Bagels, big words and (overly) buttery Dover sole: Here’s what Adam Brody is searching for 🔎
Capacitación, herramientas y recursos gratuitos: Los nuevos recursos de #GrowWithGoogle te preparan para un trabajo o para crecer tu negocio. Aprende más →
Free tools, training and resources: New #GrowWithGoogle resources can help Spanish speakers learn digital skills to prepare for a job or grow a business. Learn more →
looks like that terebyte promotion expired. thanks for the heads up @Google lol
Interested in bringing machine learning to Node.js applications using TensorFlow.js? The TensorFlow team at @Google is hosting a webinar on just that! Join on August 21st at 10 am PDT:
At #AdweekNexTech, executives from boldface names like @S4Capital, @Google, @Neustar and @EA discussed the future of ad tech:
Why @Google. Why do you hate People that pay you money for services?
Google home is so cool
RT @ValaAfshar: August 19, 2004 (15 years ago today): @Google went public at $85 a share, sold 22.5 million shares, raised $1.9 billion w…
Google doesn’t operate any voting machines or data, but in an unsubstantiated, outrageous lie, President Trump just claimed @Google manipulated *votes* in the 2016 election. That’s a huge jump from an old, debunked claim about influencing votes via search:
Each day, there's a new bottom. A @POTUS disinforming the public by broadcasting unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about vote manipulation without evidence is beyond abnormal. The @FEC has noticed: but it's Congress that should be holding him accountable
Response from @Google: "this inaccurate claim has bee debunked since it was made in 2016"; Google says it has "never re-ranked or altered search results to influence political sentiment." More context on how search works:
Can you see me now? 👀 Try low light mode on #GoogleDuo for your next video call to see friends and family face to face, even when it's dark →
1998: Google's world headquarters August 19, 2004: @Google IPO. A total of 19,605,052 shares were offered at a price of $85 per share. August 19, 2019: $GOOGL share is $1,204 and market share is $834 billion.
RT @ValaAfshar: August 19, 2004 (15 years ago today): @Google went public at $85 a share, sold 22.5 million shares, raised $1.9 billion w…
August 19, 2004 (15 years ago today): @Google went public at $85 a share, sold 22.5 million shares, raised $1.9 billion with market cap of $23 billion. Shares of Google rose 18.05% to $100.34 at the close on its IPO date. Today $GOOGL is $1,180 and a $817 billion market cap.
August 19, 2004 (25 years ago today): @Google went public at $85 a share, sold 22.5 million shares, raised $1.9 billion with market cap of $23 billion. Shares of Google rose 18.05% to $100.34 at the close on its IPO date. Today $GOOGL is $1,180 and a $817 billion market cap.
Congratulations Dean for all you have done, not just for @Google but to advance the field of computing.
This Saturday, EFF's @evacide will be at the "Rise of the Hackers" panel at Silicon Valley Comic Con! She'll be there with @Google's @laparisa, @myhackerhouse founder @Jennifer_Arcuri, and @sheeraf from @nytimes. Panel starts at 5PM in Room 212ABCD
Googler Dan Kimberg’s love of reading led him to dream up new features for Google Play Books. Now, bookworms everywhere can try them out. Read more about how it all came to be →
In queso you didn’t know, today’s #GoogleDoodle is a cheesy tribute to Ignacio Anaya García. He’s the inventor of Nachos especiales, the ultimate crunchy comfort food: totopos topped with melted cheese and jalapeños.
Help your roommate remember to take out the trash or tell your spouse “good luck in the big meeting” with new Assignable reminders on the Assistant. →
Chernobyl, crosswords and the best of British’s what Emmy nominee Jared Harris is searching for.
Congratulations to this year’s #DoodleForGoogle winner, Arantza Peña Popo! Her artwork is featured on the Google homepage today →
Code Jam, our longest-running coding competition, just wrapped its 16th season in San Francisco. Congrats to all finalists, especially Gennady Korotkevich on his 6th consecutive #CodeJam win. 🎉
Class is back in session with @BillNye! Today’s lesson: The science behind the fear of switching—and why trading in an old laptop for a #Chromebook is a no brainer.
