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This is smart and very uncynical. It's a great tool for showing retail politics, discussing policies, and showing the kind of tempered vulnerability that a lot of voters apparently want! Also, BONUS: BAILEY! https://twitter.com/ewarren/status/1153134478002458626
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I need some math help here. If 3,000 outside writers produces most of the 100 articles published each day…what are the 200 Forbes people doing?
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God was such a pervert. https://twitter.com/livingforjc/status/1152390221792763905
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The remarkable @trufelman has just completed the first season of the Nice Try! podcast—about utopias. It’s fantastic. Enjoyable, informative, challenging, surprising. I like how she interrogates even seemingly benign details in stories. https://www.curbed.com/2019/5/7/18514684/nice-try-podcast-utopian-avery-trufelman
RT @ScottHech: A white supremacist saying his boss’s white supremacy is out of love for his country is definitional white supremacy, as is…
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RT @InStyle: Unmarried women with no kids are the "healthiest and happiest" population subgroup, says an expert: http://instyle.io/jFZnwfB
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Stephen Miller should go back where he came from! Santa Cruz. He wouldn't last two hours there. https://twitter.com/TPMLiveWire/status/1152949924348215297
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RT @giraffeknowIes: beyoncé was so convincing when she said “LIONS, ATTACK!” i almost punched the lady next to me in the face
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Why should Americans apologize to Israel? https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1152912995938443269
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Please let Q not be in Picard
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Who is a good dog?
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I believe “shelter now” would be great but Seattleites are underspending by a vast amount on homelessness already and are resentful and churlish about paying for better solutions that cost more. (Our state is highly regressively taxed too.)
At least the columnist calls him to task.
RT @HelenKennedy: Omar: won her seat with 78% of the vote AOC: won her seat with 78% of the vote Tlaib: won her seat with 84% of the vote…
This Catholic priest seems very concerned about people he says are homeless breaking his stuff. He blames the city. This seems… uncharitable. He’s basically describing a few random acts and not pinning the blame on the wealthy who reject taxation but the city.
RT @GlennF: For Natalie Portman, returning to the franchise was an Æther/Thor choice.
RT @TheDanaAddams: Tina showed me this and I'm still simultaneously in disbelief and not at all surprised.
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Hollywood and streaming services at SDCC to old people like me: “That gum you like is coming back in style.”
Average mortals may not be aware of it, but if you are famous or rich or both, credit-card companies give you ever more elaborate credit cards. I met someone who designed this decades ago. https://twitter.com/aardvarsk/status/1152696489245700096
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(Note: Doomed = could be saved! The dramatic tension is that Earth/humanity is doomed. The resolution is “we’re saved!”)
Name a work of science fiction or fantasy that takes place on our Earth (or in a universe in which our Earth exists) in which Earth isn’t doomed or hasn’t already been destroyed or abandoned or human beings aren’t doomed or extinct.
The Forever War. Also, Alice In Wonderland. And Vurt counts, right?
I had to go re-read the Forever War plot. My recollection is that humanity “ended,” but it was really like intentional, peaceful uplift. I never read Vurt! I'm going to assemble all this into a list/Medium article. (I read Ubik. I feel like Vurt and Ubik are cousins.)
I’m looking forward to that article! It’s great to read SF that isn’t dystopian or hopeless.
I just read a book I quite liked (Calculating Stars) and it opens with…well…Earth disaster! It was very good. But I felt like EVERY book, even ones I dearly like, are about end times or post-destruction.
The other one is this — think of a sci-fi or fantasy book or movie without a long scene in which people are camping, crossing a frozen wasteland, or crossing a desert.
Also tough. Does it also have to be non-doomed earth? If not, I’d say The Sheep Look Up or Stand On Zanzibar.
Can be doomed or non-doomed. (How do I not know either of these books?!) My thoughts on this started on an Incomparable episode discussing LeGuin when we got to Left Hand and its INTERMINABLE ICE CROSSING.
At first, I was like, ok, this is the template that all other scifi/fantasy authors followed. Then I remembered all the damn camping in the Areas of Scenic Beauty in and around Mordor in LotR.
I reread The Hobbit a few years ago and was surprised how much of it was just hiking.
Spiritual forerunner of The Martian!
It’s about evolution rather than a threat, really, right?
Correct. There is zero threat to mankind; the aliens only seek to help us.
The book is wonderful and I hate to finish it. I fortunately have the second volume already in hand.
Nearly finished with M.R. Kowal’s Calculating Stars, and I am struck by the fact that the protagonist is a Jewish woman. I can’t recall another sci-fi or fantasy novel (not short story) with an avowedly Jewish lead?
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