Now playing on Broadway, in Chicago, in London, in San Francisco, and on Tour!
Are you ready to #RiseUp, Tulsa? Tonight, the #PhilipTour plays their first performance at the @TulsaPAC.
This fan-made infographic is showing you how the lyrics, chord progressions, and melodies of @HamiltonMusical are all interconnected! (@mattjrobertshaw)
RT @HamExhibition: Don’t wait for it. There is only 1 week left to join us at #HamEx in Chicago.…
History is happening in San Francisco. Come check out the #AndPeggyTour, currently playing @shnsf. #HamiltonSF
It time, Tulsa! The #PhilipTour will be in your city soon. #TakeYourShot in the #Ham4Ham lottery!
#Repost @HamiltonWestEnd: "Hercules Mulligan, he needs no introduction." #HamiltonLDN
RT @SonyaOldsSom: Having a wonderful birthday today! Finally visiting @HamExhibition in Chicago with my family (after seeing @HamiltonMusic…
RT @yelcobra98: Cora loved seeing the musical, (Miguel et al were incredible!!) but also loved seeing the Hamilton Exhibition! @HamExhibit…
RT @xeyesofstardust: I know I’m late to the game but I finally got the @HamiltonMusical app. #Hamilton #AlexanderHamilton #HamiltonBway htt…
Hey! @BroadwyBriddell is taking us behind the scenes of the #PhilipTour tomorrow on our Instagram Story! Be sure to tune in.
This fall, #EduHam goes global with our #EduHamOnline pilot program. Read more in the #HamApp:
RT @angelajcassie: Please be advised that I am completely obsessed with @HamiltonMusical and will frequently burst into song and/or use lyr…
RT @thejdevereaux: PVD, you’ve got a piece of my heart. This where I fell in love with crossword puzzles, made 2 debuts, celebrated my gold…
Incoming! We’re excited to have @CYoungOnStage of the #AndPeggyTour taking over our Instagram Story today.
RT @lawin2005: Took the whole family to see @HamiltonMusical in Chicago. They all love the soundtrack now they can say they've actually see…
No better place to spend the end of the summer than upstate in Schenectady, NY. Last night, the #AngelicaTour began performances @atProctors.
Here comes the General! #HamiltonCHI’s George Washington, Tamar Greene, is taking over our Instagram Story today.
Breath. Diction. Intent. -@rubenjcarbajal #AndPeggyTour #AskTheHamFam
We’ve loved celebrating #HamWeek with all of you and are excited to wrap the week up with this incredible #HamFanChallenge mashup of Angelica’s verse in “Non-Stop”!
I'll leave that to the people who speak the native language of whatever language it is translated into, but i would LOVE to be in the audience for that! -@rubenjcarbajal #AndPeggyTour #AskTheHamFam
Bubba is definitely a Peggy. -@rubenjcarbajal #AndPeggyTour #AskTheHamFam
Puerto Rico will always hold such a special place in my heart. We felt so welcomed and I personally could have stayed there waaayyyy longer! -@rubenjcarbajal #AndPeggyTour #AskTheHamFam
It's easy because I make it easy for myself. I am always looking for new ways to play on stage, new people to interact with, and new ways to discover. It's always fun when joining a new cast or when new cast members join the company. -@rubenjcarbajal #AndPeggyTour #AskTheHamFam
The weather. I love a nice 63 degree day. I could do without all the wind, though. -@rubenjcarbajal #AndPeggyTour #AskTheHamFam
My day was great, thanks for asking! We only have 1 show on Sundays, so i get to spend the evening hanging with my pup, catching up on some TV shows, and eating until I can't eat no more. -@rubenjcarbajal #AndPeggyTour #AskTheHamFam
A dream come true. -@rubenjcarbajal #AndPeggyTour #AskTheHamFam
I LOVED Denver. -@rubenjcarbajal #AndPeggyTour #AskTheHamFam
Pocket tee, blue denim shorts, and some Air Jordan 1s (specifically the Bred "Banned" colorway)
10 auditions. Flew to NYC a couple times, and I was SWEATING the whole time. I loved how welcoming the audition room was and once i got past the shock or being in front of the creative team, i felt i was allowed to be myself. -@rubenjcarbajal #AndPeggyTour #AskTheHamFam
BUBBA JUST HAD DINNER HE IS HYPE -@rubenjcarbajal #AndPeggyTour #AskTheHamFam
One time i saw @MichaelLuwoye sign a girl's forehead. -@rubenjcarbajal #AndPeggyTour #AskTheHamFam
I think so. -@rubenjcarbajal #AndPeggyTour #AskTheHamFam
Fernando Valenzuela and @kikehndez. -@rubenjcarbajal #AndPeggyTour #AskTheHamFam
There's this place on Manchester & Avalon in South Central that is BOMB but idk if they are still there. Literally on the sidewalk. I'm a fan of King Taco & @TitosTacos too. -@rubenjcarbajal #AndPeggyTour #AskTheHamFam
Eliza. -@rubenjcarbajal #AndPeggyTour #AskTheHamFam
"And when my prayers to God were met with indifference, I picked up a pen. I wrote my own deliverance." -@rubenjcarbajal #AndPeggyTour #AskTheHamFam
"My Shot" for SURE. -@rubenjcarbajal #AndPeggyTour #AskTheHamFam
YO!!!!! This is @rubenjcarbajal! I play John Laurens/Philip Hamilton in the #AndPeggyTour in SF, and I'm here to take your questions! Here is a pic of me and the BEST pup in the world, Bubba. Questions? Whats happeninnnnnnn?!
Yes. Let that sweat out, Jason. @AmandaClement #AsktheHamFam #HamiltonCHI
Not gonna lie...I farted once in the dead silence after Burr kills Hamilton at the end of "the world was wide enough". I couldn't keep it together 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 @AmandaClement #askthehamfam #HamiltonCHI
There's so many...we got a bunch of goofball's here. If we're not on stage, someone is messing with someone backstage! @AmandaClement #AsktheHamFam #HamiltonCHI
Dynamic stretches, resistance bands and getting my heart rate up! I'm always cold, so that's a necessity. @AmandaClement #AsktheHamFam #HamiltonCHI
Schuyler Sisters! @AmandaClement #AsktheHamFam #HamiltonCHI
I'm off stage at that particular moment, so I cheer right along with them! 🙌🏼 @AmandaClement #AskTheHamFam #HamiltonCHI
Read books, reach out to people to help you (they most likely always will!), Take class if you can, and work your butt off. @AmandaClement #askthehamfam #HamiltonCHI
Wait for it! -@AmandaClement #AskTheHamFam #HamiltonCHI
Food, COFFEE, getting makeup/hair done, a nice warm up and a fun little "make Burr laugh" moment with @akronwatson -@AmandaClement #AsktheHamFam #HamiltonCHI
Not really! Some are louder or more rambunctious than others, but every crowd is gracious and lovely! We enjoy doing this show for everybody. -@AmandaClement #askthehamfam #HamiltonCHI
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