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RT @massivesci: It's not just a superstition or extra step - you really should rinse your rice. https://massivesci.com/notes/washing-rice-reduces-heavy-metal-contamination-lead-arsenic-cadmium/?utm_campaign=meetedgar&utm_medium=social&utm_source=meetedgar.com
This too. https://twitter.com/heaneydaily/status/1184039487841751040?s=21
Arlan put it best. A classic statement of moral principle. https://twitter.com/arlanwashere/status/1185616376737751040?s=21
My best and my worst quality is that I cannot and will not pretend to respect anyone I don't actually respect. No matter their title, reputation or position. And I lose respect when people actively and intentionally harm others. Power is not a reward; it's a tool. Use it as one.
Related reading. How easily the intellectuals will join the ranks of the oppressors if enough others give them cover to claim what they really believe: That they are better than other humans, that others should suffer in ways they would never tolerate. https://harpers.org/archive/1941/08/who-goes-nazi/
It is dispiriting to see how quickly people can be recruited to support economically oppressive POVs because of the perceived safety of aligning with those in power, even if those people use that power to exploit people. It's like 'Who Goes Nazi?' but for human rights.
Just added this to my Twitter bio. On a platform where words too often substitute for action -- and indeed for moral principle -- it's a good reminder that only actions count. https://twitter.com/heaneydaily/status/1183655088776241152
Just weeks ago on this platform a whole bunch of media people showed their asses by insisting that freelancers deserve no better than starvation wages - even if they are marginalized freelance writers. Imagine what they're up against. Their own peers and elders keeping them down.
did you guys coordinate this @patricknathan @ortile
Who would ever sign up for that life. That has to be some kind of love.
"I'm sure he's great but you shouldn't do it." https://twitter.com/itvnews/status/1186025159381147648
I await its return tbh https://twitter.com/frenchhist/status/1185919390811918336
RT @FrenchHist: 216 years ago today the US Senate ratified the Louisiana Purchase. The US didn't have the money on hand so they took a loan…
RT @HeaneyDaily: Anyone with gumption and a sharp mind will take the measure of two things: what’s said and what’s done.
RT @HeaneyDaily: Time and again, foul things attacked me, lurking and stalking, but I lashed out, gave as good as I got with my sword. My f…
RT @HeaneyDaily: Too late,alas, now for the apt quotation About a love that’s proved by steady gazing Not at each other but in the same dir…
RT @AaronBastani: This is in Catalonia - one of the most developed, vibrant parts of Europe. History tells us what happens when states cr…
Always unbelievably tragic to see a mutual pass on; I'm still not remotely over David Carr. Life is way too short; what are any of us doing wasting it?
Very sad news indeed. https://twitter.com/tkingdot/status/1186017837602742272
RT @moorehn: If anyone has created a media company whose existence relies on underpaying workers, on exploiting workers, -- that is not "i…
Re-upping. I saw someone post that if freelancers get screwed under the CA law, "you can blame the news outlets, not the law." The news outlets have already shown they don't care - not the big ones or the little ones. They see writers as cheap, disposable labor. https://twitter.com/moorehn/status/1185889732947038208
RT @VOANews: ▶️ Hundreds of sheep filled the streets of Madrid, Sunday, as part of an annual protest to call for the protection of ancient…
RT @aidachavez: more dogs on the hill please
RT @lgbroussard: @jessicashortall It’s the kind of partisan Boomer humor that leads people to using nicknames like Obummer, Killary, and Ag…
Petition to prevent all Boomers from making jokes https://twitter.com/jessicashortall/status/1186010515627266049
RT @faris: It’s the corporations world We just work in it
RT @PS9pets: @moorehn @mattdeem @juliephayer @anamariecox @marty_mush He’s handsome, a smidge naughty and likes to be held like a baby. htt…
Missed this day in the Simulation https://twitter.com/yahoonews/status/1184959780303134720
RT @PS9pets: @mattdeem @juliephayer @moorehn @anamariecox @marty_mush This Mush is saving up for his other sleeve
RT @FrenchHist: Stohrer is the oldest pâtisserie in Paris. It was founded in the 2nd arrondisment in 1730 by Nicolas Stohrer, the Polish pa…
Kudos to anyone who can find Mitt's secret account
Today we have all learned that Mitt Romney keeps an alt account for political stanning https://twitter.com/katherinemiller/status/1185951342247985152
RT @natryte: @tiffani @EmilyGorcenski The US gov't has a habit & history of keeping intense tabs on (specifically left-leaning) activists b…
RT @EmilyGorcenski: So earlier this year I put in a FOIA request for myself and hooooooo boy I’m a bit flattered by 12,051 pages of materia…
RT @espiers: I say this as an adoptee: anyone who does this knowing these kids have loving birth parents who want them is a cruel, inhumane…
RT @justinmclachlan: This is a woman who mercilessly bullied me on Twitter and encouraged her followers to do so, lecturing @yashar. It’d b…
RT @Flip_Stewart: Does anyone have any recommendations for fiction books that have nothing to do with my work? Pretty much any genre apart…
RT @faris: My friend just told me that a colleague (or co-worker since the chap in question is American) Said the expression “I’d like t…
God bless the internet, I found the script. Kevin in blue, Margaret in red, narration in italics. I think she was the only person on that show who stood up to him. http://mytwyyearbook.tripod.com/margaret.html
Even Winnie Cooper existed only to be admired for her beauty, remember how shocked everyone was when the actress, Danica McKellar, ended up as a mathematician?
