Today’s colorful #GoogleDoodle celebrates the Jingle Dress Dance, which originated in the 1920s amongst the Native American Ojibwe tribe and lives on today →
NEW from @Google: A game to build games 💪
RT @VetsInTech: Great VetsinTech @Google event for NYC Fleetweek tonight @craignewmark @ericschmidt
To all the dads (and every parent) figuring it out as they go, Happy #FathersDay. See all the sincere, funny and heartwarming answers they’re searching for →
NEW from @Google: A game to build games 💪
RT @PoppyHarlowCNN: *Never* thought I’d hear a Big Tech exec say this — but @Google CEO Sundar Pichai just told me in Oklahoma they may *sl…
@Google lost my pixel earbud case... where can I buy a new one?
In honor of #WorldBloodDonorDay, learn how entrepreneur Temie Giwa-Tubosun built a blood delivery app using @Googlemaps to save lives across Nigeria–and find out where you can donate blood →
In our largest ever computer science education grant, @Googleorg is supporting @4H with a $6M grant to help more than one million students across the U.S. learn computer science → #GrowWithGoogle
Apparently @Google has decided Bitcoin full node software is malware, and is blocking access to There is no way to appeal to a human. Seems to me Google is the real malware now. Worse still: @Mozilla blindly trusts Google's unfounded flagging. Sigh.
@Christine_Tsai talks about the origin story of @500Startups, making the bold move of leaving @Google to start off in venture with a Co-Founder she did not know very well. Part 2 of 7. Thanks @LinkedIn! Get $50 credit toward your first job post ->
ICYMI: Episode 1 of ANGEL Season 3 @Christine_Tsai Co-founder & CEO of @500Startups talks about her professional journey, growing up in Silicon Valley, working at @Google post dot-com bust, and spending 9 years as an investor 🔥. Part 1 of 7.
Shoot for the moon with a little help from Google → ⚽
RT @adamilenich: @Adweek I feel like @Apple and @Google are their own digital countries and I love their ads #AdWeekChat
On what would be Anne Frank's 90th birthday, today in partnership with @annefrankhouse you can explore an online exhibit and indoor #StreetView imagery of her childhood home on @Googlearts →
RT @skift: .@Google took a huge next step, putting all the pieces together, by including flights, hotels, packages, and trip-planning tools…
How many of you grabbed an e-copy of my Slow Cooker Sunday cookbook?! Don’t forget to tweet me a pic of what you made and use #SlowCookerSunday. You could win a @Google Pixel 3 and slow cooker prize pack! I’ll announce winners tomorrow!
Congrats to our winners @SriHarshitha_k and @sarahandmovies 🎉 @TMobileHelp will be reaching out to get your info shortly!! Happy slow cooking 🥘
In a new collaboration between @Googlearts and the @deyoungmuseum, you can now find the hidden stories behind the museum's American art collection using Google Lens →
RT @om: Why these are @Google's 7 best acquisitions. And rank higher than Facebook's acquisitions of @instagram and @whatsapp [Your picks m…
In an ongoing celebration of #FIFAWWC, today's #GoogleDoodle shows what ⚽ means to guest artists from Chile, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Thailand and the USA →
RT @om: Why these are @Google's 7 best acquisitions. And rank higher than Facebook's acquisitions of @instagram and @whatsapp [Your picks m…
Ever wonder how Search works? You’ve come to the right place. Explore new animations and explanations of how we get you the info you need →
Starting to roll out today in the U.S. on Android phones, you can now access the helpfulness of the Assistant directly in @waze →
1): @realDonaldTrump's campaign & PAC are #3 & #1 spenders on political ads on @facebook: 2) This @POTUS is "working the ref" with lies, from the media to tech companies, & propagating conspiracy theories using official power
3) In 2019, in fact, @realDonaldTrump's campaign has spent more on @Google + @facebook than the next 5 campaigns, COMBINED. BTW, @Twitter, your lack of transparency is glaring! Please disclose political ad spending since 2018 as #opendata in an archive.
