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Brex is an innovation juggernaut. Proud investor.
was thinking of using them for my business!
Happy publication day to @Neil_Irwin! The winner-take-all economy is deeply problematic--but the technological & economic shifts that got us here aren't going away, & many are beneficial. There are ways for workers to thrive. That's where his book comes in:
High five to using social media for public admiration
great point from @emilymbadger : Google would like to give a billion dollars away to ease bay area housing prices but it's hard because cities systematically block low-income-friendly housing. I hope this fact highlights where the real barrier to affordability comes from
I like this term, “everest regression”, a deceptive statistical technique. as in, ‘controlling for altitude, mt. everest is room temperature’—when you control for a variable pretty inherent to the thing being studied. Like, controlling for stride speed, im as fast as usain bolt
This commercial is so beautifully...american: private sector high speed personal aircraft thanks to deregulation in an ad played to rock music
The sheer exasperation in san francisco mayor @LondonBreed ‘s speech is palpable: She ran and won on a platform of solving homelessness/ housing costs and is running into a powerful city bureaucracy fighting at every turn
New study explores why people overwork in high skill occupations. also finds that men voluntarily overwork more than women cc @clairecm
Interesting: partisanship and outrage through social media may be the goal of foreign attackers; Malicious governement actors may care less about who gets elected or spreading outright lies than sowing discontent. To distabalize a democracy, distrust > disinformation
"Call out" is just a synonym for "attack" that assumes the attacker is correct.
Presumption of innocence is one of the rights that doesnt get enough attention.
RT @ferenstein: Great summary story on who supported @AOC ‘s amendment to allow public funds for approved psychedelics medical research. Im…
Great summary story on who supported @AOC ‘s amendment to allow public funds for approved psychedelics medical research. Impressive that @AOC got bi-partisan support, including @RoKhanna and @justinamash on a last-minute idea related to psychedelics. This opens up opportunities
RT @michaelpollan: Interesting development: Investors just launched the first VC dedicated exclusively to psychedelics, which they call the…
Apple had automatically rerouted phone calls to a new laptop, which was a fun discovery for both me and the caller, especially since I was working at home without shirt.
@AndrewYang can you make Jon Stewart your VP pick? it'd be awesome on so many levels
This frame makes the pressure to "not be a burden" so toxic. We're all taught to think people won't like us if we're needy, so we don't admit when we're hurting. But if we don't give the people in our lives the ability to care for us, we block those relationships from deepening.
I know it sounds strange, but this is one of the lessons I learned during psychedelic therapy. Being needed isn't a burden; it's an act of love (and self-love). I really dig that you're exploring this topic. I appreciate the analytical approach
A girlscout art project will be featured at burning man
I don’t understand. There are so many books saying that this is impossible.
5. I dont know of any solutions to this problem yet: school and apprenticeships exclude maybe the vast majority of workers, who cant dedicate more than 5 hours/week to career switching, if theyre lucky enough to live commuting distance from better jobs. Its a noodle scratcher
4. job stability and raising incomes used to be the same thing (stay at a company, get promoted). Now its the opposite: stay in a career and get automated. So folks are trapped in not being able to constantly switch careers or have the job stability necessary to support family
If you insist on claiming it’s impossible to compete with tech giants and they can easily crush startups in unrelated businesses, you should post it on Orkut and see where it ranks in Bing search results. Happy to discuss further on Wave.
"The wave of so many new IPOs will spike San Francisco housing prices!" "It's impossible to compete with tech giants, they acquire everyone and get all the good talent!"
4. the gig economy does help family-oriented workers with upward mobility. Meet a lot of drivers that go to school or are switching careers. lets them take care of kids/sick family members as they need and pursue education. Its hard, but easier than with a W2 job
3. To live in a city, you often need two income earner household, which excludes people who want to raise families with grandparents or want one dedicated caregiver. Wealthier folks get around this with private daycares and nannys, which allows them career flexibility
2. I encounter a lot folks who struggle to maintain a family and get into higher paying jobs. Its very difficult to go to school or try to switch careers and be a caregiver, especially if you need to commute or move cities.
1. Based on my experience running a workforce training pilot, I think @JonHaidt is partially right: family stability is a huge factor in economic inequality, but i think families are struggling because productivity and traditional lifestyles are now at odds
2. I encounter a lot folks who struggle to maintain a family and get into higher paying jobs. Its extremely difficult to go to school or try to switch careers and be a caregiver, especially if you need to commute or move cities.
1. Based on my experience running a workforce training pilot, I think @JonHaidt is partial right: family stability is a huge factor in economic inequality, but i think families are struggling because productivity and traditional lifestyles are now at odds
I like this joint op-ed from Uber and Lyft CEOs on worker rights. While California policymakers debate the best way to give gig workers better benefits/security, the state could immediately pilot lots of ideas and the gig companies seem perfectly willing to try things out
Any aspiring / entry-level public policy folks want to help me write a blog post for a think tank? You’ll get credit. DM me
Question for all: What types of carrots or sticks (incentives) have you used successfully for behavioral change, whether following a diet, quitting smoking, or other? Examples might be betting $ with friends, or a site/service like What has worked?
temptation bundling is a cool one
Rewarding yourself with something you like while doing something you dont. A big conditioning workout on a cheat day could be an example (i was crappy movies while doing boring exercises or doing my taxes)
Pavlok (electric shock wristband by friend @maneesh) got me to stop endlessly scrolling through Facebook.