This is an extension of the Modern Love train of thought, just thinking back on how many sitcoms and romcoms specifically put women in second place as objects who only exist to respond to men
I've been trying to thin back on the first feminist scenes on TV that weren't overtly political
Does anyone remember that episode of The Wonder Years where Fred Savage likes a nerdy girl but he's worried she's not cool enough for him to be seen with and so he suggests they be "secret friends" and when he tells her that, she punches him? That was a mood.
RT @AnneLouiseAvery: No moon tonight, just the fathomless shadows of the yew walk, just the distant scream-bark of a vixen & the drip-drip-…
RT @Kantrowitz: An Amazon worker died of a heart attack, laying on floor for 20 mins before someone spotted him “A couple of days before,…
Maybe 2011 Twitter was better not just because everyone was nicer, maybe everyone was nicer because we had no idea who anyone else was voting for
Yes this is a subtweet of bros who are T u l s i stans, among others
This is the smaller and less acknowledged problem with fascists and constitutional crises, I tell you what. You have to hear people's awful politics.
Gotta say Twitter was a lot better before we all knew each other's political opinions.
tfw the Russians are sick of paying for your bots and you have to come out of the house yourself https://twitter.com/yashar/status/1185988741598535682
Lol at Cl*nton's "allies in the media," it is an indisputable fact that every single news outlet who has ever covered the Cl*ntons came to despise them. The hostile relationship between the Cl*ntons and the press is a big reason why 2016 happened the way it did.
I hate to ruin the illusion and admit I have feelings in this way, I know you all have come to know me more accurately as a hologram
He is not a bad person! Many would (and indeed have!) call him a catch. I just didn't want to deal with *gestures broadly* all that. Anyway yes misandry level orange until further notice. But surely you're all used to it by now.
haha i love how "*gestures broadly* all that" is actually an incredibly specific concept
and now, we turn to the kurds for their reaction.
mike pompeo feels victimized. fyi. https://twitter.com/cnnpolitics/status/1185245681549828097
What. Wow. https://twitter.com/cnbcnow/status/1185222619622195200
Was just about to tweet this and my reaction too was “wow”
RT @moorehn: Your regular reminder that most if not all of Sallie Mae's terms make it nearly impossible for people to pay down their princi…
eek https://twitter.com/nycjim/status/1184789174261633024
But thanks to that woman for sending me dudes who made public threats of sexual assault though, that was super cool and not at all gross and creepy. 🙏 Hope the boyfriend gave her *two* pats on the head for that.
Really glad I did this thread about internalized misogyny! And how women will attack other women in the hope of attracting positive male attention and getting a patriarchal pat on the head. But, spoiler - men won't share their power with you. https://twitter.com/moorehn/status/1154395174946168835?s=21
Name names! I mean, don’t. I don’t want you to get attacked. But text me the goss anyway!
omg they even have their own IT help desk it's like a little commune awwwwww 🤓🤓🤓
"Having a normal one" says a guy who has probably come twice into a gym sock just watching his bros harass a woman 😂😂😂
Honestly if I could turn every jackass bro response into electrons the world would have endless free energy
The responses suggest that The People are hungry for Open DM #content. Well you came to the right place.
Open DMs are great if you want to feel like you're in a terrible nightclub
I get the same junk, but from “women”. Prob 2-3 per day. If I use the Twitter app, then I get more (from “group DMS” - which my third-party app can’t/won’t do). It’s surely algorithmic.
It is totally algorithmic. Which is really dispiriting in term of the Twitter infrastructure.
Yeah. And maddening. I wanted to set up a Gmail account the other day to share among our household. It demands a mobile number. We don’t have any unused mobile numbers. How do spammers do it?
That's the other thing, which is that they're probably wreaking havoc with the telecoms system
or they buy a ton of numbers from some VOIP service.
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