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Even more revealing than the warnings from Morell (who endorsed Hillary) not to expect Trump/Russia conspiracy evidence, James Clapper stated definitively in March, 2017 that he never saw any such evidence either. He was Director of National Intelligence!
As a reminder, even vehement anti-Trump insiders in the intelligence community were trying to war Dems as early as March, 2017, that there would be no evidence of Trump/Russia conspiracy over the election. But humans often believe what they wish were true
BuzzFeed & @BuzzFeedBen deserve credit. They did what a responsible media outlet does in such cases. It's the rest of the media celebrating themselves & their vindication- as though they've spent 3 years warning no evidence can establish collusion & blackmail- that's the problem:
RT @ChuckRossDC: So all you journalists are just going to ignore that BuzzFeed basically retracted its Michael Cohen story?…
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Here, @PeteButtigieg pretty clearly says Democrats should try to defeat Trump in 2020, not impeach him. Have any leading Democratic presidential candidates advocated impeachment? Not that I can find.
RT @f3ldm4n: @chrislhayes are you really comparing russiagate to slavery my dude
RT @aaronjmate: @chrislhayes Who are specifically are you talking about? Are you saying that those of us who didn't believe in a conspiracy…
Here's a statement from @olabini the long-time privacy activist, programmer, and WikiLeaks supporter who has been mysteriously imprisoned by Ecuador and is being held in horrific conditions
After Steny Hoyer and Adam Schiff both said impeachment wasn't worth pursuing, Nancy Pelosi refuses to comment on impeachment when directly asked about it
Skeptic and critics of Trump/Russia conspiracists are like those who helped keep slavery in place: one of the cheapest & most craven exploitations of one of history's worst evils you'll ever hear: the result of believing you're so woke & enlightened you can use slavery that way.
RT @democracynow: Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist @ggreenwald says the "two-pronged conspiracy theory" that Donald Trump worked with the…
"Our investigation indicated Saddam in fact had no WMDs, but we succeeded in removing a brutal dictator." Yes, the part that comes after the "but" is true & perhaps even important, but it doesn't mitigate how earth-shattering the part before the "but" is
David Brooks, in his NYT column today, inadvertently expresses the prevailing media motto: "The Mueller report indicates that Trump was not colluding with Russia. But..."- no matter what comes after the "but," what comes before it is monumentally important given the last 3 years.
Compare what Mueller said about how banal & benign this GOP platform change was - just a low-level aide acting alone to conform it to Trump's foreign policy - to the sinister meaning the media imposed on it, to understand how amazing it is that they're now celebrating themselves:
RT @ggreenwald: Some rare media integrity, courtesy of @BuzzFeedBen, acknowledging Mueller's conspiracy findings were at odds with BF's rep…
Falei com @rafinhabastos sobre o Brasil, Bolsonaro, tendências democráticas globais e vários outros tópicos. Foi uma excelente discussão - bem diferente do que eu estava esperando:
RT @AsteadWesley: A stat I got today from Sen. Warren's team: of the 275 questions she's taken from voters at town halls. Three have been a…
RT @wpjenna: Unlike most 2020 candidates, Beto O’Rourke is only talking about the Mueller report when asked about it — he just doesn’t thin…
RT @democracynow: TODAY: Pulitzer prize-winning journalists @ggreenwald and @DavidCayJ are back for a debate on the Mueller report and what…
Will be on @democracynow this morning with @DavidCayJ talking about . . . what was it? . . . oh, yeah: the Mueller Report. Starts at 8 am EST. Tune in:
* US media/DNC/CIA axis for 2+ years: Trump is a traitor, Russia controls Trump with blackmail, Trump election-conspired with Russia. * Muller investigation after 22 months: our investigation did not find any of this. * US media/DNC/CIA axis: We were proven right! Apologize!
Media figures who sealed themselves off from challenge, questioning & dissent - who just fed their audiences what they wanted to hear without ever having to confront critics - created a journalistically unhealthy & corrupt bubble that fostered error, groupthink & conspiracies.