On International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, you can listen to audio recordings from 50+ Indigenous languages worldwide on @Googleearth → #IndigenousDay
Unsure if your flight's price will drop after you've booked? Taking off on August 13th, #GoogleFlights will guarantee certain fares. Find out how it works ✈️ →
Listen up! 🎧 Starting today, when you search for podcasts about a certain topic, you’ll find playable episodes directly in your Search results →
Today, at our first-ever Google for Chile, we shared how we’re building technology that improves life for Chileans, from easing traffic to teaching kids about online safety → #GoogleForCL
On the 170th anniversary of Gare de Lyon, see the iconic Parisian train station through the perspective of legendary hip-hop dancers on #StreetView 🚉 →
When students are asked to brainstorm ways technology could apply to social change, the possibilities are endless. Here’s what the Code Next hackathon finalists in Oakland and NYC came up with →
Zebiao Hu taught himself how to use Flutter in one month. Then he took home the grand prize for Flutter Create, which challenges developers to build an app using less than 5 kilobytes of code →
Quickly sharing key information with an operator during an emergency call is critical. Coming soon to the Phone app on Pixel and select Android devices, you’ll be able to share information about the help you need, without speaking →
100 million people are using #FilesByGoogle every month to free up space on their phones—and today we're adding more features, including dark theme ✨📱✨ →
How did a solar array turn into a Central Park-sized moonlit portrait of Apollo 11 software engineer Margaret Hamilton? Some trigonometry, @Googleearth, and a well-timed full moon. 🌕 #Apollo50th
Entrepreneur Adeloye Olanrewaju created Babymigo, an online community that connects expecting and new mothers in Africa to expert resources. Here’s how he brought his idea to life at a Developers Launchpad Accelerator →
Planning a summer road trip? Here’s how the Google Assistant can help you safely get things done, whether you’re behind the wheel or in the back seat →
Congratulations to all of the #GoogleScienceFair finalists! Of the thousands of teens from around the world who submitted projects, here are the winners 🎉 →
On #GlobalTigerDay we're proud to be a part of a coalition with @World_Wildlife fighting online wildlife trafficking. Learn more about what we're doing and how you can play a role:
Local Guides on @Googlemaps can help you discover the best parts of your city. See how a lifelong New Yorker tried their recommendations to see the Big 🍎with new eyes →
With instant camera translation in the Translate app, you can use your phone to read foreign text. We’ve added support for 60 more languages, and now you can translate into any of the 100+ languages in the app →
When she's not doing her day job, Googler June Wu is playing piano concertos with professional orchestras. See how she finds harmony in both parts of her life 🎹→
On the 29th anniversary of the #AmericansWithDisabilitiesAct, @Googlenest is partnering with the @ReeveFoundation to provide up to 100,000 Google Home Minis to help people with paralysis live more independently →
Calling all educators: this video series is for you. For product updates, tips, news about programs for schools and more, check out the newest season of EDU in 90 for the latest @GoogleForEdu news in 90 seconds →
Meet Gallery Go: a gallery app that’s optimized for Android Go, designed to work offline, and uses machine learning to automatically organize your photos →
At our third annual #GoogleforNigeria event today, we announced new products and features to make Google—and the internet—more helpful to more people across Africa →
Strengthen your internet connection? ✔️ Cast your favorite shows and movies? ✔️ Start a dance party in your living room? ✔️ Chromecast might be small, but it’s mighty. Here are 10 things it can do →
“A moonshot is about looking beyond where you can actually see and envisioning an answer that doesn't seem reasonable—and pursuing it anyway.” 50 years after the moon landing, @astroteller reflects on how Apollo 11’s mission inspires X's work today →
One in four of the 250,000 service members transitioning from the military this year want to start a business. With @patriotbootcamp, @TheBunkerLabs and @veteran_capital, we’re helping empower them to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams →
With @Googlemaps, our goal is to accurately model the ever-evolving world around us. Take a closer look at how we build a map using satellite imagery, data, and input from people around the world →
Out of this world. 🚀🌕 Catch up on all our #Apollo50th celebrations across Google, including a #GoogleDoodle, the Apollo 11 module in AR, new content in @Googlearts and @Googleearth, and more.
The Doodle team worked closely with @NASA and @AstroMCollins to tell the story of Apollo 11’s historic landing on the moon. Go behind the scenes of today’s #GoogleDoodle celebrating #Apollo50th →
“We have liftoff!” What. A. Blast. @NASA, what did it take to get the Saturn V rocket flight-ready? #GoogleDoodle #Apollo50th
Ahead of #NationalIceCreamDay (coming up this Sundae 7/21!), here’s the scoop on the top trending ice cream-related searches across the U.S. to inspire your next cone 🍦→
The Doodle has landed. 🌔 Relive Apollo 11’s historic journey to the Moon in today’s video #GoogleDoodle narrated by astronaut Michael Collins, created in collaboration with @NASA → #Apollo50th
For both your spontaneous and scheduled plans. No matter where your day ends up taking you, turn it into an adventure #WithALittleHelp from @Googlemaps ⛱️🏞️🍦
#Apollo50th fact #4: The Earth looks good from all angles—even the wrong one. The Apollo 11 patch shows the earth as viewed from the moon, but the shadow is on the wrong side →
#Apollo50th fact #3: Spacesuits look cool, but ever wonder how they stay cool? The Apollo 11 spacesuit included a liquid cooling garment (LCG) layer. Made out of nylon, it looked like long underwear with clear plastic tubes running through it →
#Apollo50th fact #2: Bug spray for camping trip ✔️ Shark repellent for moon landing ✔️ Because reentry capsules didn’t always land in the designated splashdown zones, astronauts were prepared with shark repellent in their survival kits →
In 1969, astronauts kept track of how long the Apollo 11 mission was with a hand-drawn calendar on the wall of the space capsule. Learn more about this astro-graffiti and other #Apollo50th facts in @Googlearts →
8:07pm. Mojave Desert. Moonlight strikes 107,000+ solar mirrors, creating a portrait of Apollo 11 programmer Margaret Hamilton. Bigger than Central Park, we made this tribute to honor her contributions to Apollo and software engineering → #Apollo50th
Inspired by color, the latest “Pocket Gallery” on @Googlearts uses augmented reality to create a virtual art museum that you can explore using a smartphone 🎨 →
🌀。😍。〰️。😂 。✌️ 。🥳。💗 🔮。\|/。🐏 Happy World Emoji Day 🥰。/|\。💩 。🎶 。。🧜 🏳️‍🌈。🤠。 🍉 👀 Learn more about our new 📧♏️🔘🌶🕯coming to Android this year →
From New Taipei City to Toronto, you can now use Google Maps to locate bikeshare stations and see how many bikes are available near you →
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