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RT @drtimt: @Grady_Booch @rodneyabrooks In 1993, as a small extension to @PattieMaes and @rodneybrooks 1990 paper, I designed a 4-legged ro…
Indeed. The Golden Age of Islam brought tremendous learning and progress to the world...and as I'm sure you well know, the term "algorithm" derives from the name of one of the first directors of the House of Wisdom, Muhammad Al-Khwarizmi.
Owing to the laws of physics, the limits of computing dictate that one kilogram computer could perform no more than 10**51 operations per second across a memory of 10**31 bits of information.
RT @annaeveryday: “The people who spoke at the launch event and the staff at the Center are the people who created the problems we face, an…
RT @TheTweetOfGod: No. No, it's not.
“Especially those who shamelessly defend him.” (Such as @KellyannePolls)
I used Kubernetes to implement “Hello, World.” Might have been overkill.
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RT @erinrileyau: Think about what it means that Facebook has access to all this. Utterly terrifying.
RT @gtconway3d: Yes, there are. Here are some: Trump is beneath contempt.
Nicely done, Angie!
War is peace. Freedom is slavery. ignorance is strength.
This is disturbing on several levels.
“Hello” (DNA version)
RT @Dictionarycom: Excellent: How we should be to one another. #MoreOrLess
RT @BenEinstein: Well, this is certainly the hardest thing I've ever written: Cancer, Privilege, and the End of My Time with Bolt https://t…
I want the Pope as my next pair programming partner. As @OldDutchCap pointed out, there is such as thing as Papal Infallibility.
But seriously @hadip this is cool!
Fast forward 100 years from now. Programmer/Priest, digging through the Vatican Archives: “Who wrote this fracking code??? It makes no sense! No documentation, no commit log, nothing!”
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Connecting the world, 1952 and 2013.
General Paul Selver: “I don’t think it’s reasonable for us to put robots in charge of whether or not we take a human life” Senator Gary Peters: “Our adversaries often do not consider the same moral and ethical issues that we consider each and every day”
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AI researchers, back propagate thyself. #AphorismsForOurModernTimes
(And in so doing, you end up shaping your system in profound ways.)
An excellent thread. In my experience, a lot of first/small projects think they do no upfront design, but they are mistaken. Architecture represents your choice of significant design decisions. Choosing a platform and choosing frameworks are <both> a architectural decisions.
Clarification: there is one (James Manyika). Let that sink in. One.
That’s not right. Not one bit.
Drop the modifier “AI” and the concept holds true.
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Next, don't be surprised to see augmented reality devices from @Apple that exploit the data stream from these AirPods.
Here's more re the USC work. It would seem that the original article was, shall I say politely, hyperbolic.
See also his paper "Intelligence Without Representation."
Hm. If I'm not mistaken, @rodneyabrooks did this with Genghis a couple of decades ago.
No, I will not admit that.
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Thanksgiving dinner is going to be awkward at the Nunes house. @DevinNunes
A profound and important papers by @rodneyabrooks
Amazon is an important part of my supply chain on Maui.
RT @errolmorris: See also my essay in the NYT,
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‘“This is not a surveillance system, nobody is watching it 24 hours a day,” Caldwell told KSWB-TV Fox 5.’ Narrator: it is a surveillance system.
Another bit of #GeekTrivia Noel Morris (the late brother of the acclaimed film director @errolmorris) along with Tom Van Vleck, implemented the CTSS mail function in the mid '60s.
Sung to the tune "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music Recursion in React And white space in Emacs Bright flashing pixels and warm curly braces Brave Java packages all about strings These are a few of my favorite things. #caschat
And this is how they did it.
Still waiting for Fog Machine as a Service.
The first band to perform live over the internet was Severe Tire Damage, in June, 1993. #GeekTrivia
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