I spent 2+ years debating & discussing Trump/Russia with everyone I could find who *disagreed* with me: last week with @cenkuygur & @samseder, today with @DavidKlion, tomorrow (again) with @DavidCayJ. Did it twice with Jim Risen from my own news outlet. It's how to stay honest.
Some rare media integrity, courtesy of @BuzzFeedBen, acknowledging Mueller's conspiracy findings were at odds with BF's reporting on Cohen. If only other media figures were willing to do the same. Echo chambers - having no critical voices to challenge - ensure that's unnecessary.
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RT @ByronYork: And Mueller said it over and over: No collusion. Are seven examples enough? Here:…
This massive investigation simply did not establish any of the conspiracy theories that huge parts of the Democratic Party, the intelligence community, and the U.S. media spent years encouraging the public to believe, writes @ggreenwald. #MuellerReport
Dems ran in 2006 on a promise to stop funding the Iraq War, and won the House based on it. They then didn't keep their promise because they feared doing it & wanted to run against the war in 2008. That's why they won't impeach now: they fear doing it & want to run against Trump.
RT @mtracey: The journalists, pundits, and Twitter hoaxers now trying to conflate "obstruction" and "collusion" -- as if this investigation…
It's stunning how quickly "collusion" & "conspiracy"- you know, the conspiracy theories that began all of this- have been disappeared, & it's now nothing but "obstruction." But if that part is as damning as claimed, how can it be justified that Dems are saying they won't impeach?
RT @TerryMoran: John Brennan has a lot to answer for—going before the American public for months, cloaked with CIA authority and openly sug…
The sweeping Mueller investigation ended with zero indictments of zero Americans for conspiring with Russia over the 2016 election, writes @ggreenwald. #MuellerReport
The conspiracy theory that dominated U.S. political discourse for almost three years was not merely rejected today by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report. It was obliterated: in an undeniable and definitive manner, writes @ggreenwald. #MuellerReport
Totally agree. @lwoodhouse & @ZaidJilani have created a new podcast, Extremely Offline, designed to take unproductive arguments about complex, inflammatory issues off of Twitter & enable people to talk as human beings without crowd-pleasing demands. A very valuable project:
RT @ggreenwald: There is, needless to say, no hint or suggestion in the Mueller Report that Paul Manafort visited Julian Assange ever in hi…
The centerpiece of the Trump/Russia conspiracy – the Trump Tower meeting – was such a dud that Jared Kushner, halfway through the meeting, texted Paul Manafort to declare the meeting “a waste of time,” writes @ggreenwald. #MuellerReport
I studied this about 10x to be sure I was reading what I was actually reading and then hit refresh and it was gone bye bye ted-them/
I'd feel better about its definitiveness if @ggreenwald /The Intercept had corrected this incorrect graf about Wheeler/NYT/Deripaska rather than just disappeared it
I misread the Vogel tweet and so that paragraph was deleted almost immediately after publication of the article. The short delay in adding a note about it was due to the fact that I just finsihed a podcast with David Klion and it was approved and added soon as I was done.
Given that Mueller could not establish that even Carter Page coordinated with Russia, nor could he find evidence to establish that Carter Page was an agent of Russia, isn't it time to re-visit whether the FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page was justified? That's a big deal:
Robert Mueller did not merely reject the various Trump/Russia conspiracy theories. He obliterated them. by @ggreenwald
Robert Mueller did not merely reject the various Trump/Russia conspiracy theories. He obliterated them.
This is fascinating. @ggreenwald is tweeting out the handful of news stories that got elements of the Russia investigation wrong ... wonder if he’ll also highlight the hundreds of news stories that today have been proven correct
RT @ggreenwald: I've honestly never seen the type of media meltdown that I'm seeing on CNN. They are so emotionally invested in the storyli…
RT @ChuckRossDC: Surprising admission here from Fallon, whose campaign paid for the oppo that fostered the collusion myth…
RT @ChuckRossDC: Whoa -- the investigation into Papadopoulos was into whether he was an Israeli agent
RT @kenvogel: CONFIRMED: MANAFORT instructed GATES in April/May 2016 to send TRUMP polling data to KILIMNIK to share with Ukrainian oligarc…
There is, needless to say, no hint or suggestion in the Mueller Report that Paul Manafort visited Julian Assange ever in his life, let alone 3 times in the Ecuadorian Embassy during the election. It would obviously be there if it happened. How can the @guardian not retract this??