🍩 worry, it’s easy to celebrate #NationalDonutDay with #Chromebook. All it takes is a 🔎
In honor of #WorldOceansDay, see how you can help protect the ocean and explore new views of beauty and fragility in underwater #StreetView imagery with @UWaterEarth →
Today's #GoogleDoodle is ready for #FIFAWWC with a collage of characters from our upcoming series of Doodles by guest artists representing each of the competing countries →
Ready to play? Here’s everything you need to know about how to become a @GoogleStadia “founder” with our first collection of games 🎮 →
Today, we’re improving SOS alerts by adding visual information about natural disasters and a new navigation warning system on @Googlemaps to help during times of crisis →
Howzat?! 🏏 Search and the Assistant are here to help you catch the action and follow the ins and outs of the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup →
Some news can't wait for #E3. Watch the first ever Stadia Connect tomorrow at 9 a.m. PDT / 6 p.m. CEST to hear about pricing, games and more →
Ever heard a humpback whale sing? Ahead of #WorldOceansDay, explore thousands of hours of humpback 🐋 songs with the help of AI and @NOAAFisheries on #PatternRadio →
With more than 30 renewable energy projects worldwide, here’s how we’ve achieved 100 percent renewable energy for the second year in a row →
Ready to get weird? Weird Cuts, another new experiment created in collaboration with the Google Arts & Culture Lab, lets you make collages using augmented reality →
Explore the intersection of art and technology through two new experiments, created by artists in collaboration with the Google Arts & Culture Lab. First up, one-of-a-kind patterns using machine learning: Infinite Patterns →
We’re proud to support @LGBTCenterNYC in creating Stonewall Forever, a Living Monument to 50 Years of Pride. Explore the monument and add your piece at #StonewallForever
Now that our #DoodleForGoogle State and Territory winners have been selected, it’s time to choose your favorite entry! Cast your vote before Friday, June 7th →
Shoot for the moon, and take on the world #WithALittleHelp from Google. 👩‍🎓👩‍🚀👩‍🔬
Rottweilers don’t shed…in Search. ARf, ARf!
What’s black and white and AR all over? A giant panda in Search.
It’s AR of the tiger! If you’ve got an AR-enabled phone, you can now bring select animals right into your space for a safari (or safe snuggle) with Search.
For over 40 years, Peter Welch has been using a metal detector to hunt for hidden history in the English countryside—but it was @Googleearth that helped him locate his biggest find → #SearchOn
New! ¡Nuevo! Neu! Live from Google Lens in more than 100 languages: 📖 Point your camera at text 🔎 Lens automatically detects the language 👀 See the translation right on top of the original words
An advocate for foster children seeking permanent homes, hear how YouTube team lead Joelle Keane Tramel balances her career with building a family → #NationalFosterCareMonth
From protecting rainforests to improving emergency response times, #GoogleAI Impact Challenge grantees from around the world gathered in San Francisco earlier this month to start applying AI to address some of the world’s toughest problems →
This #MemorialDay, visit our homepage on desktop at 3 p.m. local time to join in observing the National Moment of Remembrance →
Bring the whole squad together! Group video calling is now available on #GoogleDuo for Android and iOS. Start a call with up to eight people for special moments big and small →
What’s for dinner? Order it with Google. 🍽 Now you can order food for delivery or pickup across Search, Maps, and the Google Assistant in thousands of cities across the U.S. →
To empower girls to pursue careers in STEM, we worked with @StraightUpFilms and actresses @rosariodawson, @itsJulieBowen, @anabreco, @LisaEdelstein and @NikkiReed_I_Am to direct their own short films in the new #PowerOnSeries →
Live from the Googleplex, it’s #TakeYourChildToWorkDay! Watch what happens when our kid correspondent takes the mic for a report on alligators, backflips and Google →
Get motivated. Find a gym open now. Sign up for your first 5k. Take the first step, #WithALittleHelp from Google. 🏃‍♀️
“How do you present the results in a way that builds trust with radiologists? them what’s under the hood.” Our latest research shares how we’re using AI to help doctors detect lung cancer in CT scans.
On the second day of #io19, two bands took the stage—with a little help from machine learning. Go behind Magenta, the tech that rocked I/O 🎶 →
How car-loving Googlers turned a “lemon” into lemonade with a $300 🚗 they spent months fixing up to race →
When Denise discovered her daughter’s food allergies, she embarked on a new mission: creating a 🍪 everyone can ️❤️. See how this allergen-free cookie led to the opening of @PartakeFoods—featured in our latest Economic Impact Report → #GrowWithGoogle
See what the @tryguys got up to at #io19. Take it from them, it was quite an I/Opening experience →
For over 70 years, @HighwayInn has been serving up “A Taste of Old Hawai'i” on a daily basis. See the story behind this family-owned small business and how Google tools have helped them grow → #AAPIHM
How we’re working with the municipality of Amsterdam to gain insight into the city’s air quality with #StreetView →
Today, we're releasing new videos designed to help the accessibility community set up and get the most out of their Google Assistant-enabled devices—like Googler Stephanie Wilson did for her dad after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease → #GAAD
Today, we're releasing new videos designed to help the accessibility community set up and get the most out of their Google Assistant-enabled devices—like Googler Stephanie Wells did for her dad after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease → #GAAD
“Our discipline is founded on exploring human connections and motivations through empathy and listening.” VP of User Experience Design Catherine Courage shares why influence is essential in design →
From astronauts to rock stars, learn a few lessons from the speakers at our #io19 Inspiration Sessions →
Planning a trip? Good timing. Today, we’re simplifying the way we help travelers plan trips with Google across devices →
Hear from our Head of Conversation Design Outreach Cathy Pearl on the challenges of teaching computers to talk to humans, and what that’s taught her about her own conversations →
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