of the most common features, including the fuzzy finder. Try out the new experimental mode to experience speeds up to 6x over the standard mode ⚡
“You never make art alone in a box, you are always taking someone else's idea and collaging it with your own.” - @J_A_E_G_E_R It’s never one thing that exists in isolation—humans, code, and more build upon each other to create complex software, artwork, and communities.
Why was GitHub Sponsors built? How does the waitlist work? Will you support corporate sponsors? We’ve got answers for all of these questions and more 💖
It’s our very first Noop drop. Are you ready to code? Send us screenshots of what you build! 💻 #NoopsChallenge
Tell us, or better yet, teach us about how your community is connected by code. Submit your proposal for a talk at this year’s #GitHubUniverse by June 17.
It’s time to meet the Noops. Are you ready? #NoopsChallenge
A big welcome to @ericabrescia, who joins the GitHub team today as Chief Operating Officer 🎉
Get caught up (fast) on the newest security, community, and enterprise announcements from #GitHubSatellite.
Co-lead of the team Creator of Co-host of Hear Sean’s story and learn how you can help support his work on and the Rust ecosystem through GitHub Sponsors 💖
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