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Like meeting with fellow developers? Hearing the latest on GitHub products? Customizable octocat stickers? Experience it all (and more) at #GitHubUniverse Nov. 13-14 in SF. Want a feel for what to expect? Highlights from this year's GitHub Satellite ⬇️
GET READY! Game Off, our annual game jam, returns on November 1 🎮 It's the perfect excuse to build your first game, learn a new game engine, or hack on something fun with your friends.
Looking to accelerate workflows at scale? @rea_loretta, CEO of @ToastEng, leads a session on how to paginate effectively, create and plan queries, use tech-preview features, and manage costs with the GitHub API. Only at #GitHubUniverse.
A few takes on the arcade classic, Space Invaders, from this year’s #JS13K. In VR: Reversed: Crossed with Snake: 👾👾👾 👾👾👾 . . . . 🚀
Don’t be a robot, build your best bot instead! Hear from @Mariatta on automating workflows at scale and how her Python Core Team at @Zapier made CPython collaboration better than ever.
These fun, forkable games from the @end3r's recent #JS13K competition are the perfect break activity 🕹
More GitHub Actions inspiration! Take a spin through some of our favorite Actions created by our partners at @mablhq, @codefresh, @GorillaStack, and @GitKraken.
Raise your hand if you link to an external issue tracker with GitHub regularly ✋ Starting today you can automatically transform those references into clickable links on GitHub Team, Pro, and Enterprise accounts.
RT @githubPolicy: We believe in empowering developers around the world. We also believe in basic human rights and treating people with resp…
It's a wrap on the 8th annual #JS13K competition. Here's a look at the top 10 games voted on by the community!
Since GitHub Actions launched in beta last year, developers have created thousands of shareable workflows. Need some inspiration to get started? Check out what open source maintainers have built so far.
How are financial institutions embracing open source? How is @Shopify managing 400+ pull requests each day? How is @IBM using GitHub Enterprise to gain insights into their internal coding practices? Hear from business leaders at #GitHubUniverse.
Do you develop or contribute to software for social good? We’re working with @casefoundation to understand how open source technology is used and its adoption barriers in the social sector. Share your thoughts in this survey.
In May we launched the “triage” and “maintain” roles in beta for organization-owned repositories… And today that’s now available to all organizations on the Free, Team, and Enterprise Cloud plans 💫
After examining 10,000 open source Java components, @RealGeneKim and Stephen Magill were able to reveal patterns in productivity between top open source teams. Dive into all the findings at #GitHubUniverse.
Mark your calendars for tomorrow, 10am PT! ⏬
Do you know someone just getting started with Github? GitHub Desktop 2.2 is here with a new onboarding tutorial to walk developers through all the basics. Install an editor, create a branch, make a commit, push to GitHub, and more.
How do we make sure the intelligence gained from innovation is created and managed ethically? CTO of BCG GAMMA, Andrea Gallego, takes the #GitHubUniverse stage to share how the team creates more ethical, inclusive, and comprehensive AI solutions.
Multi-line comments have arrived! You can now highlight multiple lines in a pull request diff and add a comment, all at once.
It’s now easier than ever to create and edit a GitHub Actions workflow. With snippets and auto-complete, you can catch errors before they happen—and the editor now highlights structural errors in files, unexpected values, and even conflicting values 🔍
A big day for the @TensorFlow team! Congrats!🎉
GitHub Actions, Package Registry, Sponsors, and more. Experience the latest from GitHub engineers and product managers on some of our biggest product updates of the year. Only at #GitHubUniverse.
Congratulations to the @nim_lang team and community on the 1.0 ship! 🎉
RT @githubPolicy: Proud to have ElectionGuard open sourced on GitHub. Discover more open source voting projects like @SFOpenVoting and @vot…
How can you tell if your company has good coding behaviors? Data scientist and developer @__emmadickson shares how @IBM gained insight into their internal coding practices with GitHub Enterprise—and how you can do the same. Only at #GitHubUniverse.
Calling all machine learning developers and data scientists 👀 Today we're excited to share the CodeSearchNet Challenge and the release of a large dataset for natural language processing and machine learning.
☑️ Faster builds ☑️ Safer code ☑️ Better software Anything’s possible when open source communities and businesses build together.
Managing issues in your project boards just got a lot easier. Now you can move issues to new columns without ever leaving the page ✨
Starting today, team synchronization across GitHub and Azure Active Directory is available to all GitHub Enterprise Cloud customers 🙌 Another step towards making identity and access management easier and more straightforward.
Polish up your skills. Dive deep on how to ship pull requests at scale, change work culture through documentation, build better bots, and address security vulnerabilities at #GitHubUniverse.
The GitHub API is a key part of accelerating workflows. Gain tactical tips for how to paginate effectively, create and plan queries, use tech-preview features, build scripts, use bots to assist contributors, and more 😅 Only at #GitHubUniverse.
Ever wish you had an extra team member to review each pull request with laser focus on security? Join a live discussion and demo with Semmle's @oegerikus (CEO and founder) and @fjserna (CSO) on community-powered secure development.
RT @githubEducation: Sorry, did you think we were finished?! 😉 The @github Student Developer Pack welcomes another 12 new partners today. T…
Missed this morning’s spotlight on secure software development? Rewatch the live stream 📹
RT @natfriedman: Good news: anyone who signs up for the GitHub Actions beta will get admitted instantly. Give it a try!…
RT @Semmle: Big news! Semmle is joining the @github team to bring community-powered security analysis to millions of developers. Learn more…
Our mission is to build a global platform for developer collaboration. But that platform needs to be one that all of us can use to secure the world’s software, together. Learn more on how you can help.
We’re here to help you develop code safely and securely. Check out the different ways you can do that on GitHub.
Today we welcome @Semmle to the GitHub family! We’re excited to bring the world’s most powerful semantic code engine to the world’s largest developer community🔥
Keeping developers and their code safe is a top priority. Thanks to our Token Scanning partners like @twilio, @SlackHQ, and @stripe for helping make software development on GitHub more secure. Learn how your service can join the program.
🚨Good news for the PHP community! Security alerts, automatic security fixes, dependency insights, and more are all now available for PHP repositories with Composer dependencies.
GitHub is now a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA) 🎉 Disclose vulnerabilities, alert developers, and provide updates all from within GitHub. Coming soon!
Open source is powered by the community. Regardless of the role you play—security researcher, maintainer, developer, or security team—we all have a responsibility to ensure software is developed safely and securely.
✓ Actions ✓ Package Registry ✓ Sponsors Just 3 of this year's launches aimed at automating workflows, supporting open source, and promoting more secure software development. With more to come!
Spotlight on secure software development - Live from GitHub HQ
Spotlight on secure software development - Live from GitHub HQ
Spotlight on secure software development - Live from GitHub HQ
Today is the day! We’re coming to you live with updates on all things secure development (and maybe a special announcement 🤔). Follow along here and watch the live stream.
Spotlight on secure software development - Live from GitHub HQ
Open source pushes work forward in all kinds of ways. From building bots to driving social change in African communities, hear from people bringing their visions to life with open source at #GitHubUniverse💫
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