The open source model makes it easy for people to build together regardless of location. It’s also a perfect way for many #GoogleInterns, who are now working virtually from over 43 countries, to contribute to meaningful projects → 💻
🎓 Hats off to the class of 2020, whose resilience in the face of adversity is an inspiration. They may not be able to walk across a stage, but together we can give them the recognition they deserve. Celebrate graduation with @YouTube’s #DearClassof2020 →
Available today: @Android 11 Beta → 💬 New ways to make communicating easier 🔗 New ways to control connected devices 🔒 New privacy controls #Android11
#DearClassof2020: "Be open … be impatient … be hopeful. If you can do that, history will remember the Class of 2020 not for what you lost, but for what you changed." Here's CEO @SundarPichai's address to the graduating class of 2020 →
Today Googlers are holding an 8-minute, 46-second moment of silence to honor the memories of George Floyd and Black lives lost. Read our CEO’s note to the company →
Making their internet debut, the Spring issue of @popupmagazine is now available for free on @YouTube. The show features true stories, legendary dancers, original music, and stunning visuals with a little help from Google→
Scams are on the rise. A few simple rules can help you save your time and money →
We’re partnering with @NAMICommunicate to make authoritative health information more accessible. Starting today, when people in the U.S. search for information about anxiety, they’ll be able to click through to a self-assessment with resources for help →
“We have no problem going to the doctor for a physical. Why should we have a problem talking about our mental health?" Amy Costello, acting global lead of Google’s Blue Dot, shares insight on her work to destigmatize mental health conversations →
Way to stay productive! What’s everyone else been up to? Let’s see your finest quarantine accomplishments! 👇
Looking for some creative inspiration? 🖌️ Learn and share your DIY skills in less than 60 seconds with @TangiVideos, an experimental video sharing app →
“@GSuite has always been important to us, now it is critical” - Emily & Jason McCarthy of @GORUCK. #SmallBiz owners are relying on tech to manage and adapt their businesses. 💻 Learn how online Google tools can help you work remotely →
🇺🇸 Type "Memorial Day" into Search to find a banner of the U.S. flag, a video of "Taps"—the traditional bugle call played at military memorials—and other information about this important day.
Helpful #GoogleMeet accessibility features: 🔍 Right-pointing magnifying glass magnification 💻 Desktop computer screen readers 💬 Speech balloon live captions Learn more about how to use these features → #GAAD
When Alzheimer’s takes memories away, a bicycle can help bring them back. This Global Accessibility Awareness Day, meet the researcher using Google Maps to help dementia patients →
@amadeus2k is a loving husband, successful radio host, and tech enthusiast. See how @Android accessibility features like Voice Access and Google Assistant give him the power to navigate his digital world → #GAAD
Quickly find out if a place is wheelchair accessible. ♿ Turn on Accessible Places in @GoogleMaps to quickly find places with accessible entrances, parking and more. Rolling out in the U.S., Japan, Australia and Great Britain → #GAAD
"Reducing the risk of bringing something home to my family has made a huge difference in my peace of mind.” Google Search and @GoogleMaps are making it easier for frontline, medical and essential workers to find hotels offering special accommodations →
The mbira "is our culture, the music we got from those long ago, and our instrument from our ancestors." - Zimbabwean craftsman and musician Newton Cheza Chozengwa Learn more about this ancient African instrument in today’s @GoogleDoodles → 🇿🇼🌍🎶
"To embody the aloha spirit is to embody kindness, humility, harmony, patience and sincerity. If there were a soundtrack to this idea, it would be the music of Israel Kamakawiwoʻole." - @UjessU, #GoogleDoodles Lead → 🌈 #APAHM
People are looking to play together even while apart. “How to play virtual bingo” was searched the most out of this list last month.
Get together, but make it virtual. 📡🖥🌐 Which of these top "how to..." questions have you searched recently?
Want to tour Machu Picchu or see the Northern Lights? You can visit these sites on Street View and travel the world in one day. Avoid the jetlag and start exploring → 🗺️
We're proud to work alongside @NCAI1944 to help Native people across the country strengthen their digital skills for employment, and to start or restart their #smallbiz → #GrowWithGoogle
Celebrate International Museum Day from home this year with one of @GoogleArts's 2000+ museum partners. Zoom into the genius of Michelangelo, meet photographers revolutionizing fashion, and take digital field trips → #IMD2020
The world is exploring ways to get together from a distance. In April, searches for tech that connects like “group call” ☎️ and “group watch” 📺 hit all-time record highs worldwide.
