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We need local news more than ever. https://youtu.be/icNirsV1rLA
We're talking about local news on this week's @patriotact, and they've got a very special skill set...#NowStreaming
We can't stay silent anymore. https://youtu.be/i_FE78X-qdY
Policing in America is broken. https://youtu.be/km4uCOAzrbM
That @netflix algorithm is ruthless. 👀👀
RT @patriotact: The problems with police brutality–and police being trained to think of people as lethal threats–are unfortunately not new.…
Never thought I'd have beef with the former lead singer of 98 Degrees but here we are. https://youtu.be/JP3416CgU0Q
Nah, I own a black Camry. But Honda Hasan appreciates your generosity. https://twitter.com/fidellozanojr/status/1265623501962194946
RT @HIGH_TIMES_Mag: “States are building systems that are good for giant weed companies and bad for almost everyone else.” A look at the la…
RT @FastCompany: Hasan Minhaj’s ‘Patriot Act’ wants to help you figure out what to do if you can’t pay rent http://f-st.co/XIvysb4
RT @MonicaYadav08: Hasan: When you became Hrithik Roshan, did you feel like you made it? Kumail: No Hasan: Was getting ripped worth it?…
RT @patriotact: Because of course it is.
🔥🔥🔥 jokes. Nimesh has classic bits in here. https://twitter.com/findingnimesh/status/1239414788062621696
It’s Venkataramanujam. Simple. https://twitter.com/imyassirjamal/status/1265105748524019712
Truth. The fear is real. https://twitter.com/jayforjaveria/status/1264618972953153540
RT @patriotact: America is messing up weed legalization. https://youtu.be/JP3416CgU0Q
Legal marijuana is rigged. https://youtu.be/JP3416CgU0Q
RT @patriotact: The episode you've all been waiting for – Hasan is talking about weed. #NowStreaming
Ramadan is over. TIME TO TALK ABOUT WEED. #NowStreaming
RT @patriotact: Brand new episode of Patriot Act this Sunday.
RT @patriotact: Hasan has a pitch for how to run America right now. https://youtu.be/pmMxJFGYxLk
America needs a commissioner: Adam Silver. https://youtu.be/pmMxJFGYxLk
RT @vulture: #PatriotAct's @hasanminhaj is back on Netflix with a warning about rent evictions https://vult.re/2XalFsS
TFW you find out Patriot Act is back. https://twitter.com/kafirlaugher/status/1262490868478611463
RT @patriotact: Learn more about your rights as a renter during the coronavirus pandemic. Head to https://www.dontgetkickedout.com/ https://t.co/RPbo…
What's up everybody. Doing an AMA on @reddit right now. Ask me (almost) anything. https://bit.ly/3bJSRNh
RT @patriotact: If you are unable to pay rent, you need to know what to expect and what rights you do and don't have. https://t.co/i8TGrEt4…
No screens this week, but we still need to talk about America’s growing eviction problem. This is Patriot Act: Quarantine Edition. https://youtu.be/MPFPBzr7FgY
Someone sent this to me on Zoom chat. https://twitter.com/jlbarrow/status/1262050471574937601
👀👀👀👀 https://twitter.com/ineedsecks/status/1262102117373882369
RT @patriotact: No screens? No problem. Brand new Patriot Act streaming now on @netflix.
Things might look a little bit different, but @PatriotAct is back on @netflix. #NowStreaming
RT @patriotact: 🚨 ALERT 🚨 https://twitter.com/Schneebs18/status/1261076234836094976
RT @patriotact: tfw there's a new Patriot Act this weekend
Don't show me this while I'm fasting. https://twitter.com/DesiAmericanTV/status/1258946007242543107
WE'RE BACK! See you Sunday for new episodes of @PatriotAct. We’ll have the green screen figured out by then.
I remember. https://twitter.com/ryanshuh/status/1255864787159805952
RT @roywoodjr: See y'all on May 29th. #SpaceForce
Congrats @mindykaling and @loulielang, y’all made a classic! I haven’t felt this way since Mom brought home “American Desi” on VHS from the Indian grocery store. @ramakrishnannn — you’re a ⭐️!
This is gonna sound weird, but I miss office birthday parties with Costco sheet cake.
RT @Yassir_Lester: This is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Every comedian can stop now. Alex Trebek won.
Thank you Brother SpongeBob. https://twitter.com/spongebob/status/1253292835727605760
Currently in rotation. https://twitter.com/nickkroll/status/1252699644133543937
RT @patriotact: Hasan is still finding time to get swol. https://youtu.be/rwpSwkwQNME
This is how I’m gonna get ripped like @kumailn. https://youtu.be/rwpSwkwQNME
RT @patriotact: Now that Hasan is working from home, he can finally show you his sick sneaker collection. https://youtu.be/5CjY0DQwMnw https://t…
It’s not lazy. It keeps milk to cereal ratios perfect. Why can’t we come together as human beings and accept all ways of eating cereal. https://twitter.com/_dontiknowyou/status/1250069599531474946
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