@AOC I think I, like many in the established think tank / professional public policy community, were too quick to judge you. I admit I was wrong about you. I don't agree with all your policies, but you're an innovative and brave policymaker. and for that, we should be grateful
And so it begins. We kick off soon: The reckoning: a manifesto for Code 2019 - Vox
1. Kara, I was talking to a former big tech co. exec about your critiques and he thought you longed for a world where there are more media gatekeepers. A big issue we see with social media is it fulfilling all the fears the US founders had of direct democracy (vs republicanism)
2. I find your critiques compelling, but dont quite know how the elements of an elite political class (politicians, newspaper editors) clamp down on social media. Republicanism was easier when not everyone had a voice. and if we go back to a gatekeeper world, who decides?
3. I find this problem extra difficult because the folks contributing to the things I (we?) loath on the internet may be a big portion of voters. And if its big enough, at least one major party may see some of the new restrictions anti-democratic. Who decides, if not voters?
Good for @RoKhanna on becoming a co-sponsor on @AOC 's amendment to allow public funds for psychedelics research--a true representative of the values of California
Democrats tend to have a culture of collegiality - a good thing in most respects. In a presidential election though it has its benefits and drawbacks.
I like it when you take selfies with the competition. stay civil. stay nice :)
This profile of @MikeTyson after he smoked a powerful psychedelic (5-meo-DMT) is just so fascinating
I keep being told how Google discriminates against conservatives, especially in Google News, but when I open it 4 of the top 5 stories are from Fox News (and, no, I don't tend to read Fox News)... cc: @ZacharyGraves
Stop complicating narratives with easily accessible evidence, Mike. you're making it harder to rage tweet
agree with @NickHanauer that education isnt the answer to inequality. We often disagree on the right solutions, but am so inspired by how he publically admits he was wrong on an issue and then thoughtfully critics his fellow philanthropists. Nick’s a good human
Wow, econ even crushes most of the natural sciences in terms of foreign-born PhDs.
Economists: "Immigration is good." Twitter people: "How would you like a bunch of foreigners to come and take all the economist jobs??" Economists: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"
You know, I often think that critics underestimate the political knowledge of nationalist conservatives--too often wrongly cast as ignorant. But, immigration really is one of these unjustified boogie men. Economic fears of immigrants are comically baseless
RT @NickTimiraos: The policies that drove the South's catch-up—relatively low taxes and low wages that attracted factories and blue-collar…
Just saw @DosedMovie . Really great, chronicled a heroin-addicted, suicide-prone woman go through months of rollercoaster psychedelic treatments. Highlights why underground therapy is such a lifesaver, and needs decriminalization while we wait for the FDA process
RT @michaelpollan: Ocasio-Cortez wants to lead the charge for magic mushrooms research
3. The ability of governments to regulate internet companies almost guarentees it’ll be abused by incumbant rulemakers to solidify power and show favoritism to certain industries or regions. Im not saying we shouldnt regulate, but politically neutral regulation is a fantasy
2. this also may mean that theres no politically neutral tech regulations. Rules will be a proxy fight between republicans and democrats. i.e. the GOP might restrict tech company bans on ads, voters or groups known to influence voters. Dems would ban popular conservative voices
This @voxdotcom piece on modern conservatism is a real problem for tech companies; the core beliefs of some conservatives on civility and cultural tolerance violate terms of service. It may be impossible to have politically neutral content standards
Oh this study was my experience too! I dont crave alcohol as much since doing mushrooms. For me they work in opposite ways: alcohol dulls emotions, mushrooms strengthens the emotional parts of the brain. i feel more but think im also better at dealing with them
“Global tyranny of the metric system."
Surviving hyper-growth can be hard on a team. Former Airbnb team member @jpgg shares his experience
I'm a fan of showing gratitude for others on social media. If i just hit the "like" button, wouldn't have done my sentiment justice (also, solid blog post)
I think Alphabet's city design company @sidewalklabs is one the coolest things in tech. In the process of urban design, theyre spending tons of resources figuring out how to engage citizens in science-based policy deliberations. maybe the most ambitious civic project in tech
RT @Noahpinion: Many people have said in recent years that the key to getting America functional again is permanent Democratic supermajorit…
While long hours can't be a goal, I worry that it's easy to mislead. As a descriptive matter, creating Stripe required obsessive intensity. Maybe better founders could have worked "smarter", but I do know that long hours were needed for *us* to build something great.
"Maybe better founders could have..." Presumably Patrick knows what he means by that, but in case it's not clear, he's describing the empty set. If Patrick and John Collison had to work long hours to build something great, you will too.
Its a real problem. @patrickc is right, and it basically separates the economy into wealthier entrepreneurial people who dedicate their life to work long hours and everyone else. I think much of inequality between regions and demographics is due to this unsolved challenge
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