We’re also searching for ways to boogie down while we stay apart🕺. Searches for “virtual dance classes” are surging but “virtual dance party” is two-stepping to the top 👯‍♀️. (@DJDnice—invite to the next #clubquarantine?) Assemble the crew for 🆓 here →
Sending 🖥 love 💓: From a “virtual hug” to “quarantine birthday wishes” 🎁🎈, see how the world is searching to spread good vibes 💫 while inside →
📈 A thread on Search trends: We’re asking “how to stay connected” more than ever. Last month, “how to keep in touch” was searched 4x more than “how to keep your room clean”. Here’s how the world is searching to connect this week. 👇
A sea turtle’s color comes from their plant-based diet of seaweed and seagrass. 🐢 See the color up close and bring one into your space through AR. Just search “sea turtle.” #EndangeredSpeciesDay #Google3Danimals
Endlessly looking for something new to watch? 👀 When you search for "what to watch," you'll get personalized TV and movie recommendations across all your providers. Save them to your watchlist to create your own "must-see" guide →
🌊 Our brains are hardwired to react positively to water. Take a few moments to gaze upon these 12 calming seascapes from @GoogleArts → 🏖️
The #smallbiz community has been taking big steps to support our frontline heroes—like Georgia-based shoe maker @Okabashi 👟This biz is online-only now, leveraging @GoogleAds and @GoogleAnalytics to adapt. Learn how these tools can help → #GrowWithGoogle
Today’s to-do list: ☑️ Find your new favorite song. That’s it. That’s the list. This #APAHM, see how @TRAKTIVIST is using Google Search to find and amplify the sounds of Asian American musicians → 🔊🎶
Despite the challenges we’re facing, Google’s Chief Health Officer remains optimistic. Read how Dr. @KBDeSalvo is approaching COVID-19 holistically and finding hope in the bright spots →
Over 150 years ago, the invention of braille was revolutionary in making reading and writing accessible to blind people. Now the new TalkBack keyboard is bringing that innovation to your @Android without any additional hardware →
Staying healthy can mean breaking a sweat while exercising or sitting still and meditating. @GooglePlay has curated apps and content that will let you work on your fitness and find your zen at home → 🧘
Please follow @Google and let us know when you have so we can share next steps through DM.
Machines—they’re just like us! Well, kind of. What a machine learns depends on the data provided. So what happens if that data has bias? Meet 3 women leading our efforts to make sure we’re building machine learning systems that are fair & inclusive →
🎶 Ch-ch-ch-changes (Ooh, look out, you rock 'n' rollers) 🎶 Try your Google Play Music library in the YouTube Music app. Same music, new home.
The way we work, live, & get together has changed so much, we made premium video meetings with #GoogleMeet free for everyone. Head to or find it in @Gmail for your 💼 meetings, 🎂 meetings, 🩺 meetings, 📖 meetings or 🧘meetings →
Searches for how to thank nurses have surged globally. We are grateful to all nurses and healthcare workers who are sacrificing so much to save so many. #InternationalNursesDay 👏 Get info and resources →
Curtain’s up at the @teatroallascala, and you’re invited to take the best seat in the house as they open for a digital audience. Stop waiting in the wings—take the stage with iconic performers or get a behind-the-scenes peek into the industrial workshop →
Calling all game changers! @GooglePlay's #ChangeTheGame Design Challenge is now open for entries for kids 13-18. Learn more about the program and how to submit your original game idea → 🎮
We’ve collected dozens of new resources to help you and your communities stay informed and connected. Available at ✅ Financial relief and recovery information ✅ Teaching and learning from home ✅ Mental health and wellbeing ✅ And more
As more people are seeking “inner peace," it’s no surprise that searches asking “how to calm down” are at an all-time high. Here are a few ways to help you cope during COVID-19 →
The world longs for tranquility, and searches asking “how to organize” are at a record high. (Paging @MarieKondo!) See if any of these tidy search trends spark joy →
In through the nose 👃 out through the mouth 😗💨— the world is being blown away by the benefits of breathwork as searches for “breathing exercises” soar. Learn how to go with the flow →
As people look to become more mindful, they’re searching for online meditations. 🧘🏿‍♂️🧘🏻‍♀️Searches for “@chrishemsworth meditation” and “live meditation with sri sri” are surging globally. 💆🏽‍♀️💆‍♂️ Meditate with Sri Sri →
Global searches for “relaxation” are at a record high and rising—we’re all searching for relaxing music for some well-deserved self-care moments. Press ▶️ at @YouTubemusic to unwind →
People have been searching for all different types of music this month. Which do you think was searched most?
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