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In multiple ways, Amazon is a bizarre hybrid of a great place to shop and an awful place to shop.
RT @TheOnion: Huckabee Sanders Tells Colleagues She’s Taking Temporary Post As Google CEO Before Transitioning Into Full-Time Role As Sulta…
RT @jordannovet: a Target employee just told me there is a 'global' issue that is slowing down checkout uh-oh
I have a question: Who are these three U.S. presidents who love Boll and Branch sheets, and have they given permission to be referenced in TV ads?
I’m not sure if this is good news or bad news, but it’s interesting.
Horrifying stuff about where an incredibly acquisitive company's wealth originated.
Tragic news, although Farrell’s really died when Marriott bought and ruined it decades ago.
Based on having used the new version a bit, it seems like the new stuff is ignorable if if it’s not of interest. You don’t ever have to open the new Windows/Mac app if there’s nothing there for you.
RT @OneJaredNewman: Not off to a great start, Lily.
Long live the Crazy World of Ice Cream.
It should be against the law for anyone to tamper with anything Raymond Loewy ever designed.
Wilfred Brimley, destroyer of worlds.
It's breathtaking that a movie as bad as "The China Syndrome" is a significant reason why we're burning up civilization. Strongly recommend for the irony deficient.
My father wrote about The China Syndrome in 1979.
He did a good job! And my god, the length they gave him.
And his name on the cover! The ultimate magazine-writing gig.
RT @MarkHarrisNYC: Did a measle tweet this?
Airbnb’s latest offering is about a lot more than finding a place to rest your head. (By @RuthReader.)
Here’s @themoko with some advice for the tech industry.
RT @DanB: @harrymccracken @tynanwrites Lotus Notes also introduced enterprise to very general purpose collaboration systems that had built-…
For the most part, the 600+ tweets with nominations for our Best Apps of All Time story have devolved into repeats of things previously nominated by others. But I think this is the first mention of cc:mail, which was the first email I used at work.
Now that’s an app i haven’t used in a long time...
It’s easy to make phones in unusual colors but hard to do it in a way that makes sense. Google nailed it, says @OneJaredNewman.
RT @TheRickWilson: White House Staff preparing to meet with the Prince of Whales.
I will miss confusing Shutterfly and Snapfish (and hope they’re at least considering calling the unified company either Shutterfish or Snapfly).
RT @viticci: iPadOS is a new path for the platform – inspired by the Mac's tradition, but still uniquely iPad. My story:…
I am thinking about writing about my 27-year-old Atari 400, but I most likely won’t actually do the writing on my 27-year-old Atari 400.
RT @markmagnier: At this morning's SelectUSA conference in Washington, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross introduced Ivanka, mentioning her clo…
I assume @danb knows about the Massachusetts wall of fame at Logan that includes VisiCalc.
Please, PR people, stop emailing me to suggest your clients. Anything that doesn’t come up organically is not a good candidate. (Thank you everybody else for the great ideas!)
RT @sventured: The replies are an incredible reminder of the varied, profound impact software has had on our daily lives.…
RT @MClendaniel: Come work with us doing tech coverage. The job is great, @harrymccracken is great. You get to be part of our sick new unio…
The Apollo computer had 73KB of RAM—which, even a decade later, would have impressed me.
RT @brendanNyhan: You can stump the president of the United States by asking him about books he's read.
RT @jill_bernstein: This is a great job opportunity -- please spread the word. The person would get to work alongside @harrymccracken, who…
I’m working on a story on the greatest apps of all time (native ones, not including games and programming languages, but any platform and era). Gimme some nominations.
I would still use Eudora if I could. I use the closest thing: Mailsmith (text only). Which my friend Rich has kept working far beyond its natural lifespan, and it will die in macOS 10.14 as it can't work in the new 64-bit-only mode.
When I started teaching other journalists how to go online in 1995, our start-up kit put together by Kristine Loosely at Concentric Resources included prehistoric Netscape and an equally early version of Eudora. Life changing.
My business partner in 1995 was quoted in Netscape’s first press release! I have no recollection as to how he wound up being asked to be quoted. Ah, those were the days.
Turbo Lightning
VisiCalc Wordstar Eudora Ecco & Evernote dBase II & FileMaker Chrome or Netscape Slack You need an anti-greatest list: PowerPoint
RT @espiers: @realDonaldTrump's paranoid belief that he is always being ripped off explains his abysmal record as a businessman and multipl…
RT @nickmartin: Twitter has temporarily suspended journalist and author @DavidNeiwert, who doggedly covers white supremacists and the far-r…
I’ve been using LumaFusion lately, but this sounds worth checking out.
Dropbox debuts new Windows and Mac Dropbox apps that let users affix notes and to-dos to the top of folders, rolls out new integrations with other tools (@harrymccracken / Fast Company) m/190611/p27#a190611p27
Bonus material for my Dropbox story: The uncropped photo I took of CEO Drew Houston, showing his friend (whom he was concerned might look comatose).
My question: Which of the two on the couch play the ukulele?
Drew plucked it a bit while I was there. I did not see the panda play anything.
Dropbox is announcing an ambitious new version today, with its first-ever full-blown Windows and Mac apps. I got an advance look.
I’ve only been to Chuck E. Cheese once in my life—not at Christmas—and have never had my photo taken by Spider-Man. But all this happened to me in a dream once.
The New York Times, and newspapers in general, could use more great editorial cartooning.
Saw this last night during the Tonys, and found it one of the least satisfying “we did a bad thing” ads yet.
Can YouTube cater to kids (and their parents) and still be YouTube?
RT @TWiT: Where is Apple headed? A $999 monitor stand and iTunes is dead! Fresh off the heals of WWDC, the This Week in Tech panel of @leol…
Fast Company's SF office is in the original west coast WeWork. It's good but--at least compared to the stuff in this article--boring.
Here’s @OneJaredNewman on why YouTube still believes the algorithm is core to YouTube Kids, and why he’s not entirely comfortable with that.
Another fun afternoon at TWiT with @Meganmorrone, @alex, and @leolaporte.
RT @lisadlaporte: I tried to get a picture of the @TWiT panel today, but @leolaporte did not want to cooperate. However, he did have the la…
This is my 35th TWiT, @alex tells me.
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