Certain conspiracists (one in particular) have repeatedly emphasized Manafort generally - and his providing of polling data specifically - as proof of Trump/Russia conspiracy. Here's what Mueller had to say about that:
RT @peterjhasson: NEW: special counsel Mueller's report directly contradicts BuzzFeed's bombshell story BF: Cohen told Mueller "the presid…
The most amazing thing is that, as a Trump/Russia skeptic from the start, even I thought they would end up nabbing at least one American, like Carter Page, for conspiring with Russia. They didn't even get Carter Page! I *overestimated* what Mueller would find:
RT @ggreenwald: It should also be noted that Barr said that WikiLeaks could not have committed a crime by publishing the DNC/Podesta emails…
"Arrogant and wilfully misleading" are perfect terms for those in DC & the media who spent three years drowning US politics in incredibly dangerous but debunked conspiracy theories about a nuclear-armed power taking over our government & the Trump campaign conspiring with them:
We all know Trump wanted the investigation stopped. Therefore, the question of his motive - whether he wanted that because he was covering up underlying crimes or because he thought it was an unfair scam - is key to determining if he was guilty of obstruction. It had to be asked.
CNN should have a countdown clock for when their attacks on Robert Mueller start. It's not long now.
I'm almost feeling sorry for the CNN panel. They are really hurt and are not even hiding it. Just live up to what you've done.
CNN has 8 people talking about this & they all vehemently agree with one another on every last thing. This has been a major part of the problem from the start. All humans are more likely to err or worse if they are insulated from challenge or dissent. It's inherently corrupting:
I've honestly never seen the type of media meltdown that I'm seeing on CNN. They are so emotionally invested in the storyline that they've been pushing for 2+ years and they know what Mueller did to it and how this will forever reflect on them.
The media has only 2 or 3 more hours to rage against Bill Barr for the complete collapse of everything they did for the last 2+ years. Then we'll have the Mueller Report that will say what we all know it will say and then they'll have to either accept that or target Mueller.
CNN has spent two years leading everyone to believe that multiple members of the Trump WH and family would be arrested and charged for colluding with Russia, and are now furious that Barr said too many times this morning that Mueller found to evidence for it.
It should also be noted that Barr said that WikiLeaks could not have committed a crime by publishing the DNC/Podesta emails unless they participated in the hacking itself, which I don't believe has anyone claimed they did.
RT @ggreenwald: Now that the Assange indictment is filed and unsealed, why is Chelsea Manning still in jail?
RT @RoKhanna: Thank you @ggreenwald @mehdirhasan @ryangrim for the invitation and for your outstanding work in covering human rights issues…
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So much of what has been reported about Julian Assange’s indictment has been false, writes @ggreenwald and @micahflee. Two facts in particular have been utterly distorted by the DOJ and then misreported by numerous media organizations.
The indictment against Julian Assange seeks to criminalize what journalists are not only permitted, but ethically required, to do: take steps to help their sources maintain their anonymity, write @ggreenwald and @micahflee.
RT @ggreenwald: Here's @iamjohnoliver on why the indictment of Assange poses serious threats to press freedom and why, despite the reasons…
The cause of animal rights is about far more than just the treatment of animals, though that by itself would worthy of substantial attention and energy, writes @ggreenwald.
Episode two of “Animal Matters” focuses on the animal rights movement’s transformation from fringe, leftist enclaves to bipartisan and non-ideological mainstream circles, writes @ggreenwald. Watch this new series produced with @Sentient_Media:
RT @ggreenwald: There are many divides that shape political views: rich/poor, left/right, old/young, coastal/heartland. But one major, oft-…
Episode 2 of “Animal Matters”: how the cause went from the leftist fringe to the trans-ideological mainstream by @ggreenwald
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